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May 30, 2013     Valley News and Views
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May 30, 2013

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Page 2 May 30th, 2013 !i ! iiil *! iiii i i< ii fill! ..... = ii~ , Valley News and Views Memorial Day is already a memory. For me, the day was condensed into 90 minutes of honoring those who made the rest of our national holidays possible by protecting our freedom. It's rare that 90 consecutive minutes can hold one's focus on the true meaning of Memorial Day. by envisioning faces and events that make up the heritage that we enjoy. Music, a stirring speech by a decorated veteran pilot, and the honor guard with its gun salute and taps for the fallen warriors are moments that are the fabric of our history. Then, food and plenty of it with table tales that engage fellow veterans with the personal, sometimes intimate memories, about why they are tellers of the stories, rather than names inscribed in stone in the Memorial Park as a visible part of the other half of Main Street. These vestiges of past wars are still "up close and personal" in the faces of citizens within rural communities. A flesh look among the aging Honor Guard for the gun salute was an active duty airman in fatigues, who with his family has taken up residence in a town near the Grand Forks Air Base. When the event concluded, his daughter raced to be in his arms, which to me was a momentworthremembering on a daily basis. Then, the town emptied out. Not a single pickup was on Main Street or any visible person anywhere. The only discernable sound was the distant hum of lawn mowers. As a gentle rain began, even the hum went quiet. The upside of this was that families gathered in the homes, like the comfort of being in cocoons, to enjoy the balance of the day for their own memories. Some preferred to join the traffic out-of-town to larger towns, especially shopping malls. Many spent time at the cemetery earlier, decorating graves and reflecting on times past of pioneers and veterans in their lineage. In the evening, I turned off the T'v;, as nothing could match the compelling national shows on Prairie Public the day in concert, parade and special programs. The National Concert on Sunday, with leading actors and musicians performed moving real life stories of today's military and veteran members and how spouses and children were dealing with losses, stresses and absences of parents, often with repeated deployments. Recognition was given to how National Guard units with "hometown personnel" were, more than ever, at the frontlines of our defenses and in harms way. Then, I dedicated part of the evening to reading a weekend's worth of local press, especially the daily coverage of the Herald. I could also download digital editions of distant media, including a feature article that I wrote about Memorial Day that was'posted on a national blog (www.norway. com). The day concluded with thoughts how digital the world has become. I kept thinking about the 500+ recent returnees that are attending UND, and the 1200 veterans currently enrolled at NDSU. "How can we better serve student-veterans in our midst or those returning to their home communities who may experience hours of "celebration" upon return and then "disappear" from Main Street, like one can observe in most rural towns on the afternoon of Memorial Day. Today, many excellent services are offered to veterans, and many new services are digital in delivery, like the new Telemedicine program by the Fargo VA Medical Center. As reported in the Memorial Day issue of the Herald, more patients and doctors are linking via video conferencing, such as Skype. About 200 appointments are conducted a month for mental health or nutritional counseling. In April, 500 doctor-patient contacts were reported, while in May to date, more than 700 online visits have been held. Student-veterans already use technologies intuitively, and their career paths with new skills will certainly employ tech tools for commerce. Yet, veterans have an unemployment rate nationally that nearly doubles the rate of non-veterans. Question: What would it take to create a "virtual village for veterans" whereby entrepreneurial veterans create new enterprises as service-based storefronts that is Web-based and e- commerce oriented. These enterprises could likewise produce jobs for other veterans, A proposal is underway to create a prototype "e- village" for an online Main Street of veteran-owned services, patterned after working models developed in other applications. Between Memorial Day and Veterans Day in November, a pilot project is proposed to develop ten storefronts in a virtual "Veterans Village" in ND. Anational speaker at a rural development conference ten years ago said, referring to the string of small rural towns along the connecting highways, "ND is a rural state with one long Main Street." With his prediction for commerce in rural America, it seems to be happening. The election of Senator Ray Holmberg (R-Grand Forks), a 38-year veteran of the Legislature and Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, as chair of the interim Legislative Management Committee may signal a shift to a more moderate and a more collegial Legislature. The Legislative Management Committee, formerly known as the Legislative Council, decides the research program between sessions and makes numerous important decisions about the general operation of the Legislature. To win his new position, Holmberg had to oppose House Majority Leader Representative A1 Carlson (R-Fargo) who has chaired the Management Committee since 2007. Concern has been brewing in the Legislative over Carlson's management style, being overly aggressive on many issues. Holmberg, on the other hand, has used his lengthy legislative experience to hone his skills as a consensus builder. At the same time, A1 Carlson had his supporters. They were appalled at the change. Several of them mourned the change, claiming that Holmberg was too moderate. Moderate is in the mind of the beholder. The ideological classifications we are allowed to offer in the North Dakota culture are moderate, conservative and ultra-conservative. There are no liberals. When people move to NorthDakotafromtheeastern states, they are shocked to find' that Democrats and Republicans look so much alike. So who is conservative and who is moderate? If a moderate looks like a liberal then that usually means the classification is coming from an ultra-conservative. Holmberg refuses to accept an ideological label. He has said that political labels "get in the way of the Legislature." He is right. They can be the proverbial "red herrings" that frustrate coherent debate and responsible decisions. The style of operating the Legislative Management Committee is important. For decades, especially when John Olsrud was the director, the Committee maintained nonpartisan neutrality in the selection and staffing of the interim studies. This nonpartisan experience during the interim helpedcool the ardor of the ideologues during the regular session. In this neutral interim environment, they were able to experience each other as human beings and not villains. While some may expect a significant moderate shift in Legislature's policies with the election of Holmberg, this is not likely to occur. Holmberg is not the type of leader who will try to drag other legislators to his predetermined point of view. As atrue consensus builder, he will do more to facilitate the input of legislators from all ideological persuasions. So the ultra-conservatives who have become alarmed with the leadership turnover have little to fear. It's just that the playing field will be more open for everyone. If there is moderation, it will appear in style more than in substance. And that will be a significant contribution to the legislative process. A few decades ago, the Legislature was full of moderates who could disagree and still work together. In the Senate were such standouts as Don Holand of Fargo, P L. Foss of Valley City, Roland Meidinger of Jamestown, Clyde Duffy of Devils Lake; Evan Lips of Bismarck, FrankWenstrom of Williston, Rolland Redlin and Chet Reiten ofMinot, C.W. Schrock of New Rockford, George Longmire of Grand Forks, Ralph Dewing of Columbus and the list goes on. It is Continued On Page 6 NOTICE OF ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that ther will be a school election for the purpose of electing two (2) rural board members for terms of three (3) years and determining if the Drayton Board of Education shall be required to publish the proceedings of their meetings in the official school newspaper. The election will be held on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at Drayton Public School starting at 11:00 A.M. and ending at 7:00 P.M. All patrons are eligible to vote for these positions. Absentee ballots are available at the school. Notice be given that the regular Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 11, 2013. JUDY STELLON, BUSINESS MANAGER DRAYTON PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT #19 OFFICIAL BALLOT #1 DRAYTON SCHOOL DIST #19 t08 S 5~ ST DRAYTON. ND~8.~..o" "'~5 GENERAL ELECTION JUNE 11,2013 Vote for on~ candidate, The position reprc, sents the rural area lot a three year term. All voters in ~l~e district may vote. Mark an X in the box opposite the candidate ytm wish to vote l\~r. Mark Hattoy Write-in: []ii'" ' 'l OFFICIAL BALLOT #2 DRAYTON SCHOOL DIST #t9 1(18 S 5~" ST DRAYTON. ND 58225 GENERAL ELECTION JUNE 11, 2013 Vote for ~ candidate, The position feprhsents the rural area for a three year term. All voters in the district may vote; Mark ,:m X in the box oppa~sitc the candida!e y~!u wish to v~te for, Christopher Little john Ii ,, I Write-in: I I -8 acres Res / Development Palermo -21 Acres ( 7 industrial lots) -office/home 2 acres $289,000 Check web site often for upcoming land! Alliance Bid Inc. 1-800-262-5092 lic #963 , ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,, , i , ,, ~, , ,,,,,, ,,~,,,, , OFFICIAL BALLOT #3 DRAYTON SCHOOL D1ST #19 108 S 5'" ST DRAYTON. ND 58225 GENERAL ELECTION JUNE 11, 2013 Shall the Drayton Public School District publish the minutes of the board proceedings in the official newspaper ol'the district? Y~s No I I E-mail Us At