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June 6, 2013     Valley News and Views
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June 6, 2013

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Valley News and Views Page 3 and,: Notices June 6th, 2013 "This fifth emergency meeting of the Homeland Security Committee will come to order for a crisis announcement," Committee Chair Ork Dorken declared authoritatively as he pounded his Coke bottle on the hollow core door that served as his desk. "We've had more emergencies this spring than Bakken has oil wells," grumbled Einar Torvald as he rambled into the meeting and sat on the last metal folding chair. Onlee Danske snickered as she noticed he had two different kinds of socks. "This is important," Ork insisted. "Josh Dvorchek has all the facts." "1 was in the Old Hawg Saloon and Snorkel Club in Darby Thursday when Sigfried Thordahl of Crummon Township said that the 'lectric companies were taking the power lines down in Wyoming 'cause there wasn't enough business to make it pay." "Oh! My Lord! We'll be next," blurted Cornelle Jordan. "With only 28 people..." "Correction," Josh interrupted. "The census said 28; the town has 22." "Makes no difference," Cornelle argued. "Our town must be the smallest in the whole state, census or no census. We're a marked for darkness and I just got my first clothes dryer." "Well, looking at it from their point of view, we're not the best of customers," reasoned Ork. "All the town got is seven street lights and the hall." "Keep looking at it from that point of view and you'll be looking at it in the dark," warned Garvey Erfald, the chief security officer. He changed the alert from "orange" to "red" after the Boston thing even considered making everybody take shoes off before he'd let them into the meeting. '9, dark town is an invitation to terrorists," he added. "Maybe we should get more street lights," suggested Holger Danske. "That would give us more security and run up the power use." "Where would we put them?" asked Old Sievert. "Everybody already has one. We even have one where nobody lives." "North Dakota has the most bars and binge drinkers in the country so a municipal bar would be a good business that would use a lot of power," proposed Little Jimmy, the town's college student majoring in clinical psychology with one of those fake online colleges. "It seems to me that we could open a big rehab house to sober up all those bingers," countered Mrs. Danske. "Besides, nobody in this town binges. They just get good and drunk. I should say bad and drunk." "Maybe we could rewire the empty houses and Meals The committee has extended an invitation tO: Pembina and Walsh Churches and organizations to participate again in 2014. "It is humbling to realize that folks in the Northern Valley and Greater Grand Continued From Page 1 Forks, with a little money and a little time, are actually saving children from starvation," Co-Chair Jodie Storhaug said. The 3-year total for 2011, 2012 and 2013 is 1,018,872 meals. offer cheap housing to newcomers," suggested Garvey. "Well, you wired Knud's chicken house and it burned down," Old Sievert teased. "If the skunk hadn't stepped on that live wire before I was done," Garvey started to explain but his voice trailed off. "Sure, blame a skunk," asked Madeleine, "Everybody within five miles knows it was a skunk," chuckled Einar. "If people are going to start coming to town, I'm quitting as head of the Open Arms Welcome Center," Madeleine threatened. "Right now, it's a good job because nobody ever bothers me." "Well, I declare!" exclaimed Holger as he stood up to scratch and looked out the window. "Look! The 'lectric fellas are right now putting a new bulb in Street Light No. 6. They wouldn't be using up a new bulb if they were about to shut us down. Your guy in the Old Hawk Saloon must've been having a binge." "Oh! Happy day!" bellowed Cornelle. "I'll get to use my dryer after all." The crisis having passed, Orkbanged the Coke bottle to adjourn another successful meeting. "Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you're doing, but nobody else does." Steuart Henderson Britt So Advertise in the Valley News and Views # Some ThingsJust Happen A V The roof starts leaking, you lose your job, the car needs repairs, or your son breaks his arm. At times like these, it's good to have an emergency fund to fall back on. We recommend setting aside at least three months living expenses in a Savings Account or short term C.D. Not sure how to begin, come see us. We'll help you get started. Call Us 701-454-3317 Or Sign Up Today For Online Banking at Member FDIC VJ I turned on the car radio, as the clouds darkened offto the South West along Highway 66 approaching Grafton. "Now that's a car wash waiting to happen," I joked to myself. Moments layer, the radio announcer broke in with a storm warning -- "a tornado watch for Grafton!" Then it began to pour, really pour. "No joke," I thought to myself. I could hardly see the road. I pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. I tried to use my cell phone, but the battery had gone dead. Then the rain subsided somewhat, so I moved forward again, and turned south at the Highway 81 intersection, heading on the last lap into Grafton. The warning on the radio became more urgent. "Take shelter. Tornado on the ground south of Grafton." I remembered my being in Northwood the day after the F-4 that ripped up the town six years ago. The chaotic scene from that experience was vivid in my memory. The rain-wrap began. From training days in military disaster teams, I knew that swirling sheets of rain were likely at the perimeter of the storm cell. My thought flashed on golf ball hail pelting the rental car that I was driving and how flying debris can cause mountains of paperwork with insurance companies. Then I thought about my safety. In Northwood, the funnel dropped from a large threatening cloud and the heavy rain followed. But when you are in rain wrap, you cannot see the path of ,,-the spout or how much time one has to take cover. I considered abandoning the car and finding a low ditch for safety, but rejected this thought immediately from a "check list" because the ditches were full of water. I needed to decide what I was going to do. With the windshield wipers at maximum speed, I made it into Grafton where I needed to drive slowly because water in the streets at times was hubcap high. I spotted a large parking lot next to a new building, parked the car and dashed inside. Iwas soakingwet from a few strides to get inside the door. The TV was on, people were watching and reporters were reassuring viewers that the tornado lifted without significant damage in the countryside or injuries. I was offered coffee and lounge seating while waiting out the continued rain that had temporarily blocked a few streets. I charged my cell phone and continued my journey after about an hour when the flooding runoff receded. I drove south a few miles into sunshine and dry roads. As I put my sunglasses on, I reflected on the recent tornados that ravished Oklahoma and the devastation of tragic loss of life and families loosing all their possessions, including their homes and memorabilia. For tho se in"tornado alley," it is not just a brief time with a sunny ending, but days on end with seasonal threats annually. When I got back to Grand Forks, I turned in the rental car. It had never been cleaner, I told the rental agent, "Sorry I didn't vacuum inside, but I took it through a car wash." (PS. This story stems from a learning assignment in crafting a story that "holds" a reader and ends with reflection. The challenge was to build a story with details, dialogue, and touching on feelings of fear, decision- making, resolve, and ending with humor. I wrote this piece, embellishing a few points for the sake of the story but the events were pretty close to the reality of last Friday.) (P.P.S. In reality - knowing that I was heading to Grafton -- Editor Larry Ritzo phoned me before my cell went dead to alert me of the impending storm and to turn on the radio. Thanks Brother Larry.) Enforcement of Junk and Tall Grass/Weed Ordinances The Drayton Police Department will be sending out notices to violators of the City's Junk Ordinance and Tall Grass/Weeds Ordinance. The Junk Ordinance prohibits the unsheltered storage, for a period of 30 days or more: 1) old, unlicensed, stripped, junked and other automobiles not in good, safe operating condition; 2) any other vehicles, machine implements and/or equipment and personal' property of any kind which is no longer safely usable for the purposes for which it was manufactured; 3) the accumulation of any rubbish, trash and debris. The Tall GrassANeeds Ordinance prohibits noxious weeds, tall grasses (over 8" in height) or other harmful unwanted growths. Notice: City Council Min u 00ular 1,2013, Board of Equali0000on Meeting 00ngs April 9, 29, 30, and May 2, 2013 Regular Meeting Drayton City Council May 6, 2013 Mayor Olson called the meeting to order at 7pm with Council members Larson, Schuster, Van Camp, Kraft and Woinarowicz present. Council member absent: Prigge. MINUTES: Schuster moved, Woinarowicz seconded and motion carried to approve the minutes of the April 1, April 9, April 29, April 30, May 1 and May 2, 2013 Council meetings as presented. CITY LOT FOR SALE: As city ordinance and NDCC requires that any city property valued at more than $2,500.00 must be advertised for sale to the public, a request for bids was published on April 18 and April 25 for the North 26 /= feet of Lot 20, West side Main St. (114 N. Main St.). J. Brosseau, represented by D. L. Petersen and Big Jim's, represented by Dan Hillier, are both interested in the property. After discussion and review of the situation, Kraft moved, Larson seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to accept a total of $3,000.00 from the 2 parties, contingent on a satisfactory agreement between the parties as to how they'll split the property, and on the condition that a fence be erected to shield the tire storage area. Motion carried. DRAYTON CEMETERY ASSOCIATION: A. Adamson and P. Anderson from the Drayton Cemetery Association were present to visit with the Council about the future of the cemetery. After discussion, it was agreed that the City will make an effort to find volunteers to take over the cemetery duties. GARBAGE: Valley Landfill has scheduled extra garbage pickup for May 13. An extra charge will be assessed to each household that has extra garbage. Curbside recycling was discussed with mixed opinions. Mayor Olson will do a comparison of recycling costs before a final decision is made. 2013 FLOOD: The river appears to be cresting this week at over 39.9'. No clay dikes were necessary. Storm sewer plugs and pumps will be removed when the river drops to 33'. PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT: Water plant maintenance work is being scheduled for June. The mosquito fogger will be brought in for inspection, calibration and droplet testing analysis. Kraft moved, Schuster seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to approve summer employees wages as follows: T. Larson...$11.50/ hr; other returning personnel..$9.00/ hr; first year personnel...$8.50/hr. Motion carried. POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT: Kevorkian presented a report on Police Dept activities during April, including: 15 citations written into Municipal Court; 3 citations written into District Court; 18 warnings; 66 calls or complaints answered; 3 arrests; 4 papers served; 8 assists. Police officers have been checking storm sewer plugs during their evening shifts. A bike safety class is scheduled for June. MUNICIPAL COURT REPORT: Gardner presented the April Municipal Court report, showing that $434.00 in collected fines has been submitted to the City. BUILDING PERMITS: Schuster moved, Woinarowicz seconded and motion carried to approve 3 building permits. FISHING TOURNAMENT: The Chamber of Commerce has made a request that the City pay for the prize insurance for the Rod & Reel Rally Catfishing Tournament on July 21. Schuster moved, Kraft seconded and motion carried to authorize payment of $825.00 for the fishing tournament prize insurance. THANKS FROM AMBULANCE: The Council reviewed a letter from the Drayton Ambulance Service which states, "thank you for your ongoing support of our organization, especially in allowing your employees to respond to ambulance calls while at work. In doing so, the City of Drayton serves a truly crucial role in the emergency medical services we provide to community members in trouble." FLOWER FUND: Mayor Olson announced that Joyce McFarland has once again donated funds for flowers. Additional hanging baskets have been ordered. FINANCIAL REPORTS: Larson moved, Woinarowicz seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to approve the April financial reports as reviewed. Motion carried. Woinarowicz moved, Van Camp seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to authorize payment of bills as reviewed. Motion carried. Larson moved, Kraft seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to declare the Pledged Securities. held by KodaBank as sufficient to cover City funds. Motion carried. ADJOURN: At 9:15pm, motion carried to adjourn the meeting. Carol Gardner City Auditor Expenditures: 420 Praxair Dist. Inc...$2,579.17; AFLAC...$37.90; Agri Valley...$744.15; Ameripride Services Inc...$407.59; Aqua-Pure Inc...$9,062.46; Big Jim's Tire...$67.97; Big Jim's Tire...$1.99; Blue Cross Blue Shield...$3,676.70; Courtyard Fargo, Moorhead...$169.20; D. R. Blawat Construction Inc...$260.00; Grafton Floral...$34.95; Halcrow's Inc...$555.91 ; Halcrow's Inc...$437.23; Hawkins Inc...$606.66; Home of Economy...$189.99; Home of Economy...$279.88; Keith's Security World...$232.00; Kelly's Country Market...$98.26; Lunseth Plumbing & Heating...$1,007.57; M. Ramsay...$48.00; M. Kevorkian...$36.00; ND Sewage Pump/Lift Station...$462.00; Northdale Oil Inc...$1,240.07; Otter Tail...$4,425.00; PiP Repair...$68.55; Valley Bldg Center...$53.92; Valley Bldg Center...$68.60; Valley Landfill Inc...$5,334.36; Valley News & Views...$172.47; Verizon Wireless...$209.87; Waste Management...$318.08; Aqua-Pure Inc...$250.34; A. Olson...$114.40; Information Technology Dept...$10.00; Kringstad Septic Tank Srvc...$350.00; Marco Inc...$56.00; ND Dept of Health...$16.00; U.S. Postal Service...$650.00; Unum Life Insurance...$43.20; Wex Bank...$106.29; EFTPS...$3,769.93; EFTPS...$2,599.39; KodaBank...$10.00; KodaBank...$1.00; ND Public Finance Auth...$23,145.00; ND Public Finance Auth...$19,040.00; NDPERS...$2,245.58; OfficeMax...$64.90; Polar Comm...$415.98; Payroll...$17,258.87. Email Us At :!