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July 15, 2010     Valley News and Views
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July 15, 2010

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Page 2 July 15th, 2010 iiiiiii i; ~::~i~iiiiiiiEiiii!i iii Valley News & Views rrt h with the/Jrt ch! F3y Leo 13ea cha p Meet Lori Gray. Lori comes to us from Langdon and lives in Walhalla part time. Lori joined the Brush Bunch in 2002. Shown is Lori and display of p aintings, journals andj ewelry. In Lori's words; "I taught myself to paint in 1992 on sweat shirts, then moved on the the Donna Dewberry method of painting. Since joining the Brush Bunch I have learned oil painting and watercolor. My current projects involve the use of mixed media and paper in collages and journals. I look forward to my fellow painters input and help in my adventures in art." Her fellow painters include her husband Dave who joined in 2003 after he found out how much fun Loft was having with the "Bunch." Lori has a large collection of her work on display and for sale at the Gallery on Main Street in Walhalla where we (may) now meet every week from 10 AM to 4 PM. Lori was featured in these articles in June 2007 and April 2008. We have had a lot of visitors since we moved to the Gallery and enjoy the- visits. Take a few minutes to stop by for coffee and a chat any Tuesday. The Meltdown of the American Economy Part 5 of 24 by K.C. Gardner (The following is a description of the meltdown of the American economy, 2007-2008, as the economic bubble engendered by the Federal Reserve burst. Analysis of the meltdown is provided by citing studies compatible with the Austrian economic theories of Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard.) Last week we saw how various businesses, misled by the signals sent out by the Federal Reserve-stimulated economy began to fail in 2006. The Fed funds rate is an example of Federal Reserve stimulation. The Fed funds rate trickles down to Main Street commercial banks when they set their interest rates. Their prime rates on loans to their best customers usually average three percent higher than the Fed funds rate. The Fed funds rate affects "foreign exchange rates and indirectly the price of goods and services and even employment." The effect on overnight rates is to increase or decrease lending throughout the economy. One effect of the credit crunch was felt by local governments because they financed road projects and other activities by issuing municipal bonds which would have to carry a higher interest rate and thus become more expensive for the people of the community to pay off. Fearing the "doing nothing" would look bad to voters, the Federal government sprang into action. The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, passed by a Democratic Congress, was signed by a Republican Continued on Page 5 City Council !/ Meetings Held June 22nd There Are the With nearly a quarter of the fatal traffic accidents involving teenagers, the state's liberal licensing laws have come under attack by safety and enforcement organizations. Under present law, children as young as 14 can end up spreading mayhem on the public streets and highways. Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm started the debate in 2008 by proposing new restrictions and a graduated licensing scheme for teenage drivers. He was joined in the last session of the Legislature by Rep. Ed Gruchalla, a former highway patrolman, who proposed tightening teenage driving. The issue of teenage driving has been kept alive since the 2009 session. It is very likely that bills will appear in the Legislature to deal with the issue and it is also highly likely that very little will be done. It runs against our traditional streak against regulating anything, even danger. While focusing on teenage driving, we have failed to look seriously at the other end of the spectrum - the elderly. Since I am now in that category, I have license to discuss the serious problem we have with older people who no longer possess the skill or comprehension to drive anything faster than a lawnmower. Meting out justice for seniors is no easy matter. Just a few weeks ago, a 92- year-old North Dakota driver crossed the center line and piled into two motorcycles. One cyclist was killed and the other was sent to the hospital. The driver was fined $20. An insightful citizen wrote a letter to a newspaper, pointing out that if the driver had been a teenager, he/she would probably be sitting in jail for vehicular manslaughter. While it is great to see older people able to function independently, the time comes when they are a threat to themselves and everyone else on the highway. It's okay if some old people want to go out in a blaze of destruction as long as they are the only ones who go. Unfortunately, they end up killing innocent people who would prefer to stay around a little longer. Taking the keys away from older people is difficult, too difficult for most family members. With so many dangerous older drivers on the loose, it is obvious that relatives aren't doing it. And doctors find it difficult to weigh in on the decision. Some have enough good sense to restrict their driving. If relatives and do ctors cant make the hard decisions, the only remaining solution is retesting. Every one over the age of 70 should be required to take driver competence examinations whenever their licenses come up for renewal. As long as they can pass the exams, they should be able to drive until they are centenarians. If we can't stomach the brutality of an examination system, we should at least require drivers over 80 to have one of their vehicle plates state their age so other drivers can be forewarned. If we are unwilling to pass laws to curb geriatric manslaughter, then we ought to charge the elderly with the same crimes and render the same punishment as we do with teenagers. Spending the later years in prison can't be any worse than spending early years in prison. One year is as dear as another. If somebody thinks they're a hedgehog, presumably you just give 'em a mirror and a few pictures of hedgehogs and tell them to sort it out for themselves. -Douglas Adams ...... DRAYTON RIVERFEST July 9-18, 2010 Schedule of Events Food Vendors will be JULY 9 7:o0 pm [LILY I! 2.-00 mn set up downtown and Route 44 Car6 wig be open regular hours Bound ~r B/e~ing stage production School ~C~ll~ for Ble~si~ stage productdon khool THURSDAY )ULY lS 6:OO 7:OO FRIDAY |ULY 16 9.'00 - 3:00 6".34) 9:00 p.m. SATURDAY )ULV 17 7:30 -- 8.'00 IO:OO t1:OO After parade - 1.-OO After parade - 4:00 After parade -- S:OO After parade - 8.'00 12-OO 112.O0 - 6:00 I:OO 1:OO - 5:00 1:30 5,'00 5".00 - 7.'00 6:15 Evening Dush 9:oo SUNDAY JULY m 2:OO 4.'O0 Vafley Cruisers Car Show ~k~nd for Wearing stage production Downtown Schod Writing Worl~,hop by Lauraine Snelling Alumni Association annual banquet Uve Music by GHndstone ~r byMy so HG Johnson Memorial Hall no ~ St. Edward's parish center The Zoo Bar Walb for The Rocb & Fun Run registration School Parade Une-up Schumc~her Path Grand Parade Fourth Street (north to south) AnnucdRi~mrfestLuncheon S&ooAdults,$s.ool~ds~&u,d~ Sl:.Edmard'sCathoncChurch Inflatable games Craft Show and Flea Marll~ Blessing Museum open Mud Volleyball ROd & Reel Rally Catfishing Tournament Free Bingo Thomas Face Painting (freel) Motorcycle Ride-In Country Smobehouse BBQ Supper at the Soddy homemade & ~e/t~.d "se~/er-*l~y/e* Rod & Reel Rally Awards Video Street Dance Prau/dedbyDroy~n Cur//~C/ubGam/.~ Fireworhs Extrauaganza live Music by GHnd~/one khumacher Parlb HG Johnson Memorial Hall Blessing Square (Almero. Ave) khumacher Parb HasUngs Landing RecreaUon Are~ Su~r Bowl Senior ~ Drayton Lounge Dragon tmm~ Blessing Square Hastings Landing Recreation Area Downtown The Zoo Bar ~.,~ ~ar ~,,~ sta~e prod.cth~ Horsoshoe Tournament Free Food Scho~ Drayton Lounga Drayton Lounge In ca~e of Indement weather, many events would be held in HG Johnson Memodal Hall For information, calI Rob Boll at 454-6103 or email chambe~@draytonr~, corn Fireworks provided by Drayton KniEhts Inc. and expertly orchestrated by Drayton Volunteer Firefi~hters Special Meeting Drayton City Council June 22, 2010 Mayor Olson called the meeting to order at 7pro with Council members Prigge, Schuster, Deubner and Woinarowicz present. Council members absent: Olson and Larson. MINUTES: Deubner moved, Schuster seconded and motion carried to approve Council minutes of the June 7 and June 14, 2010 Council meetings as presented. CDBG HOUSING REHAB PROGRAM: Deubner moved, Woinarowicz seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried to accept bids From Steve Forman Construction, Halcrow's Inc. and Rock's Electric for work at property #29-2440010. (Council member Larson arrived at 7:10pro.) Prigge moved, Deubner seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried to accept bids from Steve Forman Construction, John Landsem, Halcrow's Inc. and Rock's Electric for work at property # 29-3000000 BUILDING PERMITS: Woinarowicz moved, Schuster seconded and motion carried to approve 1 building permit. STREET & LIGHTING IMPROVEMENT PROJECT: Melissa Knutson, CPS, arrived to give a brief update on the Street & Lighting Improvement Project. At this time, the project is ahead of schedule. The new lights should be up by mid-August. MOSQUITO CONTROL: Because of the bad mosquito situation, Schuster moved, Deubner seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried to authorize an aerial mosquito spray for June 22. (Council member Olson arrived at 7:45pm.) MUSEUM SIDEWALK REPLACEMENT: Schuster moved, Deubner seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried to accept a bid from Winding Road Construction for removal and installation of 84 sq. yards of 4" concrete sidewalk at the Blessing Museum, payment to be made from the Visitor's Fund. STREET REPAIRS: Deubner moved, Woinarowicz seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried to accept a bid from Winding Road Construction for removal and installation of 81 sq. yards of 8" concrete on W. Divide Ave, just off Main St. Olson moved, Deubner seconded and motion carried to authorize replacement of the storm sewer frame and grate on Almeron Ave, along the south wall of Kelly's Country Market, and to authorize Kelly's Country Market to eliminate the curbing near the back door, to facilitate truck deliveries. ORDINANCE #49, IMPOSING A 1/2% CiTY SALES TAX: Larson moved, Prigge seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried to approve the 2nd reading and final approval of ORDINANCE #49, AN ORDINANCE TO ESTABLISH AND REGULATE A CITY SALES, USE AND GROSS RECEIPTS TAX UNDER THE HOME RULE CHARTER OF THE CITY OF DRAYTON, NORTH DAKOTA. ELECTION RESULTS: Woinarowicz moved, Deubner seconded and motion carried to accept the 2010 Election Results, as certified by the Pembina County Auditor. PLAQUE OF APPRECIATION: Mayor Olson presented Council member Chip Olson with a Key to the Gity plaque, in appreciation for his 8 years on the City Council. Mayor Olson thanked Mr. Olson and wished him well. ADJOURN: At 8pm, motion carried to adjourn this meeting. Reorganizational Meeting Drayton City Council June 22, 2010 Newly elected and re-elected officials signed their Oaths of Office and took their seats. Mayor Olson called the meeting to order at 8:15pm with Council members Prigge, Larson, Schuster, Deubner, Kraft and Woinarowicz present. COUNCIL PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT: Schuster nominated Prigge as Council President. Deubner seconded the motion. Motion carried. Prigge nominated Deubner for Council Vice-President. Schuster seconded the motion. Motion carried. APPOINTMENTS; Mayor Olson presented her list of official and committee appointments. After review, Prigge moved, Woinarowicz seconded and motion carried to accept all appointments made by Mayor Olson. ORDINANCE ENFORCEMENT: Deputy Head reported that Ordinance enforcement is going well. The Council asked that the police department look into the procedure for handling abandoned vehicles and the procedure for towing and impounding vehicles. CONTRACT FOR LABORATORY SERVICES; Schuster moved, Kraft seconded and motion carried to authorize a contract with the Dept. of Health for bacteriological analyses of water samples. ADJOURN: At 8:45pm, motion carried to adjourn the meeting. Carol Gardner City Auditor Bringing to life ed River of l