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January 28, 2010     Valley News and Views
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January 28, 2010

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Page 4 January 28th, 2010 Valley News and Views s Column GREAT BEGINNINGS 1187 "To conclude, I announce what comes after me. I remember I said before my leaves sprang at all, I would raise my voice jocund and strong with reference to consummations." (the beginning of "So Long!" a poem by Walt Whitman) NOSTALGIA QUIZ TIME 617 (1919-1960) 1. On early TV played a mayor in "The Peoples' Choice." (a. Jackie Cooper; b. Gene Lockhart; c. Robert Sterling) 2. On early radio was the program based on an original work by Maxwell Anderson. (a. Admiral Flint and Midshipman Mullens; b. Captain Flagg and Sergeant Quirt; c. General Gold and Private Silvers) 3. Three new air mail stamps issued on April 19, 1930, were issued for use on the airship (a. Graf Zeppelin; b. Hindenburg; c. Olympic) 4. In 1926 George Minot and William Murphy discovered the liver-extract treatment for . (a. anemia; b. leukemia; c. malaria) 5. created the program "The Adventures of Philip Marlowe" on early radio. (a. James M. Cain; b. Raymond Chandler; c. Rex Stout) (answers at the end of the Column) RADIO DAYS The following are important dates in old- time radio history: January 28, 1940--Beat The Band premiered. January 31, 1933--The Lone Ranger was first heard. January 31, 1936--The Green Hornet debuted. February 1, 1946--Twenty Questions hit the air. February 1, 1950--Night Beat began. February 1, 1958--Frontier Gentleman premiered. February 2, 1890- -Charles Correll ('~ndy") was born. February 2, 1939--Sergeant Preston of the Yukon debuted. BEST BOOKS Over the next five weeks I will list the twenty-five best books I read in 2009. 25. Fifty Years of Managed Money: The Story of the Federal Reserve by Elgin Groseclose, 1966 Although the book only deals with the first fifty years of the Federal Reserve System and so does not detail the really horrific mess that government bank has inflicted on the American people over the past several years, it does show how the seeds of that meltdown were sown with the establishment of the Fed in 1913 and the subsequent expansion of its power. 24. Combat Officer: A Memoir of War in the South Pacific by Charles H. Walker 2004 The late Charles Walker of Pembina describes some of his World War II experiences in the South Pacific, especially on Guadalcanal. After reading his book, I wish that I could have spoken with him before he passed away last year. 23. The Unforgiven byAlan LeMay, 1957 This Western was the basis for a 1960 movie starring Burt Lancaster and Audrey Hepburn. It deals with the clash between the Zachary family, their white neighbors, and some Kiowa Indians in the Texas Panhandle in the 1870s. 22. The Searchers byAlan LeMay, 1954 A 1956 John Wayne movie was based on thisWestern novel. When a young girl is taken captive by the Comanches, Amos (changed to Ethan in the movie) Edwards and Martin Pauley go in search of her. 21. Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard, 1990 This novel by "Dutch" Leonard was the basis for the 1995 movie of the same name which starred John Travolta as the main character Chili Palmer. Palmer is a small- time loan shark in Miami who ends up in Los Angeles involved in drugs, insurance fraud, murder, and the movies. A MESS OF POTTAGE 1244 This portion of my column describes the works of Libertarian philosopher and economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995). In 1995 he published "Economic Thought Before Adam Smith." Chapter 6 is entitled '~bsolutist thought in Italy and France." The humanist Francesco Patrizi (1412-1494) wrote "The Kingdom and the Education of the King," in which he promoted the rule of the virtuous prince, who must be a Christian. He must be just and honest, but he must also be a magnificent ruler, spending freely and seeking glory. POETIC FRAGMENTS Charles Lamb (1775-1834) was an English Romantic poet. Here is a portion of his poem "On An Infant Dying As Soon Born": "I saw where in the shroud did lurk A curious flame of Nature's work; A flow'ret crushed in the bud, A nameless piece of Babyhood... Riddle of destin~ who can show What thy short visit meant, or know What they errand here below?" DHS, 1925 50 The 270h DHS graduate and the 13th member of the Class of 1925 was Edwin E. Stenquist, born to Felix and Carrie Halverson Stenquist in Kittson County, MN, on March 10, 1907. His family attended the Swedish Mission (Teien Covenant) Church. He married a woman named Alice. They had no children, but I have no more information about the marriage. He was a painter for the Northern Pacific railway in Staples, MN, May 1, 1926 to ?; Grafton by Jan. 1927 to ?; Drayton, Nov. 1927; from Staples to Seattle to Drayton, by May 1928; Honeyford, ND, by Aug. 1929 to ?; Drayton, Oct. 1929; in Los Angeles, Oct. to Nov. 1929; Drayton, Nov. to Dec. 1929; Dilworth, MN, March to April 1930; Drayton, April 1930 and July 1931; Tower City, ND, Aug. 1931. He worked on a gravelling crew in Forest River, ND, Sept. 1932; Rock Lake, ND, ? to Sept. 1933. He was on a CivilWorks Administration crew painting the Pembina County Court House, Cavalier, Feb. 1934 to ?; He joined the U.S. Army at Ft. Snelling, MN, July 30, 1942, was in the European, African, and Middle Eastern Theatres during World War II, and was separated from the Army on Sept. 20, 1945, as a T3; He moved to St Paul at an unknown date, and I don't know what types of jobs he had. In 1984 he was living 1530 Bellows, Apt. 212, West St. Paul. He died on October 2, 1990, in St. Paul at the age of 83. BILLBOARD'S TOP TEN 1970 January 24 1. Raindrops Keep Dropping On My Head (B.J. Thomas) 2. Venus (Shocking Blue) 3. I Want You Back (Jackson 5) 4. Someday We'll Be Together (Diana Ross, Supremes) 5. Whole Lotta Love (Led Zepplin) 6. Leaving On A Jet Plane (Peter, Paul, and Mary) 7. Don't Cry, Daddy (Elvis Presley) 8. WithoUt Love (Tom Jones)* 9. Jam Up Jelly Tight (Tommy Roe) 10. I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Dionne Warwick) * (*=new song) The Welsh singer Tom Jones had thirty I Muse ByChristine Jensen "Well the sun is surely sinking down but the moon is slowly rising, so this old world is still spinning around and I still love you...It won't be long before another day, we're going to have a good time and no ones going to take that time away... James Taylor The skies are clear today after our winter blizzard and I am happy I canget somewhere if the need arises. Once again I spent Sunday evening watching the game with family and friends, although the time together was wonderful, the conclusion was sad and yet I have faith our chance will one day come for the Vikings to make it to the Super Bowl. We also spent time this weekend helping our cousins move into their new home in Drayton. They are very excited to get settled in and it was nice to visit with all of them. I love that we have more family surrounding us now and hope we will get many incredible moments together. I am feeling nostalgic today thinking about past experiences and how every one of them has affected my life in various ways. Time flies by so fast and it's hard to imagine certain incidences actually existed when the years fall by one after another. The other evening I had an overwhelming feeling of sadness sweep around me as I thought about the lack of time I have been able to spend with my mother. It has been several years now since she suffered a heart attack and the gratitude I feel for all those years with her in my life cannot be expressed in words. She is an amazing woman who has spent her life not only loving and caring for her family but for many others as well. Her career as a nurse spans many decades and I hear from people all the time how she makes them feel comfortable and loved when they walk through the doors of the clinic. I don't know how she put up with me when I was a teenager. It wasn't the easiest feat when I wanted the expensive clothes and other material items we just couldn't afford. She would try to explain the situation to me but when you are young it's easy to get wrapped up in all the hype behind the things you think will make you popular. In reality they mean little compared to the true essence of one's being. Today my mother is my best friend. She has taught me so much about keeping the faith through good times and bad. Every single day of my life she inspires me with her strength; I pray I can be half the person she is. She looks so young despite her 67 years; after her heart attack, she started exercising and taking good care of herself. She still walks daily and rarely misses a yoga class. I. can only hope her youthful looks are partly due to our Bohemian genes. My mum hasn't always had it so easy. Both her parents and her only brother, my Uncle Butch passed away when they were very young. She also lost one of her best friends to cancer when they were still filled with the innocence of youth. Her friend Bev's mother became like a surrogate mother to mum and she became like a surrogate daughter to Mary so it was a difficult day when she recently heard Mary had passed away in the nursing home. Mum called me that day to tell me the news-and when I asked her, '~re you ok?" For a few moments all I heard on the other end of the line was her tears. Every chance we got we stopped to visit Mary when traveling to eastern Minnesota. The last time we went even though she was in a nursing home and the years had left her partially blind, she still had her wits about her and conversed about family members and old times. She lived to be 92 years old and saw so many things in her lifetime. I truly believe part of my mom's strength came from Mary's constant inspiration. Peace comes from knowing after so many years Mary is now able to be with her daughter in heaven. I hope she knows how much we loved her, especially my mom. I honor both of them today as I think about the positive influences they showered me with through the years. My mother makes me want to be a better person inside and out. She is my rock, one of the most loving, caring, understanding people I know. I feel extremelyblessed to have her in my life and am reminded of her faith with every defeat I encounter. Sometimes along the way we are confronted with the concept of what is truly important in life. We are given glimpses into the lives of some whose richness lies in the inspiration they bring to others. Their influence changes us in ways we may not recognize instantly but eventually come to realize. Undeniably, their presence along our journeys help shape us and when we feel in the low moments like we have lost the goodness, their hearts are standing by to carry us through. Mom, I'm sorry for all the loss you have experienced in your life but I know every loved one you have said goodbye to is loOking out for you and holding you close even though they aren't here anymore to express it. Thank you for all you have been in Continued On Page 5 becamehisfourth-biggestall-timehit, behindSngs on the Hotl00 from 1965 to 1988. 'Tllg Night TV Never Fall In Love Again" was the 16th. It Earmark Bumps Into Late "She's A Lady, .... What's New Pussycat?," and "Without Love." It peaked at #6 and was on By Lloyd Omdahl the charts for 16 weeks. NUMBER 1 SONGS January 28 1895--Little Alabama Coon (Len Spencer) 1900--I'd Leave My Happy Home For You (Arthur Collins) 1905--Come Take A Trip In My Air-Ship (Billy Murray) 1910--Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet (Haydn Quartet) 1915-- It's A Lo rig, Long Way To Tipp erary (John McCormack) 1920--I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now (A1 Jolson) 1925--A11 Alone (A1Jolson) 1930--Chant Of The Jungle (Roy Ingraham) 1935--Isle Of Capri (Ray Noble); Blue Moon (Glen Gray); The Object Of My Affection (Boswell Sisters) 1940--A11 The Things You Are (Tommy Dorsey) 1945--Don't Fence Me In (Bing Crosby/ Andrews Sisters) 1950--I Can Dream, Can't I? (Andrews Sisters) 1955--Let Me Go Lover (Joan Weber) 1960--Running Bear (Johnny Preston) 1965--Downtown (Petula Clark) 1970--Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (B.J. Thomas) 1975--Please Mr. Postman (Carpenters) 1980--Rock With You (Michael Jackson) 1985--Like AVirgin (Madonna) 1990--How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (Michael Bolton) 1995--Creep (TLC) 2000--What A Girl Wants (Christina Aguilera) (Source--Joel Whitburn, "Record Research") 15 YEARS AGO On January 29, 1995, Rev. Rick Klawitter was installed as the new pastor of the Teien Covenant Church. On January 30, 1995, the high temperature was +42. On January 31, 1995, Drayton teacher Wayne Stegman went in for knee surgery. The DHS boys basketball team defeated Walhalla 42-41. Chris Steenerson had a dozen points. KC's Students of the Week for January 1995 Continued at Right "Where's Ork?" shouted Holger Danske as Chief Security Officer Garvey Erfald stumbled through the door into another special meeting of the CommunityHomeland Security Committee. A cluster of 13 shivering electors huddled around Orville Jordan's milkhouse heater and grumbled loudly to let Garvey know they were upset. They've hated meetings since the "dish" became available in town. They all had one. "Well, Ork couldn't come so I'm supposed to see that Senator Dorgan gets us that earmark for speed bumps on Main Street before he leaves office," Garvey explained. "He promised it in 1997." "That's a stupid idea," Little Jimmy blurted out. "We had speed bumps five years ago- put in by the county road crew one week and scraped off the earth by a speeding county road grader the next." "If that earmark is so important, why isn't Ork here to get it negotiated through this polarized committee?" asked Holger Danske. "Just because we disagreed over naming Dog, with seven votes for Rover and seven for Fido, doesn't mean that we're polarized," Johann Kerianski argued. "It just means that Dog is stuck with a generic name even though he is a specific animal. We need another city-wide vote on the issue." "Ork can't make it because he's working on his humor," Garvey explained. "With this late-night Jeno guy being moved back past our bedtime, Ork thinks we ought to be ready with a replacement that most of us can stay up for." "Yeah!" agreed Einar Stamstead. "I'm on my second trip to the bathroom by the time that Irishman comes on. Don't those people in New York ever sleep?" Einar faded early. The news he stayed up for was at six o'clock. "I'd rather have Jack Benny or Jimmy Durante," suggested Old Sievert. He actually wanted Laurel and Hardy but he heard they were doing a show with Charlie Chaplin in Berlin. "Sarah Palin and Ed Schultz would be better replacements." proposed Orville Jordan, the ex-depot agent for what was now the Buffet Railroad. "They're full of funny stuff. Of course, they don't get many laughs but that makes them even funnier, acting serious and all." "Who's going to get an earmark for speed bumps in a town with a daily traffic count of seven?" asked Johann. It became a rhetorical question since no one answered. A lot of the town's questions were rhetorical. "It isn't the number that's important," countered Garvey. "The world is moving too fast, especially on our Main Street. Dorgan's leaving office so he can do what he wants, even get us an earmark for speed bumps. It'll take 10 years for a new senator to get enough clout to get us speed bumps. It's now or never. " "A contractor can't put in speed bumps until spring and Dorgan will still be in office so why don't we just go home and watch Judge Joe Brown?" Einar suggested in a bold ploy to end the meeting. It worked. Orville shut off his heater and everyone headed for the door, leaving speed bumps and Dog for the regular March meeting. were Casey Halcrow, Julie Passa, Jami Bratlie, Jessica Brazier, and Josh Gebur. NOTABLE QUOTES "Put that down as rule one. A guy with a heater that likes to talk, that guy can be taken." (as said by Peter Chambers in the detective novel, '~, Halo For Nobody" by Henry Kane, 1947) STUDENT OF THE WEEK KC's Student of the Week for Jan. 18-22 is Rachel Juhl, freshman daughter of Kevin and Kristi Juhl. Rachel was on the "B" Honor Roll for both the First and Second Nine Weeks. She was a member of the Blue Knights volleyball team and is on the North Border Bandits girls' basketball team. Against St. John she scored her first two varsity points. This is her third selection as Student of the Week, having been chosen for Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2008, and Oct. 20-22, 2008. Nostalgia Quiz Answers (I. a; 2. b; 3. a; 4. a; 5. b)