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January 20, 2011     Valley News and Views
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January 20, 2011

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Page 6 January 20th, 2011 This Week's High and Low Temps and Precipitation Based on Observations at Pembina, North Dakota Date High Low Snowfall Tue. Jan 18th 5 -19 0 Mon. Jan 17th 10 -15 2.0" Sun. Jan 16th -7 -15 .4 Sat. Jan 15th 15 -13 3.0 Fri. Jan 14th 16 -2 2.0 Thu. Jan 13th 10 4 Trace Sunrise/Sunset Table For Drayton, North Dakota U.S. Naval Observatory Data Date Sunrise Sunset "Thu. Jan 20th 8:12 a.m. 5:08 p.m. Fri Jan 21st 8:11 am 5:10 pm 8:10a m Sat Jan 22nd T Sun Jan 23rd 5:11 pm 8:09 am 5:13 pm Mon Jan 24th 8:08 am 5:14 pm Tue Jan 25th 8:07 am 5:16 pm Wed Jan 26th 8:06 am 5:17 pm Valley News & Views Wednesday Wednesday Ni, ht Partly Sunny Hi 4 F Thursday Friday Friday Saturday Saturday Ni ht Ni ht Nic Thursday Blustery Hi -9 F Slight Chc Partly Mostly Mostly Snow Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Lo -9 F Lo -25 F Lo -10 F Lo -15 F 9?' Chance Snow Hi -1 F Mostly Cloudy Hi -1 F Wednesday Night: A 20 percent chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around -9. W'md chill values as low as -32. Blustery, with a southwest wind 7 to 10 mph becoming north northwest between 19 and 22 mph. Winds could gust as high as 28 mph. Thursday: Mostly sunny and cold, with a high near -9. Wind chill values as low as -34. Blustery, with a north northwest wind 19 to 22 mph decreasing to between 11 and 14 mph. Winds could gust as high as 29 mph. Thursday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around -25. West northwest wind 5 to 10 mph becoming south southeast. Friday: A 40 percent chance of snow. Mostly cloudy, with a high near-1. Friday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around -10. Saturday: Mostly cloudy, with a high near - 1. Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around - 15. Sunday: Partly sunny, with a high near 7. Sunday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 2. Monday: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 13. Monday Night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 3. Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 17. ASK THE OLD ]:ARME l'S ALMANAC What are some superstitions ed3out spiders.C? ]Stj Ro]aert B. Thomas JAN. 17, MONDAY - Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday (observed). Moon at descending node. U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama born, 1964. JAN. 18, TUESDAY -- Twenty-seven degrees below zero F, Watts, Oklahoma, 1930. A 1/2-pound meteorite crashed through the office of Dr. Frank Ciampi, Lorton, Virginia, 2010. JAN. 19, WEDNESDAY - - Full Wolf Moon. Explorer Charles Wilkes claimed discovery of Antarctica, 1840. Singer Wilson Pickett died, 2006. JAN. 20, THURSDAY - National Hockey League season began after 103-day lockout, 1995. Two feet of snow fell in New Hampshire in what became known as the "Kennedy Inaugural Storm," 1961. JAN. 21, FRIDAY -- Moon at perigee. Kiwanis International founded, 1915. Song "Over the Rainbow, .... by Arlen and Harburg, copyrighted, 1939. JAN. 22, SATURDAY -- St. Vincent. Moon on equator. Madeleine Albright became the first female secretary of state after confirmation by the U.S. Senate, 1997. JAN. 23, SUNDAY -- Third Sunday after Epiphany. Duke Ellington played at New York City's Carnegie Hall for the first time, 1943. Patience is the door of joy. THE OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC WEEKLY RIDDLE Q. What is the most commanding date on the calendar? A: March 4th. ASK THE OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC: I am collecting superstitions about spiders. Do you know of any? -J. L., Moore, Okla. Answer: Lots. Spiders have been considered highly reliable weather prognosticators for many centuries, so the weather lore concerning spiders is almost infinite. Here are just a few: "Early morning cobwebs predict a fair day, .... It's a sign of rain when spiders abandon their webs," or "It's a sign of rain when spiders spin webs in the grass during Indian summer." In England, a small spider may be called a "money spider" or a "money spinner," and it is considered lucky, especially if it lands on you, foretelling great wealth or prosperity. Contrary to what the bride might guess, finding a spider on a wedding dress is also considered very good luck. ' spider in the morning is a sign of sorrow. A spider at noon brings worry for tomorrow. / A spider in the afternoon is a sign of a gift; / but a spider in the evening will all hopes uplift." In Tahiti, spiders are the gods' shadows. An African proverb says, "When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion." Many cultures agree that to kill a spider brings bad luck. "If you wish to live and thrive, let a spider run alive." In folk remedies, spiders' webs have been considered indispensable for stopping bleeding, by helping to induce clotting. It's true that the web can help make blood coagulate, but some believe that a spider's powers are even stronger. Amulets have been made of spiders held inside nutshells or contained in a pouch and worn around the neck to' ward off evil, contagion, fever, or other ills. The age-old belief that witches put spiders in their brews probably stems from the mistaken idea that many spiders are highly poisonous. ASK TIlE OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC: Are political nicknames and slogans as popular today as they once were? -C. A., Essex Junction, Vt. Answer: Tough to know. You'd probably have to wait a hundred years to see what the history books say. Of course, we've heard "Tricky. Dick" for Nixon, a negative nickname that was probably helped, in some part, by its rhyming nature. Whether the more positive campaign names stick in our minds -- the way "Honest Abe" did -- remains to be seen. FDR for Franklin Delano Roosevelt and JFK for John Fitzgerald Kennedy were both used as if they were nicknames and seem to denote honor. Harry S. Truman was honored with a campaign slogan that had all the possibilities of a long-lasting tag: The Republicans chanted "To err is Truman." He won despiteitscleverness,though, and it still didn't catch on as he worked his way through his term of office. On the other hand, you don't have to read the history books to know about "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too" for William Henry Harrison and his running mate, John Tyler. It had a ring and a rhythm to it, and somehow it stuck -- much longer than the man who earned the office, who died of a cold a month after his inauguration. "Stonewall" Jackson, otherwise known as Thomas Jonathan Jackson, made his fame at the Battle of Bull Run, where he and his men made a solid obstacle. "There is Jackson, standing like a stone wall!" stated Brigadier General Bernard Bee on July 21, 1861. The nickname gained wide popularity, as did Jackson, who was considered the Confederate's best general next to Robert E. Lee. Jackson didn't live to see his 40th birthday however; he was mortally wounded, having been accidentally shot by friendly fire. ASK THE OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC: Can you tell me what is meant by a "stone sloop" in the old maritime logs?-K. M., Orleans, Mass. Answer: Well, a sloop, as you probably know, is a single-masted sailboat, with the sail rigged fore and aft. It might or might not have a bowsprit, but it will have some sort of headsail. And a stone sloop, as it sounds, is a sloop that carries stone--not one made of stone. Stone sloops abounded around the time when the granite quarries were most active, along the New England coast from Rockport, Maine, to take much of a rough wind Rockport, Massachusetts, or churning sea to set the and some ways north and hull timbers creaking, the south of those. Shipping pumps pumping, and the stone by water was far stone headed to the bottom cheaper than shipping it by of the ocean. Wise captains land, but as you might guess, steered close to shore and sailing a load of stone to its kept a good weather watch. destination was a slow and Copyright 2010, Yankee trickypropositionatbest.The Publishing Inc. Distributed lifeboats were kept handy, byYankee Publishing Inc. whether slung outboard or towed behind. It wouldn't Marlin Luder King Jr. 's Birthday (obsen,ed) Full Wo(f Moon Old Farmer's u,.,,. Almanac Best day, to grafi or pollinate Best days to begin a die to lose weight artin Luther King |r.'$ birthday is observed on January I 7 this year. He w,s actually born on Janu- ary 15. 1929, just 2 days before BenFranklin's birthday on the 17th. The two lived more than two centuries apart, but shared a commitment to nonviolence. Benjamin Franklin was a statesman and diplo- mat during the American Revolution, a time of hot tempe and impromptu tea parties. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in a time of American segregation and civil injustice and was awarded a Nobel peace prize for his leader- ship in nonviolent protests. Leek Soup for Two I leek (use eveffthlag except the dark gmea outer leaves} 2 ca water 1 Mken boulllou cabe I medium potato, peeled and diced 1, small onion, peeled and diced ut the leek Into 14nch ctions and tlnm cut eh section lengthwise so that you can ... wash away all of the dirt. Combine all of the ingredients in a me4ium sauce-  L pan, cover, bring to a boil, uncover, reduce heat, and sffnmer for 20 minutes, unti the  egetables .... are soft. Puree m creamy .....  ': blender until MAR Iknt 2 SBWING$. "" WffAHI) WISDOM FROM THE OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC Winter shatlfind what summer has lift. If you bruise easily, add more vitamin C to your diet. On January 18. 1911, Eugene Ely proved that planes could hind safely on ships. II :OR  ( [Pt S, (ARDEN NG I'IPS AN[) WEATHER FORECASTS, VISIT: Theme Crossword: Astrology 3 27 58 6 7 24 50 54 I I -- 65 4 I 69 ' 72 PRESENTED BY Volunteer M atch .org Where volunteering begins. 10 32 52 ACROSS 1.2nd or 6th President 6. Priestly vestment 9, Kill, as in a dragon 13. Shot at the dentist's office 14. *Capricorn, the __ goat 15 A simulated semblance 16 Make free from sin or guilt 17 Opposite of pro 18 Cock-a-leekie soup ingredient, pl 19 *Castor and Pollux iiiiiiiiiii! ii! ii i i!}i}! i Answers on Page 9 21. *April/May zodiac 23. *" of Aquarius" 24. Diamonds or hearts, e.g. 25 of Sam 28 Greek goddess of youth and spring 30 Sends money in payment 35 Tehran is its capital 37 Pub arrow 39 Distinct segment of a market 40 Adhesive substance 41 Indifference gesture 43 Capital of Ukraine 44 Where is Rudolph's home pole? 46 Another spelling for "taboo" 47 Or , threatening 48 Expectorated matter 50 Tamping tool 52 Japanese monetary unit 53 Moderate or restrain 55 Trash container, eg 57 *Celestial crab 60 Artwork of many pieces 63 Roman Catholic Church's central administration 64 Roth 66 Pressed beverage 68 Chubby 69 Neither here there 70 Deteriorate 71 Contributions to the poor 72 1/6th inch in printing, pl 73 Infamous for witch hunt DOWN 1 One of a range in Europe 2 Douglas to his buddies? 3 Often sold by the 40 4 Molten rock inside earth's crust 5 Oh what fun to ride in itl 6 American Society for Clinical Investigation 7 *Hercules' victim 8 African language 9 Wooer 10 "In of" 11 Inquires 12 Word that expresses a nod 15 It gives cohesiveness to dough 20 As opposed to wants 22 Broadcasting medium 24 Make saw-toothed 25 *Capricorn and Sagittarius, eg 26 The fourth or lowest deck 27 Small island in central Pacific 29 Unit of money in Thailand 31 Michael to his friends? 32 In a cold manner 33 Not those 34 *Number of classical astrological planets 36 What's left after deductions 38 Lowest brass wind instrument 42 Southern soup 45 Wheel cover 49 Legendary West 51 *One born under the sign of fishes 54 Trinity or triad 56 Nigerian monetary unit 57 Look for and gather 58 Starch from cuckoopint root 59 Archaic word for steals or pilfers 60 *Named after Roman god of war 61 "White Wedding" Tundra by Chad Carpenter The Official Comic Strip of the Animal's Republic of Robbin singer 62 Surrender 63 Financial person 65 Read-only storage 67 Dreaming stage of sleep Weekly Sudoku Solution on Page 7 I SereO sv Where volumeeang laeitr. 2 1 5 8 7 2 4 6 4 1 2 6 7 5 9 i2 4 2 1 9 7 3 8 3 Flll lrl the blank squares in ,he d, makklg suce that every tOW, olumn and 3by-3 box Inl all alg;ts 1 through 9. It is a mistake to !think ou n sive any major problems just with otatoes;: :bou lasAdams : :; ::: P  i ii i  !i   !  i  ig   :: '  ,  'i 'i ii !ii i? ? i= i(it iii!3 i!iill /? t ' " i !! i i  , !ii! ?' ;' (11