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March 1, 2012     Valley News and Views
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March 1, 2012

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Page 4 March 1st, 2012 Valley News & Views And Now For Something Completely Differmt Valley News and Views is proud to introduce our new advice columnist from Minneapolis, MN. Diane Field is a native North Dakotan who hafts from Grand Forks with a BA in Speech Communications and English from the University of North Dakota. Diane worked as the Director of Production & Business Affairs in the Communication Dept. at Best Buy Co., Inc. in Richfield, MN for eight years prior to starting Diane E. Field Productions, LLC, producing & casting national commercials,' live events and print ads. Diane's company, Coaching and Consulting Confidential, LLC serves the Twin Cities with her greatest passion, helping other's achieve success. She has helped launch many careers and is sought after for multiple resources and sound 'confidential' advice. At five years old, her first book read remains her favorite, Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Book of Etiquette. Diane's website www.coaching andconsultingconfidential. corn offers a review of her service offerings debuting March 8th. Diane fell in love with Drayton with her first visit in 1975. She flew in on a single engine plane flown by the finest aeronautical pilot, now goat herder and newspaper editor running the local paper in Drayton. It was such a riveting experience, to this day she remains spee:hless about her 'first flight over the prairie. (Editor's note: Yes we all were scared to death.) Seriously, her 'Dear Lady Di' column will provide advice including, pop culture, relationships, etiquette, finance, medical, mental health and addiction issues not to mention "Bad boyfriend behavior; how to get your mate in shape". Her resources include the finest professionals in their field. She is eager to read your letters. You can write her via email at DearLadyDi@grnail. corn or letters can be sent to; Dear Lady Di, 8351 West Bush Lake Road, Bloomington, MN 55438. Her first column will appear in the Marcl 8th issue. She plans on 'waking an appearance' in Dayton when the snow thavs ..... and looks forward to tdldng to the folks of the Grea State of North Dakota! GREAT BEGINNINGS 1296 Announcer: 'Tknd now, Hearthstone of the Death Squad in 'The Terrifying Letter Murder Case.' Tonight we again present the famous Hearthstone of the Death Squad, implacable man hunter of the Metropolitan Police in one of his greatest investigations entitled 'The Terrifying Letter Murder Case.' And now, Inspector Hearthstone in 'The Terrifying Letter Murder Case.'" (a typical opening for "Hearthstone of the Death Squad," a crime drama on radio; CBS, Aug. 30, 1951, to September 17, 1952) NATIONAL DEBT As of February 26, 2012, the U.S. national debt was $15,446,855,968,121.72 (over fifteen trillion dollars)," compared with $15,424,158,651,352.83 the previous week. The was an increase of over twenty-two billion dollars. Each American now owes $49,462.18, an increase of $66.02 from the previous week's $49,396.16. The increase in the national debt since our members of Congress were first in office: Senator Kent Conrad: 1987-- $2,350,276,890,953.00; today-- S15,446,855,968,121.72, an increase of over 13 trillion, 96 billion dollars Senator John Hoeven and Representative Rick Berg: Jan. 2011--$13,997,932,781,828.89; today--S15,446,855,968,121.72, an increase of over one trillion, 449 billion dollars. TRIVIA QUIZ TIME 725 1. Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the first __ transplant. (a. heart; b. liver; c. lung) 2. Wahkansky was Barnard's patient. (a. Joseph; b. Louis; c. Nicholas) 3. __ released the first part-talking motion picture. (a. Paramount; b. Twentieth Century Fox; c. Warner Bros.) 4. _ was the title of the first part-talking picture. (a. In Old Arizona; b. The Jazz Singer; c. The Lights of NewYork) 5. __ was that motion picture's star. (a. Warner Baxter; b. John Gilbert; c. Al Jolson) (answers at the end of the Column) A MESS OF POTTAGE 1353 This portion of my column describes the works of Libertarian philosopher and economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995). In 1995 he published "Economic Thought Before Adam Smith." Chapter 9 is entitled "The liberal reaction against mercantilism in seventeenth century France." When the French economic czar Colbert died in 1683, dissent turned into attacks on the Colbert brand of mercantilism. Gatien de Courtilz de Sanras, Sieur du Verger, published the book, "The New Interests of the Princes of Europe," which attacked the protective nature of Colbertism. It went through four editions by 1689. Another attack on tariffs came in the collection of essays, "The Sighs of an Enslaved France." POETIC FRAGMENTS George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788-1824) was one of the three great later Romantic poets. Here is a portion of his poem "The Prisoner of Chillon": ' light broke in upon my brain,-- It was the carol of a bird; It ceased, and then it came again, The sweetest song ear ever heard." DHS, 1926 79 On the evening of October 15, 1926, the winners of the magazine subscrption contest, the Buccaneers, were the luests of the other two teams, the Pirates ard the Sea Dogs, at the "Deep Sea Revel." The party included contests between the three teams, dancing, and lunch in the Domestic Science room. BILLBOARD'S TOP TEN 1972 February 26 1. Without You (Nilsson) 2. Hurting Each Other (Carpenters) 3. Precious And Few (Climax) 4. Let's Stay Together (A1 Green) 5. Down ByThe Lazy River (Osmonds) 6. Joy (Apollo 100/Tom Parker) 7. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Robert ]ohn) 8. Everything I Own (Bread) 9. American Pie, Parts I & II (Don McLean) 10. Sweet Seasons (Carole King)* (* indicates a new song) Singer / songwriter / pianist Carole King was, born on February 9, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York. From 1962 to 1982 she had nineteen hits, eighteen of which hit the Hot 100. "Sweet Seasons" was her eighth release. It peaked at #9 and was on the charts ten weeks. NUMBER 1 SONGS March 1 1892--Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom Der E (Len Spencer) 1897--Oh, Mr. Johnson, Turn Me Loose (Len Spencer) 1902--Arkansas Traveler (Len Spencer) 1907--My Gal Sal (Byron G. Harlan) 1912--Down By The Old Mill Stream (Harry MacDonough) 1917--Poor Butterfly (Victor Military Band) 1922--April Showers (Al Jolson) 1927--In A Little Spanish Town (Paul Whiteman) 1932- -All Of Me (Paul Whiteman) 1937--This Year's Kisses (Hal Kemp); This Year's Kisses (Benny Goodman) 1942--Blues In The Night (Woody Herman); Moonlight Cocktail (Glenn Miller) 1947--Managua, Nicaragua (Freddy Martin); Open The Door, Richard! (Three Flames) 1952--Cry (Iohnny Ray) 1957--Young Love (Tab Hunter) 1962--Duke Of Earl (Gene Chamdlet) 1967--Kind Of A Drag (Buckinghams) 1972--Without You (Nflsson) 1977--New Kid In Town (Eagles) 1982--Centerfold (J. Geils Band) 1987--Livin' On A Prayer (Bon Jovi) 1992--To BeWithYou (Mr, Big) 1997--Don't Speak (No Doubt); Wanna Be (Spice Girls) 2002--Always On Time (Ja Rule/ Ashanti) 2007--Say It Right (Nelly Fertado) 15YEARS AGO On March 5, 1997, Tyler Schumacher won the Pembina County Spelling Bee and went on to the State Spelling Bee. On March 6, 1997, the DHS Student Council donated the sixth picture in its State Champions series--that of the half-mile relay team that became State Champions in 1914. On March 7, 1997, the Pembina County Music Festival was held in Neche. NOTABLE QUOTES General Dreedle: '.s I understand it, we're presenting these men with medals for doing a lousy job. Is that right?" (from the movie "Catch-22" with Orson Welles as General Dreedle) STUDENT OF THE WEEK KC's Student of the Week for Feb. 20-24 is ]alyn Larson, eighth grade daughter of Michael and Tara Larson. Continued on Page 5 "In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins - not through strength but by perseverance." - H.Jackson Brown, Jr. We all sat in the doctor's office waiting to hear what Mike's scans and tests indicated. The tension was high as we hoped and prayed for good news. I could feel my entire body getting tight and knew my brother's was just as stressed if not more. When doc finally came into the room, he got right to the point. From the pictures, the radiologist thought he saw a reoccurrence of cancer but doc looked at us and said, "I am an optimist as you know." He put the pictures up on the screen explaining the spot of concern towards the top of Mike's vertebrae where the cancer has returned numerous times before and told us it was difficult to determine if the spot was cancer or remnants from proton treatments and surgeries Michael has had. He asked my brother many question on how he was feeling and said the lack of pain and increased strength Mike has been experiencing in the last month was a good sign. He then assured us he would be consulting with Mike's other surgeon as well as the doctor who performed proton radiation treatments to see what they said. When doc left the room we all broke down a little, scared of the uncertainty and overwhelmed we didn't get a solid answer. It is so difficult to deal with the ambiguity of this battle he is fighting. We are all attempting to remain positive and hope for the best. Michael will return to Rochester in a few months for more pictures but for now all we can do is pray and try to enjoy the moments we have together, the cherished memories yet to make. I remind myself daily how important it is to stay positive and to believe, without a doubt my big brother will be healed and whole once again. There is no other way I will allow myself to think; my brother is on my mind as I open my eyes each and every morning, when I close them at night, and everywhere in between. As I was telling a dear friend of ours the other day, "He is our light." On the way home from Rochester we made a quick stop at our lifelong friends' home in Eden Prairie. Kathy and Duane Johnson introduced my parents to each other and so I often think if it weren't for them, my brothers and I wouldn't even be here. Kathy has been dealing with her own cancer battle, a tumor in her brain. Last Mondayshewas experiencing lots of pain in her throat as well and underwent a biopsy. We received word the doc who performed the procedure was 99 percent sure Kathy had cancer not just in her brain but in her esophagus. I tried to comfort her daughter Brenda on the phone telling her to not give up and don't lose hope. We all kept Kathy and her family in our prayers for the next few days as we traveled back and forth to the hospital for Mike's tests. On Tuesday evening our father called with the blessed news Kathy's doctor was wrong, the spots were not cancer but in fact an infection. The doctor said to them, "I have never been so happy to be wrong." We all celebrated in our motel room, cheering out loud and thanking God for her good news. When we arrived at their home Kathy was sitting in a wheelchair in their living room and smiled when we walked in. There were a few tears shed and several as we said our goodbyes to get back on the road so we could get ahead of a predicted storm. I stepped into their garage to give my mom some privacy with her dear friend before we left. I glanced over to see her sliding one of Michael's "Failure is Not an Option," bracelets onto Kathy's wrist, encouraging, her to stay strong, never give up, and remain hopeful. They were both crying and I desperately wished there could be a cure for cancer so nobody else would have to go through the fear and uncertainty of this illness. I prayed somehow my brother, Kathy, and everyone I know who has received a similar diagnosis could be phenomenally healed, that all of them and their families could get back to living without the constant fear of their own mortality. Today outside my kitchen window I watch the bird feeder slowly rock back and forth in the calm wind, beneath blue skies and amidst the February chill. The trees still barren from the long winter are tranquil and I think about the words of the first Psalm I read this morning when I was in need of inspiration. "He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers." I look up to the picture of my big brother and me smiling at the camera as we sit on an icy lake trout fishing last year. I let hope rise through my soul that one day we can feel the same spirit of joy we did that day and hope he will be like that strong tree, planted by a stream, with the leaves of life blooming bright, fortified by health and free from worry. Sometimes along the way we are confronted by the weathered realm of life's fear and uncertainty. In those moments of weakness, of undeniable doubt, we must step across the insecurity, persevering beyond our hesitancy, trusting in the plan set forth before us. I read a beautiful quote by an anonymous writer recently. "The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground." I know there is growth through the hardships but nonetheless I hope for silent certainty, for doubt to be released, and for the prospect of joy to be reignited. I pray for a smooth transition from struggles to peace, anticipating it to saunter in like the seasons, from withered leaves to colored life. On Sunda our family and closest friends gathered to watch the Academy Awards. Sitting in the decorated room watching my family giggling and enjoying the time, I felt the blessedness of the moment, a brief relapse of permission to feel the flash of joy we all desire so desperately. When my big brother rolled down the red carpet in his wheelchair to accept a mock Oscar, gratitude prevailed and I was inundated with appreciation for the "stream" that is sure to win the, battle not just because of his strength but due to the perseverance that grows with every victory over doubt and each triumph of faith flowing between the banks of our existence. Kid of the Week sometimes the family buys pizzas and other times they make them at home. His favorite pizza place is Pizza Hut. Although he likes to spend more time outside than inside, he does play a few electronic games and catches a little television. Navarre's favorite television program is the Power Rangers. I asked him what he thought about Sponge Bob, thinking he might be getting a little too old and sophisticated for the cartoon I love so dearly, but he gave me a thumbs up. So, I asked him what age he thought might be too old for Sponge Bob. He told me somewhere around 40 years old might be about right. In addition to a bit of television he likes to do a gaming too. He says the family has a Wii and an X Box -360. instead of asking, I guessed after studying his Mario Brother's t-shirtthathis favorite game was probably Mario Brothers and/or Super Mario Brothers. I guessed right. Of course, not really a very clever observation. Of the past thousand kids I've interviewed, every one of them had the Mario brothers number one on their list. This summer, Navarre is looking forward to spending Continued From Page 1 some time at the pool, camping out and having some campfires with his family. He also likes running his radio controlled cars and says he likes to play T- Ball, but wasn't sure if he'd do it this year. He said that last year they went paddle fishing and he/they actually caught a paddle fish. What was the last thing he did his parents told him not to but he did anyway? He said he was eating candy. It wasn't so much eating the candy, but how he got it, that appeared to create the problem. He told me his folks hide the candy in their room to keep the kids from getting too much of it. However he discovered the location of the stash and has sneaked in every now and then for a treat. I told him this was going in the paper and he was probably going to be busted. He seemed to recognize the fact, but wasn't too alarmed. Not sure how he'll react the next time he goes to hit the stash and it's not there anymore. What does he want to be when he grows up? He told me a policeman. He says he'd like to be a big city cop and hunt down the bad guys. More power to him. He really didn't have anything in the world that he'd like to change but when it came to bringing something back from the past, he decided that bringing George Washington back would be great fun. We took a minute to think about things that General Washington had never seen and or experienced. Navarre thought it would be fun to get him playing Frisbee, kickball and tennis. Then he'd show him the computer room and later treat him to a banana split. So, what could be better than spending the afternoon with George Washington? Putting an end to the Kid of the Week interview. I asked Navarre if he'd had enough and he a little too eagerly indicted "yes," so we took the picture and he was on his way. Well Navarre, good luck to you when you get on that big city police force, but don't forget your rural roots. Hope you have a great summer and ff you run into President Washington, say hi for us and maybe get a picture and squeeze out a little interview for the paper. We the people would like to thank you for taking time to sit down and talk to us and of course we offer up a big thanks for being this week's Kid of the week. I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father. - Greg Norman, Golfer