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July 15, 2010     Valley News and Views
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July 15, 2010

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Page 4 July 15th, 2010 Valley News & Views GREAT BEGINNINGS 1211 "You like to hear about gold. A king filled his prison room As full as the room could hold To the top of his reach on the wall With every known shape of the stuff." (the beginning of "The Vindictives," a poem by Robert Frost) NOSTALGIA QUIZ TIME 641 (1919-1960) 1. On early TV hosted "The Hollywood Palace." (a. Bing Crosby; b. Dick Haymes; c. Frank Sinatra) 2. "Newspeak" appeared in the 1949 novel entitled (a. Brave NewW--oorl'd; b. 1984; c. We) 3. On early TV Laurie Anders starred on the __ Show. (a. George Burns and Gracie Allen; b. Ken Murray; c. George Raft) 4. On early TV Dick Van Patten and Peggy Wood starred on the program called (a. Auntie'Mame; b. Mama; c. Papa) 5. Skinnay Ennis was the original bandleader on The Show. (a. Bing Crosby; b. Bob Hope; c. Red Skelton) (answers at the end of the Column) RADIO DAYS The following are important dates in old- time radio history: July 18, 1936 -- Columbia Workshop debuted. July 19, 1948 -- Our Miss Brooks premiered. A MESS OF POTrAGE 1268 This portion of my column describes the works of Libertarian philosopher and economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995). In 1995 he published "Economic Thought Before Adam Smith." Chapter 6 is entitled '~,bsolutist thought in Italy and France." Adam Blackwood wrote 'Tkdversus Georgi Buchanani" in 1581. Blackwood turned the king into a superman, a law unto himself, a ruler whose word was law. Not only does the king represent God on earth, the very person of the king is divine. He was literally a god on earth. POETIC FRAGMENTS Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) is known for his novels, such as "Ivanhoe," but he also wrote Romantic poetry Here is a portion of his poem "Lochinvar": "There was mounting 'mong Graemes of the Netherby clan; Fosters, Fenwicks, and Musgraves, they rode and they ran: There was racing and chasing on Canoble Lee, But the lost bride of Netherby ne'er did they see. So daring in love and so dauntless in War, Have ye e'er heard of gallant like young Lochinvar.'" DHS, 1925 74 On December 18 the eighth DHS boys' basketball season started with a 29-11 loss to a visiting Pembina club. William Wagner had 5 pts., Irvin Felt 4, and Ellert Carlson 2. Other players were Robert Bryan, George Buchanan, Clifford Bryan, Dan Bryan, Carl Herseth, Clarence Mathison, and Harry Moore. Edmond Watson was the coach. BILLBOARD'S TOP TEN 1970 luly 11 1. Mama Told Me (Not To Come) (Three Dog Night) 2. The Love You Save (Jackson 5) 3. Ball Of Confusion (Temptations) 4. Ride Captain Ride (Blues Image) 5. Band Of Gold (Freda Payne) 6. Lay Down (Melanie) 7. Close To You (Carpenters)* 8. The Long And Winding Road/For You Blue (Beatles) 9. The Wonder Of You (Elvis Presley) 10. Hitchin' A Ride (Vanity Fare) The Carpenters (Karen and her brother Richard) came from New Haven, CT, but moved to Downey, CA, in 1963. From 1970 to 1983 they produced twenty-nine hits, twenty-eight on the Hot 100. "Close To You" was their second song and their all-time biggest hit, peaking at #31 and staying on the charts for 17 weeks. NUMBER 1 SONGS luly 15 1895--E1Capitan March (Sousa's Band) 1900--A Bird In A Gilded Cage (Steve Porter) 1905--Give My Regards To Broadway (Billy Murray) 1910--Casey Jones (Billy Murray/ American Quartet) 1915--A Little Bit Of Heaven (George MacFarlane) 1920- -When My Baby Smiles At Me (Ted Lewis) 1925--Sweet Georgia Brown (Ben Bernie) 1930--Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Nat Shilkret) 1935--She's A Latin From Manhattan (Victor Young); Chasing Rainbows (Dorsey Brothers Orchestra); In A Little Gypsy Tea Room (Bob Crosby) 1940--Make-Believe Island (Mitchell Ayres) 1945--Sentimental Journey (Les Brown) 1950--The Third Man Theme (Guy Lombardo) 1955--Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley/Comets) 1960--Alley-top (Hollywood Argyles) 1965--Satisfaction (Rolling Stones) 1970--Mama Told Me Not To Come (Three Dog Night) 1975--Love Will Keep Us Together (Captain and Tenneille) 1980--Coming Up (Paul McCartney/ Wings.) 1985--AView To A Kill (Duran Duran) 1990--Step By Step (New Kids On The Block) 1995--WaterfaUs (TLC) 2000--Everything You Want (Vertical Horizon) 2005--We Belong Together (Mariah Carey) 15 YEARS AGO At 2:45 a.m. on July 13, 1995, a severe thunderstorm began, with over half an inch of rain in fifteen minutes and zero visibility. On July 20, 1995, the DHS Student Council donated the Class of 1995 picture to the school. NOTABLE QUOTES "One of our gentlemen found time to say 'How delicious!'" (as said by Aunt Abby in the play '~rsenic and Old Lace," Act i, written in 1941 by Joseph Kesselring) Nostalgia Quiz Answers (1. a; 2. b; 3. b; 4. b; 5. b) "Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for." -Epicurus, Greek Philosopher The wind is blowing outside beneath overcast skies and the limbs of our two large trees in the front yard are bending haphazardly to the west. I look at the thick branches holding smaller ones as they stand sturdy and straight unaffected by nature's unabashed force. I think of the people in my life who have weathered the greatest storms and yet continue to remain strong and sturdy mostly due to the solid faith they possess. My auntie Erma arrived home from the hospital last week. We stopped in to visit her and it was nice to see her sitting amidst the environment she calls home. I could see in her eyes, which possessed much more of a sparkle then just a few days prior when I saw her at the hospital that she was extremely happy to be home. Auntie has taken care of people most of her life so I know it has been difficult, and still is, for her to have someone taking care of her. She is just not used to such amenities. I always tell her how strong she is and she continuously brushes it off. For what she has been through in her life, the loss of two husbands, raising all her children, suffering from breast cancer twice, and now a debilitating infection, she continues to inspire me and everyone she comes into contact with. Our entire family feels blessed to have her in our lives. One night at the hospital when she wasn't doing very well, she looked to her daughter who was spending the night with her and said, "Maybe I should just go." Her daughter replied with concern, "Go where morn? .... To heaven," auntie answered. 'Tknd wait for you guys there. Home is better than this; I don't feel good you know." A few minutes later, she looked around the room in several different directions and exclaimed, "Oh look at the beautiful angels." I believe my auntie was very close to leaving us that night but our prayers to keep her here on earth were answered. She has so many people to touch yet and although she was ready to go if need be, the decision was made to let her continue life here and touch even more people. I have no doubt lives will be changed because she was allowed more time on this earth. It's amazing to me how life works, one minute you will be moving along and everything is running smoothly and the next something happens that will change our direction, our thinking, and our hearts in a variety of ways. I know my auntie's constant faith despite her difficulties has changed my thoughts and heart so many times. When I am feeling defeated, all I have to do is call her and things don't seem so bad especially when she tells me her favorite Bible verse and assures me I am not alone in the struggles, there is someone constantly looking out for me. I am grateful for the blessings bestowed on our family in the last several months. First my big brother made it through a grueling 40 hours of surgery and continues to heal, a miracle I don't take lightly as I could very well not have him in my life right now and every day whenI awake to the morning's elements, I am acutely aware of the blessings bestowed on us. My father-in-law is also cancer free after a year of intense chemo and radiation treatments for throat cancer. And now my aunt survived this difficult ordeal after how close she was to leaving us. So many things to be grateful for in life; I will not soon forget the prayers I so diligently offered up and how they were answered when I so desperately needed them to be. So many times in our lives we focus on the negative thingsplaguingourexistence, too often forgetting the simple blessings flowing in and out on a daily basis. We are shattered by the difficulties which cause us to be blinded from all the good caressing our experiences. I am guilty of it myself, falling prey to the struggles which shadow the victories. I often have to stop what I am doing and take a few moments to literally count my blessings. Every time I undergo this ritual, my thoughts are turned around and I am ready to face the storms in front of me. Sometimes along the way we are given the insight to stop "spoiling what we have by desiring what we have not." We are shown the grace of our blessings in an unexpected moment that falls on us like the wind against the thick branches of a tree. It is up to us to stand sturdy through it all and hold on to the positive influences instead of destroying our resolve with the negative. Our lives are like those trees, branching out in every different direction, going through seasons of change, but holding on even when the wind of circumstance threatens to break us. We were all made to be resilient and for me, seeing those who have weathered the greatest storms inspires strength Continued on Page 5 i q Ole's New Yob - Courtesy of Cousin Pat tie had retired after 25 years of working for the same company, but had to go back to work part time as a taxi driver if Fargo, to make ends meet. His first day on the job a passenger in his taxi leaned over to ask him a question, gently tapping him of the shoulder to get his attention. Ole driver screamed, lost control of the cab, nearly hit a bus, drove up over the curb and stopped just inches from a large plate glass window. For a few moments everything was silent in the cab. Then, the shaking Ole looked at the passenger and said, "yumpin yimminy, you scared the daylights out of me!" The badly shaken passenger apologized to Ole and said "I didn't realize that a mere tap on the shoulder could startle someone so badly. Were you in the war?" "No, no," Ole replied, calming down a little. "I guess I'm da one dat should be sorry. It's yust dat today is my first day driving a taxi cab. Before dis, I drove a hearse for 25 years in Grand Forks." Who's that Lady? Valley News and Views Periodical postage paid at Drayton N.D. Permit (#679-990). Member of the North Dakota Newspaper Association. Official newspaper for the City of Drayton and Drayton Public School District No.19. Published every Thursday at Drayton, North Dakota. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Valley News & Views, PO Box 309, Drayton, N.D. 58225- 0309. Valley News and Views welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed and we reserve the right to edit all letters for length and accuracy of content. Roberta Van Camp, Publisher Emeritus Published By Great Caesar's Ghost Larry Ritzo, Owner/Editor Yearly Subscription rates: $30.00 In Pembina County $35.00 All other addresses $.75 at News Stands Phone 701-360-3005 Fax 701-454-6333 All material, including photographs, advertisements and articles, subject to Copyright. Copyright 2009. Word out of the Animal's Republic is that President Haggis M. Lee and Madam Zoey have gone there separate ways. Enter the new mystery girl. No, it's not Camilla Bowles. We only know that her name is Svetlana, she's from Russian, and she claims she's not a spy. She and Haggis met on the internet and a little mouse told us they plan to get together one of these days.