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May 9, 2013     Valley News and Views
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May 9, 2013

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Page 4 May 9th, 2013 iiiiii: GREAT BEGINNINGS 1358 Announcer: "The Jack Benny Program, transcribed and presented by Lucky Strike, the cigarette that tastes better." Song: "Light up a Luckies, it's light up time. Be happy, go Lucky, it's light up time. For the taste that you like, Light up a Lucky Strike, Relax, it's light up time." Announcer: "The Lucky Strike Program starring Jack Benny, with Mary Livingston, Rochester, Dennis Day, Bob Crosby, and yours truly, Don Wilson. And now. Ladies and gentlemen...Jack Benny." Jack: "Thank you, thank you, this is Jack Benny talking .... " Ca typical opening for "The Jack Benny Program," a comedy program on radio; CBS, 1932-33; NBC, 1933-48; CBS, 1949-55) NATIONAL DEBT As of May 5 the national debt was $16,805,268,057,962.21 (over sixteen trillion dollars). This was an increase of almost $36 billion from the $16,769,288,885,065.97 of April 28. Each American now owes $53,366.50, an increase of $107.38 from the $53,259.12 of April 28. The increase in the national debt since our members of Congress were first in office: Former Senator Kent Conrad: 1987- -$2,350,276,890,953.00; Jan. 2, 2013-- $16,441,433,358,986.17, an increase of over 14 trillion, 91 billion dollars. Former Representative Rick Berg: Jan. 2011--$13,997,932,781,828.89; Jan. 2, 2013-- $16,441,433,358,986.17, an increase of over two trillion 416 billion dollars. Senator John Hoeven: Jan. 2011- -$13,997,932,781,828.89; today-- S16,805,268,057,962.21, an increase of over two trillion 807 billion dollars. Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Representative Kevin Cramer: Jan. 3, 2013--$16,437,549,999,170.77; today-- $16,805,268,057,962.21, an increase of $367 billion. TRIVIA QUIZ TIME 788 1. Thailand was formerly called . (a. Borneo; b. Siam; c. Tong Moi) 2. A combination spear and ax head is a. (a. battle ax; b. halberd; c. thruster) 3. Cobblers work with (a. coats; b. hats; c. shoes) 4. A doublet is a. Ca. coat; b. shirt; c. tie) 5. A smith sometimes works with. Ca. cows; b. horses; c. pigs) (answers at the end of the Column) A MESS OF POTTAGE 1415 This portion of my column describes the works of Libertarian philosopher and economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995). In 1995 he published "Economic Thought Before Adam Smith." Chapter 10 is entitled "Mercantilism and freedom in England from the Tudors to the Civil War." In the late sixteenth century a group of writers known as bullionists claimed that it was wrong to allow gold or silver to leave a country and that this problem arose because of unscrupulous foreign exchange dealers. Rice Vaughn was probably the best person at economic analysis during this period. Looking back to the Scholastic period and anticipating the subjective economists of the nineteenth century, Vaughn said that a good's value is dependent on its subjective utility and thus on the demand of the consumers. Prices are determined by the intersection of the subjective value and the scarcity of the good in question POETIC FRAGMENTS Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) was a major Romantic poet. Here is a portion of his poem "To A Skylark": "Haft to thee, blithe Spirit! Bird thou never wert, That from heaven, or near it, Pourest thy full heart In profane strains of unpremeditated art." DHS, 1927 18 On February 11 the DHS boys lost at Pembina 27-6 to make their record 0-3; the DHS girls also lost at Pembina 13-12 for a record of 1-1. After the game was over, it was discovered that a point for Drayton had not been counted in the scorer's book, which would have put the game into overtime. BILLBOARD'S TOP TEN 1973 May5 1. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree (Dawn/Tony Orlando) 2. The Cisco Kid (War) 3. Little Willy (Sweet) 4. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Stevie Wonder) 5. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia (Vicki Lawrence) 6. Drift Away (Dobie Gray)* 7. Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealers Wheel) 8. The Twelfth Of Never (Donny Osmond) 9. Sing (Carpenters) 10. Frankenstein (EdgarWinter Group)* (* indicates a new song) Dobie Gray was born Lawrence Darrow Brown in Brookshire, TX, on July 26, 1940. From 1963 to 2003 he had a dozen hit songs, nine of which appeared on the Hot 100. "Drift Away" was his fifth release. It peaked at #5 and was on the charts for twenty-one weeks, becoming his all-time biggest hit. NUMBER 1 SONGS MAY9 1893--After The Ball (George I. Gaskin) 1898--Break The News To Mother (George I. Gaskin) 1903--In The Good Old Summertime (Sousa's Band) 1908--Wouldn't You Like To Have Me For A Sweetheart? (Ada Jones/Billy Murray) 1913--When I Lost You (Henry Burr) 1918--Just A Baby's Prayer At Twilight (Henry Burr) 1923--Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers (Paul Whiteman) 1928--Ramona (Paul Whiteman) 1933--Stormy Weather (Leo Reisman/ Harold Arlen) 1938--I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (Duke Ellington); Please Be Kind (Red Norvo) 1943--I've Heard That Song Before (Harry James) 1948--Manana (Peggy Lee); Now Is The Hour (Bing Crosby); Nature Boy (Nat "King" Cole) 1953--The Doggie In The Window (Patti Page) 1958--Witch Doctor (David Seville) 1963--I Will Follow Him (Little Peggy March) 1968--Honey (Bobby Goldsboro) 1973--Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree (Dawn/Tony Orlando) 1978--Night Fever (Bee Gees) 1983--Beat It (Michael Jackson) 1988--Wishing Well (Terence Trent D'Arby) 1993-- Freak Me, (Silk) 1998--Too Close (Next} 2003--In Da Club (50 Gent) 2008--Lollipop (Lil Wayne/Static Major) 15YEARS AGO On May 9, 1998, the DHS boys won the Aggie Booster Track Meet at Park River, scoring 125 pts. Ryan Weinlaeder had three first place finishes: 110 Hurdles, :16.41; Long lump, 18'11"; Triple lump, 38'10". He was named the Outstanding Male Athlete of the Meet. The 400 Relay Team ill Kliniske, Shannon Kliniske-Nelson, Tyler McFarland, Andy Grzadzieleski) had a first place time of :48.51, and the 800 Relay (Chris Kringstad, Tim Parker, Scott Weinlaeder, Shannon Kliniske-Nelson) also took first in 1:46.82. The annual junior-senior prom was held that evening with twenty-eight couples. On May 11, 1998, the DHS Student Council added the fifteenth picture in its State Champions series, that of the 1963 DHS baseball team., plus the Student Council had the DHS Class of 1972 composite picture redone because some of the adhesive had allowed individual pictures to fall. The DHS girls' golf team participated in the Conference Golf Meet. The DHS boys' team took first place at their Conference Golf Meet in Cavalier, with State Qualifiers being Alex Brosseau, who was also the medalist with a 74, Clarence Sitter, 76; and Kenny Elliott, 77. On May 12, 1998, the Spring Music Concert was held at 7 p.m. On May 13, 1998, the sixth graders set off model rockets they had made. The longest launch made it to the Potato Packers' warehouse in north Drayton. On May 14, 1998, the seventy-third annual Pembina County Track Meet was held at Cavalier. The DHS girls took fifth place with fifty-three pts. The DHS boys won the event with 175 pts. Ryan Weiulaeder took first place in three events: 110 Hurdles, :16.08; Long Jump, 17'10.75"; Triple Jump, 38'4.25". He was named the Outstanding Male Athlete of the Meet. The 400 Relay Team (JJ Kiiniske, Shannon Kliniske-Nelson, Tyler McFarland, Andy Grzadzieleski) had a first place time of :47.78. NOTABLE QUOTES "That man that hath a tongue, I say, is no man, If with his tongue he cannot win a woman." (as said by Valentine in Shakespeare's comedy "The Two Gentlemen of Verona," Act III, sc. 1) STUDENT OF THE WEEK KC's Student of the Week for April 29 to May 3 is Bradley Keena, senior son of Mavis and Neil Keena. Bradley picked up two wins for the Titans baseball team. one by pitching a no-hitter. Continued on Page 8 Valley News and Views Dear Lady Di, I'm in a sticky situation and need some advice quick! I travel frequently on business with a male co-worker. We've been working together for several years, five to be exact. I feel like his second wife. In other words, an often nagging second wife since traveling with anyone can be wearing Case in point, he's married. I adore his wife and they've been married for a long time with a 12 year old son. I'll refer to my co-worker as "Ben". Our work is arduous and our days are long. We travel from city to city visiting with customers. Once in a while we dine together but often I'll get room service and watch vapid TV shows at night. Ben and I are on a trip (now) and decided to eat together our first night of the trip. It was really strange; he was gazing into my eyes during the entire meal as I was chattering away. It felt very weird as he was looking at me differently than our usual rapport of "Lucy and Desi" banter. I have no romantic interest in him. We returned to our hotel and I stopped in the restaurant to order a desert-to-go for each of us. While the order was being placed he went to the bar to get us a glass of wine- to-go. The plan was to bring each glass of wine to our respective rooms. I got my dessert and looked for Ben in the Hotel lobby. His text back said he had to go to his room to return a call to his administrative assistant. He said to come to his room and get my wine and give him his dessert. I freaked, immediately knowing I'd be in a precarious situation. I text a friend and told her to call me in 5 minutes so I could make a quick exit. In his room he raised his glass for a toast "To loanne"I OMG, then he made the moves. My phone call came with no distraction for him. He just laid one on my lips slobbering me. I then made a quick exit. He had every intention to beeline for the bed, with me in tow. I told him I couldn't stay and had to leave. He saw me to the door and gave me those doe eyes. I asked him if he was mad at me before he closed the door behind me. He said "no, not at all". Why do I care if he's mad when he was totally out of line? He's been normal since but we still have 4 nights to go. I could never report this to HR, he has an amazing family. Joanne Dear Joanne, Women often feel they're the perpetrator when they're indeed the victim. You have no reason to feel you provoked this unwarranted groping. You're fortunate it didn't go farther. Write up the details as they occurred and report him to HR. Book the next flight out of town. No explanation needed. Lady Di Write Lady Di confidentially at Letters can be mailed to; Dear Lady Di, 8351 West Bush Lake Road, Bloomington, MN 55438 ..... ,':  ,:. :: :: ,:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : :, :::.::::2:,:::' : :" .. :::::::::::::::::::::::: , 2 ...........  ......... " "' .... :: ' ..... " "  : t ,,d'  m,%  "Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief." -Joseph Addison Sunday morning we received word at church Auntie Erma took a spill in her apartment just before she was ready to leave. We drove into town immediately after services that day and have since found out she broke her wrist. We are grateful she wasn't hurt worse She will hopefully get a cast put on this week so she can still do some of the things she enjoys doing She is so very independent and loves when she can be with people, she gets energy from them. I have been amazed as I go back and forth to her place at Tisdale Manor to help how everyone there looks out for each other. Each time I have been there, several of her neighbors have stopped to visit and check on her. One of the ladies said to me when I thanked her, "Well we try to look out for each other here." What a blessing they have all been; I am so very happy my beloved auntie lives amongst so many friends and caring neighbors. I would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all of them for their kindness and love. The other day when one of her neighbors stopped over to see how she was doing before she left she gave auntie a hug and they told each other, "I love you." Friendship is truly one of the greatest gifts on this earth. I don't know what I would have done without the friends who have stuck by me through the good days and the difficult ones, they bring me strength when my weaknesses are prevailing, they give me hope when I feel so hopeless, and they show me compassion in those moments when I am in dire need of it. The same is true for my auntie's dear friends. God Bless them all for being there for her through the good times and the tough ones. Auntie is definitely an inspiration, even when the doctor was feeling around on her wrist and hit a spot that was very painful, auntie told her with a smile on her face, "That hurts there." It made me giggle how she keeps the faith and has such a positive attitude. When she was praying before her meal the other day she was thanking God she didn't get hurt worse and thanking him for the time spent with myself and other family members and friends while she is healing. She said to me, "It is amazing how much we take for granted. I thank God for these hands; I should have been thanking him before." What an incredible woman she is. One of my friends recently gave me a beautiful necklace with a silver medallion hanging from it. On one side of the medal is a picture of footprints and on the other side it reads, "Follow the footprints of the Lord, they will lead you through troubled times and brighten your life." I haven't taken the necklace off since I received it. It is a gentle reminder the Lord gives me the grace of friendship so I can carry on when things seem overwhelming. Today as I write it is my mother's 71st birthday. She looks amazing for her age and I hope with all my heart I can be as active and look as good as she does at her age. Both her and my aunties are amazing women and inspire me each and every day. I love you all and want to say Happy Birthday again morn, I don't know what I would do without you. You are most definitely the roots that hold us all together. You have been through so much in your lifetime, especially in the last year and yet you have remained strong for the rest of us. I feel truly blessed you are my mother. As we celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, I hope we can all remember how blessed we are for those women in our lives who helped us grow to be the people we are today. May all you mothers know your job is the most important one in this world and may you be recognized not just on Mother's Day but every day. Friday will mark the one year anniversary of our father's passing. There isn't a day that goes by I don't think of him. Every morning when I'm sitting in my easy chair drinking a cup of warm Continued On Page 9 J & :=.. II IIII II Jill ] I III I l! I I II " 1 $ ::% .... ....... '::' ':  ..... Early soybean genetics, wheat and corn still available. Call 701.454.6427 . ' Valley News a ews - PO Box 309 - Drayton, N.D. 58225 701-360-3005/701,454-6333 Emaih