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March 11, 2010     Valley News and Views
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March 11, 2010

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Valley News and Views !i!ii!!iiii!ii!: ii!:!iii:: Page 5 March llth, 2010 - Rommel Stalling Way Back When March 11th, 1779 Congress established the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers today. The purpose of the corps will be to help plan, design and prepare environmental and structural facilities for the U.S. Army. March 12th, 1801 Journal of Alexander Henry The small bastard maple [box-elder or ash-leafed maple, Negundo aceroidis] begins to run. The Canadians call this tree erable a gigoire. The sap yields a fine white sugar, but it is not so sweet as that of the real maple [Acer sacharinum], and more is required to make the same quantity of sugar. There is also an abundance of bois tors [twisted wood, the so- called climbing bitter-sweet, Celastrus scandens], a short shrub that winds up the stocks of larger trees; the wood is soft and spongy, with a thick bark, which is often eaten by the natives in time of famine. There are two species of this shrub; one grows much thicker than the other, and is very sweet, but too astringent. The small kind is more insipid and less unwholesome. They cut it into pieces and boil it a long time, when the bark is peeled off and eaten without any further preparation. I have subsisted upon this bark for days, but always found my weakness increased upon me. March 9th, 1862 The Union ironclad ship, the Monitor and the Convederate ironclad the CSS Virginia (Merrimack) duked it out today for four hours, just off Hampton Roads, Virginia. They wacked the heck out of each other the greater part of the morning with no significant effects, the cannon balls bouncing offofboth the armored ships. The fight ended in a draw. March 16th, 1894 Drayton Echo Spring has come. Wild geese flew north today. Thebestpartofthebusiness portion of Deadwood, S.D. was destroyed by fire, the losss being $200,000. The Drayton Fair Association has been re- organized and will hold a Spring Fair March 31st. A.H. Johnson has just received a new lot of Soap which is going at 38 Bars for $1.00. Miss Lulu Wylie was able to be out and attend church last Sunday. Grafton Record: It looks as though there will be an ice famine in Grafton this summer. A good-sized party of Drayton young people drove out to the residence of Thompson Morrison Monday evening and highly enjoyed themselves. March 9th, 1917 Drayton Echo Hoboken, N.J., March 7 -With the arrest here of Fritz Kolb, a German, the authorities believe they have frustrated a well developed plot to aid Germany by blowing up American munitions plants turning out supplies fo the Allies. Berlin, March 5. - Berlin has admitted that it set on foot the conspiracy to embroil Mexico and Japan in war against the United States as revealed by the Washington administration. The Domestic Science gifts had a sale of pies and cakes last Friday. The gifts made good money at this sale and no bad reports have come from those who bought. They hope for more orders at their next sale. Joseph Morrison returned to the city last Saturday evening from Cavalier where he had been attending a meeting of the board of County Commissioners. E.O. lorde left Tuesday with a carload of potatoes for Minneapolis. E.O. will spend a few days in the city attending to matters of business before returning to this city. E.O Jorde. Courtesy of Uncle Bob Jorde. Train service the first of the week was rather poor owing to the storm. Would you prefer a front Lace Corset. 2 The Doctor recommends them. For Sale at the Drayton Trading Company. March 15th, 1935 Red River Valley Leader Sacramento, Calif. 100+ Years of Bridges Continued from Page 1 The pontoon bridge at Drayton is pictured above with a flock of cows coming across from the Minnesota side. The wooded area on the far side of the river would eventually become a really cool community park for many years. Photo courtesy of my Uncle Bob Jorde. By 1880, only a couple of years after the Drayton site was established, ferries were transporting people and goods across the Red River at Drayton. Ferries were used until 1900 when a pontoon bridge was built for the area. The bridge appears to have crossed at the same spot of the future drawbridge, which would have just come ashore across the street from the bank and Kelly's. In the wintertime, people simply crossed over the ice. Steamers had been navigating the Red since 1859, with Winnipeg a big stop on the river, so not sure how the pontoon bridge worked with the boat traffic, :but I'd guess it was a pain in the tush. That's probably why they built the steel draw bridge in 1911. It sure would make it easier to handle those steamboats, but unfortunately the last steamboat run was in 1909 and the bridge was never used for that purpose. The old steel drawbridge served the area until 1955 when the new, now old, steel - California's speed laws will be enforced almost to the letter in an attempt to curb the rapidly mounting fatalities on highways. E. Raymond Cato, chief of the state highway patrol has ordered all patrolmen to arrest any motorist traveling more than 50 miles per hour regardless of circumstances. The speed limit is 45, and no more than a five-mile margin will be permitted. The residence of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bounds of Jolliete burned to the ground Monday afternoon. Mrs. Bounds was at a nearby building hanging out a washing when the cries of a little daughter that the house was burning summoned her to find the building all ablaze. A little one, five months old, was in the building and the mother crawled in on her hands and knees and brought it to safety. Then missing her little son of four and believing him to be in the burning house, made the second trip until someone called from the outside that the boy was safe. The baby was badly scorched about the face and hands and is being cared for at the Drayton hospital. Drayton Township held its caucus last Tuesday and nominated John Bellamy and Justus Peterson for supervisors and Les Bates and E. Kargel for Justice of the Peace. The annum election and township meeting will be held on Tuesday March 19th in the City Hall of Drayton. March 12th, 1943 Red River Valley Leader While we have not. heard so much with at least ten percent o your In- fighting men. o.//.-r,,auvy Oearfm,l " The 50 odd miles that Marshal Rommel had originally advanced against So why the picture of a kid and a dog in this bridge set?. Well, the young man on the right is Bob Jorde (my Uncle Bob) and dog Patsy. Patsy, unfortunately was run over and killed by by a beet wagon, sometime after the picture was taken. Bob is the one who sent us the old bridge pictures. That's Bob's grandfather, E.O.(Evan), Jorde, staring down from six inches overhead, my great- grandfather. By the way, it was E.O.'s bottles of homemade beer that started exploding in the basement, while his wife Karyn was holding a Woman's Temperance Meeting upstairs. Thus... the Jorde sense of humor was born. American tomes in Tunisia had cost the "Desert Fox" dearly. For not only had most of that gain been lost in retreat, but the Axis offensive had been converted into a first-class setback, with heavy casualties. Asinformedobserverswere predicting that th e war would still be in progress in 1944, politicos were prophesying that the Democrats would draft President Roosevelt for a fourth term. Mr. Joseph Ritzo, Staff Sgt., arrived the last of the week from Seattle, Wash., on a 15 day furlough and is visiting at the home of his sister, Mrs. D.L. Rutherford. Pfc. Everett Rasmussen, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Rasmussen of this city, spent a ten day furlough committee reported the here visiting friends and left committee would have Saturday for Camp Campbell plans prepared for he years Ky., where he is in training. March 8fla, 1962 Drayton Express Twenty five members of the Commercial Club were present at the meeting of the club Tuesday evening. A report was heard on maintenance and snow removal on the by pass road through Drayton. Members of the Commercial Club ere to try to arrange a meeting with the State Highway Department to discuss the matter. At the present time Walsh County maintains the portion of the road in that county. Walker Everson, chairman of the trade extension program to present at the next meeting. Earl Onstad, new Standard Oil bulk agent, was introduced to the club. Churches in Drayton are combining their talents in a community wide Day of Prayer Friday With two services here. Bill Brosseau, Terry Brosseau and Cathy Carvell, all students at the UND at Grand Forks spent the weekend at their parental homes. Douglas Halcrow, a student at Mayville STC spent the weekend at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don Halcrow. Term Limit Idea Riding Wave of ,i.nger By Lloyd Omdahl The wave of anti- government anger sweeping the nation has spawned a petition in North Dakota to amend the state constitution to limit the terms of legislators and elected state officials to two 4-year terms. Petitioners are now at work getting the 26,000 signatures by August to get their measure on the fall ballot. Of course, we already have term limits. At the end of every four years, legislators and elected state officials face the end of their terms. Unless they persuade the voters otherwise, they get pink slips and someone else gets their job. Their terms are up. Adding term-limits to the election cycle is an indictment of the electorate, suggesting that voters aren't qualified to know when they've had enough and need protection from their own ignorance. As the campaign for term limits unfolds, perhaps the initiators will explain in detail how the present system of periodic elections is failing the democratic process. From the electronic media, we find that the petitioners feel accountability is lacking when incumbents keep getting re- elected without - answering to the people for their voting records. That is substantially true in North Dakota, at least as far as legislators are concerned. North Dakota's small population results in greater intimacy among the people and intimacy despises divisive political controversy. Consequentl candidates for the legislature are judged more on social qualifications than on political issues. The typical legislator's campaign card proves the point. The cardusuallyincludes several innocuous political positions, all designed to please God without displeasing the devil - a balanced budget, low the old drawbridge, I suppose technically a lift bridge, gets some exercise above., Probably didn,t get much since the big boats quit traveling the river two years before the bridge was completed. taxes, better roads, more jobs etc. etc. It is obvious that their policy positions are irrelevant to the campaign. The really important items on the card include such things as member of the Lutheran Church, community development leader, township supervisor, school board member, Lion of the Year, parent of three children and married to one spouse for 35 years, In other words, the list represents a combination of qualities that tells the voter: "You can trust me. I am one of you." Imposing term limits would increase competitiveness by creating open races every eight years. However, it would not change the way voters judge candidates. The level of intimacy in the state would still be present so voters would still render their decisions on the social acceptability of candidates rather than on contentious political issues. This would surely frustrate the petitioners who want to force electoral decisions into a more combative environment. If greater accountability is what the petitioners want, they shouldbe promoting a 1-house legislature. It would eliminate buck-passing between houses, end the closed-door conference committees, and put the legislative process under more intensive media and citizen scrutiny. Since surveys indicate that North Dakotans have every reason to be content, we can only guess that the petitioners are a group of angry people who are having fun at being angry. For them, the petition drive may be nothing more than an opportunity to vent their spleen at someone for something, but they're not sure what. 00POWERED?