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March 11, 2010     Valley News and Views
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March 11, 2010

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Page 6 March llth, 2010 Valley News and Views "The devil's aversion to holy water is a light matter compared with a despot's dread of a newspaper that laughs." "The American Press," first printed in Mark Twain: Press Critic. Rural Dwellers Advised to Be on the Alert Dakota Tales and Trails for Deer Posing as Ce00lsu00,; Workers "InnovateND" contest, when her proposal was one of the finalists in the Governor's first annual contest. A product line "My Companion" was approved for US trademark in January this year. In this process of exploring new markets for ND- produced products, many observations were made to support ideas that capture business opportunities for entrepreneurship: A dozen observations were noted for producing pet products in ND and marketing to consumers in the pet industry- a 47 billion dollar industry. 1. California is one of the nation's dog-friendliest state, but many states are close runner-ups. ND is designated as the Nation's "friendliest state" - maybe we should include our - Continued from page 1 play well in groups, to the disbelief of many who seldom walk their pet. 5. Pet stores are plentiful in every town - both chain stores and boutiques - and dogs are encouraged to enter the store. 6. Downtown streets in CA are crowded with dog owners, dog walkers and trainers, and many dogs are dressed-up with bandanas, fashion collars or "designer" jackets. 7. Rest stops on highways across the country always have pet areas, but it seems that more information is exchanged among pet owners in these areas than in formal info booths in the buildings or between picnic dogs sign language 12. Social media themes, like in blogs, discuss all aspects of a "dog's life." The forerunner of how dogs are becoming part of the tourism industry is observed at the first rest stop in Oklahoma, which welcomes visitors with traditional marketing, but has a large fenced dog park adjacent to the center, where pet owners linger with their pets and engage in social conversations with other visitors. The most interesting observation was a common commentfromothertravelers with dogs who usually opened a conversation by asking where we (and our Golden Retriever) were from, and after hearing ND, they often said, "My grandparents (or great grandparents) were from ND." A secret hidden camera operated by Valley News and Views special investigative reporter, Vinny Mouse identifies one of several deer in the area posing as 2010 Census workers. The deer will ring the doorbell and introduce themselves. Once inside the house they attempt to make unsuspecting homeowners pay a $50 census fee. Numerous rural dwellers around the area have been approached by deer posing as 2010 Census workers. The deer who are normally very polite, ring the doorbell and wait to be invited in. Once in the house they attempt to walk the head of the household through a series of census related questions. At the end of the session the deer explains that this year the government has tagged on a $50 census tax, which allows you to exercise your right to be counted and is payable immediately. If a respondent does not pay, they are threatened with stiff fines and interest penalties and told they will not count in life. Many people have fallen for the recent scam because it seems so plausible. However investigators in the Animal's Republic have uncovered a familiar name associated with the scam. None other than Earl the Penguin, who refused to make himself available for comment. We expect much more to be revealed in future investigations. openness to pets as part of this image. 2. Dog owners who travel with pets are a diverse group -- truck drivers on long hauls, seniors in economy cars, vacationers in elaborate expensive RVs, families in vans filled with kids and pets, and ordinary travelers from the region with their constant companions in the passenger seats. 3. Motels too, especially Motel 6, promote two kinds of social networks Tundra by Chad Carpenter The Official Comic Strip of the Animal's Republic of Robbin Itlltll003, , .I t -- Wi-Fi and Dogs Stay Free, - which seems to be a brilliant marketing move that dispels an old belief that dogs are not good business for landlords, either in apartments or public accommodations, as long as adults are caring. 4. Progressive towns provide dog parks where people cluster and dogs Theme Crossword: March Madness CROSSWORD tm m 2 3 i i i i 26 27 3-. m i i mm nm i 44 i mm m 48 ; = i 57 58 59 65 69 72 i R 7 8 21 24 i 38 i i 5O 61 67 PRESENTED BY Where volunteering begins. ACROSS 1. NE's largest city 6. *You need it on a free throw 9. Ambush 13. *Found on the scoreboard and shot clock 14. One from Laos 15. Dashboard instrument 16. Vitruvian Man, e.g. 17. Cash giver 18. Stomach sore 19. *A sweet number 21. *Game tracker 23. He had 24. It's taken with interest 25. Consumed 28. Pocket bread 30. *Winner of 10 I m m 10 11 32 33 52 62 63 championships in 12- year period 35. Cough syrup balsam 37. It introduces a logical conclusion 39. One of Ben Franklin's inventions 40. Dollar bills 41. More sane 43. French "idea" 44. Capital of Belarus 46. Some are worth a million dollars? 47. Newborn connection 48. Sacred Egyptian beetle 50. Invitation request 52. Pig's home 53. Offensively curious 55. Longest division of Answers on Page 10 geological time 57. Relating to marriage 61. *Host of this year's Final Four 65. Reddish brown natural dye 66. Old-fashioned "far" 68. Cuzco valley people 69. *Tennessee All- American, Dale 70. All good things do this? 71. Not fashion- minded 72. "Mr. Roboto" band 73. *Given name of last year's title-winning coach 74. "Austin Powers" actor DOWN 1. Elevator manufacturing giant 2. Longer then mini 3. American stock exchange in NYC 4. Late actor Ledger 5. Not awake 6. *Indiana's Henderson, member of '92 Final Four Team 7. Mob snitch 8. Fast food meal 9. Baby powder ingredient 10. A crowd of ordinary people or things 11. "A Death in the Family" Pulitzer- winning author 12. Saucy 15. Sea bird-produced fertilizer, pl. 20. What editor does 22. Like one who needs improvement 24. Home chore 25. Smallest components of elements 26. Second T in T&T drink 27. Helen in Russian 29. Cuisine known for being spicy 31. Ear-related 32. Famous extinct bird, pl. 33. American tennis great 34. Always demanding attention 36. CCCP 38. Perceives by sight 42. Poe's poem "The 45. *Where basketball's inventor coached 49. Feathery neckwear 51. Preacher's platform 54. More sly 56. Nincompoop 57. She is 58. Beaver's coat, e.g. 59. "For Your Eyes 60. Computer operating system 61. *Short for Hoosier State's capital city 62. Heart feeling 63. Hair removal product 64. Pharaohs' cobras 67. Lennon's wife Weekly Sudoku lldl PESEIT[O fly VolunteerMatch,org Where voluntedl begins, 651 8 4 8 31 5 8 4 9 3 7 7 6 8 3 6 4 9 5 6489 Fl in the blank surs In te gr, makk sere that every row, column and 3-by-3 box includes JI digi 1 though 9. tables. 8. Doggy Day Care is flourishing everywhere, including larger towns in ND that offer playtime programs, grooming and boarding. There are a number of "Dog Hotels" and a national airline that transports dogs exclusively. 9. Holistic Pet foods and organic pet products are very popular and markets are rapidly growing. 10. TV ads for unrelated products often include a family pet in the ad to addappeal or emphasize family values. And full hour TV shows have "dog whisperers" that mentor owners on overcoming unwanted behavior in dogs. 11. Books in national chains display an abundance of .how-to books for pet owners, including a recent bestselleraboutteaching I'd routinely ask, "Have you visited ND?" "No, but it would be interesting to visit," was a common answer. "Why haven't you?" I'd asked inquisitively. The responses were generally vague, like "Interstate 40 (or 80) doesn't run through there," or some such spur-of-the-moment response. "Interstate 29 and 94 crisscross in ND, if you ever want to track some of your roots," I'd say and then expand the dialogue about their family connections to our state. A few coast-to-coast travelersdescribed childhood visits to grandparents in ND. One commuter in stop-and- go gridlock traffic in CA, honked his horn, signaled to roll down the car window, and shouted, "Welcome to CA, I'm from ND too." Although Gunnar isn't a Seeing Eye dog, he is showing me new ways to look at my surroundings. Bob the Blob's Favo te Quote of the Week "An elephant is a mouse built to government specficahons. -Lazarus Long Animal Republic d Robbin UFO Threat Con "Black" The Aliens Have Landed Take appropriate actions: Do not use pay toilets, remove your colored wrist ban and exercise extreme caution around all produce, especially radishes -I-I'ms't-and Hard Working Well, Ha,,; Wo,k;,;j... Okay, A Busy Body Earl the Penguin in 2010 for President Animal's Republic of Robbin "Don't let dishonest politicians rip you off. Let me do it instead!" Vote For Gertrute Animal's Republic of Robbin Snow Queen