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January 15, 2015     Valley News and Views
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January 15, 2015

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Page 2 January 15, 2015 Valley News & Views Life in the Slow Lane by Lesa Van Camp As I am starting to work out my daily and weekly routine I am going along pretty good. I'm starting to feel a little bit better about myself, and what I am doing. I'm starting to think that I have a handle on things. Then along comes a road block. This is what we call life. There are road blocks from time to time and we need to figure out our way around them. Of course they are not so much road blocks in my case as hiccups along the way. I had a system going and with the holi- days and computer trouble my system got a little (more like totally) upset, this lead to missing a couple of important things. This is totally chalked up to human error, which happens to all of us from time to time. In the mean time I thought I was doing things'right only to find out nope, I'm still doing something wrong. But that is all good, as it is a learning experience and until someone tells me otherwise I have no way of knowing. So back to the drawing board I go. I am hoping now that I know what to look for when I am sending the newspaper over to the printer that I will do it correctly from now on. In the meantime this crazy thing called life is going on around me. There are ball games to attend and other activities going on around town and my own life to live. I do my best to get to as many events as possible, however some days the schedule is just a little more than this aging gal can handle. This past Monday is a perfect example. Now mind you I am not complaining in any way. I love what I am doing and I love being involved once again. So back to Monday, there were at last count six things/places that I should have been at, four of which all took place at the same time. Two of these were plans on my personal calendar. So I had some choices make, until I learn how to clone myself. At one point I felt really tom as to what to do and where to go, but then I realized that I am only one person and I had to make a plan for the day and just do it. Several years ago a started a joumey of im- proving my health. I looked in the mirror one day and I just did not like what I saw, so I made a decision to do something about it. I made a few small, simple changes to my diet and I started to get moving. I started to exercise in the mornings before my day started. I found this a difficult task to take on by myself, as I do not like exercise at all. I often joke about being allergic to exercise. When the fitness center opened here in town I got a membership right away. I went faithfully for quite some time, then this came up or I got busy with that and stopped going for a while. When Darcy started offering fitness classes I signed up and have been going to them ever since. I have had a couple of obstacles to overcome with the classes, but they have been good for me and for my health. I have lost some of the weight I want to lose, I have lowered my cholesterol, my blood sugar is much more stable and I just plain feel better overall. One of Monday night's conflicts was said fitness class. It was the first night of the new class. I made a decision to take care of myself and go to the class, which meant I missed a couple other things, but that is just how it is going to have to be sometimes. If I don't take the time to take care of myself no one else is going to do it for me. So in an effort to clone myself perhaps if you are at a function or event maybe you could take some pictures and email them to me. If they are useable (meaning they will print well in newspa- per format) then I may use them, if they are not please don't be offended. Another thing to re- member is that I only have so much room to work with. As much as I would love to get everything in, I just can't, so I have to prioritize, so please keep that in mind as well. Looking Down Main by Lyle Van Camp While world leaders gathered in France in a show of opposition to the terrorists responsible for the attack on a satirical magazine President Obama remained in the USA. No major figure from our government was present to represent our government. France stood by our nation while we fought the Revolutionary War. France presented tts with the Statue of Liberty. We stood by France during both World Wars. France joined the rest of the free world in standing by our nation after 911. So yes I do find our President's absence trou- bling but before I am willing to join those who are condemning him in his latest faux pas I want to know what actions our nation has taken to help France during this tragedy. President Obama has a very troubling habit of not attending events he should be present at. For some reason he does not seem to understand how important it is for our nation's leader to be pres- ent at many of these events. The importance of showing our nation's support for others at these times appears to be totally lost on him. However, this does not necessarily mean that he does not understand the importance of these events them- selves. Only the test of time will show us exactly what our government is doing to help France, and our other allies, during these horrific times. Unfortunately the only immediate indicator of our intent as a nation during these times is, indeed, the actions of our president and those around him. On that front we have definitely dropped the ball on this one. We have to hope, and insist, that our government, and those who make up its world presence pick that ball back up and do what is right. If we don't and they don't our nation's effectiveness in the world wide war on terrorism may be seriously compromised. Given the state the world us in today we cannot afford to let that happen. Jury Duty Scam Courts New Victims Bumsville, Minnesota- January 6, 2015 -Bet- ter Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Da- kota (BBB) is warning the public about a jury duty scam which, regrettably, never goes out of style. Though most adults are aware they may be called for jury duty, not everyone is familiar with the bureaucracy surrounding this process; the exact manner in which people are summoned for jury duty. People also know that jury duty is both a civic duty and mandatory. Scammers, meanwhile, look to profit off situations where uncertainty ex- ists. "The jury duty scam is just clever enough to pay dividends for fraudsters," said Dana Badge- row, president and CEO of BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota. "Our hope is that by spreading the word about this scheme it will reduce the pool of people who might get hooked by it." How the jury duty scam works: Scammers contact you, claiming you've missed jury duty. The calls or messages threaten people with arrest or jail time if they don't pay the fine for "missing" jury duty. Scammers will then seek per- sonal information such as bank account or credit card numbers - even Social Security numbers. BBB advises the public that if you get a call from someone who claims to be a court official and asks for sensitive personal information or demands a payment, it's a scam. In North Dakota, jury duty notices/summonses are sent through the mail. Though people are re- quired to serve on jury duty, if qualified, nobody will call you - or email or text - demanding pay- ment for missing jury duty. BBB Tips to avoid the jury duty scam: Don't let scammers pressure you. If you get a call from alleged court officials asking for finan- cial information, end the phone call and report the scam to BBB and your county's jury office. Be aware that scammers can mask their identity. Scammers have the ability to use software to dis- guise how they appear on your caller ID. So while calls might appear to be from your local court- house, it could be a fraudster on the other end of the line. Guard your personal information. Giving out sensitive personal or financial information over the phone is always a bad idea - don't do it. Have questions about the process? If you did indeed miss jury duty, you will be sent a notifica- tion in the mail. However, if you have any doubt that a mailing is legitimate, contact your county courthouse. For the latest consumer news, fraud alerts and free BBB Business Reviews, visit Valley News & Views Periodical postage paid at Drayton N.Do Permit (#679-990). Member of the North Dakota Newspaper Association. Official newspaper for the City of Drayton and Drayton Public School District No.l 9. Published every Thursday at Drayton, North Dakota. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Valley News and Views, PO Box 309, Drayton, N.D. 58225-0309. 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We often think that the bed is the safest place but people over the age of 70 are four more times likely to fall out of bed than those in nursing homes. There isn't any research to back that up but it sounds pretty convincing. Those with the statistics say that a large pro- portion of accidents happen in the kitchen. That's because people are always eating and becoming obese which is even more dangerous. If you don't fall in the kitchen, you will explode in the bed- room. As you age, gravity becomes a mortal enemy. It wants you to fall down and break something. Many older people don't even want to get up. With so little time left, they can't amortize the effort. It's unassisted suicide. When you get old and something happens, you will not feel better in the morning. At a certain age, that expectation is unfounded. Hurt goes on and on. Doctors just shake their heads. They tell you that it is old age but that's not true. Your whole body is the same age so why do some parts hurt more than others? Hips hurt more than heads. That tells you what has been used most. Until they realize they are old, older people think they can still do everything they did when 25. a; point out that Winston Churchill was elected for his second term at age 77, but then they're not Winston Churchill. Neither was he for much of that term. George Bums urged people to make it past 100 because very few people die over 100. George kept his advice by 37days and was so ecstatic that he let go of his cigar and fell down. He wouldn't get up. Fortunately, life expectancy tables have been calculated so you can know when to liquidate. For example, life expectancy at 80 is 88; at 95, it's 98. At age 80, you have eight years; at 95, you have three years. You're losing ground every year. The lines come together at age 102 and that's where to mark the spot. Of course, if you get hit by a truck, the life expectancy table is out the window. You might think that modem medicine can get you transplants any time you need them. But that means somebody has to die before you can get parts. There's no use praying about that. I don't think God is going to kill someone just to get you a part no matter how much you donated to the church building fund. You notice that I have avoided the topic of memory loss. Memory loss starts happening at age 27 but accelerates rapidly in the 70s. That is too bad because by that time you have accumulat- ed a lot to remember, some of it worthwhile. At 75, the only things you can remember happened 60 years ago and what happened yesterday is a blank. They have pills for memory loss. But 87 per- cent of the people with memory loss forget to take them. I made that statistic up but it sounds reasonable. Hopefully, it will frighten family members into taking charge of the memory pills and maybe sneak one or two for themselves as preventative medicine. My advice is to live recklessly and contribute to the statistics as best you can. Make Public Relations Part of Your Small-business Marketing When marketing your small business, you need to include all possible options in your tool kit. One such option is cal!ed public relations. Many business owners think of it as free advertising. This is a myth because it isn't flee and it isn't ad- vertising. Parts of public relations, or PR, such as an- nouncements of new hires, training for staff, or an expansion or relocation .of your business, can get you into themedia. Yet those items represent only a small part of what public relations means. Most owners want more. They want everything they do to be seen as newsworthy. They want to be looked at as an ex- pert and regularly seen in various media outlets. "The first thing to remember about getting PR for your firm is that it takes effort, sometimes a lot of effort," says Glenn Muske, the North Dako- ta State University Extension Service's rural and agribusiness enterprise development specialist. "It may not cost you directly in terms of dollars, but it takes time to build the relationships that puts you regularly in front of an audience." Building an effective public relations campaign means establishing a relationship with your target audience as well as the media who focus on that audience. It means building relationships with in- dividuals who are considered opinion leaders or influencers in your area of business or expertise. Remember that the media is looking to reach an audience. They want material that attracts the reader. Ask yourself what is in your story that would interest an audience. One way to attract attention to your business is to become the expert in an area, whether it's a sub- ject or geographic. "Being seen as an 'expert"in a particular area can bring the media to your door," says Helen Volk-Schill, Extension agent of Pembina Coun- ty. "Reaching that point, however, does not occur overnight. It takes time, plus an understanding of the industry, the market and the needs of individ- uals." So how do you know when you are the go-to person? You won't until the phone begins to ring or your email box starts filling with questions. Remember, though, that now things happen out- side of your control. Conversations will be based on someone else's time flame. If a call comes in when you are busy, you need to get back to that person quickly or he or she will move on to some- one else. Also, you will not have control about the agen- da. The contact will notbe a time to sell your prod- uct or service. The person contacting you has spe- cific questions he or she wants answered. This means you need to be prepared. Having a file or notebook where you can keep bits of infor- mation or reference material that you can use at a moment's notice is helpful. This also is where you have your short tagline as to what you and your company do. "If you have done your homework and have made acase for your product or service as a solu- tion to a problem, there are times when the con- versation may be directly about your business," Muske says. "Yet even then, don't be surprised if you get more questions as to the needs of the con- sumer or what is already on the market than time to pitch your business." At this point, you may wonder if public rela- tions is worth it. It certainly can be. While it's not flee r you can't directly measure what it brings, and the timing and types of questions are out of your control, being seen as the contact point in an area gives you cred- ibility and builds your reputation. That's worth the effort. Visit NDSU's small-business support website at and sign up for the monthly newsletter. Or check out Facebook at https ://www. or Twitter at @gmuske. Other resources include http://powerofbusiness. net and The Small Business Administration and its related or- ganizations, such as the Small Business Develop- ment Centers and SCORE, also can be valuable resources. Lena at Ladies Aid At the Ladies Aid, The di- cussion was on the question of "When does life begin?" Mrs. Knutson stated her opinion: "At birth." Mrs. Torkelson said she thought life began at conception. Lena, however, had an entirely different opinion. "Life begins," said Lena, "ven da dog dies and da kids leave home." * I: , ITD  r Java Application Developers Y JA Proficient in analysis, design &  " (MutUpte poseons). , 4X * .Net Application Developers I . Proflcient in analysls, design & deveto[wm * t Benefits include: Family Paid Health Care, " -K Pension Plan, Sick & Holiday Pay, )F & Flexible Work Schedule. 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