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March 25, 2010     Valley News and Views
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March 25, 2010

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Page 2 March 25th, 2010 ;:iii~ii~iiiii!iiii; iiiii~ii!i: =::iii::iiiiiiiiiii - Valley News and Views Dakota Tra The Family Wiki by Dr. Larrie Wanberg Every community - every state - stretches and strains to find the magic formulae to develop tourism in their area. Every entrepreneur - personal, social or civic - seeks innovation to grow enterprise. Yet, the oldest triad that spawned the world's largest industry for centuries still remains at the foundation of tourism - rest (amenities and hospitalities), relaxation (reflection or wonder) and stories (entertainment, engagement and enrichment). I had an opportunity on a recent road trip that spanned ten states each way to observe countless billboards and historical markers. The journey started on 1-29 south to Texas and followed along timeworn Native trading trails and old Route 66 that parallel Interstates. All forms of tourism played out along a panorama of choices - cultural, historic, heritage, Nature-based and varieties of Agri-tourism. I kept thinking, "What if I wasn't driving here, how would I know this place existed or what the event offered? .... Why did one attraction appeal to me, and not another? .... If I stopped, did I gain as much as my expectation, perhaps wanting to stay longer or return?" Bottom line, my question at each stop was "Did I enjoy the visit and feel "happy" when I left?" Too often, the sense of commercialism and the perceived pressure for Way Back When March 25th, 1774 and Tales can produce "place-based" stories at a smaller scale to "interpretive centers" in larger regions. This visual networking method can have greater reach than local events,likewas demonstrated at the "Old Fashioned a "sale" were the departing like economic development.Christmas" Webcast, which feelings. Other boards are equally drew national and global The Pembina County JDA When I spent more important for leadership -visitors that doubled the will be the lead sponsor time in 'a community, the museum board, libraryboardtown's population, of a countywide youth search for happiness" in and parks and recreation. If this story-building entrepreneurship summer the experience (Americas The least-political board in a model were developed camp for students in grades 4 constitutional dream) was community is the cemetery with a shared vision among- 8, at Cavalier Public School, realized for me in a visit to board, although there is elected boards, the town June 7th-1 l th. Area teachers Pembina County Youth Entrepreneurship Camp Being Iune 7-11 to go behind the scenes at local businesses and to meet area business and cultUral leaders. Through all these experiences and with the help of trained facilitators, camp participants will learn a local museum, a stop in the community's parks or gardens, or "shopping" in the local Visitor's Bureau or "Welcoming Center"- an arm of the Chamber of Commerce - where sole attention was given to offering options to my interests. Personally, I would take a side-trip in some towns with appeal to drive through a local RV park and stop for a casual visit with someone who was staying for a time and had comparative views, or especially to spend time at a dog park, where locals and visitors were naturally open to sharing conversations ... like parents at a preschool. In ND where heritage tourism is the fastest growing segment of the industry, economic development opportunities are plentiful for growth, despite downturns elsewhere. In my view, the question locally is: "How do the elected boards in a community work together to ensure that tourists and visitors sense unity in a shared vision of a town. Visitors perceive the spirit of'a town, and their perceptions are, infact, reality for consumers. Community boards generally are school boards, boards of clubs, boards of businesses, organizational boards, and civic boards, growing need for space as ND leads the nation in aging population. Heritage tourisms pulls together history, culture, nature and agriculture as appeal to tourists - perhaps more so in ND than any other state. The theme for state tourism is "legendary" and public interest in heritage is rapidly expanding - linking stories to genealogies. ND auto license plates reflect the "Peace Garden State." The largest tourist attraction in the state is the Teddy Roosevelt National Park, which draws upwards to a half-million visitors. Life stories related to history, culture and heritage are the timeless appeal that can draw tourists to an area - one that differentiates itself from all the billboards and that outreaches with the tools in the new economy of social media. This"branding" of Drayton should, in my estimation, be "The Story Telling Center" of ND - the "Blessing Village" where stories of history, culture and heritage are exchanged and shared with a world of viewers via social media and distribution of print media. Drayton and the region can develop "Story Gardens" where "pocket parks" around town and in the countryside When... Putting it into , Hall and Fire Equipment Burns Down loaf of bread, baked by a force behind it, visited this Navy baker and called the section Tuesday evening and could become a landmark for regional tourists, seeking something different, something enriching, and something memorable. Studies show that "counting your blessings" is a vital part of "a sense of happiness," according to a, Harvard professor on a recent Prairie PublicTVfund-raising attraction. Professor/Author Tal D. Ben-Shabar teaches the most popular class at Harvard on "happiness" (formally labeled Positive Psychology) with over 900 students enrolled. This trend parallels the trend in business away from feasibility studies toward asset mapping, which builds on talents as opposed to obstacles. Drayton completed an Asset Mapping assessment last summer through the Community Connect program at UND. Drayton has the collective assets to grow tourism along the Red River Trade Corridor with virtual enterprises anchored here, and to link to a "Tourism Corridor" that touches Canada and reaches Mexico by Interstate and the global village by Internet. To paraphrase an old saying in modern terms. "It takes a virtual village to raise a community." March 22nd, 1935 Red River Valley Leader Completion organization " to"f" thousands of applications for drivers' license required under North Dakota's new law, were being rushed by have the opportunity to earn continuing education credits by enrolling in the camp and experiencing the benefits of entrepreneurial thinking. This exciting summer program is part ofa statewide movement to create more local entrepreneurs and active young citizens by giving camp participants the actual experience of turning creative ideas into real business ventures and by highlighting community improvement activities. To better understand what it takes to make a more vibrant community, camp members will create their own town, open their own businesses, organize a town council and elect their own leaders. Camp participants will face the same challenges that entrepreneurs and communityleaders face every day: What kind of businesses do local consumers want? How can I make my business more successful? How can we make our community more livable? There willbe opportunities basic economic principles, personal finance skills, marketing and advertising techniques, how to keep good personal and business records, why customer service is essential for success and how they can make a difference in their community right now. The JDA believes that long- term economic development and community pride depend on fostering the next generation business owners, creative citizens and community leaders. It is important for young people to know that they really are an important part of the larger economic and social community. For more information and camp registration, contact Helen Volk-Schill, NDSU Pembina County Extension at 265-8411, or J01yn Greenwood, Cavalier School Principal, at 265- 8417 and Barry Striegel, Program Director, is at the UND Center for Innovation. His email address is b.striegel@ The parties who overpowered and shaved Quin Mahoney will soon be under arrest. The penalty for this will no doubt be severe as actions of this kind will not be tolerated within our domain. The Odd Fellow Lodge was hosts to the Rebekah Lodge and.Friends at a ST. Pat_ricks Party at the Odd Fellows Hall Friday evening. March 26th, 1943 Red River Valley Leader Allied bombers plastered the Japanese air base at A stamps good for 16 points during first week. Highway men operating a rotary and snow plow opened Highway 17 following the storms of last week. County plow operator also opened the Oah ood road. At a meeting of the City Council last Monday evening decision was made to regulate the ordinance nowprohibiting the raising of hogs in the city limits. Not withstanding the urge to pork production the bars will not be let down to An angry British Parliament passed the Boston Port Act today, which closed the port of Boston and demanded the city's residents pay nearly $1 million (in today's money) for the tea they dumped into Boston Harbor during the "Boston Tea Party" held December 16, 1773. March 21st, 1801 Journal of Alexander Henry My anxiety about the water increasing, I set the men at work, carried our propertyto a rising ground about a quarter of a mile from the fort, and covered it with oil cloths. It was tedious as our pemmican had not yet been made up. Wild fowl now abound: also buffalo. My faithful dog Castor died with a swelling in the neck; it was the tenth day he had eaten nothing. I had ierced it several times and let out much foul matter. This swelling in the neck and head is common among our dogs, and many die of it. March 22nd, 1801 The ice moved all in one body, but soon stopped. Indian women are making sugar. Saw another sturgeon jump. March 26th, 1804 A party sponsored by the Senate, was held today, and lead by President Thomas Jefferson himself. The purpose being to rally support for a naval war against the Barbary States. Jefferson lead the rowdy crowd in consuming a huge "mammoth loaf." The bread was intended to be eaten with the renmants of a 1200 pound block of cheese given to Jefferson two years earlier by a group of Baptist women from Massachusetts, for his support of religious tolerance. The party started and noon and included the bread, cheese, a humongous side of roast beef and mass quantifies of alcohol. It was reported that President Jefferson cut the first slice of bread with his pocketknife, the party from that point eventually turning into a very noisy and drunken affair. March 23rd, 1894 Drayton Echo Navigation of the great lakes for the season of 1804 will be open six weeks earlier than for many years. Brooding over the elopement of a young daughter Mrs. Bender, of Bluffton, Indiana has become a raving maniac. Jas Robertson has gone way down to the Ar-kan-sass hot springs to take a bath. The microbes, frigidity and other damp things of a congealed twist in Red River water became too much for James' liking, so he concluded to go south and take the alligator soup bath. A.H. Johnson has just received a new lot of Soap which is going at 38 bars for #1.00. A heavy fall of snow, followed by a light blizzard with a considerable zephyrous Jim Tallackson ,JIM TALLACKSON is a candidate for election to the Nodak Electric Board in District One :lit~ ,rod Carol are in the farming business and have fi)ur married children Please Vote by mail or at the meeting Saturday, April lOth, at the Alerus Center, Grand Forks remained in operation for about 24 hours. Another is coming today, This reminds us that spring hasn't full come, yet, even if the ducks and geese did venture to fly north. There is an immense revival going on at the M.E. church in Hamilton. Some sixty odd converts are reported so far, and still there's more to follow. March 23rd, 1917 Drayton Echo President wrflson is expected within 48 hours to indicate definitely that he believes a virtual state of war exists between the United States and Germany. The weather the past week has been very mild and the snow has been disappearing rapidly. The Movies have been started again and the managers have arraned for a number of choice shows. Come out and see the pictures and forget your troubles. R.Pu Long has two large auction sales for next week. On the 27th he will conduct a sale for Richard Keyes, two miles southwest of this city, and on the 29th he will sell the farm stock and machinery of Chris. Berthelson, four miles northwest of Pittsburg. These are both good sales. State Highway Commissioner Ole H. Olson. As a result of a veto Friday by Governor Welford, North Dakota's law prohibiting smoking in public places will remain on the sate books in spite of attempted erpeal by the legislature. Southern California's model weather man did the best he knew how to do to make seventy-five St. Thomas, N.D. residents and former residents feel perfectly at home when they met for their annual reunion at Washington Park in this city. Several looks are now necessary to identify many Draytonites as beards must be worn by all the men, cotton dresses and aprons by the women and girls and school boys must wear overalls. A kangaroo court was held in which violators of the local code were fined. Whisker law has been declared in this city. Salesmen entering our domain, who expect to carry on their lawful ambitions with their naked face are subject to arrest and trial. Permits can be secured upon a payment of forty-nine cents. The Big tie broadcast over KFJM last Saturday dedicated an old time waltz to the Whiskered Legion of Drayton. Notice to Public The City of Drayton Board of Equalization will meet on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 7pm at the city office, 122 South Main Street. NOTICE TO PUBLIC There should be NO removal of snow and/or ice from Pembina County Assessment Drains without prior approval of the Pembina County Water Resource District Rabaul, New Britain. In a two- hour raid Tuesday aiming 54 tons of bombs upon three airdromes and 250 enemy planes clustered on them to strike a heavy blow to Niponese air power, the Allied command announced today. The labors of Madame Chiang Kaishek had not been in vain. One of the first fruits of her American visit and Washington conferences was the creation of a full-fledged U.S. air force command in China. The fuel-oil shortage resulted in a week's vacation from January 29 to February 8 for 900,000 New York City public school pupils as 850 schools were closed to conserve fuel supplies. Classes missed will be made up during the Easter vacation period according to a news report. March 29: Housewives, instutions and industrial users begin surrendering Red Point stamps for meats, cheeses, butter and other rationed products in the program. Red IFor information contact:~ : Jolyn Greer~'ood 4-H Extensio;~ Agent permit annoyance by raising pins in the city. Notice of these new regulations will appear in the Leader next week. March 22nd, 1962 Drayton Express Nearly 50 cars were in procession led by the, Drayton Fire Engine, which escorted the almost victorious State tournament Drayton high school Bombers Sunday back to a proud home town. The Bombers, who lost the "un-official championship game" to Matt by four points in the semi-finl game of the State Class B tournament Friday night, ended up in third place by easily taking Glenburn 58-45 Saturday, The regular monthly pack meeting of Drayton Cub Scouts will be held Tuesday, March 27, at 7:30 p.m. at the City Hall. Skits will be presented by each den, following the theme of the n'mnth, "islands of the World." Awards will also be presented. The public is cordially invited to attend. (Does anyone else remember having to dress up like a hula girl for that one?) June 7-11 Campers learn and develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills by: creating their own businesses developing a camp community organizing a town council electing leaders marketing their business meeting local entrepreneurs Students grades 4-8 Teachers earn education credits NOTICE OF DRAYTON TOWNSHIP MEETINGS Notice of Tax Equalization Meeting Monday April 12, 2010 9:00 a.m, At Drayton Sugar Bowl Senior Center i i 1 ' ]