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April 17, 2014     Valley News and Views
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April 17, 2014

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Valley News & Views iilil ;iii+ii! ii Page 5 April 17th, 2014 April 20th, 1894 Drayton Echo Alma Rogers of Dixon, Ill. Died from the effect of a bullet shot he received in the eye at the siege of Vicksburg thrity years ago. Male ticket sellers at all the suburban stations of the Illinois Central road were replaced byyoung women. A femal keeper of a toll gate near Brownsville, Pa., refused to permit passage of Coxey's army until $1.89 had been paid. (Editor's Note: Coxey's Army was a protest march by unemployed workers from the United States, led by Ohio businessman Jacob Coxey. They marched on Washington D.C. in 1894, the second year of a four- year economic depression that was the worst in United States history to that time. Source: Wikepedia.) We saw an office seeker try to cross Almeron street on tip-toe yesterday to raise the shank of his feet above high mud mark. It was the same old story- he suddenly made great demonstrations in the air, and then the heavy part of his anatomy struck where it would do the most good. Miss Halcrow is certainly increase in in avoidupris, or the roads are terrible for driving from Bowesmont Monday morning, both single trees broke square in two when two miles from home. She arrived at her ost of duty at 10 o'clock. Emma waited upon the little primroses during this hour. John Barton went out into the raging Red in a boat a few days ago to help the "boys" coax a runaway wheat bare to shore. But that recent, close, shave: was too much for John and disturbed his equilibrium in a very distressing manner, so over he went and made a straight cold hole in the ruby waves. All's well that ends well even if it is surprisingly wet and chilly. April 15th, 1904 Drayton Echo Misses Jennie Craig, Alma Morsen and Etta MacLean who are teacing school in various parts of the county, are all at home this week, having had their Easter vactions extended on account of high writer. R. VanCamp is experimenting with a very novelinvention forpropelling a boat. The device consists of two cigar shaped hollow cylinders placed on each side of what appears very much like an ordinary punt, except that the keel does not rest upon the water, the weight being supported by the cylinders. Each cylinder has a series of spiral flanges running its entire length which, when the cylinders are made to revolve by means of the machinery in the center, drive the boat forward or backward according to the direction of the revolution. April 18th, 1924 Drayton Echo Washington - President Coolidge told the Senate in emphatic terms that it was time to return to a government "under and in accordance with the usual forms of the law of the land." We have heard a few of the local (Bowesmont) weather prophets predicting a dry summer.Withthe appearance of the weather Wednesday morning we believe the wild ducks and geese will have enough moisture for at least one good drink if they stop off long enough for us to get a look at them. The home of Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Lindberg was saddened on Friday, April 11, when their youngest child, Carrol Herman Gustaf aged 1 year, 3 months and 2 days, passed away after an illness of 15 days. Mr. Hobart Buchanan has bought and installed a Soda Fountain and a back bar with a large mirror which gives Hobart's place an attractive appearance. Jack Holt in 'The Tigers Claw" Saturday night the 19th, at the Movies. Alo a Neely Edwards Comedy "Coal Dust Twins." Some of the questions handed one of the teachers this week for general information test at the high school. 1. Who wrote McCauley's History of England? 2. When was the War of 18127 3. What two countries took part in the Spanish- American War? 4. In what season of the year did Washington spend the winter at Valley Forge? 5. Give a short description of the Swiss Navy. 6. In round numbers give the duration of the Hundred Years War. April 21at, 1944 Red River Valley Leader London- (Wednesday) - A force of probably 2,000 U.S. Flying Fortresses, Liberators and fighters broke through enemy fighter forces guarding Berlin and Continued On Page 6 Helen Volk Schill NDSU Pembina County Extension Office Prom, High School Graduation and other special events are milestones in your child's life; but they sometimes come with additional risk factors for high-risk decision making (e.g. underage drinking, unprotected sexual activity). To help ensure these events are safe and still fun, some helpful advice and resources follow. For more information check out Parents LEAD @ Keeping your Teen Safe - Never provide your child, or their friends, with alcohol. Not only does it increase your child's risk for alcohol related problems now and later in life - but you are also putting yourself at risk (for more information on ND Laws see: http://www. php Here are some things to keep in mind: Don't send mixed messages. Sometimes, it is thought that if you 'supervise' the underage drinking- you are protecting your child. This is actually a misconception: research indicates that adult-hosted parties that serve alcohol to teens do not reduce risk factors. Keep them safe on the road. 2010 ND Department of Transportation Data indicates that 50% of drivers involved in alcohol-related crashes in ND were 18-29 years of age. Supervise. Letting teens go to an unsupervised hotel room, party or distant location like a cabin rarely ends well. It is much easier to engage in risky behavior including using drugs and alcohol, engage in sexual activity or become a victim of an accident. Negotiate. Curfews are important for teens. During a special event, you may have to negotiate on this topic some. Discuss what is realistic to expect during a special event. Having a plan for the whole evening with several acceptable options is a great defense for not being pressured into going to the "drinking" party. Remind them that you will still be holding them accountable: Say "I will be up when you get home" or "Wake me when you get home." Communicate Expectations/Hold them accountable. These events are special - but remind your teen that your family's rules still apply. Use these special events to reinforce your messages about leading a healthy lifestyle, your expectations and consequences for breaking rules. Talk about the consequences of underage drinking and being in a vehicle with an intoxicated driver. Help them plan. Help your son or daughter plan Tales and Trails Continued From Page 2 ' ' for the types of situations that may present on the night of this special event. Role-play or discuss what to do if confronted with different risky situations. The Partnership at Drugfree suggests a checklist that can help your teen begin thinking about the event and produces opportunities for conversations. http: / / decoder.drugfree. org/2009/04/22/prom- checklist- and-tips-for- teens-and-parents/ Get Involved - Parents that are involved can help create environments that are less risky. Here are some ideas on how to get involved: o Sign up for the prom committee and help plan the after party o Talk to the parent of your child's date or friends and make sure you are all getting the same story about the plans. o If not already in place help your schools formulate guidelines for a safe event, or host a party at your home. o When entertaining youth make sure you have plenty of food, non-alcoholic beverages and adults available but not part of the party. 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RichardandGayleMcConnell luncheon at Culver s. tools in hand, the content 201t ................... .................. ................................................. 2011 Botxat 5850 500 hrs., AhL k~ol EBH. radio........ s46,500 2009 Gravely PM152M 1252 hrs., Bagger ............... s3,500 Next morning the group attended the 90th birthday Don Baldock took Mike of stories from seniors, and 20111~atS850670hrs.,A91,$JC, oirrideseot radio, Super dean! ............................................. ~53,000 2009 Dixie Chopper $1tve~ Hawk 70 hrs., 50" Deck..s4,750 2006 Bobcat 5600 1900 h~s., cab/air/heat, HF .._ )29.500 2010 Dixie Choppee Slier Eagle 70 I~., 50+ Deck ......... s6,500 headed for St. Louis to tour The Gate Way Arch. Most of the group chose to go up the tram in the arch for a spectacular view at the top. They then drove to Springfield where they spent the night at another Drury Inn. The morning of April 10th they toured Lincoln's tomb and also the Memorials for WW II, the Korean andVietnamWars. In the City they toured the Old State Capitol Building and Lincoln's home. After lunch they drove to Hannibal, MO. where they toured the homes of Mark Twain and the boy and girl who inspired the characters of Huck Finn and Beck Thatcher. They also visited the Mark Twain museum and took a trolley ride around the area. The last day of touring was April 1 lth when they went to St. Joseph, MO. They visited the Jesse James Museum, as well as his home where he was living incognito but was killed by Bob Ford. The museum was in a former hotel which at one time was the location of the first Pony party and dinner for Rose Everson Wright March 29th at the Park Crest Hall in Mesa. Richard and Gayle McConnell returned as far as Fargo April 3rd where they spent the weekend with Mike, Rachel and Ava Wittrock. They all met Ben and Kriss Tucker, Kelly and Ella McWilliams for lunch at the Olive Garden in Grand Forks April 5th and the Tuckers brought them to the farm. Marvin and Clarice Mosolf visited Doris Jensen at the Altru Transitional Center in Grand Forks April 4th. Landon Mapel visited Mike and Judy Stellon April 4th and 5th. Sunday April 6th Richard and Gayle McConnell attended the turkey dinner at St. John's Lutheran Church in St. Thomas. Merv and Phyllis Halter went to Red Wing to spend the week with the Derk and ]olene Maggert family April 8th. Janelle and Megan Nyegaard of Hallock were also visiting. On the 1 lth and and Judy Stellon to the American Legion Club in East Grand Forks April 1 lth. Brad Kalka and Taryn of Grand Forks had dinner with Chester and Donna Kalka April 12th. The children and grandchildren of Steve and Ellen Marciniak had a party at the Park View center to celebrate their 70th AnniversaryApri112th. Mike and Judy Stellon were among those who attended and then went to their Warroad lake home and returned home Sunday. Brad and Karen Schuster visited Marvin and Clarice Mosolf at Tisdale Manor Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon Ben Tucker hosted a birthday dinner at Shannigans in Grafton for his wife Kriss. Guests included Richard and Gayle McConnell, Ralph and Carol Tucker, Kelly and Ella McWilliams. Later that afternoon Richard and Gayle visited Neil and ]oyce Hanson of Hamilton. new media as the carrier of "Stories from the Heart of America" to anyone, anywhere, anytime, A weekly feature in the Norwegian American Weekly out of Seattle and the quarterly magazine Scandinavian Press carry this message far beyond state borders in the networks of local and national media. ATTACHMENTS CAt, FOR A VA~tABtUlY AND PR/CE$! H. 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