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June 27, 2013     Valley News and Views
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June 27, 2013

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Valley News and Views !i~iiii!iiii: ~ii;iiii!i !@:!i@ ~!!i~!i!!!~i~i!~ ~i!!~:!ii Page 3 June 27th, 2013 It took 30 years, but I finally joined the American Legion. The local Post 92 was so supportive of the Pioneer Museum in Northwood over three years during the recovery from the tornado, plus offering student scholarships, that I decided to get involved. Previously, I preferred not to hear "war stories" from the time that I served, but now that I've become more engaged in history from all the artifacts and photos in the museum, my interest is to hear and document all the veteran stories that I can. I have never felt history were the one in the trenches along the Korean border with bullets whizzing over your head. Then it was time to meet the three Wallys, who grew up in the community and served in different theaters of war. They sat with their wives at separate tables, some with extended families. I'll venture to say that a few of the stories hadn't been told before, maybe only to their wives. I dubbed the event "My name is Wally, this is my buddy Wally, and this is my other buddy Wally." The first Wally had a rare of the experiences during reconstruction of WWII. The other buddy Wally, a navy man assigned to a Merchant Marine vessel where he first met and worked with a Black man as a counterpart at a time when there were segregated troops. At first I was uncertain, he said, and uncomfortable, but after a short time, I never registered any racial thoughts - we worked together as human beings with a common mission, even though the crews were Serving in the U. S. Congress is one of the most important jobs in the world. The hockey coach at the University of North Dakota maymakemoremoneybuthe affects only one small part of the world. Congresspersons impact just about everything that happens in the United States. Because Congress members have such power, it is important that they perform their duties with a reasonable degree of public separated, confidence.-But, according Manyofthestoriesbrought to the latest Gallup poll, they one back to a different time are getting a big fat "F" from with dispatch. But instead of firing them, we turn around in every election and send 90 per cent of the incumbents back for another term. No kidding! What can explain such an obvious contradiction - a discredited 10 per cent Congress that keeps getting re-elected en masse? he wouldn't dare brag about Congress being a body of citizens whose wisdom may discern the best for the country. With Congressional wisdom rated at 10 per cent, he would be drummed out of the Founders Hall of Fame. The gridlock that has snarled Washington decision-making for the Many have been proposed, including the advantages of incumbency, availability of campaign funds, ignorance of the electorate, lop-sided districts, name recognition explanations past couple of years has contributed its share to this dismal rating, The public doesn't want gridlock. According to the polls, it wants compromise. But then, on the other and "bringing home the hand, it won't accept just any come alive with such story of being on deck of a in our history, the people who hired them.bacon." Disregard of public compromise. For example, it will fight to the death for a collection of veteran Navy gunship shelling the For me, the hour was likeThe poll reported that 90 opinion could also be a Medicare Social Security stories as it last coast of Japan as a diversion an o!d fashioned block per cent o the citizenry had factor. Thursday. when a plane flew overhead, party, when everyone as ,little or rio confidence" in Before we start making while St/d l ly supporting A communi ibf60 people carrying an atomic bomb. neighbors .got together,'% Congress. :In other words, accusations, however, we a budget. turned out toii crowd theSuddenly, the world turned enjoyed good food, sharedthis country is being runneed to remember that theInconsist n in the public Senior Center for a hosted dark, torrentialrainsfollowed stories, and genuinely had a by a branch of governmentFounding Fathers were notmindldoesn't help Congress ten muddle its way out of the luncheon to WWII which was the American Le Sti After a 1 meal, veterans wars - WWII, War and Viet were acknowled the audience, i: During the tables buzzed with stories. Some stories produced laughter while others left you with amazement. Some were gripping, others drew you into the story as if you and when the sky cleared somewhat, the mushroom cloud over Nagasaki was visible. The ship turned around and high-tailed it out of there, he said. (A three-minute film of Wally's experience is available for viewing at hhtp:// dakotaheritageinstitute. com). His buddyWally described his Army service during the occupation of the Philippines and Luzon, and later an assignment in Korea. He detailed some good time. These stories were that is flunking so badly more revealing of people's that it needs rehabilitation character, more intimate, - summer school, at least. and more adventure-some Big bu$iness, organized than most neighbors today labor and !banks were rated realized, as told by now aging more high!y. The 10 per cent veterans who spent years of-- representsa 30 per cent drop great fans of the public's opinion. To guard the country against excesses, they designed a government that thwarted the irrational impulses of the masses. In Federalist No. 10, James impasses : In all oirness, we should point o [:that legislative bodies have always ranked low in the'polls, though 10 per cent is: a record. This their youth in harm's way to in confidence since 1973. defend our freedom. Many of the stories were human-interest reflections of essentially farm boys an Internal Revenue Service at the time being drafted, that performed so poorly. and whisked away to the Neither wouldCongress. far corners of the world to If we had employees doing encounter the realities of as poorly as Congress, we would show them the door Continued On Page 9 Madison explained that we contempt for Congress We wouldn't tolerate needed a representative and state :!egislatures has an educational system, a system to "refine and enlarge manifested itself through military establishment, or the public views by passing demeaning jokes. We all them through the medium know a few/ of a chosen body of citizens At this juncture, it appears whose wisdom may best that Congress is suffering discern the true interest of fromamoreseriouscasethan their country .... " usual of citizen contempt. If Jimmy showed up today, Continued on Page 4 Annual 2012 Drinking Water Quality December31st, 2012. As authorized Lead in drinking water is primarily absorbed bythe body. margin of safety. . and approved by the Environmental from materials and components Million Fibers per liter (MFL) - Maximum Residual Disinfectant N D Protection Agency, the state has associated with service lines and This is a measure of the presence of Level Goal (MRDLG)- The level of Report For Drayton reduced monitoring requirements home plumbing. City of Drayton asbestos fibers that are longer than drinking water disinfectant below | for certain contaminants to less is responsible for providing high 10micrometers. which there is no known or expected contained herein If ou have often than once per year, because quality drinking water, but cannot Nephlometric Turbidity Unit (NTU risk to health. MRDLGs do not The City of Drayton is pleased to .... ' ._. Y . concentrationsofthesecontaminants control the variety of materials used )- This is a unit used to measure the reflect the benefits of the use of presentyouthe2012AnnualDrinking quesuons aoout ms report or . .. :. . Water Quality Reportl This report is L.u""n""rnin"L. u yu" -'ur water utili~'`y ~--lease are not expected to vary significantly "- =n plumbing components. Use clarity of water. Turbidity in excess disinfectants to control microbial contact Nick Rutherford ' Public from year to year. Some of our data, water from the cold tap for drinking of 5 NTU is just noticeable to the contaminants. designed to inform you about the Works Su-erintendent at 4~54 6370 though representative, is more and cooking. When your water has average person. Maximum Residual Disinfectant water we deliver to you everyday. . "~ ~ ' - ' - r i ~ ~than one year old The sources of been s tt ng for severa hours .you Act on Leve (A~ - The Level (MRDL)- The highest level ]~ The City of Drayton is committed to we warn ~ur vaueo cus~ome s o'~.~: .... ' " ' inimiz the ot n=['-' :;"'; ~ n ntr tl n f h" =-''---~ k~. .... ,...: ....... .,=,,~.. : ~ddnKing water tooth tap wmer ann can m e p e ~[~,tor.~eaoco ce a "o o. a contaminant of disinfectant allowed in drinking OUr goal of providing you with a safe .% ......... ~ ~uu~m~,, war=, u~,~,,y. ~Cl~led water) included rivers lakes exposure by flushing;~y~e~7i~'~0, which if exc~ded.~ triggerswater. There is convincing eviden'ce and dependable supply of water, iT you care m ~earn more p~ease ' ' . - .... ' streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs seconds to 2 minutes before using treatment or other requirements that addition of a disinfectant iS We want you to understand theattend any 0f our regularly scheduled efforts we mahe to improve the water meetings Which are held the first and wells. As water travels over treatment process and to protect our Monday of every month at City Hall, the surface of the land, or through the ground, it dissolves naturally- valuable water resources. The City of Drayton draws its drinking water from the Red River of the North. Our public water system, in cooperation with the North Dakota Department of Health, has completed the delineation and contaminant/land use inventory elements of the North Dakota Source Water Protection Program. Based on the information from these elements, the North Dakota Department of Health has determined that our source water is moderately susceptible to potential contaminants. A copy of this report is available at City Hall (122 South Main) for review. This report is required by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and we encourage you to share and discuss the information Drayton, ND. If you are aware of non- English speaking individuals who need help with appropriate language translation please call Carol Gardner at City Hall (454-3590). The City of Drayton Water Department would appreciate if large volume customers post copies of the CCR in conspicuous locations or distribute them to tenants, residents, patients, students and/or employees, so individuals who consume the water but do not receive a water bill can learn about our water system. The City of Drayton Water department routinely monitors for contaminants in your drinking water in accordance with Federal and State laws. The table included with this report shows the monitoring for the period of January 1st to Test Results, Contaminant MCLG MCL Level Range of Year Date Other Source of (Units) Found I]ele~fio ObtainedInfonmttion Contaminant Microbial ~ Cm~taminant~ Total Colil~rms 0 1/month0 2012 Naturally present For in t?llvironll3t;n| syslelltS