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January 17, 2013     Valley News and Views
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January 17, 2013

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Page 2 C January 17th, 2013 & Notices Valley News & Views A grant to train youth in capturing and preserving visual stories in their communities will be decided on February 1st for a project called "Story Mapping Dakota" by the non-profit organization Dakota Heritage Institute. If approved and if matching funds for support are obtained from participating communities, youth training to produce short films on pioneers and patriots will begin on February 16th in Drayton. Initially, film-stories of Veterans and pioneers will begin to build a "gallery" of stories in local museums, libraries and/or a Web-portal. Five media formats are used: a feature article in print media as a beginning concept for a script, a voice narrated audio, a photo storybook as visual media, a crafted story in an place-based iMovie, and a gallery that hosts films in the "art of digital story mapping." A print story comes first. The following narrative is a personal experience of mine as a veteran, as an example of a script for a newspaper, then an audio recording for a radio show, and finally a visual story for TE, the Web or a short movie - all which can be galleried in a local museum, library, or community tourism facility. Ultimately, film festival of youth-produced films is planned for this summer. A personal example of a veteran story goes as follows: "The most touching moment in my 27 years of military service was when the C141 Starlifter opened its door on a flight from the Philippines to Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center in Denver and a POW, after five years of captivity, stood at the top of the portable stairs. At the bottom of the stairs under lights of TV network cameras stooda 5-year bid boy : a single long-stemrosein'his:hand. : It was a cool February night in 1973. The boy was dressed'ina grey tweed coat and a cap with a brim, looking like a British schoolboy. Along side the boy was a US Senator, the Commanding General from the Hospital and other dignitaries, waiting to welcome the soldier during Operation Homecoming when 591 POWs were returned from captivity in Viet Nam, ranging from 5-8+ years, some in jungle cages. The child lifted the rose high, his father came slowly down the stairs, and they hugged. A few salutes and handshakes, and the father-and-son were quietly escorted away in a van with a few family members. The father was repatriated a few days before in Viet Nam, flown to a military hospital in the Philippines for a medical check-up, food and brief rest, and boarded a C-141 in geographically-assigned groups for a flight direct to the medical center closest to their families. Halfway across the pacific, the POWs individually were given details from the "bad news packet" by trained medical staff. Decision-makers, I was told, wanted to return the POWs to their home areas for more comprehensive medical care, rather than delay return by intense emotional or social traumas apart from their families. For the POW descending the stairs, he had met his wife in Hawaii on an R&R (leave) over five years before, returned to Viet Nam and was captured by the Viet Cong. What he learned on the flight to Denver was that his wife had become pregnant, died in childbirth, and he had a 5-year old son that he didn't know he had. As a Medical Service officer that was responsible for reintegration of families, this scene was indelible in my mind. An AP photo in the Denver Post of the boy extending the rode toward his father superseded the "photo op" anticipated by political leaders as welcoming committees. The intuitive nature of the young child, with the preparations by his grandparents who raised him, changed my role from planned intervention of services, to letting the family apply their own method to bond the family together in ways they knew best. In a "family circle" meeting later the next day, the grandparents had a plan. "Look," they said addressing their son-in- law and grandson, "forget titles for a while. Be brothers. You (looking at the POW) have "brothers" on the hospital ward, and (looking at grandson), you have "buddies" in kindergarten with first names. In time, the family titles can come back." I learned to respect what families in most cases know best - to understand their family members and to form their own "family circle.!' . Such stories of veteran experiences - both combat and non-combat military service - need to be profiled and preserved for families and their communities. The plan is to start with stories of WWII veterans and Purple Heart recipients (or other medals) of all wars and to develop a gallery to honor those who preserved our freedom. 00lic Not,ce:" City" Council December 3rd, 2012 Municipal Court; 3 citations written Kevorkian, effective Regular Meeting Drayton City Council December 3, 2012 Mayor Olson called the meeting to order at 7pm with Council members Schuster, Van Camp, Woinarowicz and Prigge present. Council members absent: Larson and Kraft. MINUTES: Schuster moved, Woinarowicz seconded and motion carried to approve minutes of the November 6, 2012 Council meeting. DIESEL EXHAUST FLUID: Scott Reck of Northdale Oil was present to visit with the Council about a possible new venture that he's working on. He's hoping to start a new business that would blend diesel exhaust fluid, an additive that's required in all newer diesel vehicles and equipment to neutralize exhaust fumes. This would be the 1st such plant in ND and would serve portions of ND, MN, SD and Manitoba. The Council discussed his needs and congratulated Mr. Reck on his initiative. DRAYTON FISH PASSAGE MITIGATION PROJECT: Mark Lambrecht of AE2S was present to visit with the Council about the ongoing plans for the Fish Passage Project. The Council also addressed concerns about the potential impact of the Fargo Diversion on the City of Drayton and other northern communities. PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT REPORT: Rutherford reported on water, sewer and street department matters. After discussion, the Council agreed to have the Street Dept. leave a few inches of snow on side streets. The structures at 203 S. Main St. will be demolished soon. BIDS FOR TREE REMOVAL ON EAST DIVIDE AVENUE: The Council reviewed 2 bids for tree removal on East Divide Ave. Schuster moved, Prigge seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to accept a bid from Gary's Tree Removal for $5,000.00, with the work to be completed by the end of 2012. Motion carried. POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT: Deputy Kevorkian reported on November Police Dept activities, including: 15 citations written into into District Court; 15 warnings; 55 calls or complaints; 13 papers served; 1 arrest; 5 assists. MUNICIPAL COURT REPORT: The Council reviewed a Municipal Court Report, showing that $464.98 in collected fines has been submitted to the City. BUILDING PERMIT: January 1, 2013; Kevorkian $18.58/ hr effective after his 6th month of employment. Motion carried. A decision on wages for other employees was not made. Schuster moved, Van Camp seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to authorize a $529.94 Year End Bonus for each full-time Woinarowicz seconded and motion carried to approve 1 building permit. Motion carried. LOCAL BEER AND BEER/WINE LICENSES: Schuster moved and Prigge seconded to approve the following local licenses for the period January 1, 2013 to December 31,2013; Marciniak Enterprises Inc, dba the Zoo Bar, Pete Marciniak, ON & OFF Sale Beer License; Drayton Lounge Ltd, Cindy Watts, ON & OFF Sale Beer License; Cloud Nine Enterprises LLC, dba Hastings Landing, Kip Nerby, ON Sale Beer & Wine License. Motion carried. CITY SALES TAX TO PARK DISTRICT: Schuster moved, Van Camp seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to authorize that $15,000.00 from city sales tax revenue be submitted to the Park District to be used to make a payment on the swimming pool loan. Motion carried. 2013 WAGES & BENEFITS: Schuster moved, Prigge seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to authorize that effective January 1, 2013, the City pay 11.26% of each employee's gross regular wages to state retirement, with the employee paying 2% of his gross regular wages to state retirement. Motion carried. The Council instructed that health insurance payment by the City remain the same for 2013: 65% of family policy paid by the City; 65% of single with dependents policy paid by the City; 80% of single policy paid by the City. Schuster moved, Woinarowicz seconded and upon roll call vote all present voted to set the 2013 Police Department wages to match PembinaCounty, asfollows: Ramsay, $18.58/hr effective January 1, 2013; moved, Prigge. employee. Motion carded. FINANCIAL REPORTS: Prigge moved, Woinarowicz seconded and motion carried to approve the November and Year- To-Date financial reports. Woinarowicz moved, Van Camp seconded and upor roll call vote, all present voted to authorize payment of bills as reviewed. Motion carried. Prigge moved, Schuster seconded and motion carried to authorize 4 fund transfers. ADJOURN: At 9:05pro, motion carried to adjourn the meeting. Carol Gardner City Auditor Expenditures: AFLAC...$37.90; Aqua-Pure Inc...$2,710.00; Big Jim's...$655.33; Blue Cross...$2,596.30; Drayton Cemetery Ass'n...$200.00; Drayton Park District...$15,000.00; Graymont Capital Inc...$5,129.78; Hastings Landing...$30.00; Hawkins Inc...$927.78; Kelly's Country Market...$88.13; Langdon Fire Equipment...$144.00; Municipal Finance Officers Ass'n...$30.00; Otter Tail...$3,726.95; PowerPlan...$495.93; Reliable Office Supplies...$123.46; U.S.P.S...$100.00; United Systems Tech. Inc...$115.00; Valley Bldg Center...$45.00; Valley Landfill...$4,561.02; Verizon Wireless...$1,686.42; Ameripride Linen...$246.38; Halcrow's Inc...$772.54; Marco Inc...$28.00; ND One Call Inc...$8.75; S. Pokrzywinski...$240.00; ACME Tools...$168.00; Agri-Valley...$752.49; Balco Uniform Co. Inc...$140.22; Gary's Tree Removal...$5,250.00; Helm Enterprises...$20,98029; "Hey! What you guys doing down there?" "We're digging out space for another vault?" "Nobody is supposed to know about these vaults under the floor of the Capitol. Who told you about them?" "The state treasurer, that's who. And who are you?" "I'm the watchman who's supposed to be guarding this place. And who are you?" "We are deputies of the state treasurer working down here to expand the vault space before the Sanhedrin votes to put more money in storage." "It's not the Sanhedrin, stupid. It's the Legislature." "Sorry. I know more Bible than government whoever makes the rules and regulations." "How many of you guys are down there?" "Two us - one to dig and one to haul dirt. When my bucket is full, I take the rope ladder up and dump the dirt somewhere. It's easier to spread the dirt when the Legislature is up there. Now, Mr.Watchman, we appreciate the work but I would like to know why we need so many vaults down here." "What's your complaint?" "First, we have two big vaults marked 'Rainy Day Fund.' We have so much money saved for rainy days that Noah the Nervous has started building a new ark." "That's only two vaults." "I haven't even started to tell you how many other vaults are down here. We have a really big one with a sign that says: 'Heritage Fund - Do Not Open Until 2017.' What's that all about?" "That'soilmoney.It'slocked up by the state constitution so the Legislature can't spend it until 2017." "who doesn't trust the Legislature with the money?" Information Tech. Dept...$10.00; ND Dept of Health...$16.00; ND Rural Water Systems Ass'n...$200.00; Pitney Bowes Inc...$131.25; Reliable Office Supplies...$139.70 Ryan Electric LLC...$1,014.36; Unum Life Insurance Co...$43.20; Valley News...$90.26; Waste Management...$642.20; M. Ramsay...$282.16; T. Gozdal...$390.75; CopQuest Inc...$107.23; EFTPS...$3,765.16; KodaBank...$10.00; KodaBank...$1.00; MainStay Suites...$231.00; NDPERS...$1,771.78; Polar Comm...$413.17; Payroll...$17,297.50. "In this case, it's the Legislature. They put this constitutional amendment on the ballot to keep themselves from spending it." "If they can't trust themselves with the oil money, how can they trust themselves with the sales tax money?" "Don't ask me. I'm only a watchman. I guess it's one of those mysterious twists of the mind you find in legislatures." "Hey, Mr. Watchman, this is the guy down here doing the digging. The way I figure it they'venever seen so much money in their lives and they got so scared they wanted to bury it in a root cellar. And here we are 30 feet under the Capi.tol basement making an official state root cellar." "when are you guys coming up? I'm getting nervous. This is supposed to be a secret cache and I don't want it to get discovered on my watch." "There are more vaults down here. We have a little one marked 'Common Schools Trust Fund.' Then there's one marked 'For Oil Counties Only.' Here's one called the 'Resources Trust Fund.' If we have all these dedicated funds because we can't trust ourselves with the money shouldn't they be called mistrust funds? "Hey, Mr. Watchman, it's the digger again. Why didn't they just make one big vault in the first place and call it the 'General Trust Fund'?" "That takes thinking ahead and some of us have trouble with that." "Do you know why we were hired to dig out space for another huge vault? What's going in here?" "Well, the legislators still have more money than they know what to do with so the state treasurer wants to be prepared for a new trust fund." "Mr. Watchman, the Capitol will eventually collapse if we keep digging like this." "One problem at a time. Just keep digging and get out of here. " NOTICE OF BOND SALE $3,150,000 DRAYTON PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 19 PEMBINA AND WALSH COUNTIES, NORTH DAKOTA GENERAL OBLIGATION SCHOOL BUILDING BONDS SERIES 2013 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Drayton Public School District No. 19, Pembina and Welsh Counties, North Dakota will receive scaled bids at the office of Public Financial Manag=nant, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, until 12:00 noon, CT, on January 30, 2013, for the purchase of the above Bonds. The School Board will meet thca'cafler on January 30, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. to consid= the bids. The Bonds will be dated February 20, 2013, mature on August 1 in the years and in the ammmts which follow, md will pay interest on mmh Februm7 1 and August 1, cemmcneing August I, 2013.  Year Amo 2013 $ 70,000 2023 $160,000 2014 140,000 2024 160,000 2015 140,000 2025 165,000 2016 145,000 2026 170,000 2017 145,000 2027 175,000 2018 145,000 202g 180,000 2019 150,000 2029 180,000 2020 150,000 2030 185,000 2021 150,000 2031 190,000 2022 155,000 2032 195,000 Bids for the Bonds may contain a maturity schedule providing for ,my combinatio of serial bonds and t bonds, subject to mandatory redemption, so long as the ammmt of maturing or subject to mandatory redemption in each year corfforms to the maturity schedule set forth above. The Bonds maturin S on August 1, 2021, and  am subject to options] redsmplion on Aubmst 1, 2020, and any day th at price of par plus  int*ma. The Bonds will be genet'al obligations of the School District for which the School District will pledge its fidl faith and credit and unlimited taxing pownx. S,aled bids of not less than $3,124,800 (99.2% ofp) must be received prior to the time specified above for olming bids. A Good Faith Deposit in the form of a cashierfs check or wire transfer in the amount of $31,500 (1%) payable to the order of the School District is required for each bid to be comidcted, Proceeds from said Bonds, together with other funds, will be used to repair and renovate schonl buildings, including upgrndus to the vvnfilation and lighting systems and roof rep-,irs. An opinion as to the tax-exempt nature of the interest on the Bonds will be provided by Arntson Stewart Wcgner PC, Atlornts at Law, Fargo, North Dakota. The School District reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive any informality in any bid and to adjourn the sale. No bid may be altexed or withdrawn after the time specified for opening. Additional information for bidders may be requested from and bidding forms will be distributed by Public Financial Mansg'mmt, Inc., 800 Nicoll Mall, Suite 2710, Minneapoli Minnesota 55402. DRAYTON PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 19 /s/ Judy SteUon Business Manager i i!!ii fill i!!! i i i il ii i ....................... ............. ..... ............................................................................................................. %i!i!i00ii!!iiiii!! !!i!iiiiiiiiii!i!00 .... .... Email Us At : Visit our Website at: .... ' : ; ..... :: :