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January 20, 2011     Valley News and Views
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January 20, 2011

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Valley News and Views i.n..', n' W....r.itin. '... .o......o... by Lauraine Snelling Today I am in shock. 2010 is really gone and we are now in 2011 or as I wrote on the checks today 1-1-11. Yes, I understand that New Years comes after Christmas but then I wasn't ready for Christmas either. Interesting how things keep on going, whether you are ready for them or not. One of my goals for last year was to meet deadlines and although I have been fairly successful, I plan to keep working on it this year, too. But what others are waiting for my attention? On January first I always write out the goals for all areas of my life. Not just business goals or financial goals, but areas like health, my spiritual life and my relationships. Obviously setting goals is not to be taken lightly. One of my goals is to continue learning. I've reviewed books by Diane Ackerman before. She is a naturalist, who writes for The New Yorker, National Geographic and other high powered magazines and is the author of many books, my favorite being Moon by Whale Light. I am now reading her An Alchemy of Mind, about the human brain. I've heard it said that the brain is the big frontier and that our brain is so complex that no one knows what still lies ahead. Ackerman has the gift of taking something complex and writing about it in such a way that not only will readers grow in their understanding, but they will enjoy the reading of it too. I can never just sit down and read one of her books straight through; my mind isn't able to concehtrate for that long. Besides, I need time to think about what she has to say and to understand the terms she uses. The question of why do people do things the way they do has confused scientists and medical professionals since the beginning of time and Diane offers us a possible answer. One endorser calls An Alchemy of Mind, "a love song to the brain." I wholeheartedly agree. Weaving in history, literature, art, scientific studies, anthropology, and many other 'ologies', Diane leaves me with a feeling of awe and gratitude for this brain I have. One of my goals is to learn to use mine more dynamically.-I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have and pick up more of her books at your favorite bookstore. A friend of mine recommended Babes with a Beatitude to me, its title When .... it into perspective i Advised to Keep Their Chicken's Commander MIA January 22nd, 1892 Drayton Echo Mary Simpson, a fashionable dress maker in Chicago, committed suicide in a novel manner the night of the 17th. Walking out upon the ice of the lake at the foot of Ohio street, she divested herself of all her clothing and lay down ina perfectly nude state upon the ice to die. Her dead and rigid body was found there this morning. She had been ill and is supposed to have become insane. A stage was robbed by one highwayman near Riverside, A.T., and the American express box and two bars of bullion were taken. Another five-mile race will come off at the Drayton Ice Rink on Wednesday night next, when fancty and swift skaters from abroad are expected to be present. See handbills. The Odd Fellows of Drayton will have a fine, large hall when they get their new one in the Wallace building ready for occupancy. There will be an ante-room reception room, coat closet (misspelled goat closet) and main lodge room, all handsomely furnished and finished. Trains on the main line of the N.P find it next to impossible to "make time" during the cold snap. It is generally conceded that there will be frost enough in the ground this spring to last until the Fourth of July. January 24th, 1919 Drayton Echo American forces in France and in the occupied territory of Germany are to be reduced to the minimal strength, "consistent with our national obligations," General March said. Ray Maid, who has spent the past seven months serving Uncle Sam in France, surprised his parents last Saturday evening by returning to the city without giving them notice. Ray is looking fine and says that he had a good time in France. An unofficial report was received in the city the latter part of last week stating that Lieutenant Ralph Dryden had been accidentally killed in France. W.S. Drytden has taken the matter up direct with officials in France, but no report has been received at this time. The Little Playhouse Company appeared at the Opera House last Saturday evening and presented '9, Creature of the Sea' to a packed house. The slature r A00aln d Omdahl v grabbing my attention immediately. I actually met one of the authors at a writer's meeting. Linda P. Kozar is not only an author but hosts a radio program. She collaborated with Dannelle Woody, another writer and friend of hers, and together they came up with the sub title, "Devotions for smart, savvy women of faith." Before I even left the bookstore, I flipped through the book with its bright red cover. Some places made me laugh, others made me blink back tears and others made me go beyond thinking to pondering. With a one-page devotion for each day of the year, it's a good way to get one going in the morning or a fine topic to think on just before going to sleep. Each page is tiffed, includes a Bible verse along with an anecdote to provoke thought and ends with a beatitude check at the bottom. Babes with a Beatitude will make a great gift for someone, or better yet for yourself. Together these two books will help me on my journey from my goal setting to goal getting. Hope this helps your new year be happier and more successful. Happy readin' and writin' from Lauraine, who is going back to writing her newest novel tiffed Valley of Dreams. entertainment was clean and of high class. The play has a good moral and was enjoyed by the large crowd. With eggs bringing exceptional prices the object of the poultry-man is to get his hens to lay the largest possible number of eggs at a minimum of expense, and one way to gain this end is to keep the feet of hens warm, says A.C. Smith, head of the poultry division at University Farm. "Hens with cold feet do not lay," adds Mr. Smith. January 22nd, 1937 Red River Valley Leader The latest general European war scare has subsided. It was caused by France's announced determination to stop, by force if necessary, the alleged infiltration of German troops into Spanish Morocco, and Great Britain was ready to support the French with its fleet. But Hitler and his ambassador to France were able to convince the nations that the stories were false and that Germany has no intention of trying to grab any Spanish territory. President Franklin D. Roosevelt formally opened his second administration Wednesday with a demand for more and stronger government consecrated to "The legislative department is everywhere extending the sphere of its activity and drawing all power into its impetuous vortex." This often quoted observation from Federalist PaperNo. 48 (lames Madison) is often quoted because legislatures are often trying to grab powers beyond their constitutional authority. The North Dakota legislature has been in session for only a couple of weeks and it is already trying to draw power "into its impetuous vortex." One of the functions of state constitutions is to keep the branches of government confined to their prescribed powers and duties. The North Dakota constitution provides for four branches of government - the legislative, the executive, the judiciary and the Board of Higher Education. A 4-branch government may sound odd but that's what we have. The higher education branch was created in the 1930s after the executive branch, primarily Governor William Langer, abused its power by meddling in the staffing of North Dakota State University. At the time, the institutions of higher learning were under a statutory board over which the governor had control. A constitutional amendment was adopted to protect high education from the other branches of government. In almost every session, the state Legislature entertains proposals that are dear violations of the constitutional provisions relating to the Board of Higher Education. In the last session, it was carrying guns on campuses and regulation of athletic competition between NDSU and UND. The present session is only a couple of weeks old and bills already have been introduced to take charge of the University of North Dakota "Fighting Sioux" logo controversy. Under the state constitution, this issue is none of the Legislature's business. hose proposing to take charge of the matter allege that they are doing this in response to public opinion. Well, constitutions cannot be altered for public opinion. If public opinion could override the constitution, the constitution would cease to be a constitution. They also concede that the measures may be unconstitutional but they will let others prove it. Even if the Legislature passed this legislation, it that would not be the end of the problem because there are external players involved. Page 5 January 20th, 2011 Some of the other Division I schools have indicated that sometime down the road they will refuse to play teams with allegedly defamatory logos. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) will continue to issue mandates, regardless of our state laws. Because of the unpredictable responses of the other Division One teams and the NCAA, North Dakota needs to retain flexibility in resolving the issue. The state could get into some embarrassing situations if all options are preempted by state legislation. At this late date, a favorable vote by Standing Rock residents would be of questionable value. There is no doubt that the legitimacy of the vote would be attacked as unrepresentative or illegal by opponents of the logo. A favorable vote may no longer convince other teams or the NCAA that the logo should remain in use. At any rate, this is not a matter for the Legislature to draw into its "impetuous vortex". The cavalier attitude of legislators toward the importance of the state constitution suggests that a course on the constitution ought to be required preparation for serving in the Legislature. "provide enough for those who have too little." Not in years has Drayton had as much snow as we have today. At least that is what the residents over on third street declare. Yesterday was a busy day for everyone shoveling snow after the storm of Wednesday night. Fire broke out in the repair shop of the Ford Garage Tuesday noon. Workmen were out for dinner and the fire was making rapid headway between the ceiling and roof when the fire truck arrived. Any more of a lead may have been disastrous. Passing men gave assistance and did some good work with buckets of water from the cistern, and when the aid of the fire engine was applied the fire was quickly extinguished. January 21st, 1944 Red River Valley Leader Only hours after a dispatch from Guadallcanal had announced that pudgy, 30 year old Maj. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington had shot down his 26th /ap to enter the selective list of U.S. air aces, his mother received word in Okanogan, Wash., that he was missing. With a mother's faith she said: "I am confident he is all right and hew will show up somehow, somewhere." Called "Pappy" because of his comparatively older age among the younger marine fliers, Boyington was a picturesque daredevil. Once "Pappy" purposely led a squadron over a lap airdrome, circling the field slowly and daring the enemy to come up and fight. When they did, "Pappy" nailed three. Major Greg "Pappy" Boyington, left briefing Black Sheep Squadron members prior to a raid on Rabaul. Boyington passed away in 1988. (PS: Pappy's mom was tight he did turn up ok. He had been shot down January 3, 1944, during a raid on Bougainville and remained a POW until the end of the War.) Word has been received that PEC. Lawrence Meshefski, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Meshefeski has arrived safely in Northern Ireland. In a letter he said the trip was fine but the water didn't agree with him. Whiskers will be very much in evidence in the City of Drayton for the next few weeks. The idea is sponsored by the Drayton curling Club and will continue until February 22 when a big Bonspiel with thirteen rinks participating will take place. Rumors have it that Kangaroo Court will convene several times during this period. January 21st, 1960 Drayton Leader Saturday evening following the show a group of young people gathered at the home of Karen Gonitzke to play games and listen to records. They were Kathryn Felt, Margaret Halcrow, Faye Anderson, Cathy Carvell, Darlene Wichterman, Nancy White, Mike Halcrow, Tom Knoff, Bill and Terry --- Brosseau, Bill and Terry Long, Jim Stennes, bob Halcrow, tie and Duane Olson. What's the number one topic of conversation these days? Need you ask? Curling of course! And those of us not out on the ice with rocks an brooms several nights a week for one reason or another might just as well stay home and curl up with a good book for all we get a word in edgewise! But that's the way of things fight now and we resign ourselves to it. With two important days in telephone history being observed next week we are reminded ho much we have become dependent on the telephone today and its sister media in the field of communication. We take for granted the rapidity with which messages can be carried from one comer of the earth to another. It is within the past fifty years that this has happened and those who can remember back to pro-telephone days find themselves just as dependent upon those things as we who have grown up with them. EY ON S COOL. SAVING CABLE AND BROADBAND IS UNBELIEVABLE. Duo gives yo more viewing )proved! Are you ready for the coolness? MidcontLnent COMMUNICATIONS : :;;: : Scho61MissioStatemeni'Strivingfor excellence @ world, tomorrow. , I