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June 10, 2010     Valley News and Views
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June 10, 2010

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Page 2 June 10, 2010 &Te Valley News & Views Dakota Tales and Trails By Dr. Larrie Wanberg A common assumption is made in the Midwest that older citizens contribute less than other age groups in creating jobs. However, according to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity in a news release on May 20, 2010, the article said, "Entrepreneurship growth was highest among 35- to 44-year-olds rising from 0.35 in 2008 to 0.40 in 2009. The oldest age group in the study (55-64 years) also experienced a large increase in business- creation rates from 2008 to 2009, contributing to a two- year upward trend to 0.40. The study reported: "Entrepreneurial activity generally is highest in western and southern states, and lowest in the midwestern and northeastern states," and points out that entrepreneurial start-ups drive the economy." The article revealed rather startling predictions: "Rather than making history for its deep recession and record unemployment, 2009 might instead be remembered as the year business startups reached their highest level in 14 years - even exceeding the number of startups during the peak 1999- 2000 technology boom." Workable ideas for eJobs in eCommunities are a growing trend, as evidenced by 30% of corporate America that have provisions for remote work. A by-product of an entrepreneurial start-up produces 60+% of new jobs in America. "Content" is the key word in Web-based commerce, similar to the value of"location" in real estate. In heritage and cultural tourism, seniors are the ones that hold the content in their memories and artifacts. This fact also improves the role of seniors to participate in the on- going economic development of their community by creating tourism-related jobs linked to their region. Likewise, youth in rural communities have difficulty in anchoring hometown jobs in our knowledge- based society. They feel "at home" in social networking media and generally savvy on the technology that drives the current "revolution" in commerce on the Internet. In today's Web-world, both seniors and youth, working collaboratively, can become entrepreneurs with a "storefront" domain and contribute to job creation in their communi especially if networked and supported regionally. What's different in aproposal being explored in the Grand Forks region, called "Project Job Factory," is that both groups work independently as peers, but focus conjointly on a pilot community service project with three purposes: 1. To gain individual market skills in preparation to enter future employment or careers, 2. To exchange group skills, with youth bringing technology to the table, and seniors providing life- experience content in support of specialized home-centered, web-based enterprises, and 3. To mutually focus on a "virtual village" service project that, in reality, has local application in promotion of jobs, and builds an "employment pool" of trained citizens online at both ends of the age spectrum to fill these jobs. Because both seniors and youth face tough competition when entering a competitive marketplace, the training methods need to be leading edge and resourceful. In my opinion, the most effective approach, as a learning asset, can be adapted from the corporate management method called "Crew Resource Management," which was originally developed by NASA to train cockpit crews. This method of "Crew" is more collaborative in technology sharing and integration from multiple sources than the more traditional method of team building, which is generally more tiered in decision- making and direction giving. In tourism, a growing trend in new media careers is "Community Concierge" positions, which are up-scale services that developed out of a business "personal assistant." In 2002, Entrepreneur Magazine listed personal assistant in the top ten new jobs. Today, the job of "virtual personal assistant" is listed as #1 in the top ten, according to Yahoo News. Community Concierges are like "visitor bureaus" that become centralized in a trained "Go-To" person, desk, or online kiosk where tourists interact - onsite or online - - with the visual information they seek. Concierge desks are common in larger hotels, hospitals and some corporations to direct visitors to a wide range of services. In hotels, for example, guests seek out the concierge to get theater tickets, find entertainment, or get directions. Newest innovations in such concierge services are mong to deliver their services via visual cell phones, specialized blogs or streamed videos from community websites. These advanced online community kiosks offer downloadable guidebooks, video tours by guides, and a menu of attractions in the area. This model of combining visual stories with a personalized online desk (concierge service that connects area towns and services) has application for small towns to collaborate in heritage/cultural tourism initiatives, as each town shares the benefits at so little cost. The method of crafting and producing visual stories is critical to a successful outcome in marketing a community's tourism attractions or opportunities in commerce to distant markets. T-Ball, Buzzing Bees and Making New Friends .... All Sure Signs of Summer DHS Annual Awards Program Honors Students by K.C. Gardner The Annual DHS Awards Program was held at 12:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 19, 2010. Student Council President Bryanna Funaiole welcomed those in attendance. Principal Kerri Stegman gave a certificate and C-Store gift cards for a large pizza and a twelve-pack of pop to Baylie Karboviak and to Kelton Karboviak for perfect attendance for the year. Rachel Lee presented the speech awards, with a pin and a bar to Ashlynn Betz, a bar to Rebecca Juhl, and a bar and a captain's pin to Trista Heiser. Trista also received three trophies: Outstanding Speech Participant; Humorous Interpretation at State; and Dramatic Interpretation at State. Wayne Stegman presented a gift card and merit certificate to Samantha Britt as the Outstanding Senior English Student. He gave drama certificates to Grant Schumacher, Ashlynn Betz, Karson Dahl, Karmin Dahl, and Trista Heiser and awarded Karson Dahl a trophy as the Outstanding Performer for 2009-2010. For boys' golf Mr. Stegman gave bars to Garrett Olson, Kelton Karbociak, and Grant Schumacher. A golf trophy went to Grant Schumacher for Low Average, and one trophy apiece to Kelton Karboviak and Austin Lambert as Co- Most Improved. Mr. Stegman gave a bar to Baylie Karboviak and to Ashlynn Betz for gifts' golf and a trophy to Baylie Karboviak as the Most Improved. Jane Uggerud presented the music awards. For band, bars were given to Trista Heiser, Rebecca Juhl, Rebecka Landowski, and Karson Dahl. For choir, a pin and bar were awarded to Trista Heiser. Bars were given to Rebecca Juhl, Rebecka Landowski, Laura Brosius, Grace Oberg and Karen Kliniske. Ken Gardner presented the volleyball awards. A letter, pin and bar were awarded to Katie Twamley. A pin and bar went to Morgan Emanuelson, and Samantha Britt received a bar. Rachel Juhl was given a Stat. pin and bar. Mr. Gardner also gave cheerleading bars to Morgan Hill, Brittany Funaiole, Stacey VanCamp and Samantha Britt. Mr. Gardner gave awards in the following areas: Baseball--a pin and bar to Bradley Keena and bars to Cole Anderson, Brandon Keena, and Brady Steenerson. State Bar Association Constitution Award--Bryanna Funaiole National Honor Society shirts to Rebecka Landowski, Kelton Karboviak, and Austin Lambert. English--Barnes & Noble gift cards and merit certificates were awarded as Outstanding Freshman English Student to Baylie Karboviak; Outstanding Sophomore English Student to Kelton Karboviak; and Outstanding Junior English Student to Trista Hesier. Social Studies--books to Kelton Karboviak as the Sophomore with the Highest Average in Social Studies; Grace Oberg as the Junior with the Highest Average in Social Studies; Karmin Dahl as the Senior with the Highest Average in Social Studies; Karson Dahl and Austin Lambert as the Co- Outstanding Sophomores in Social Studies; Cole Anderson as the Outstanding Junior in Social Studies; and Samantha Britt as the Outstanding Senior in Social Studies. Student Council--pins to Bryanna Funaiole, president; Grace Oberg, vice president; Brady Steenerson, secretary; Karen Kliniske, treasurer. Honor Member pins were given to Bryanna Funaiole and Grace Oberg. Bryanna Funaiole and Mr. Gardner passed out t-shirts to the Student Council members: MaKenna Hudson, Josh Twamley, Grant Schumacher, Ryan Woinarowicz, Baylie Karboviak, BrandonVanCamp, Nathan Aufenkamp, Brittany Funaiole, Cole Anderson, Rebecca Juhl, Karen Kliniske, Grace Oberg, Brady Steenerson, and Bryanna Funaiole. Robert Klein presented yearbook pins and certificates to Rebecca Juhl and Grace Oberg as co-editors, and to Laura Brosius, Kelton Karboviak, and Rebecka Landowski as business managers. Mr. Klein also awarded Barnes & Noble gift cards and merit certificates to the following as Outstanding English Students: 7th grade- -Timothy Blawat; 8th grade-- Ryan Woinarowicz. Murph Thompson presented football plaques to Brandon Keena (Special Teams MVP) and Bradley Keena (Rookie of the Year). Certificates went to Cole Anderson and Brandon Keena for being named Honorable Mention, Region III. A letter, pin and bar went to Austin Littlejohn. Bradley Keena received a pin and a bar. Bars were awarded to Brandon Keena (who also got a captain's pin), Joel Castillo, Brady Steenerson, Cole Anderson, Karson Dahl, Austin Lambert, and Kaleb Hudson. A Stat. pin and bar went to Laura Brosius, while Karmin Dahl, Karen Kliniske, Bryanna Funaiole, and Rebecka Landowski received Stat. bars. Mr. Thompson presented the girls' track awards. A letter, pin and bar were given to Rachel Juhl, with a pin and bar going to Morgan Hill and bars to Morgan Emanueleson and Rebecka Landowski. Trophies were presented to Rebecka Landowski (Most Valuable Field Performer) and Morgan Hill (Most Improved Field Performer). Mr. Thompson also gave out the boys' track awards. A letter, pin, and bar went to Austin Littlejohn, while Karson Dahl and Nathan Aufenkamp each received a bar. Nathan Aufenkamp also receive a trophy as the Most Valuable Track Performer. Mr. Thompson awarded the Outstanding Senior Female Athlete trophy to Samantha Britt, and the Outstanding Senior Male Athlete trophy to Brandon Keena, CommuniW First : "Living together is an art.", William: Picken : :: : : : : J 4