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January 28, 2010     Valley News and Views
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January 28, 2010

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Page 8 January 28th, 2010 Valley News and Views Careful Not to Show Behavi" Garden-Robinson, Food and Nutrition S~alist, "Morn, I'm so tired. I've been cooking! I made fudge and cookies," my 6-year- old pink-cheeked daughter announced as she entered the family room, rubbing her arms. I looked up from my newspaper hoping the cooking had occurred in her play kitchen and not in our real kitchen. "You have to stir really, really fast. My arms are sore! Mama kept telling me to stir faster!" she continued. By this time I figured out that she was talking about her new cooking video game. The game includes a helpful but strict "virtual mama." My l 1-year-old daughter entered the room and flipped on the TV. She surfed to a cooking contest on the Food Network. Since my days are spent teaching and writing about foodandnutrition, I generally skip cooking games and cooking shows. My daughter was in possession of the remote control, and I sat cozily in my chair. Therefore, I watched cooking shows all evening. OK, I was learning to knit, so I wasn't exactly spellbound by the screen. I listened to the high drama of some of the cooking shows. On one show, the contestants received unusual assortments of ingredients to blend into menu items. Eel and mango, anyone? On another show, in a victory for safe food handling, one contestant was eliminated for cross- contaminating with raw chicken juice. The contestant was angry and tearful as she left the stage. I found myself wondering about some things. Are TV chefs modeling the right food safety behavior? Are cooking games and cooking shows really teaching people about food or are they just entertainment? I found a couple of recent studies. One examined a chef's food handlingbehavior and the other studied the influence of cooking shows on the viewers' behavior. Texas Tech researchers assessed the food handling behavior of TV chefs. They viewed 49 TV shows, using a code sheet to record positive and negative behaviors .... On the positive side, they noted 118 positive incidents, such as using a food thermometer and proper hand washing. However, the researchers noted 460 negative incidents, such as licking fingers, not washing 'fruits and vegetables and skipping hand washing. Granted, preparing food in front of a TV camera with a limited amount of time does not give you much of an opportunity to lather your hands for 20 seconds. That wouldn't be very exciting to watch unless the host told a couple jokes or sang a song. Maybe that wouldn't work, either. AColorado StateUniversity study examined the impact of a TV cooking show on 100 college students. Most of the students lived off campus. Overall, the researchers were trying to learn if the shows improved the students' knowledge and increased the amount of fruits and vegetables they ate. Half the students watched four episodes of a cooking show developed for the study, while the others watched four episodes about sleep disorders. The students who watched the cooking shows improved their knowledge of fruits and vegetables. However, they did not change the amount of fruits and vegetables they ate. potatoes, onions, peppers, We certainly can learn Parmesan cheese, salt and fr6m food-related shows pepper. Heat olive oil in a and potentially become nonstick skillet over medium more adventurous with our heat and add potato mixture. cooking. However, next time Press flat with a spatula. you watch a cooking show Cook uncovered for one on T~, watch for unsafe minute. Cover and cook two behavior and be sure not to minutes. Remove cover and copy it. continue cooking for three to Here's a recipe to try in four minutes, but don't stir, your own kitchen. It features until a brown crust forms several colorful vegetables on the bottom. Check for and helps you on your way brownness by gently lifting to eating moreveggies, an edge with the spatula. Potatoes O'Brien Serve immediately. Makes four servings. Each 4 medium red potatoes serving has 180 calories, 32 6 scallions cut into 1/2- grams (g) of carbohydrate inch slices and 4.5 g of fat. 1/2 small green pepper, (lulie Garden-Robinson, 1/2-inchdice Ph.D., L.R.D., is a North Dakota State University 1/2 small orange or red Extension Service food bell pepper, diced and nutrition specialist 2Tbsp. grated Parmesan and associate professor in cheese the Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Salt and pepper (as Sciences.) desired) 1 Tbsp. olive oil Ode to Nort Dakota Boil potatoes until just by Little ale done; chill in cold water and drain. Cut into 3/4-inch 1 dice. In a medium bowl, toss We reserve the right to limit quantities, Net ali ~le items available at all parti~pat~ng steres Star~ing and e{~ding dates may vary by stere Not respensiNe for graphic of typograph~l errors SALE PRICES GOOD JANUARY 27 - FEBRUARY 2 PHONE 70 -454-38 | 1 DRAYTON, NORTH DAKOTA HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M, TO 8:00 P,M, / Saturday 8:00 A,M. TO 6:00 P:M, Sunday 9:!5 A,M. TO 4:30 P.M, Assorted ~ LAYS ORTEGA KRAFT HEINZ ASSORTED DOLE TACO MIRACLE. TOMATO DiROTOS PINEAPPLE SHELLS WHIP KETCHUP CHIPS Snickers or Mllty Way Assorted $299 Joan or Arc Assorted Fun Size Candy t l Kidney Beans ............. iE.5ozs, 88 Ptochman's $ I 29 ............ ozs, Mustard .................. tO.Sozs, $399 Kraft ~ i '1~ Chicken of the Sea Marshmallows ........... 10,5ozs, Light Chunk Tuna .......... 5ozs,88 A'I Steak Sauce ..........,ooz~. Nabisco Assorted ~/$SO0 Hunt's ~l 49 Ltndssy ~ Snack Crackers ....... 8-1Oo~s, Manwich .................. 5,5 oz~ ~11 Ripe Black Olives ~oz~ " l Assorted Capri Sun Drinks 10 PackS24~ Assorted ~ II 49 Lindsay . " .......... $ 75 ......... Creamettes Pasta ......... ~ ozs Stuffed Olives 5,75oz, Jar I Hy-Top Tomato or $ II 69 Cocktail Sauce 12 ozs I Bowl Cleaner 24ozs, ~1 Vegetable Juice .... 45oz Plastic Jug l Hy-Top . $ 29 Lysol .......... ~129 .t=4oo Kr nAssorted ............ ZI$1 O0 Msra=Gras .............. $1 99 Whole Tomatoes ...... ~4 5"ozs, Salad Dressings 16ozs. ~ Napkins ................. 250 count JOHNSONVILLE ASSORTED POLISH SAUSAGE,,, RUMP ROAST,, Per lb. 1 1 1 ~ ;; JOIB MORRELL - 6-10 LB. AVERAGE HAM PORTIOi'IS,,,, Fall-Off-The-Bone $2" ~st;;~sen Pickles perJa $29' Lunch Meat ................ 9 ozs. .., r . C,overdale Tangy '6", T, u rY!! i i i i ;iozs $i49 Summer Sausage ........ 28 ozs. ... Farmland $ I ZO. Heartland .=oo..,. $298 Pork Links ................ 12ozsz/$444 Round Steak .............. Perlb, John Morrell Heartland Farms $2w Cocktail Smokies ....... 14 ozs. Stew Meat ................. ~e~ ~b Oscar Mayer Z/$500 Boneless $24e Wieners ................. le ozs, Pork Sirloin Chops ........ Per lb BRAEBURN WHOLE 8 ozs APPLES ...... I MUSHROOMS.... ~:}~ ~ ..... .................... JUICY Per lb. CANTALOUPE ........ ~ed $1 28 Radishes .................... 1~. Yellow $ I 09 Onions .2 lb. Bag Fresh $3z~ Asparagus Per Bunch CASS CLAY ORANGE JUICE ' /$4oo 64 oz& CASS CLAY ASSORTED 3E CHEESE s 8p OASS CLAY WHIPPING CREAM eese Whiz .............. ~5ozs, I,~ Case Clay Assorted $ I 99 Chips Dips t20ZS l Case Clay $1 99 Chunk Butter ........... 1 tb, Chunk KRAFT WHIP ZS. , TYSON ANYTIZERS WINGS $ 88- 11 ozs, Old Orchard z/$3oo Orange Juice ........... ~2ozs, ' Rhodes Texas White $*!~ 49 Dinner Rolls .............. 24 Count Tyson *~o.e~ $2,1111 Breast Nuggets ......... 10-t3 ozs. rl,- ,rq" ii. ~:L' TAKE ADVANTAGE OF GREATER SAVINGS WHEN YOU REDEEM YOUR SHOPPER'S CASH CARDS .... ii iii It's vinter in Nort Dakota And da gentle breezes blow, Seventy miles an hour At twenty-five below. Oh, how I love Nort Dakota When da snow's up to your butt You take a breath of winter And your nose gets frozen shut. Yes, da veather here is wonderful So I guess I'll hang around I could never leave Nort Dakota Cuz my butt's froze to da ground! we-e- gdaoku Solution 5:41763892 768912534 9231845761 615!428379 387196245 294357186 852639417 479581623 136274958 Theme Cross o08i AIL AIM OIoIwlEB o L ; RIo IHJOIYIAI I o ,EIw IIEIwleI~Is a 0 DIE MlslTIEIT L S i L sl. ~m.lEIEm Low Calorie Valley News and Views Goes Good With a (:up of Coffee Subscribe Today Call 701-360-3005. Write PO Box 309 Drayton 58225 Email Your Request We'll Bill You