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February 11, 2010     Valley News and Views
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February 11, 2010

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Page 2 February llth, 2010 - n ..... Valley News and Views DakOtaby,,Spirit,,D . WanbergTrails and Tales "Spirit" is not easily defined, but is palatable like a pulse and observable in actions like the "Saints" in last Sunday's Super Bowl. What was different about this year's Super Bowl was that the champion quarterback held his year- old son high in the air above him, more so than the trophy, and that the family had the presence of mind to protect the child's sensitive ears for the future with sound muffs and prevent him from being over-whelmed by the noise. And the community spirit of New Orleans unquestionable played out in the victory with all its meaning of recovery from disaster and re-building a vital part of our country. When quarterback Drew Brees was interviewed on the David Letterman show about the team's recovery from a 10-0 deficit, he summed up the winning quality, saying in essence, "It's about a plan, a process, and a positive outcome." He praised the coach in preparing the team, who had never experienced the Super Bowl; to be touch with the feeling of "being there." He credited the win to the game plan, and the execution of it by his teammates on the field. He emphasized the value in energy from community support and the meaning it had for countless people. His leadership even touched David himself in a personal way. This Super Bowl was more inspirational to a nation facing issues of recovery, rather than some past years of gladiator-type entertainment and sports performances far beyond what most people can only imagine - including myself who watched with excitement every year. This year, the nation saw a city ravaged by disaster "come back" in so many ways, with a message for un- employed families everywhere who are struggling to recovery as well. On a lighter side, another attraction of the Super Bowl annually is the half- time entertainment and the delightful ads that often get watched more that some of the plays on the field. It's a time when commercials get full attention, for both the humor and the message. And while the music this year wasn't of my generation, the half-time show was full of pageantry, energy, and digital magic that were something to behold. Clearly, the message to the nation by the game's outcome was the spirit of. recovery and the value of a plan (a strategy), process (how to get it done).and a positiveproduct (overcoming obstacles to sustain energy and effort to win). In football, every play is diagramed and put into a playbook. The coaching staff and/or the quarterback calls the specific plays according to the game conditions. Each game is filmed to assess mistakes and add improvements. The whole organizational "thing" can get complicated, but it boils down to the quarterback on the field executing the plays - all of which constitutes the process. In business or community development, there are similarities to the above-described process that compares to an entrepreneur's challenge in developing a strategy, organizing a method to get it done, and producing a winning product through a team effort of workers that progressively get jobs. On a larger scale, the challenge of job creation under the Recovery Act is to seed entrepreneurial- type work that sustains employment into the future and supports the core issue of the ailing economy - new business. A growing method for job creation is to focus on virtual jobs or remote work. One third of the nation's companies now allow -- even promote -- remote work. A few companies "out- there" are totally virtual in This week I'd like to stray awayfrom the more technical aspectsofcomputers and talk about a new product that was announced this week. Many of us "Apple Geeks" were patiently (yeah right!) waiting for the announcement of Apple's ;Pad and we were rewarded on January 27th. Many people on the internet have been asking a couple of questions. Most are from people asking what the ;Pad does. If you are unaware of this product, do a quick Google search on it. Imagine holding a 10" screen that you hold in your hand using your fingers to move around instead of a keyboard and mouse. It can play movies, browse the web, receive and answer email, import pictures and manipulate them as well. Oh, it's also an ebook reader and runs operation without a physical office and the numbers are growing. This method could add jobs to rural communities in many towns with a social entrepreneurial spirit. Crisis brings into relief the qualities of "recovery," like in two area rural towns - Drayton and Northwood. Both have had recent natural crises: Drayton a flood and Northwood a tornado. The resilience to rebound can . come from a playbook of diagramed plays but the challenge on the field to adapt to changing conditions ends up on the scoreboard. In my opinion, the "how" to develop jobs is essentially to create home-center, web- based work, as entrepreneurs in remote services, through the enabling modern technologies for training, Continued on Page 3 gy Tips and ....... ;ron over 150,000 applications from the ;Tunes store..This is a very neat product. Now, back to the functionality of it. As someone who is in the classroom teaching and supporting teachers everyday, I can't wait for this product to hit the classrooms. Imagine having interactive books for students that have lions that roar and for the more advanced, videos of science experiments. "Now, how is this good for everyone else in the world?" you ask. My reply is that this is the way computers are meant to be used. We are humans. We have been using our fingers for everything. It's only natural to point and touch objects. Using a mouse on a computer is a hinder. It's not natural. People get carpel tunnel from them. Imagine pointing on a screen at what you want and it comes up, swiping a page on the screen and your book moves forward or backwards a page, and other natural items. It has an onscreen keyboard so there is no need to hook anything up. This is the true computer for the masses. Not many people need the huge, hulking towers that we are accustomed to. To be completely honest, I'm not as cool as Stephen Colbert so I haven't used one of these devices yet. I don't know how well they are going to sell. I don't know if they will work with every piece of software out there. What I do know is that it will be one of those devices you pick up and go "Wow" and realize this is how computers are supposed to be. ce: City Council M January 4th and Special Meeting January Regular Meeting Drayton City Council January 4, 2010 Mayor Olson called the meeting to order at 7pm with. all Council members present. MINUTES: Schuster moved, OIson seconded and motion carried to approve :the December 7 and December 21, 2009 Council minutes as presented. WASTEWATER POND RELOCATION PROJECT: M. Lambrecht of AE2S was present with an update on the Wastewater Pond Relocation Project. VACATED WHARF STREET: Mr. Lambrecht of AE2S presented a drawing of vacated Wharf Street, including utilities and structures. After review and discussion, the Council instructed that the city attorney be asked how to proceed with the next step in opening a portion of vacated Wharf St. WATER, WASTEWATER & STREET DEPARTMENT REPORTS: Rutherford reported on the water plant and snow removaI.Woinarowiczmoved, Deubner seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried unanimously to authorize rental of a bobcat blower from Hill's in Grafton to help in snow removal operations. Information on a used sweeper that's available through a Canadian firm will be reviewed at a later date. Prigge moved, Woinarowicz seconded and motion carried to approve a contract with the ND Dept of Health for the period 1-1- 10 to 12-31-10 for chemical and radiological analyses of water samples. POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT: Deputy Stusynski presented a written report on Police Dept. activities during December, including: 2 written citations; 6 verbal warnings; 14 complaints or calls answered; 4 papers served; 1 arrest. MUNICIPAL COURT REPORT: The Council reviewed a written Municipal Court report, showing that $80.00 in collected fines has been submitted to the City. STATE BONDING: The Council was informed that 14 city positions (elected officials and full time employees) are covered by the State Bonding Fund for "losses arising from embezzlement, or the want of honesty, integrity or fidelity". FINANCIAL REPORTS: Prigge moved, Schuster seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried unanimously to approve the December and Year-To-Date financial reports. Larson moved, Woinarowicz seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried unanimously to declare that pledged securities plus FDIC held by DSB are sufficient to cover City funds. Prigge moved, Olson seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried unanimously to authorize payment of bills as reviewed by committee. MAYOR'S REPORT: Mayor Olson appointed Laurel Anderson to a 6 year term on the Special Assessment Commission. Schuster moved, Larson seconded and motion carried to approve the appointment. DEDCO REPORT: It was reported that the Valley News and Views Periodical postage paid at Drayton N.D. Permit (#679-990). Member of the North Dakota Newspaper Association. Official newspaper for the City of Drayton and Drayton Public School District No.19. Published every Thursday at Drayton, North Dakota. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Valley News & Views, PO Box 309, Drayton, N.D. 58225- 0309. Valley News and Views welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed and we reserve the right to edit all letters for length and accuracy of content. Roberta Van Camp, Publisher Emeritus Published By Great Caesar's Ghost Larry Ritzo, Owner/Editor Yearly Subscription rates: $30.00 In Pembina County $35.00 All other addresses $.75 at News Stands Phone 701-360-3005 Fax 701-454-6333 All material, including photographs, advertisements and articles, subject to Copyright. ~009. O DEDCO property on Red River Place has been sold. ADJOURN: At 8:45pm motion carried to adjourn the meeting. Carol Gardner City Auditor Special Meeting Drayton City Council January 26, 2010 Mayor Olson called the meeting to order at 7pm with Council members Schuster, Deubner, Olson and Woinarowicz present. Council members absent: Prigge and Larson. A notice and agenda for this meeting were posted in the office door. Valley News & Views was notified via e- mail of this meeting. WASTEWATER POND RELOCATION: City attorney Petersen and city engineer Lambrecht reviewed the bid opening of January 21, 2010. Thirteen bids were publicly opened. AE2S took the bids to their offices to check and tabulate them. Lambrecht reported that the low bidder was Doboszenski & Sons of Loretto, MN, with a bid of $1,396,885.40. As the engineers had never worked with this company, they asked for, and checked a number references, all of which gave a very good response. Lambrecht presented an updated estimate of the total project costs, which now stands at $2,404,401.80. The Dept of Health confirms the availability of a minimum of $1,500,000.00 in stimulus grant funds for this project. This project remains on a fast track, as the construction contract must be fully executed by February 17, 2010, (Council member Prigge arrived at 7:15pm.) The Council was informed that the CDBG program that was expected to pay the special assessments for the low to moderate income households has fallen through. HUD (which administers the CDBG program) will not accept the environmental review as already completed by AE2S and approved by the ND Dept of Health. HUD required a separate environmental review before bids could even be considered. Because of the fast track that this project is on (in order to qualify for the $1,500,00.00 stimulus grant), there was not enough time to get this done. Senator Dorgan's Fargo office contacted HUD for us, but with no success. The Council will continue to look for other options to reduce the financial burden that this project will place on low income households. Council member Schuster introduced RESOLUTION #20.10-1, A RESOLUTION ACCEPTING LOWEST RESPONSIBLE BID and moved for its adoption. Council memberWoinarowicz seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote, all present voted in favor. The RESOLUTION . was declared duly passed and adopted. Council member Woinarowicz introduced RESOLUTION #2010- 2, A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE AND SALE OF $2,262,345. WASTEWATER TREATMENT ASSESSMENT WARRANT, SERIES 2010 and moved for its adoption. Council member Prigge seconded the motion. Upon roll call vote, the following voted in favor: Schuster, Prigge, Woinarowicz and Olson. Voting against: Deubner. Absent: Larson. The RESOLUTION was declared duly passed and adopted. VACATED WHARF STREET: The Council reviewed the matter of vacated Wharf St. with city attorney Petersen. Schuster moved and Olson seconded to authorize an offer for an easement over a portion of vacated Wharf St. Upon roll call vote, the following voted in favor: Schuster, Prigge, Woinarowicz and Olson. Voting against: Deubner. Absent: Larson. AUTHORIZATION TO PAY BILLS: Schuster moved, Prigge seconded and motion carried to authorize payment of bills as reviewed. COMMUNITY CENTER: The Council was informed of problems at the Community Center. Deubner will talk to The Rock supervisor and board members. ADJOURN: At 8:35pm, motion carried to adjourn the meeting. Carol Gardner City Auditor January Expenditures: Blue Cross...$3,862.50; AFLAC...$126.20; AIItel...$43.84; Streicher's...$134.98; Dell Marketing...$1,616.40; ND DOT...$592.80; Pitney Bowes...$95.85; Kringstad Sptc Tnk Srvc...$1,670.00; Kelly's Cntry Mrkt...$101.90; Halcrow's Inc...$1,908.67; Polar Comm...$348.22; Otter Tail...$3,840.52; Agri-Valley...$1,750.00; Western Lime Corp...$4,297.50; Hawkins Inc...$1,238.28; B&S Construction...$100.00; Valley Landfill...$4,257.48; DSB...$3,622.77; NDPERS...$1,345.61 ; Pitney Bowes...$109.47; Keith's Lock & Key...$950.00; ND Tax Commissioner...$562.00; Job Service ND...$201.30; N D Tax Commission...$3.00; Balco Uniform...$100.00 ND State Radio Com...$73.92; Drayton Insurance...$158.00; Ag ri-Val ley... $362.08; Valley News & Views...$387.05; Originals Casual Wear...$410.00; N. Rutherford...$171.70; AE2S...$78,640.00; D.L. Petersen...$1,597.40; Reed Business Information...$573.18; Ameripride Linen...$216.70; ND One Ca11...$2.60; ND Public Health Lab...$32.00; Waste Management ND...$519.14; OfficeMax...$177.22; Widman's Candy...$203.00; Bronze Boot...$93.60; Payroll...$13,478.50. When it comes to computer viruses and spyware, the destruction can be costly. Lost data and files and expensive repairs mean time without your computer. Keep the bugs away with SecurelT Plus, fully automated and guaranteed computer protection for only $4.95/month! 800.284.7222 / 701.284.7221