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January 24, 2013     Valley News and Views
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January 24, 2013

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Page 2 January 24th, 2013 Valley News & Views It was more than cold as the town's 13 electors gathered in the cavernous unheated community hall for an emergency meeting of the Homeland Security Committee, called pursuant to orders issued by the mayor. Committee Chair ark Darken opened the meeting by pounding a coke bottle on his table as the last stragglers found themselves adjusting to the cold steel folding chairs. As soon as they were seated, he read the mayor's declaration. "Whereas, the Second Amendment of the U. S. Constitution provides that a well-regulated militia is necessary for a free state, the Community Homeland Security Committee shall assess the status of our militia and inventory the ordinance." "I hope you all brought your arms and defensive weapons so we can do this inventory quickly," ark added. "Does this mean that we have to register guns?" Einar Danske asked impetuously. "No, we're going to make a list of all of our defensive weapons," ark replied. "Do you have a problem with that?" "No! NoV' replied Einar. "I don't have guns. I'm just a defenseless pacifist living the Christian life." "Chief Security Officer Garvey Erfald is going to make up the list," ark continued. "So step right up. Who's first?" "I'll be first," announced Madeleine Morgan as she sauntered over to Garvey's table brandishing a pistol. "My Ex took the guns but I got this revolver and he knows I have this revolver. I'm glad he knows I have this Regular Meeting December 1 lth, 2012 This is a record of the proceedings of the regular meeting of the Drayton School Board that was held December 11,2012, at the school at 7:00 PM. Members present: Emanuelson, Brosius, Littlejohn Members absent: Hatloy, Larson Also Present: Hy Schlieve, Judy Stellon, Charles Fredrickson, Jeryl Thompson, Matt Rarick Presiding: Emanuelson Brosius made a motion to approve the agenda as presented by Supt. Schlieve. Littlejohn seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. Littlejohn made a motion to approve the consent agenda, November 13, 2012 minutes, financial reports, bills and quarterly Principal Littlejohn made a motion to accept the second reading of policy for Section A, Descriptor Codes; ABCCC (Wellness Policy) and ABCCC-AR (Building Level Wellness Policy Coordinators). Brosius seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. Superintendent Schlieve presented the following policies for First Reading: BDA-E, DHBC, DJEAC, DJEAC, DJEAC-E1, DJEAC- E2, DJEAC-E3 and DJEAC-R. Superintendent Schlieve presented for distribution policy ACF. Brosius made a motion to accept the Formative Evaluation of Supt. Schlieve as favorable. Littlejohn seconded the motion, and upon vote, reconciliation report as prese~ti~d-" "ttle'r~0tlOn'c~rffed unanimously. by Stellon. Brosius seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. Supt. Schlieve presented communications from the following: 1. Ottertail Power Company - Heating system test dates 2. NDHSAA - Volleyball Coop Approval 3. NASN - Head Lice Information 4. Bergstrom Electric- Thank You 5. BC/BS - Consultant Comments 6. USDA - Food Guidelines Change 7. Mayville State - Thank You 8. Jeryl Thompson - Thank You Reports were given for the following items: Pembina Special Education Board Walsh - Pembina Administrators Pembina County Educators PSEC/UV Cooperation Hot Lunch Activities ESG/Building Projects was tabled until the next regular board meeting. The board meeting schedule will resume back to the regular schedule for the remainder of the school year. Brosius made a motion to approve Supt. Schlieve's request to participate with the American Association of School Administrators in a national committee examining "competitive" food policies, especially with respect to the new food services guidelines, with all expenses paid. Littlejohn seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. Strategic Plan Review was tabled until the next regular board meeting. No action was taken with the 2013-2014 school calendar. Supt. Schlieve reviewed the following items: Important Dates: Available on the DPS Website at www.drayton.k12. Knight's Herald/Blue Knights" Notes/Superintendent's Monthly Report revolver. In fact, I don't mind if everybody knows I have this revolver. " "Have you ever fired this thing?" Garvey asked as he looked the weapon over. "It has only four bullets." "Well, last winter, a skunk came prowling around so I whipped out the revolver and fired twice and the skunk fired once," she explained. "Consequently, I think you should register the skunk instead of the revolver." Just then Josh Dvorchek strutted up. "What is that thing? Drain pipe?" queried Garvey. "No, it's a bazooka - an anti-tank weapon my cousin brought back from the war as a souvenir," Josh explained. "The only problem is that ammunition is hard to come by. Maybe I could get some on Amazon. It sure would be handy if terrorists come in Continued on Page 5 Monthly Reading Topics: "Teach Your Parents Well" by Nora Carr, "Twelve Reasons to Get Your School District Tweeting This Summer" by Joe Mazza and "Marysville School Switches from Books to iPads" by Amy Daybert. Staff Outing Mayville State Ice Machine Coaches Certification Program There being no further business before this Board, Littlejohn made a motion to adjourn this meeting. Brosius seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. This record of the proceedings of this meeting is subject to review and change at the next regular board meeting to be held January 15, 2013 at 7:00 AM. Michael Emanuelson Judy Stellon Expenditures AFLAC 1,345.27 AGRI-VALLEY - GRAND FORKS 428.59 ALTRU HEALTH SYSTEM 72.00 AMERICAN SCHOOL 57.00 BARTON BUS SALES 345.02 BC/BS OF ND 10,959.32 BIGJIM'S TIRE UP NORTH 94.58 BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHEILD OF ND 1,812.00 CAMERON LI'VILEJOHN 40.00 CITY OF DRAYTON 679.98 CONNECTING POINT 8,182.00 DAHL, KIM 72.00 DAHLSTROM MOTORS, INC. QUESTION? Can a 14-year-old suburban California teenager entering his sophomore year in high school change the way the world looks at Drayton Northwood art Indians cowboys history plain folks North Dakota and the world within himself7. Maybe not at 14, but if you watch the 2:23 minute film- story that he produced at 17 about a week's experience in North Dakota and posted it on YouTube, you may think it is possible in social media circles that outreach to the world. Check out the visual stories on www. DakotaHeritageInstitute. cam that are the voice threads of heritage in a hometown community, including Massimo's finding peace on the prairie. (A sample of a WWII Veteran's story by Wally Ruud is also shown, telling his witnessing of the atomic cloud over Japan from a gunship off the coast.) Perhaps, you'll agreed that the power of a good story impacts people, and the use of media arts creates opportunities for youth to tell their story- wherever they live or whatever their culture - to participate in the changing world of the global village. His story is about a week of "fathers and sons" on a "bonding road trip" in search of authentic, grass- root stories across the prairies. The short film describes the characters, but the story is about Massimo, son of Joe Lambert, founder and director of the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley. Joe's method of storytelling has an International presence in dozens of countries. The motto of the Center, which originated the concept of "Story Mapping," is "Change the Story, Change the World." My 30-year-old vintage RV that purred along on the back trails left behind a stream of stories, like a vapor trail in the sky across the prairies. These "trails" are new-age digital stories that do not fade from history because the tales are preserved in "cloud computing" and are connected to the land with map pins that serve as navigation markers on a landscape - it's called "Story Mapping." Massimo's story started at the ND Museum of Art in Grand Forks, when he gave at age 14 a youth's perspective of digital-age storytelling on an intergenerational panel. Now at 17, his word pictures, coupled with visual scenes of faces and landscapes, recounts his week's journey and the meaning it held for him. Some samples from Massimo's voice in narration to images follow: "North Dakota's endless prairies a different universe people connected to their homeland with invisible strings crossing prairies gave me time to think with music in my ears I was at peace impressed by relaxed friendly cultures in communities nothing plain about the prairies or the Peace Gardens and in its conclusion "people find peace on the prairies." The last image in his film reminded me of one of my favorite Indian sayings: "A father's role is to take his child to the highestpoint, and show the child the world." In ND geographically, this can be a literal challenge, especially in the Red River Valley, but a meaningful story can take you there - virtually. Today's "community" can be a rural x4ilage or a "global village" or both. The "village" in Massimo's story came from multiple contributors - UND Center for Community Engagement provided Joe's airfare, Joe paid for his son's ticket, I gifted my son Lars' airfare and provided the vintage RV, the ND Museum of Art offered in-kind services for facility space, Northwood contributed to costs of gas, Drayton paid for food and motel expenses, and other communities along the route opened their Continued on Page 5 323.56 DISCOVERY BENEFITS, INC 1,450.96 DISCOVERY BENEFITS, INC 65.00 DRAYTON COMMUNITY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 860.00 DRAYTON DRUG 4.13 DRAYTON SCHOOL ACTIVITY FUND 218.90 DRAYTON SCHOOL ACTIVITY FUND 800.00 EXPRESSWAY INN 277.20 G&k SERVICES 194.30 GLOBAL SAFETY NETWORK 99.00 GRAFTON AUTO ELECTRIC 168.32 GREEN, SUSAN 207.57 GRUNDSTROM, JORDAN 20.00 HALCROW'S INC 186.10 HUGO'S #10 58.24 JAYMAR BUSINESS FORMS, INC 95.02 J O H N S O N, BRWFANY 64.50 JOHNSTON, LINDA 200.00 JONGETJES, DAVID 65.50 KELLY'S COUNTRY STORE 22.06 KORNKVEN, MICHELLE 329.67 LEE, RACHEL 64.50 MAPEL, REBEKAH 357.46 MAPEL, REBEKAH 357.46 MARC 375.00 MOTEL 66 48.90 ND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT 1,267.79 N D TEACHER FUND FOR RETIREMENT 18,216.56 NETWORK SERVICES COMPANY 785.93 NORTH DAKOTA ASSN. OF SCHOOL 165.00 ADMIN. NORTHDALE OIL, CO. 3,388.39 OFFICE OF STATE AUDITOR 165.00 O-I-I-ERTAIL POWER CO 4,185.94 PARKER, CHERYL 453.00 PARKER, CHERYL 453.00 PEARCE & DURICK 2,096.25 PEMBINA CO SPECIAL ED COOP 18,699.78 PEMBINA COUNTY MEALS & 380.00 TRANSPORTATION POLLESTAD, GREG 436.51 POLLESTAD, GREG 40.00 POLLESTAD, LINDSAY 367.05 POLLESTAD, LINDSAY 29.38 POLLESTAD, LINDSAY 15.23 POLLESTAD, LINDSAY 381.74 POLLESTAD, LINDSAY (15.23) POLLESTAD, TREVOR 40.00 SAM'S CLUB 125.36 SCHLIEVE, HY C.J. 60.00 SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC. 47.76 STEGMAN, KERRI 64.50 STEGMAN, TAYLOR 60.00 STEGMAN, WAYNE 40.00 THOMPSON, JERYL 12.24 THOMPSON, JERYL 20.00 US BANK 610.86 VALLEY NEWS & VIEWS 166.95 VALLEY OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION 134.40 WOINAROWlCZ, DYLAN 40.00 WW WEISPFENNING CPA 616.32 ZEP SALES & SERVICE 686.67 B CLEAN SUPPLY, INC 228.76 BC/ BS OF ND 677.98 BLUE RIBBON MAINTENANCE SUPP, 941.84 CASS CLAY CREAMERY, INC 1,074.86 GOZDAL, MERIDITH 162.75 JEFF'S REFRIGERATION 199.00 KELLY'S COUNTRY STORE 48.87 ND DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH 115.00 ND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT 405.78 NETWORK SERVICES COMPANY 246.70 SAM'S CLUB 97.60 US BANK 124.00 US FOODSERVlCE INC 5,727.88 Farmer Producers of Agri-Valley Notice of Annual Meeting Valley Landfill Would Like to Remind Everyone that Garbage Pickup is every Monday. Please have your garbage out by 8 a.m. You are asked to avoid placing garbage too early, thus letting it stand too long, attracting critters and establishing itself in an unpleasant manner. Friday February 1st, 2013 8:00 a.m. ,Howard Johnson Inn Grand Forks, North Dakota Secretary Noel Pilon ii~iii iiii ii !!!! ~i!!! !!!! ! !! ! WATCH ~ A/B Basic Cable & MidcoNet Xstream Wideband 1.0 With Midcontinent,~ You Gel: 0vet 50 HD channels and more than 75 standard channels. PLUS On Demand, HD On Demand and a ~REE HD receiver! 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