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May 3, 2012     Valley News and Views
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May 3, 2012

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Page 6 May 3rd, 2012 Valley News & Views Back When Continued from Page 5 knew the answer, namely, a beet seed (so called) is in fact a seed all containing from one to three ripened ovules, or seeds - almost invariably two - both of which produce plants. The fact underlies the principal part of the labor costs of growing this crop, the cash expense of blocking and thing which is about $12.00 an acre. Halcrow Cash Supply calls attention to their demonstration and paint sale today (Friday). Free painted vases as well as cash prizes will be awarded. May 5th, 1949 Red River Valley Leader A bill to give 5.38 billion dollars to the European recovery program over the next 15 months- with one billion available at once- was signed by President Truman. A beneficial rain, falling all day Sunday, came as a boon to housewives weary of fighting the dust which blew steadily last week. Friday and Saturday the sky was grey with dust, which came from far way, some folks recognizing dirt from South Dakota, as well as local. Farmers were interrupted in seeding operations and it had begun to look as though we were in for a recurrence of 1936. Things are on the brighter side today, with the sky overcast and more rain predicted. The Phillips 66 -WDAY Radio Revue and Talent Parade, a popular feature of Radio Station WDAY in Fargo has been signed to appear in person in Drayton on Wednesday, May 25, according to word from M.R. Jorde chairman of the event for the American Legion Post No. 159 sponsors of the local appearance. This means that two shows in one will take place Theme Crossword Mother's Day Answers On Page 8 CROSSWORD n m m 6 7 8 14 17 21 24 29 38 46 50 54 60 65 66 69 72 E,,i,,y 6if"" Jo O , A 11 Ihe I"rills Boru 10 32 52 61 Site Price: You Pay: ,19 StatePoint Media ACROSS 1. Puppy cries 6. Highest degree 9. Cyrano's prominent feature 13. School in France 14. " "Jordan 15. "Don't words!" 16. With arms 17. League of its own 18. Like the suspects in "Casablanca" 19. *She went to the cupboard 21. *"Arrangement in Grey and Black: the 's Mother" 23. Estimated arrival 24. Drop-down menu option 25. ENT's first concern? 28. Larger-than-life 30. *Kate Hudson's morn 35. *Son of Hera 37. Fe 39. *Mothers tend to their children's 40. Capital of Latvia 41.1/100 of a rial 43. Nadas 44. The Romanovs, e.g. 46. " Like it Hot" 47. On a cruise 48. Mylar filling 50. Cheesy sandwich 52. Give it a shot 53. Snoopy 55. Positive or negative particle 57. "Smokey and the 60. *Aka Nadya Suleman 64. Mythological princess of Colchis 65. Once around 67. "What A Feeling" singer Cara 68. Muscle control problem 69.2nd or 3rd in New York City 70. Nephew's sister 71. Contribution 72. p in mph 73. Type of community DOWN I. Uh-huh 2. Shade of beige 3. Bausch's partner 4. Military trainee 5. Tranquilize 6. Type of vacation 7. T-cell killer 8. Nymph of the woods 9. Inconclusive 10. Burden 11. Do like Ella Fitzgerald 12. Unagi 15. Sheep meat 20. R in REM 22. Fix a game 24. "It's the stupid" 25. *Mother 26. Get up 27. *Like the Queen Mother 29. Eye color 31. Horne or Olin 32. Freethinker 33. A do-nothing 34. Test form 36. Indira Gandhi's dress 38. Given identity 42. An antiquity 45. *Mothering __, Mother's Day to a Brit 49. "C'est ?" 51. Lugging 54. Razor sharpener 56. Water wheel 57. Testing stage of software 58. Sixth month of civil year 59. Cashier's call 60. Last word on radio 61. Swim or track contest 62. Fairytale start 63. Fitting reward 64. It comes with a key 66. *Biblical mother here on that date. A portion of the program will feature talent from around here. The second annual band concer of the Drayton High School Concert Band under the direction of Mr. N. Manvel Lillehaugen will be given on Monday, May 9, at 8:00 p.m. in the city auditorium. May 1st, 1969 Drayton Express The Red River at Drayton has begun its slow move downward from its flood crest last week, but it is an extremely slow drop. Wednesday morning the river had dropped to 40.57 feet, less than a foot below the crest last Wednesday of 41.31'. Prom, the social highlight of the school year., which will be held Friday evening. The theme chosen for this year is "Camelot" and according to Mr. Bingeman the only problem encounted in the initial decoration of the gym in the new school is "spaciousness." The Collegiate Quintet from Fargo will furnish the music for the evening's entertainment and the public is cordially invited to attend the event from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. The third annual Drayton Community Swimming Pool dance will be held this Saturday evening at the Drayton school. Pete Byzewski's Polish Quarter Pounder So what is Pete's little contraption and how does R relate to food? It's a Polish Quarter Pounder. Note the quarter about to be struck by the little hammer head which will be propelled by the clothes pin. Over to the right in the rest of the Goats column you will see a schnitzelbank which shares some similarities as far as physical appearance goes.. Lena Pregnant at 71? Lena went to the doctor's office where she was seen by one of the younger doctors. After about four minutes in the examination room, she burst out screaming as she ran down the hall. The older doctor, Dr. Sven, stopped her and asked what the problem was, and Lena told him her story. After listening, he had her Weekly Sudoku Solution On Page 8 b=x::':'::'m:':m:z':':J:*'s" 20/0" @ sit down and relax in another room. Dr. Sven marched down the hallway back to where the young doctor was writing on his clipboard. 'What da heck is da matter with you?!" Dr. Sven demanded. "Poor Lena is 7I years old, has four grown children and seven grandchildren, and you told her she was pregnant?" The younger doctor :continued writing and without looking up said, "Does she still have the hiccups?" Goat Vs Schnitzel laying on the ground for a while. It knew then, that the key to wiener schnitzel was not in the wiener but in the schnitzel. The Goat went back to the books. It discovered that Wiener Schnitzel was a traditional Austrian dish. It was made with boneless meat, smacked thin with mallet. It was then coated with bread crumbs and fried. While schnitzel can be made with a variety of meats including pork, turkey, and even alligator and haggis, but true Wiener Schnitzel is made with veal. As a matter of fact, it's the law there that only schnitzel made with veal can be called Wiener Schnitzel. When looking into the origins of schnitzel many schnitzel historians believe it originated in Italy. Milan to be specific. However, if you delve deeper into the world of schnitzel you find that Scotland has collops, which is like schnitzel, we have chicken flied steak, or country fried steak here in the U.S and many other places you go in the world, there is some form of breaded and fried meat made in a similar manner. The Goat and Vinny, putting their heads together, theorized that schnitzel originated spontaneously in several parts of the world, at the same time. An act of God, so to speak. Schnitzel was simply meant to be. Vinny even speculated that schnitzel could somehow be proof of Ensteins unified field theory. The Goat began thinking about a song it had heard many times when it had been a member of the French underground in WWII. It was called the Schnitzelbank song. A beer drinking song, it was often sung by occupying soldiers in French taverns that the Goat had hung out in while trying to gather intelligence information. The Goat didn't understand German so wasn't very handy at gathering intelligence, but 2 Tundra by Chad Carpenter 6 9 2 6 3 11m Official Comic Ship of the Animal's Republic of Robbin Continued from Page 1 it did have a good memory and the song remained in its head. The Goat began to wonder, didthe schnitzelbank song have anything to do with wiener schnitzel? More research revealed that other than being a fun song, that one might begin singing after a meal of wiener schnitzel, washed down by a good number of beers, it wasn't a place to save schnitzel, or have anything to do with wiener schnitzel at all. Schnitzelbank literally means "scrap bench" or "chip bench". Probably the closest relationship would be that you might use scraps of meat to make wiener schnitzel. However a Schnitzelbank is a wood working tool It was used in Germany before the industrial revolution and also used during colonial times in New England and the Appalachians. A Schnitzelbanl also known as a Shaving Horse, in this neck of the woods. Called a shaving horse on this continent it was used to make a variety of things from making ax handles and wooden rakes, to hay forks and walking sticks. A Schnitzelbank is also a short rhyming verse. A lot of times instruments are used to accompany a Schnitzelbank. Each verse starts with a certain topic and ends with a funny twist. The more beer consumed, the funnier each verse becomes. Which brings us back to the beginning, with Vinny Mouse singing the Schnitzelbank song and rolling on the ground with laughter. Everything was right, the world made sense and I found myself craving a chicken fried steak dinner. 9 8 9 3 4 7 56 8 4 1 3 8 49 79 5 2567 Nit in the b;enk s n  gift, making sure na, ev row, column d 3-by,3 box nclude.s all ditd 1 rouh 9. !. I' SAY THEY I ' ,, .... --i .oo00 ,. THEFAMIL. f /F" /"/" .... -.--- It, Valley News and Views dv'eather Summary Thursday Friday Isolated ]:storms Few Showers 68 / 45 63 / 46 Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Mostly C[oudy Partly Cloudy Partly Ckmdy 64 / 47 61 / 46 61 / 49 65 / 44 70 i 45 I,,,o,,i 213, 1415 819 liol 80igl 0-2: Low, 3-5: Moderate, 6-7: High, 8-t0: ,'%ry High I+; Extrele Eposur ' Weather Trix ia Can lightning travel hmugh phone "  lines? f : Yes. un ess a phone s cordless don't use it daring !hundersorms. V'eather History May 3,1988 - Thunderstorms brought much needed rains to the drought-stricken central United States. Evening thunder- storms produced large hail in North Carolina. Hail the size of baseballs was reported just west of Mooresville, N.C. May 4. 1977 - A tornado 500 yards in width struck Pleasant Hill, Mo. severely damaging the high school and grade school. Only minor injuries were reported among the more than 1,000 teachers and students, due to excellent warnings and prior tornado drills. "Doday we will see partly cloudy skies with a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms, high temperature of 68 , humid:ity of 63%. North northeast wind 6 to 8 mph, The record high temperature for today is 96" set in 1980. Expect mostly cloudy skies tonight with a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms, overnight low of 45% The record low tbr tonight is 14 set in 1967. Friday. skies will be mostly cloudy with a 40% chance of showers, high temperature of 63% humidity of 55%. Peak Times Peak Times Thu 9:23-I1:23 8:53-10:53 Mou .... 1 l:53-1:53 Fri t0:20-12:20 9:50-11:50 Tue 12:57-2:57 1:27-3:27 ....... .::.,..:-:.,:.,..,. Sat 11:21-1:21 10;51-t2:51 Wed 1:58-3:58 2:28-4:28 Sun 1 l: 30-1:30 It :00-1:00 www.WhatsOm' ,.  _ Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset .,, 8:48 p.m. 6:02 p.m. 4:23 a.m. Full { ! Thu 6:05 a,m. 5/20 5/5 ' Fri 6:03 a.m. 8:49 p.m. 7:24 p.m, 4:52 a.m Sat 6:0l a.m, 8:50 p.m. 8:46 p,m, 5:27 a.m, G Sun 6:00 a,m. 8:52 p.m. I0:04 p,m. 6:08 a,m, Last Mon 5:58 a.m. 8:53 p.m. 11:14 p.m. 6:59 a,m. ) First 5112 "Fue 5:57 a.m. 8:55 p.m, No Rise 8:00 a.m. 5128 Wed 5:55 a.m. 8:56 p.m, 12:ll a.m. 9:08 a,m. 4/24 73 45 57/36 0,00" 4/25 63 36 58/36 0. I 0" 4/26 55 25 - 58/37 0.00" 4/27 55 41 59/37 0.00" 4/28 66 41 60/38 &Off' 4/29 57 46 60,;38 0.00" 4/30 68 36 61/39 0.00" [! ........