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July 25, 2013     Valley News and Views
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July 25, 2013

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Page 4 July 25th, 2013 Valley News and Views Lady D1, me My concerns are that we are great friends I'm really pumped! I'm starting a small business that's sure to be a success. I have a buddy who's put up seed money and wants to partner in this venture. We've been good friends since college. We're both 28 and have been working for a local manufacturer, ready to be in charge of our own destiny. We've done our market research to ensure this business would be successful here and in surrounding communities. We've looked at three properties available for office and storage needs and plan on landing one of them next week. "Greg", (I'll call him) is very different from and have always gotten along. While I'm very 'relationship' and 'people' focused he's more of a book worm and introverted. Our styles and expertise are completely different. We've decided how to divide and conquer but I'm concerned should conflict arise how to address things? Since I've never run a business I'm not sure how to handle this stuff. I'll be out in the field getting clients and he'll be at the office. Is there a blueprint for this sort of thing? This isn't big business and I want to be fully prepared should anything arise. Stoked about Business! Dear Stoked! I'm just as excited for you taking this leap and leap of faith with your friend! It sounds like you've spent a great deal of time together fact finding, well on your way to new horizons. I imagine this meant countless conversations with the opportunity to agree to disagree. Working or partnering with others with differing skill sets or personality traits is crucial to success. First, your legal council will ensure your business needs are addressed with all tax, insurance requirements, licensing, wages, loan documentation, etc. Second, align with your colleague on interpersonal and business decisions with the same professionalism and decorum that comes with being a business owner. Meet with a Business Consultant readily available in the nearby Grand Forks area. There are several independent coaches and advisers whom you can choose. They'll help you through your initial growth phase and provide the leadership insight you both need. Most important you want to nurture this business and each other. You'll learn several techniques for problem solving, adapting to change and overcoming obstacles both interpersonally and with clients. Lady Di Write Lady Di confidentially at Letters can be mailed to; Dear Lady Di, 8351 West Bush Lake Road, Bloomington, MN 55438 GREAT BEGINNINGS 1369 "I have been treading on leaves all day until I am autumn-tired. God knows all the color and form of leaves I have trodden on and mired. Perhaps I have put forth too much strength and been too fierce from fear. I have safely trodden underfoot the leaves of another year." (the beginning of' Leaf Treader," a poem by Robert Frost) NATIONAL DEBT As of July 21 the national debt was $16,744,744,138,946.51 (over sixteen trillion dollars). This was a decline of $194 million from the $16,744,938,718,591,83 of July 14. Each American now owes $52,940.51 on the debt. This represents a decline of $8.22 from the $52,948.73 of July 14. The increase in the national debt since our members of Congress were first in office: Former Senator Kent Conrad: 1987- -$2,350,276,890,953.00; Jan. 2, 2013-- $16,441,433,358,986.17, an increase of over 14 trillion, 91 billion dollars. Former Representative Rick Berg: Jan. 2011--$13,997,932,781,828.89; Jan. 2, 2013-- $16,441,433,358,986.17, an increase of over two trillion 416 billion dollars. Senator John Hoeven: Jan. 2011- -$13,997,932,781,828.89; today-- $16,744,744,138,946.51, an increase of over two trillion 747 billion dollars. Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Representative Kevin Cramer: Jan. 3, 2013--$16,437,549,999,170.77; today-- $16,744,744,138,946.51, an increase of $307 billion. TRIVIA QUIZ TIME 797 1. Alaska was purchased during the presidency of. (a. U.S. Grant; b. Andrew Johnson; c. Abraham Lincoln) 2. The Golden Fleece was on. (a. Colchis; b. Declas; c. Euralpis) 3. The author of "Little Women" was named (a. Louisa May Alcott; b. Mary Beth Hughes; c. Mary Roberts Rinehart) 4._ was the author of the plays "Lysistrata" and "The Frogs." (a. Aeschylus; b. Aristophanes; c. Sophocles) 5. Alaska's capital is. (a. Anchorage; b. Fairbanks; c. Juneau) (answers at the end of the Column) A MESS OF POTTAGE 1426 This portion of my column describes the works of Libertarian philosopher and economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995). In 1995 he published "Economic Thought Before Adam Smith." Chapter 10 is entitled "Mercantilism and freedom in England from the Tudors to the Civil War." Rothbard took on the so-caUed genius, Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626), who was considered by his contemporaries as the greatest man of his age. A naive empiricist, Bacon saw no place for human reason as a supplier of knowledge in ethics through the use of natural law. In addition to Thomas Hobbes, another Baconian in political economy was Sir William Petty (1623-1687). Petty and his followers could flourish under any form of government and, in fact, did just that. Petty made a fortune as a supporter of the Puritans and Oliver Cromwell during and after the English Civil War and continued in the good graces of the government after the Stuart monarchy was restored in 1660. POETIC FRAGMENTS Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) was a major Romantic poet. Here is a portion of his poem "To A Skylark": "Sound of vernal showers On the twinkling grass, Rain-awakened flowers, All that ever was Joyous, and clear, and flesh, thy music doth surpass." DHS, 1927 29 On March 4 the DHS boys defeated Neche 18-11 in the Sub-District Basketball Tournament in Grafton. Drayton players were William Wagner, eight pts.; Clarence Mathison, four pts.; Raymond Dryden, two pts.; George Buchanan, two pts., Harry Moore, two pts., and GrahamVanCamp. W.W. Welsh (pronounced "Walsh") was the coach. Drayton ended its season 1-5. BILLBOARD'S TOP TEN 1973 July 21 1. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Jim Croce) 2. Will It Go Round In Circles (Billy Preston) 3. Yesterday Once More (Carpenters) 4. Shambala (Three Dog Night) 5. Kodachrome (Paul Simon) 6. Give Me Love (George Harrison) 7. Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple) 8. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Bette Midler)* 9. Playground In My Mind (Clint Holmes) 10. Natural High (Bloodstone)* (* indicates a new song) Bette Midler was born December !, 1945, in Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii. From 1972 and 1991 she had eighteen hit songs. "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" was her second released. It peaked at g8, was on the charts for sixteen weeks, and became her fourth-biggest all- time hit behind "Wind Beneath My Wings," "From A Distance," and "The Rose." NUMBER 1 SONGS JULY 25 1893--My Country 'Tis Of Thee (Jules Levy) 1898--She Was Bred In Old Kentucky (George J. Gaskin) 1903--Hiawatha (Harry MacDonough) 1908--The Glow-Worm (Lucy Isabelle Marsh) 1913--The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine (Henry Burr/Albert Campbell) 1918--I'm Sorry I Made You Cry (Henry Burr); Hello, Central, Give Me No Man's Land (A1 Jolson) 1923--Down Hearted Blues (Bessie Smith) 1928--Laugh, Clown, Laugh (Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians) 1933--Lazybones (Ted Lewis) 1938--Music, Maestro, Please (Tommy Dorsey); A-Tisket, A-Tasket (Ella Fitzgerald) 1943- -You'll Never Know (Dick Haymes); Let's Get Lost (Vaughn Monroe) 1948--WoodyWoodpecker (Kay Kyser) 1953--Song From 'Moulin Rouge' (Percy Faith); I'm Walking Behind You (Eddie Fisher) 1958--Hard Headed Woman/Don't Ask Me Why (Elvis Presley) 1963--Surf City (Jan & Dean) 1968--Grazing In The Grass (Hugh Masekela) 1973--Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Jim Croce) 1978--Shadow Dancing (Andy Gibb) 1983--Every Breath You Take (Police) 1988--Hold On To The Nights (Richard Marx) 1993--Can't Help Falling In Love (UB40) 1998--Torn (Natalie Imbruglia); The Boy Is Mine (Brandy/Monica) 2003--Crazy In Love (Beyonce/Sean Paul) 2008--I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry) 15YEARS AGO July 25, 1998--Drayton teacher Nancy Jo Walker and Donald James Gordon of St. Thomas were married in Rugby, ND. NOTABLE QUOTES "If you hoe where there are no weeds, there will be no weeds." (as spoken by Lt. Leroy Powder in Michael Z. Lewin's detective novel from 1982 "Hard Line.") Trivia Quiz Answers (1.b; 2. a; 3. a; 4. b; 5. c) "Creating a family in this turbulent world is an act of faith, a wager that against all odds there will be a future, that love can last, that the heart can triumph against all adversities and even against the grinding wheel of time. -Dean Koontz Once again we gathered near Effie, Minn., for our annual family campout we deemed Gypsy Fest several years ago to honor our Bohemian heritage. We all came from different directions but when we arrived it was like coming home. We only get to see many of our cousins once a year at this special event so it is something we look forward to. In the midst of the pine trees on a small, quaint lake, we were able to connect to the bonds of family that sustain us through the good days and bad. One afternoon as a group of us floated on the water, visiting, smiling, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. I looked across the sparkling surface and thought about our ancestors, some who had to leave us way too early like our uncle Butch, Auntie Shirley and Papa. I re ized how iUcl0jwe were God brought together people who were meant to be at the exact space in time they were destined to unite - and from those unities, our devoted family was created. I have always felt so comfortable and connected around our Bohemian cousins - they understand deep loss, losing their father and grandfather to a heart attack at a young age as well as watching their mother and grandmother battle cancer with strength and grace. They know what it feels like to witness a loved one struggle through the difficulties, they comprehend the ramblings of emotion flowing in and out of our days. One evening our cousin Bruce lit up a Chinese lantern and let it go in honor of those who came before us. I stood there watching the light floating into the night sky with tears in my eyes. Slowly lifting, it wavered back and forth every once and a while as it danced in the cool breeze and I felt grateful for those bonds of love and understanding we are all able to know and cherish. Although my big brother Michael was able to make the trip, he had some good days and some not so good days. The second day I arrived, my younger brother Gary and I along with our mother and niece and nephew Katie and Mitchell were able to get Mike on the pontoon in his wheelchair. We watched, smiling and laughing as the two youngest members of our family Trapper and Hawken took a ride on a huge tube with their older cousins behind the pontoon. Oh what fun it is to watch youthful innocence enjoy moments of exhilaration. The joy they bring is incomparable and to see brother Mike take in that unforgettable moment in time despite his labors, was grace at its best. The last day we were there we enjoyed a little Christmas in July as we donned our ugly Christmas sweaters and passed around white elephant gifts. We were asked to bring items we no longer had use for and as we shook dice to exchange the various gifts, we laughed so hard when a few of them were unwrapped. We, also enjoyed a fireworks show put on by our cousin Bruce and a light show complete with Christmas colors in the trees our cousin Danny set up. It looked like thousands of fireflies shining through the pines. I can't thank my family enough for the "light" and laughter. They flU us up when we need it most. That evening after Mike had been outside for just a few hours, he started feeling ill. Walking behind his wheelchair to the ramp he said to me with sadness in his voice, "I'm sorry I can't stay out longer, I used to be the life of the party." "I know big brother," I replied. "I wish so bad you weren't going through this." After getting him in bed, there was a moment when tears welled up in his eyes. This has all been so hard for him, first losing the use of his legs and now, due to continued effects of radiation and chemo, losing use of his hands. It is bound to get to a person sometimes and I don't blame him one bit. I looked at him and said, 800.284.7222 701,284.7221 www.thinkpolar, com \ "Oh Mike, I will say what pops use to say all the time, 'Don't cry, you are going to make me cry.'" And that is exactly what I did. I left the room for a time and had a bit of a meltdown, I just couldn't stop crying, my heart hurt so badly for him. On the way home I was texting his wife, my "sista" Jackie and telling her I had a bit of a breakdown. She replied with such wisdom writing, "It's ok to do that once in a while. We just have to remember to balance our tears with laughter, live our lives with an equal amount of both." She is so strong and filled with wisdom beyond her years due to all she has been through in her short life. And so that is what we must do, live one day at a time, constantly trying to find laughter amidst the tears. We will be in Rochester this week so I am asking for fervent prayers for Michael as we see what news doctors give us. I remember a quote I read once by Marmontel Gretry, "Where can a person be better than in the bosom of their family." I couldn't agree more. I feel complete surrounded by family - for those brief moments, joy, hope, understanding, compassion, wisdom and love come together like the kaleidoscope of colors my cousin produced along the branches of the trees, creating an act of faith where "the heart can triumph against all adversities." On Sunday as we said good bye, I wasn't the only one with tears in my eyes. Both my young nephew Trapper and 6-year-old cousin Caden were also fighting them back. "I don't like when everyone has to go home," Trapper said. "Me either buddy, me either," I replied. Little Caden sat in the vehicle his mouth drawn into a frown sporting the sadness I think we all felt. "Caden, you were such a good boy this weekend," I said. "It's tough to leave everyone isn't it?" He shook his head slowly up and down. "We will see each other again buddy, I love you." His eyes welled with tears as he whispered those three words back to me. Sometimes along the way Continued on Page 7