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April 4, 2013     Valley News and Views
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April 4, 2013

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Page 4 April 4th, 2013 :!i~iiii: i~ii!i~iii~!%ill iiiii:ill Valley News & Views Dear Lady Di, When I ask her why she's changed, she I am my wife's third husband, as they say, gets very standoffish. She said nothing is "three times the charm" right?" I'm the one going on and says I am suffocating her with who has been an ideal companion for her and all my questions. There's a club she belongs she's been ideal for me. I've always thought to at the University going to the Twin Cities this and she has always acknowledged this next month during a long weekend and she's planning to go. I was not invited on up until three months ago. I supported her and encouraged her to this trip and have no idea if other spouses pursue her education. She graduated from or significant others are going. Should I be the University with a teaching degree and concerned about this and am I naive, can she's in her second year of teaching. She you help? maintains a high degree of independence. Name Withheld for obvious reasons She pays her bills, I pay mine and thankftflly Dear Watching the Withering Homestead, she did take my last name when we married. For you or any husband, one single change A year ago she became very interested in in your wife shouldn't mean much at all. We nutrition, exercise and anything to better should all be encouraged by her ambition herself. We've always eaten a lot of meat with her foray into health and nutrition. I and potatoes and it's impacted some of the onlywish I had that discipline but I still resort restaurants we go to among several other to Widman's chocolate covered potato chips. interests. She's 34 and in great shape but Considering the multitude of changes of she wanted to improve her looks even late, it sounds like she's got something sweet further. For the past 10 months she has been cooking. She could probably fry an egg on religiously exercising, dieting, and reading her new hard body. She's hostile because fitness magazines. She's now extremely well there's no explanation for her behavior which built and looks dynamite! In addition to all includes you both. this she's had Botox and chemical peels on The longer you go without confronting her face. her, the more deceived you'll feel if and when She's always gotten a lot of attention but she leaves. You have every right to tell her she's definitely getting a lot more now. She what you're feeling and what you see, quite even comments on her student's hitting blatantly I might add. If you allow her to on her and some of the younger teachers, pull something over on you, you'll have two Although she denies she is vying for attention regrets. The kick you take from her and the she just bought what I would call, a mid life swift kick you give yourself. crisis car. I can't mention the make or model or everyone would know who I'm talking Lady Di about. She used to dress somewhat modest Write Lady Di confidentially at Now she wears tight tops with cleavage Letters can be showing and a bare midriff. Next week she's mailed to; Dear Lady Di, 8351 West Bush having her dark blonde hair dyed platinum, Lake Road, Bloomington, MN 55438 go figure. "It helps, I think, to and I have wanted my family consider ourselves on a very to meet her for quite some long journey: the main thing time~ is to keep the faith, to endure, OnMondaymorning, to help each other when we I drove into town, stopped at stumble or tire, to weep and the grocery store, and picked press on." up a box of delicious donuts -MaryCarolineRichards for my husband. When I We spent Easter Sunday brought them to him I said, at my "little" brother Gary "Dadwantedmetobringyou and wife Karl Jo's home these."Manytimes, outofthe enjoying the bonds of family blue my father would pull up and taking in every present in front of Tracy's workplace moment. Although we wereand fi md him a box of sweet all missing papa, it was good treats so I wanted to emulate to be together, the thoughtfulness he always In conjunction with the maintained. Easter holiday, we also Both Tracy and I celebrated my husband's were missing him terribly birthday a day early. Our the beginning of the week sister-in-law Karl Jo is an thinking about how he would be out driving around amazing cook and so very creative. For his birthday she on the gravel roads and stop made two kinds of cupcakes, over just to "see how it was one with his favorite Oreo going" for us. He had a way cookies and another that was of cheering me up when I by far the best sweet treat I needed it most. have ever tasted in my life. One of those days She also created a "cake" as I took our two pups for out ofTracy's favorite pop and a walk, while our Golden candy bars. My husband has Retriever rolled around in a significant sweet tooth so the snow for a while, I stood he was absolutely in heaven beside him with tears in my with all the delicacies there, eyes looking up to the sky I wish I had in my little pinky and saying out loud, "Papa, the talent my sister-in-law give me a sign so I know you has for cooking and creating, are still all around us." Just She is so good to both of us then a tremendous gust of and we appreciate all she wind came up and swirled does. She is one of the most around me, flowing through thoughtful people I know; my open jacket and causing thank you Karl Jo and Happy my hair to fly back as if I was Birthday Tracy we love you sitting directly in front of a both very much. fan. I looked up and smiled, On Saturday my "Thank you for the hug pops, brothers, husband, niece, I needed that." nephewsandIdecidedtotake You never know when or a trip up to Edinburg to say where a moment of peace hi to my friend Bernice and will come in the midst of shop a little at the Edinburg grief. If only we could keep General Store which she our eyes and hearts open owns and operates, to the grace every single Our two young moment instead of focusing nephews Trapper and on the emptiness, we would Hawken were amazed by miraculously see that which the large train she has in is usually unseen. the store. We were able to Last week we go up the steps and look at receivednewsmybigbrother it from the top. Our 2-year- may have to change the chemo treatment he is on. old nephew Hawken was in awe. Although we can't The verdict is still out and understand yet most of what we are waiting to hear from Rochester to see what the he says, he was talking my ear off about the train and next step is. It was a rough on Sunday when I saw him blow but we continue to pray at church he said to me, for healing. "Keeeee, train?" I think he There are so many people wants to go back and see it weknowwhoaredealingwith again; hopefully we can one this awful disease. Our family day. I was happy my brothers totally understands what it is could meet my friend as like to worry and wait, to deal well, she has been so good with the uncertainty of it all. to me since papa passed It can be difficult especially away, a constant source of for the person going through support and encouragement Continued On Page 5 the treatments and changes. I just have to keep hoping and believing my brother will be healed once and for all, I simply cannot think otherwise. We also heard news doctors found two more spots in our cousin Heidi who was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and was doing well. She will leave for Rochester on Sunday In addition Heidi's father, our cousin Gary had a biopsy this GREAT BEGINNINGS 1353 "The house had gone to bring again To the midnight sky a sunset glow. Now the chimney was all of the house that stood, Like a pistil after the petals go." (the beginning of "The Need of Being Versed in Country Things," a poem by Robert Frost) NATIONAL DEBT As of March 31 the national debt was $1 6,778,962,253,138.61 (over sixteen trillion dollars). Last week it totaled $16,761,682,791,482.04, so it increased by $17 billion, 280 million dollars. Each American now owes $53,318.16, up $47.75 from the $53,270.41 of March 24. TRIVIA QUIZ TIME 781 1. The American naval commander named __ defeated the Barbary Pirates. Ca. Stephen Decatur; b. John Paul Jones; c. Oliver H. Perry) 2. Bishop Odo commissioned the making of the Tapestry. Ca. Bayeaux; b. Calais; c. Ghent) 3. William the Conqueror's wife was named Ca. Eleanore; b. Gertrude; c. Mathilda) 4. The actress Sarah Bernhardt was Ca. English; b. French; c. German) 5. Billy the Kid was also known asWilliam H. ia. Bonney; b. Masterson; c. Torrance) (answers at the end of the Column) A MESS OF POTTAGE 1410 This portion of my column r i i R l l l i l i IBm 130% OFF 40% OFF Purchases In Filters 122 Main Street In Drayton - 454-3500 Expires 4-18-13 L .. ....... .. J l l I I I l I I I ImI 20% OFF On Your Next Meal Call For Take Out and Daily Specials Expires 4-10-13 L .. ...__ .. ,.. ... j I" " ....... "-- "1 O L I I For Appointment 701-454-3555 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I ~ 1 ,'s Country Pizza Corner Any Flavor Limit 2 Packages per Coupon Coupon good through 4-9-13 m l l J Mill mllUll IBm Market L- i i l i i l l l i J describes the works of 4. Love Train (O'Jays) Libertarian philosopher and5. Ain't No Woman (Four economist Murray Rothbard Tops) (1926-1995). In 1995 he 6. Break Up To Make Up published "Economic (Stylistics) Thought BeforeAdam 7. Last Song (Edward Smith." Bear) Chapter 10 is entitled 8. Danny's Song (Anne "Mercantilism and freedom Murray) in England from the Tudors 9. Sing (Carpenters)* to the Civil War." In the late 10. The Night The Lights sixteenth century a group of Went Out In Georgia writers known as bullionists (Vicki Lawrence)* claimed that it was wrong (* indicates a new song) to allow gold or silver to leave a country and that The Carpenters (siblings this problem arose becauseRichardandKarenCarpenter) had twenty-nine hit songs of unscrupulous foreign exchange dealers. SirThomas from 1970 to 1983, twenty- Mun (1571-1641) pushed eight on the Hot 100. "Sing" for an export surplus which was their eleventh release. It would accumulate specie inpeaked at #3 and was on the England. He believed that charts for fourteen weeks. the specie accumulated by Karen Carpenter died on the export surplus would February 4, 1983, due to drive trade and foreign trade heart failure arising from the even higher. This would complications of anorexia also benefit the East India nervosa at the age of 32. NUMBER 1 SONGS Company. April 4 POETIC FRAGMENTS 1893--O Promise Me PercyByssheShelley(1792-(George J. Gaskin) 1822) was a major Romantic 1898--Break The News poet. Here is a portion of his To Mother (George ]. poem "I Fear Thy Kisses":Gaskin) "I fear thy kisses, gentle I903--In The Good Old maiden; Summertime (Haydn Thou needest not fearQuartet) mine; 1908--As Long As The My spirit is too deeply World Rolls On (Alan laden Turner) Ever to burden thine." 1913--Syrnpathy (Walter DHS, 1927 Van Brunt/Helen Clark) 13 1918--Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here (Irving On January 28 the DHS Kaufman/Columbia boys' basketball team lost Quartet) at Hamilton 20-15. Their 1923--CarolinaIn record went to 0-2. The team The Morning (Van & traveled to Hamilton by "snowmobile." :" Schenck) 1928--Among My BILLBOARD'S TOP TEN Souvenirs (Paul 1973 Whiteman) March 31 1933 - -Forty- Second 1. Killing Me Softly Street (DonBestor) : With His Song (Roberta 1938--Ti-Pi-Pin (Horace Flack) Heidt); Don't Be That Way 2. Also Sprach (Benny Goodman) Zarathustra (Deodato) 1943--I've Heard That 3. Neither One of Us Song Before (Harry (Gladys Knight/Pips) Continued on Page 6 Courtesy of Valley News and Views These Coupons are being made available exclusively to our readers and subscribers. You must have a coupon to make purchase and only coupons clipped from this paper are redeemable. Special Offers Every Week And We'll Be Adding More to the List. Now, It Pays to Subscribe to the Valley News and Views Subscribe Online at Stop In, Call 454-6333, Or Write Us @ Box 309, Drayton, 58225 Already a Subscriber.... 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