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March 1, 2012     Valley News and Views
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March 1, 2012

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.... A:=. :. = 7 :.. :J .  - 2 : :/12 ....  _ := 2=  i. ,,: _L'I= L. (; 75 Cents Thursday, March 1st, 2012 The Official Newspaper of the City of Drayton and Drayton Public School Volume 30 - Number 9 In Like a Lion or What? Valley News and Views Exits the Vinny Mouse Says Leap Year March Forecasting Vinny Mouse, chief meteorologist for the Animal's Republic of Robbin, is facing a dilemma tonight. It's February 28th and a winter storm, looming to the south has been predicted for days, to hit the area sometime after midnight. Normally, making his March predictions has been simple. Should it come in like a lion, it will go out a lamb and visa versa. This year is different. Normally tomorrow would be March 1st, but this year, a leap year, tomorrow is February 29th. Earlier this evening, after making numerous calculations and consulting with Willard Woodchuck, Vinny determined that tomorrow could just as well be March 0th, making the following day March 1st, and keeping our calendars true for another five years. That in mind, Vinny, who sometimes misunderstands the nature of things went on to declare that should the weather come in like a lamb tomorrow, then, it 11 be February 29th and all will hope for more severe conditions the following day. However, should it come in like a lion, then tomorrow will be March 0th. All in the Republic applauded his brilliant logic, except of course for Ray Squirrel, who called Vinny an idiot and pointed out that he had overlooked several factors. According to Ray, the U.S. National Weather Service downgraded the forecast for the area around 9 p.m. Tuesday. Instead of calling for 2 to 4 inches of snow overnight, they were forecasting less than an inch. What then Ray asked, in view Is Tricky of the changing situation, if March were to come in neither as a lion or a lamb? What if it were to come in as a bobcat or a llama or a typical housecat? It was a most disturbing question, which around 9:45 this evening drove Vinny into his secret laboratory where he is currently attempting to extract a formula for determining the lambiness of things. Meanwhile, the residents of the Republic, who have been looking forward to a longwarm spring, are hoping with all their might that it storms like crazy tomorrow and Thursday and leaves no doubt in anyone's mind that March came in like a lion and as a result, will go out like a lamb. And so it goes. So, what do we actually know for sure at this point? Well, currently, as of 11p.m., the area forecast has once again been downgraded, this time to 40% chance of snow with less than half an inch accumulation. Therefore, it looks like Wednesday is going to be February 29th. However, in the morning, should the storm system have shifted and the winds and snow kick up, then it will be March 0th. Not concerned about tomorrow's weather are from left to right, Loma McFarland, Edith VanCamp and Joyce McFarland. They're just enjoying the warm Arizona weather, as well as their Valley News and Views.. Navarre Head This Week's Valley News and View's Kid of the Week I thought I might have to bring in a pliers to deal with this week's Kid of the Week. Navarre is a little tight lipped and I thought the pliers might be necessary. However as the interview went on and the communications began to flow I realized that he really wasn't all that tight lipped. He just thought I was crazy and wasn't quite sure how to deal with me. When not dealing with lunatic newspaper people, Navarre is in Mrs. Grundstrom's second grade class. His mom and dad are Henry and Jennell Head. Henry works with Walsh CountyLawEnforcement and Jennell works in Grafton, but not quite sure where. He has one younger brother, Wyatt, an older sister Jynnea and an older brother Warren. The family also has three dogs, Wally, Chief and Dakota. According to Navarre, Wally is a big brown dog who's kind of lazy, Chief is for all practical purposes a husky or a Med dog, who's a little crazy but lots of fun and Dakota is a laid back friendly, black and white, something or other. Navarre's favorite color is green. He said green has been his favorite for as long as he could remember. I suggested maybe it was linked to green trees and lawns and he kind of agreed with me in a way I thought I might have to bring in a pliers to deal with this week's Kid of the Week, Navarre Head. Navarre is a little tight lipped and I thought the pliers might be necessary. However as the interview went on and the communications began to flow I realized that he really wasn't all that tight lipped. He just thought I was crazy, and wasn't quite sure how to deal with me. I get that sometimes. that said, "ya, ya, whatever you say, just, get on with the interview .... Navarre surprised me when he told me his favorite subject in school was social studies. Normally, social studies rates #1 on the kid's list of least favorite subjects. I asked him a little about the subject just to see if he was pulling my leg, but he had a very good grasp of it, especially for a second grader. I decided to ask him who his favorite president was and was again, surprised to get an answer. Most of the time I get a blank stare from the very young students when I ask this question. However, Navarre answered immediately... "George Washington." Navarre said he likes coming to school every day and enjoys getting with his friends. His favorite time is recess when they get to play outside. There they build snowmen, play king on the castle, and football, when in season. Navarre is also a fan of lunch time and said his favorite school lunch is busghetti. Good choice. I know I've never met a busghetti I didn't like. After a hard day of hitting the book, Navarre likes to have a snack when he gets home from school. His favorite snack is tortilla chips with melted cheese on them. Navarre says he's an outdoors kind of guy and would rather spend his time outside than inside, so after getting snacked up he likes to go outside and play in the snow with his siblings. When it comes to supper time, Navarre told me his favorite meal is pepperoni pizza with cheese. He says Continued on Page 4 19th Century The Valley News and Views has officially exited the 19th Century and entered into the age of technology. We now have a facebook page, hosted by none other than Little Jimmy and Earl the Penguin. i The purpose of the page is twofold. First it allows readers and expatriates around the area and around the world to post news tidbits or photos to the site for use in future paper publications and for the casual observer. We see it as a good way of gathering news items for Mound the Town, and have re-established the city boundaries to include the entire world and beyond, out to Alpha Centauri. Anyone submitting news items from beyond that point should submit to the Grand Forks Herald. Second, we can post our extra photos and any hard hitting breaking news to the site. People often request access to some of our photos. This would be a good way to do it. There's only one problem. A conflict of Valley News and Views pages. One page was set up automatically by facebook. Yes, for this VNK. The other is the one we set up. I've laid claim to the robots page and am awaiting control so I can delete one or the other. It's important because if you search facebook for Valley News and Views, the wrong page comes up. The temporary solution and best way to find us right now is to go to our website, and click on the Go to Our Facebook Page link. That will take you to the right page. So, we encourage you to use it for passing on news, photos and Ole and Lena jokes. Please "Like" us and pass on our link to other expatriates and friends of Drayton. Men's Curling Results for February 21st The following are the Men's League curling results from February 21 st. Winning rinks are highlighted with Bold CAPS. Brown vs. Jensen postponed Woinarowicz vs. MARCINIAK Grundstrom vs. Kraft postponed Schuster vs. RIJDNICK UGGERUD vs. Johnson Men's League Tuesday nights with 7:00 and 9:00 draws. Women's League Monday nights at 7:00. The players enjoy having spectators, and you'll enjoy watching! The club is located just west of Big Jim's Tire. Come take in some curling, watch our big screen TVs between shots and have a pizza. The Goat Vs Gentleman Jim Corbett Worm Champion Pugilist :.M/hile putting together the "Back When" section, which never made it to the paper this week, we noticed that Gentleman Jim Corbett and his company passed through Drayton way back when, on March 2nd, 1898. The paper referred to him as an ex- world champion pugilist. This of course aroused the goat's curiosity. Turns out Gentleman Jim was quite the pugilist, or boxer. As a matter of fact, he became World Champion when he defeated, via a knock out, the legendary John L. Sullivan. Up until 1889, boxing had been a sport that had been outlawed in many states and had a status that lay somewhere between being a little respectable and criminal behavior. Fighting was done "bare-knuckled' and fights could last for hours, or as many as 75 rounds. In 1889, Sullivan defended his title in the last bare- knuckled Heavyweight Championship. He retained his title for several more years. Enter Gentleman Jim Corbett. Corbett had learned boxing from a coach. He had attended college and had been a bank clerk before turning to boxing. He started fighting in 1886 and fought all his matches wearing gloves and fighting by the Queensberry rules. He had great hair, dressed well and unlike the Valley News and Views, used excellent grammar, which helped earn him the title of Gentleman Jim. September 7th, 1892, Sullivan and Corbett met in New Orleans. It was a Heavyweight Championship match governed by the Queensbury rules. They fought before a crowd of 10,000 men and a few women. Sullivan weighed in at 212 pounds. Gentleman Jim 25 pounds lighter than his opponent. The fight and the associated bettingwas such a big deal that beacon lights on top New York City's Pulitzer Building, 2000 miles away were connected by telegraph and used to indicate who was winning the fight. Red for Sullivan and white for Corbett. The fight lasted quite a spell, but finally, in the 21st round, Gentleman Jim caught Sullivan with a left hook that made Sullivan's eyes roll. Corbett took advantage of his opponents state and went at him with both gloves flying, giving it all he had, or in Corbett's words, "all the dynamite Nature had given me." After all that, Sullivan was still standing, but clearly stunned and rocking. Corbett managed one more mighty right to the jaw and Sullivan went down for the count. About six years later, Corbett, who retained his World Champion title until 1903, passed through Drayton. The event was noted in the Drayton Echo. The Goat got wind of it and now here is again, almost 113 years later to the date (1 day short), in the Valley News and Views. Grace Oberg Receives community ot Learners Scholarship GRAND FORKS - Grace Oberg received the Community of Learners Scholarship from the University of North Dakota for the 2011-2012 academic year. UND welcomes and supports students who aspire to excel as learners and members of our community. This scholarship program is intended to honor and reward students who contribute to enhancing UND as vibrant and connected learners. Grace is the daughter of Tammy and Travis Larson of Drayton. Big Jim's Joins Our Business Directory ! was just over at Big Jim's Tire Up North this afternoon (Tuesday). They,re doing some remodeling of the store. In the end he will have a nice floor display of tires, up front, and upgrades to his hardware section. I managed to corner poor Big Jim as he was working and told him he should purchase an ad in our business section. Having no place to run and probably wishing to get back to work, Big Jim surrendered and is our newest addition to our Business Directory. Speech Contest Mrs Lee told us Tuesday that there are three speech competitions coming up in the near future. Ashlyn Betz and Bryanna Wink will be participating in all of them, doing individual humorous interpretations. This Saturday they will fvel to Grand Forks, the 10th to Cavalier for area competition and on the 31st to Mayville for regional competition. Best of luck to the girls. Burger Night and BoK's Overnigtit At me Hall We've got a couple of events coming up soon at Johnson Memorial Hall, the old City Hall, to provide some good eats and entertainment while raising funds to improve the Community Center. Thursday March 8th is Grilled Burger Night, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Stop over and eat and help support a good cause. Saturday March 9th, there is a Boy's Overnight at the Hall. For Grades 1-4. Lots of fun for the kids and a chance to help support the center. See the ad on Page 3 for Details. Pawprints Restructures We received word last week that Pawprints had restructured and is now known as Paws Incorporated, operated by Ariah McClintic, Grace Behm, and Jynnea Peterson. Their mission of tracking all of Drayton's stray cats remains the same. From time to time they give the local paper cat updates. In the most recent, Ariah Mclintic emailed, "Hello Larry I really am glad to say this. I saw a cat by the senior center again heading towards Jynnea's house." Good to know the girls, who have managed to get some of the younger strays off the street and to the Humane Center, are on the job. Dumb Dog? A friend, whose name I won't mention, except to say