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February 11, 2010     Valley News and Views
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February 11, 2010

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Published in Drayton, North Dakota - Catfish Capital of the North 75 Cents Thursday, February 11 th, 2010 The Official Newspaper of the City of Drayton and Drayton Public School Volume 28 - Number 6 National Weather Service Releases Late Drayton Chamber E to January Hydrologic Outlook for the Valley ' e.yVp" A long time friend of the An all too familiar scene each spring, Drayton surrounded by water. The above photo was taken during the 1997 flood and if you look closely you cah see the plywood dike that was put up as the flood waters advanced. Predictions for this year are not great and it makes you wonder, does it have to be this way? It's possible a little old fashioned practice of being good neighbors could do a lot more good than the millions, and eventually even billions of flood control dollars that are being used to protect key areas of the valley. Probability table at right. Of course a lot of things can happen between now and April. We could get a nice long and slow early thaw or we could get another 10 feet of snow. At this point we still keep our fingers crossed. The National Weather Service released an "Advanced Hydrologic Outlook," on January 29th, providing a late January flood potential, analys~s. The analysis does not include the snowfall received 09er the last few days. The following is their current analysis: "Precipitation during the fall of 2009 was above the long term mverage l~across the Red River and Devils Lake Basin. The greatest precipitation departures have been across the southern Red RiverValley. The Palmer Drought Index for long term hydrologic conditions indicate very moist conditions acxoss the Red River Basin in October, Stopped by the City Office on Monday and asked if we had any concerns yet about flooding this year. She held up a file and said, "I've pulled out the file.., that's not a good sign." The prognosis though not yet as bad as last year, still isn't "great", at least, right now. The NWS predicts that major flooding is likely across the southern Red River valley. That really doesn't bode well for us either. See Flood November and December. Two major snowstorms have occurred within the region so far this winter. The Christmas weekend storm of 2009 produced record snowfalls across portions of the region. Almost a month later, another storm system dropped significant rainfall and snow across the region. As a result, snowdepths range from 8 to 14 inches across the northern Red River Valley tO 14 to 20 inches across the southern Red River Valley. Similar snow depths exist in the Devils Lake Basin. Snow water contents generally range from 4 to 5 inches across portions of the southern Red River Valley and generally 2 to 4 inches elsewhere. These conditions are comparable to the mid winter values of 2009. Going into the fall and early winter freeze up stream flows were very high. USGS average streamflows were greater than the 90th percentile for November and December 2009 for both Fargo and East Grand Forks. During the period September 2009 through January 2010, temperatures have generally ranged from 1 to 2 degrees above the long term normal the past 4 month~. This slightly above normal trend has come from frequent and fairly extreme temperature swings the past few months. Precipitation has generally been above normal across the area during this period. The southern Red River Basin was wetter than normal in the fall of 2009, but below the record levels set in 2008. River base flows remain well above normal in late January 2010. Between 4 and 6 inches of liquid equivalent precipitationhas fallenacross southeastern North Dakota and western Minnesota. This represents 200 to 300 percent of normal precipitation. The Devils Lake Basin has Continued on Page 7 National Weather Service community is said to be ailing and not expected to make it. Over 100 years old, the Drayton Chamber, which has operated under several different names, appears to be on it's last legs and is expected to go "Belly Up" at any time now. Since it's birth in the late 1800% the Chamber has made major contributions to the community through its community and business oriented projects, events, and contributions spear-headed by its volunteer members. Hopes are to encourage members of the community to formup aneworganization with a fresh new approach to community and community spirit. A contest for a new name for that organization has been initiated. At the same time community members are asked for input for a new direction and helping to identify worthwhile projects to be undertaken. Better Continued Bottom of Page RED RIVER BASIN LONG-RANGE PROBABILISTIC OUTLOOK VALID FEBRUARY 3, 2010 - APRIL 30, 2010 ?0~ 11 0 44 0 50 i 60~ 50~: 40~ 30~ 20% :10~ 1!.4 11,8 12.8 13.9 14.9 17.2 33.8 34~6 35.5 37.1 3?.9 40.6 3~.0 57.8 38.2 38.7 39.4 40.1 44,7 45,7 46.3 47.3 48.8 50.5 35.4 35.9 36.1 36.6 37.2 37.9 42.1 42.5 42.9 43.4 44.1 44.6 50.5 51.4 52.0 52.8 53.5 54.0 LOCATION 90% 80~ WAHPETON ND !0,0 !0,5 FARGO ND 29.2 32.2 HALSTAD MN 30.9 33.5 GRAND FORKS 41.4 43.4 OSLO MN 34.3 34,9 DRAYTON ND 40.3 41.5 PEMBINA ND 47,5 49,4 The table above gives the probability of the river reaching given levels during the period now until the end of April. For example the chance of the river reaching 42.5 feet at Drayton during ,~e period is 509L The NWS uses a variety of historical and current-data to make their predictions. We are reminded that these numbers come with a grain of salt and are not to be taken as the absolute final say on things to come. Gaven Prigge is Valley News and View's Kid of the Week This week's Valley News and View's Kid of the Week is Gaven Prigge. Gaven, the son of Mark and Tracie Prigge, is in Mrs. Rarick's 4th grade class. Both morn and dad work at Weinlader Seed. Gaven has sibling, sister Jaden. Gaven informed me they at one time had six fish as pets, but a couple have since passed on to the great beyond. Gaven has a lot of favorite I think kind of an "old timer" at heart, Gaven Prigge is a very articulate 4th grader. He really likes to operate machinery including his snowcat, can break a board and couch with his bare hands, doesn't think he gets enough spaghetti and is this week's Valley News and View's Kid of the week. classes in school, his most favorite being gym, with spelling, math, computers and music falling in close behind. His favorite color is pink, for no particular reason. His favorite food is spaghetti with meat sauce and doesn't think he gets it often His second favorite is pizza and believes he receives adequate amounts of that Italian favorite. When he gets home from school his favorite things to do are read and watch a little television. His favorite books are the Guiness Book of Records, Gamer's Edition and "Lawn Boy." Favorite TV shows are Drake and Josh and Full House. He also likes to workout with his Wii Exercise Board, a snow boarding simulator and play some with his Playstation. Favorite hobbies and interests include a large Leggo collection and an electric train with lots of track. What does he like most about school? "Knowing there's going to be a gym class." One of Gaven's favorite summer activities is going to the farm and getting to run machinery. An avid snow- catter, he likes running machines and thinks he might like to test and sell Caterpillar equipment when he grows up. Caterpillar makes a lot of big, fun toys, so that sounds like a great idea to me. He's also looking forward to playing baseball this summer, as well as doing a little fishing. He also mentioned it would be cool if they could put together a Lacrosse team, but didn't think it was likely. What was the last thing he did that his parents told him not to? Wrestle with sister Jaden on the couch, which they broke. Oh boy. I've seen both Gaven and Jaden break boards in their martial arts classes, so I'm guessing that when they're wrestling, they mean business. I wonder what shape the couch was in. Gaven says it took a while to find out it was broke and trace the crime back to the perpetrators. Now he says he and his dad are going to have to load it up and take it to get fixed. If Gaven could change anything in the world, he'd make it so that kids could do anything they want. When questioned further on it he did place some limitations. So basically he'd have it so kids could do anything they want within limits. Hmmm... If Gaven could bring back anything from the past it would be his grandpa John Prigge. He said he never had a chance to meet him and he'd really like that a lot. That was a real nice thought on which to end the interview. Well Gaven, hope you get to operate something big next summer. Be careful with the furniture and thanks loads for being this week's Kid of the Week. Drayton's Lagoon Relocation Project Moving Forward In May of 2009, Drayton was offered stimulus funds in the amount $1.5 million to help relocate the city lagoons. One of the city lagoons has been cracked for some time and in less than optimal condition and it was feared it could break and release large amounts of raw sewage into the river. Initially the city council pondered the idea of accepting the funds, but decided to take a chance and decline them because of the additional cost that would be placed upon the community and the citizens to complete the project. However, a short time after the meeting officials from the Department of Health came down for a visit with the council. They very strongly encouraged the city to fix the problem, saying the city would be made liable for any damages should the lagoon break. Reconsidering the project the council decided to go ahead with it since if there were to be an accident the city would not only be required to bear the costs of the damages, but still be required to fix the problem. Stimulus funds were fast tracked so the city was required to move quickly on the project. The first challenge was to find a piece of land to put it on, which was very difficult as no one was willing to sell suitable land for the project at any price. However they eventually made a deal to purchase a piece of land from Wade Gjevre located south of American Crystal along old highway 44. The land problem solved the project was slated to go forward this spring. In addition to the $1.5 million in stimulus funds, an additional $800,000 to $1 million in local funds will be required to complete the project, which will get started as soon as the snow clears. The current city lagoon system which is located on land behind American Crystal and just above the Drayton dam will eventually be reclaimed once the new lagoon system is in place and operational. Planners say the project will be completed by the end of next summer, meaning all will be flushing to a new pond come fall Chamber Going "Belly Up" Continued yet, new blood dedicated to helping foster community nd making some of these projects happen. Deadline for submissions is February 20th. Entries may be emailed to chamber@ draytonnd.qom or sent to Chamber, PO Box 265, Drayton, ND 58225. Contest prizes are Drayton Bucks.