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February 14, 2013     Valley News and Views
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February 14, 2013

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tttttttttttttttttttt*ttttIX[ STTS 587 0/0/0 ,, 3l SmallTownPaDers 217 W COTA ST 98584 SHELTON, WA Thursday February 14th, 2013 "Like" Us on Facebook. The Official Newspaper of the City of Drayton and Drayton Public School 75 Cents Volume 31 - Number 7 his homemade salsa which I put on a portion of the eggs. Starting to drool now just thinking back. A killer salsa and perfect with the eggs. Made the eggs stand up and dance. His bacon is not just any old bacon but nice thick cuts of apple cured bacon that he buys special for that purpose. I forgot to grab a piece of breakfast sausage, but did take a scoop of his Rosemary American Fried Potatoes. They were the American fries I wrote about a few months back when he was in the development stage. Excellent then.., excellent now. He also had an egg bake. I thought it was quiche at first. I'm not a real egg bake fan so just took a little piece and snarfed it down rather quickly. It was good and I'm sure to those who really like egg bake it was a lot more than that. I snarfed mine down quickly so I could get to the interesting sausage dish on my plate. Moving down the line I had loaded with a sauerkraut and sausage concoction. I don't like sauerkraut, so this was going to be a challenge. It also had some of these little white things in it I would learn were little dumplings called Spaetzl. Knocked my socks off. I thought it was a super combination. That from someone who doesn't like the kraut. Then on to the broasted chicken. Well, broasted chicken is broasted chicken and it's always good. I love broasted .chicken, most people do. Chicken lovers delight at the sight of broasted chicken, as did I. It did not disappoint. I took it easy on the chicken though because I wanted to get into the next scoop of stuff which I had no idea what it was. I thought some sort of potato/ rice thing. Ate it. Really liked it but had no idea what I was Continued On Page 5 Hasting's Landing Restaurant keeps getting a little better all the time. Thought we needed to get the word out a little better though as some folks around the area aren't aware that he's started a buffet every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. A very fine buffet it is. People who have been there have really been talking it up. I just found out about it. Of course, I only run a newspaper. Had it. Excellent. Pictured above, Bob Westling and Erma Raney having just finished the meal Erma said, "too much food." Bob just belched. Getting Better All the Time Hasting's Landing Sunday Buffet Stopped in at Hasting's Landing on Sunday to try the buffet. I had recently heard a lot of good things about it, but didn't know it was up and running. The first thing I did when I heard about it last week was go in and wrestle Kip to the ground and he was going to--have to advertise .in:-the "b'aper no matter what. I'd been hearing too many good things about the restaurant, especially the Sunday buffet and not enough people were knowing about it. Kip is focused on putting out really good food and does a fantastic job of it, but sometimes gets locked in the kitchen. I figured it was my place to help him get the word out on it. So I also told him in addition to the ad, I was coming in on Sunday fo, r the buffet and was going to write it up this week. I headed in Sunday before noon and caught a few folls coming out of the building who had just finished the buffet. I asked them how it was and they were extremely enthusiastic about it. Still, I needed to go in and find out for myself. I jumped in line behind a half dozen of happy campers and began dishing moderate portions of each item, because I was going to try everything and give a play by play on them. Started with the French,, toast sticks and scrambled eggs. I added some nicel pieces of bacon the breakfast' portion of my tate.- continued to fill my plate, but will stop here for a second. Pretty standard items to this point. I love French toast sticks and they were very good. Scrambled eggs are scrambled eggs as a rule but on the side Kip had added Town Musters In Support of Nicholas Passa Over 350 From Around the Area Turn Out For Benefit A benefit was held Sunday for Nicholas Passa, son of Andrea and Chris Passa Drayton. Nicholas was born with multiple heart defects including Dextrocardia and Pulmonary Atresia, a condition that's quite rare. His heat points toward the right side of his chest instead of the left and rather than having four chambers and four valves, he only has three chambers and two valves. Nicholas was only four days old when he had his first open hearf surgery. Miraculously, Nicholas, now four months old, has been doing well following his first surgery but will likely require at least two more surgeries to correct the problems. The town rallied Sunday with over 350 people turning out at the benefit held in support of Nicholas. The local churches and families providedthe foodandpastries for the benefit and bake sale, while local businesses and friends provided 150 auction items for the silent auction. The people turned out in droves. All the auction items disappeared and there were several drawings as well. So far we've learned that Jerry Mislalek of Minto won the big screen television, Scott Johnson, Drayton, the autostart and Andrea's sister, Heide Gudajtes, the knife set.. Thrivent Lutheran matched the first $500 raised. Talking to benefit organizers, it was super successful. However challenges of this type take time and drain resources so if you missed it and would still like to make a donation, you can do so at KodaBank. A Lesson On Main Street How00o Promote the Community I was driving through town the other day and had a nice new SUV with Canadian license plates in front of me. There were two people in the vehicle, a man and a women. They were driving at an irritatingly slow speed, just Crawling down the street, very hesitant, almost stopping sometimes, then pulling over a little and then back onto the street. I was on my smoke break and in a hurry to get to the south end of main so I could turn around and go the other way. Very important business. Now this moronic driver was standing between me and my U-turn. Finally, down by the Lutheran church I was very much relieved when they turned right and down the dead end street toward the railroad tracks. The thought zipped through my head as I was ready to speed by them, that maybe I should shake my fist at them or at least give them a dirty look. After all, they were strangers in town and clogging up the street, right? Okay, I exaggerate a little but a person does get irritated. We see and experience this sort of thing all the time. Sometimes we're the moron, sometimes the self-righteolas tailgater. In reality, they were driving like we all drive when we're a little lost and looking for something. It came to me that maybe they could use a little hand. So, instead of racing by them I turned down the dead end street as well. They had just turned around and were heading back for Main Street when I rolled down my window and pulled up along side of them. Itwas a couple that looked to be in their sixties. They looked a little wary and frightened when I stopped them. Probably thought I was going to chew them out good, or perhaps even mug and rob them. There was an instant look of relief on their faces, which lit up with smiles when I said, "you folks look like you might be lost or looking for something, can I give you a hand?" They told me they were looking for a restaurant and wondered if I could point them in the right direction. Good will now flowing through me, not only did I point them in the right direction, I sang praises of our new restaurant and Kip's good food and told them I thought they were really going to like it. They were still smiling and laughing they drove off for the restaurant. The south hall and lunch room at the Drayton school were crowded Sunday night as over 350 Meanwhile, I reflected on the lessons learned, from around the area turned out for the Nicholas Passa Benefit. Bake sale and silent auction First, I managed to bypass items were located in the hall and the goodies in the lunch room. all that garbage that runs cns fo through a person's head Harvest r Hunger sometimes that leads to irritation and basically Help raise two million meals for hungry families CHS Inc. in Drayton, ND is gathering donations of money, food and crops to help raise the equivalent of 2 million meals for the hungry families in our area. As part of CHS Harvest for Hunger food and fund drive, CHS Drayton will accept contributions from March 1, 2013 till March 20, 2013 at its locations in Drayton, Joliette, Cavalier, Hensel, Glasston, Grafton, ND and Kennedy, MN, and deliver them to the Great Plains regional food Bank in Fargo, which supplies our local area food pantries. In the last two years the CHSDrayton group has raised from its local producers, through grain donations, a total of $6,170 for the local Great Plains Food Bank and CHS Drayton has donated an amount of $6,100 to the local communities. This is why we are so excited about this program, says Harold Weimer, General Manager. "For every $ donation we collect for the food bank, CHS Country Operations will also make a local contribution to help friends and neighbors right here in our local communities." This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to multiply the impact of every donation we make." In 2012, CHS Harvest for Hunger rallied thousands of CHS employees, customer and partners to collectively raise the equivalent of 2.45 million meals for hungry families, including 652,000 pounds of food and $360,000 in cash and grain. This year our go is to reach $10,000 equaling 50,000 meals for the Great Plains Food Bank so we are going to try and reach out past our member owners and rally the area to join us in our efforts by having activities for everyone to participate in. First we are going to have a free will breakfast sponsored by the CHS Drayton group and its employees at the Drayton Community Center on March 2rid for a kickoff for the campaign. Everyone is welcome to join us for a good meal and drop off food, donations or just come to share a cup of coffee with us. We will be having a silent auction with items donated by local businesses. Next we want to invite you for some winter fun on Saturday, March 12 in Cavalier. We will be creating a 9-hole miniature golf course at the Cavalier Golf Course. We are looking for local businesses to sponsor and decorate the 9 holes and be ready for fun in the snow. CHS will have hot dogs and refreshments for all to enjoy. Come golf and help feed the hungry! treated some decent people, decently. A very small gesture really. Not too hard at all. Good for me, good for them. Hmmm. I started to think about the impact. Not only did giving them a hand immediately help them to unstress and get back on the road, they got a little dose of good will and had kind of a nice experience in the process. I'm sure once they got to the restaurant they had a very fine meal and as they enjoyed it, talked about how nice it was to get some help, rather than condemnation and how nice the new restaurant was. Kind of excited about it. A good experience. No doubt, when they returned home, they told their friends and family members about the nice experience they had in Drayton, complete with good food and a nice restaurant. Continued on Page 8