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August 4, 2011     Valley News and Views
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August 4, 2011

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August 2010 =Page 2 of Vol. 4 No. 1 Did Drayton School make AYP? Included with this newsletter are copies of our AYP reports for 2010-11 - one for the elementary, one for the junior high / high school, and one for the district as a whole. You will note at the bottom of each report the status for each individual school (elementary and high school) and the district. The high school (7 - 12) has again attained AYP. However, the elementary and the District as a whole did not. What does this mean? This means that Drayton will need to begin to initiate special activities in an effort to attain AYP status in the attempt to improve our student achievement results and the goals established by NCLB. In order to do this, our school will need your support and involvement. Supporting the school and being involved in your child's education is instrumental to their progress and our continuing to meet ourAYP goals. We not only need your support, we welcome any ideas you may have to continue our efforts. Please feel free to contact the school at any of the addresses with those thoughts. Educationally yours, Hy C.J. Schlieve, Superintendent SUPER TO PARENT This year we are continuing with our approach from last year regarding our newsletter by making a hard copy of this Back-to-School edition to all via the Valley News and Views and during registration to the parents of school aged children. This initial newsletter will focus on the information a person might need or want to review periodically over the course of the year. This information is provided with the intent of helping your year go smoothly. The newsletter will continue to be posted in pdf format on the website at www.drayton.k12. SCHOOL SUPPLIES The elementary teachers will be sending out lists of supply needs for their individual classrooms shortly, if you have not already received one. If you have questions regarding any of this please contact us at the school. Junior high and high school staffs do not, as a general rule, have special supply needs. The general needs are a notebook for each class and writing utensils - paper, pens, and pencils. CALEN DAR OVERVIEW Following is a summary listing of important events for the next few weeks. This listing will be updated monthly in the Blue Knight Notes. This document will be posted monthly to the school website at www. Access to the newsletter and other information can be found on our home page. Previous editions of the Parent Newsletter and numerous other documents can also be found on the website. The newsletter is normally posted monthly on the first Monday of each month August through May. [] Wed. Aug 3rd - Mandatory Concussion Information Meeting @ 7 pm [] Mon. Aug. 8th - Registration (10 am - 3:30 pm) [] Tues. Aug. 9th - Registration (10 am - 3:30 pm) and Kindergarten Roundup (3 pm to 5 pm) [] Wed. Aug. 10th - Football practice begins and Registration (10 am to 8 pm) [] Thurs. Aug. 11th - Registration (10 am - 3:30 pm) [] Mon. Aug 15th - Volleyball practice begins [] Tues. Aug 16th - Drayton August School Board meeting (7 pm) [] Tues. Aug 23rd - First Day of School in Drayton [] Tues. Aug. 30th - Preschool begins [] Mon. Sept 5th - Labor Day (NO SCHOOL) IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS Some changes to the State Immunization requirements were instituted last year. The changes are highlighted below and the table identifying the required number of doses of each type of immunization also follows. Beginning with the 2009 - 10 school year a fourth dose the hepatitis B Vaccine is now required of those students entering high school. Two doses of chickenpox (varicella) are now required of those students entering kindergarten or 1st grade, and a third dose will be required for all students in grades 2 through 5. If a child has a history of chickenpox, the child is exempt from this immunization requirement. Minimum # oaf Required uoses/00raae Vaccine K 1-6 7-12 DTaP/DTP/ 4 4 4 DT or More or More or More Hepatitis B 3 3 3 IPB/OPV 4 4 4 Meningococcal 0 1 1 MMR 2 2 2 Tdap 0 1 1 Varicella 2 1 more no more Blue Knights' Notes www.drayton.kl If you have any questions regarding your child's immunization status, please contact Mr. Ralston at the school (454 - 3324) or your healthcare provider. SCHOOL CALENDAR DATES Drayton Mandatory Concussion Information Meeting Aug.3 Registration (10 - 3:30) Aug.8 Registration (10 - 3:30) Aug.9 Registration (10 - 8) Aug.10 Registration (10 - 3:30) Aug.11 Teacher PLATO Learning Workshop Aug. 15 Teacher PLATO Learning Workshop Aug.16 Drayton Workshop Day Drayton Workshop Day Walsh - Pembina Inservice 1st Day of School 1st Day of Preschool Labor Day- No School Mid-Term of 1st 9 weeks NDEA Convention-No School End of 1st 9 weeks Parent/Teacher Conferences Veteran's Day-No School Thanksgiving Break-No School Mid-Term of 2nd 9 weeks Last day before Christmas Break School reconvenes after Holidays End of 2rid 9 weeks Walsh-Pembina Inservice-No School Mid-Term of 3rd 9 weeks Parent/Teacher Conferences End of 3rd 9 weeks Spring Break- No School Easter Break-No School Mid-Term of 4th 9 weeks Last Day of School Graduation at 1:00 March 16, April 9, May 17, May 18: Storm Days in order of make-up, if needed Aug. 17 Aug. 18 Aug.22 Aug .23 Aug.30 Sep.5 Sep.21 Oct. 20-21 Oct. 26 Nov. 2 Nov. 11 Nov. 24-25 Nov. 30 Dec. 22 Jan. 3 Jan. 11 Jan. 17 Feb. 10 Feb. 15 Mar. 15 Mar. 16 Apr. 6-9 Apr. 18 May 18 May 20 SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS Board meetings are typically held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. The tentative schedule follows (variations are noted in bold and italics). If you have an item that you wish to discuss with the Board, please call the superintendent's office at 454-3324 at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting to get added to the agenda. The Board wants your input but the members deserve to know that you will be present and have a topic of interest to address with them, and what that topic is as there are certain topics that the Board cannot address in open session. If you have general questions, I am certain that any individual board member will discuss those with you without you needing to attend a meeting. If you would just like to address the board, there is time set aside on each board agenda for Patron Comments. The Board may choose to refer the item for discussion or action at a subsequent meeting. Tuesday, August 16 @ 7 pm Tuesday, September 13 @ 7 pm Tuesday, October 11 @ 7 pm Tuesday, November 15 @ 7 pm Tuesday, December 13 @ 7 am Tuesday, January 10 @ 7 am Tuesday, February 14 @ 7 am Tuesday, March 13 @ 7 am Tuesday, April 10 @ 7 pm Tuesday, May 15 @ 7 pm Tuesday, June 5 @ 7 pm Tuesday, July 17 @ 6 pm PRESCHOOL CORNER The Drayton School District operates a preschool program for children who will be 4 years of age by August 1st of the current school year (1 August 2011, birthday must be on or before 1 August 2007 for the 2011 - 2012 school year). The preschool is a half-day session - either AM or PM, two days per week - Tuesday's and Thursday's beginning August 30th through the end of February, at which time it switches to three days per week - Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's to the end of the school year. Students are screened prior to admission. Those parents who have a child who is age-eligible to attend are asked to contact the school. Mrs. Johnston, our preschool teacher, will then contact you to arrange a time for screening. There is currently no cost for the program. Students are returned home (or to daycare) following the AM session and PM session students are then picked up for the afternoon. Preschool students can ride the regular bus routes in the morning and after school. Parents are asked to bring their child the first day of preschool. AUGUST FAST FACTS Flower - Gladiolus Birthstone - Peridot August 6th - Anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima August 7th - Anniversary of the first picture from space August 9th - Book Lovers' Day (Drop Everything And Read) August 26th - Women's Equality Day TRANSPORTATION The Drayton School District will operate buses each day school is in session. Buses will load and unload behind the school (on the west side of the building). Since this is the bus loading and unloading zone, we ask parental cooperation when bringing your children to school or picking them up after school or any time during the school day to do this in front of the school (on the east side of the building). We plan for the buses to arrive at the school between 8:20 and 8:25 am daily. If you have any questions regarding your anticipated pick up time, please call your driver. Linda Merrill will be driving the North and East route and Robert Klein will be driving the South and West Route. As in the past, as the buses come into town, they will pick up in Drayton as well. With some minor exceptions, the routes should be very similar as in the past. We ask your assistance in making our routes as efficient and timely as possible. If you will be picking your child up unexpectedly, please call the Office prior to 3:15 and we will have them exit the front of the building and inform the bus driver of the change. Similarly, if your child will not be riding in the morning we ask that you notify the driver as early as possible regarding this fact, preferably by 7 am. If you cannot reach the driver, call the school and we will contact them with this information. Please consider your child's safety when riding the bus by ensuring they have proper clothing. Any students riding the bus during the winter months (November through March) should have boots, a cap, mittens, and a heavy coat. Bus drivers have been instructed to remind students to wear warm clothing during the winter. Transportation Rules In the attempt to promote improved safety for all students, we are again asking the cooperation of the parents and of the students with our rules. Riding the bus is a privilege that students enjoy, but with this privilege comes responsibilities. = Students will be expected to ride their assigned bus. Any change should be cleared with the Office prior to the change occurring, i.e. - riding to a friend's place or a relative's home after school for whatever reason. If you are aware that another individual will not be riding, please inform the driver. = Students, when boarding the bus, should go directly to their seat, sit down, and remain seated throughout the trip. As a general rule, students may sit where they want, but the bus drivers have the authority to assign seating. Students should be dressed appropriately for the bus ride, particularly during the winter months. It is rare that it happens, but occasionally a bus may experience mechanical failure or become stuck. Should the motor quit, a bus wiU cool off quickly. Students should be timely for the bus, both in the morning and after school. Our goal is to maintain a schedule and this requires the cooperation of the riders. Be considerate of your fellow riders. o- If waiting along the road or street for the bus, stay off the road waiting until the bus has come to a complete stop before trying to board. o- While on the bus, keep your extremities (head, hands, arms, feet, and legs) in the bus at all times. o- Help to keep the bus clean by depositing any garbage or paper in the receptacles provided for such. = Please keep your voice down during the ride to avoid unnecessary distractions of the driver. Abusive or obnoxious language will not be tolerated. Treat other riders with respect - harassment and retaliation are not acceptable. o- Please take good care of the bus, report any vandalism or damage to the driver so repairs can be completed quickly. o- Never tamper with the bus or any of its equipment. o= Keep books, packages, coats, and other articles out of the aisle. o= Remain on the bus in the event of an emergency, unless directed by the driver to do otherwise. Do not throw things out of the bus windows. o- Remain seated while the bus is in motion. o- The driver and / or advisor is responsible for the riders, please heed their direction. o= When disembarking, if you need to cross the road, do so by crossing in front of the bus. Move at least ten feet in front of the bus and wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to cross, then look both directions and cross. Older students are asked to assist younger students in the process. = These expectations are in effect during regular routes and for extra-curricular trips as well. Finally, realize that with expectations, there are consequences for failing to live up to those expectations. The consequences may include any or all of the following depending upon the seriousness of the action and whether unacceptable behavior has occurred previously. Consequences include: Conference / discussion with driver; Assigned seating; Parental contact; Referral to principal; Suspension of riding privileges for a period of 1 to 10 days; or Suspension of riding privileges for the remainder of grading period, semester, or school year. Phone (701)454-3324 Fax:(701)454-3485 LUNCH PROGRAM & MEAL PRICES Application forms for free or reduced price meals are included with this newsletter. The eligibility guidelines have once again changed so I encourage you to apply, even though you may not have qualified in the past. All applications are confidential. The school does not lose money on free or reduced meals and in fact, the school benefits from a higher free and reduced meal percentage as the funding levels for many programs are based on this percentage. Qualifications for free or reduced meals are based upon family size and income after business expenses have been deducted. If you are self-employed, you should bring a copy of your 1040 income tax form and if you are salaried, you should bring a pay stub. If you have any questions or need assistance with the process, please feel free to call. A chart showing eligibility levels is included with the information you receive during registration. Also, if your employment or earnings status changes during the year, please be aware that you can apply at that time. The prices per meal for the 2011 -2012 school year will be as follows: Breakfast - ,/Student - $1.35 Adult - $1.85; and Lunch - Student - $ 2.15 " Adult - $ 3.25. 2011 - 2012 DRAYTON ADMINISTRATION & STAFF School Board Lawrence Brosius Mike Emanuelson Mark Hatloy Michael Larson Chris Littlejohn Board Member (2012) Vice Chair (2012) Chairman (2013) Board Member (2014) Board Member (2013) Professional Staff Amy Beaudoin Carrie Hope Jim Gebu Sue Green Brittany Johnson Linda Johnston David Jongetjes Amanda Ricard Robert Klein Micheile Kornkven Ann Kraft Rachel Lee Rod Mack Tom Cummings To Be Determined Linda Merrill Cheryl Parker Jill Pilon Lori Potratz Jamie Rarick Dean Ralston Matt Rarick Greg Pollestad Hy C.J. Schlieve Kerri Stegman Wayne Stegman Jeryl Thompson Jane Uggerud Support Staff Cindy Bronson Betty Dahl Jennell Head Clarice Karboviak Robert Klein Cindy Meader Linda Merrill Dave Peil Judy Stellon Kim Dahl Extra-Curricular Murph Thompson Dave Jongetjes Wayne Stegman Rachel Lee Dustin Martin Kerri Stegman TBD Jane Uggerud James Hanson Gary Jackson Ken Gardner Matthew Rarick Tracey Kasparowicz 6th Grade Performance Strategist JH / HS Math Learning Disabilities 1 st Grade Preschool Counselor Kindergarten JH English / Librarian Speech / Language 3rd Grade Title I E/D Special Education Director Physical Education/ Physical Sciences Life Science/Physical Education 5th Grade FACS 2nd Grade 4th Grade Principal K- 12 HS Mathematics Elementary Computers/ Technology Director Superintendent Business/Librarian HS English/Speech/ Drama/Physical Education/Drivers Education HS/JH Social Studies Music Head Cook Special Education Paraprofessional Assistant Custodian/ Kitchen Help Assistant Cook Bus Driver Bus Driver Bus Driver Lead Custodian/ Bus Mechanic Business Manager Secretary Athletic Director/ Head Football/Boys' Track Assistant Football/ Assistant Track Assistant Football/ Drama / Golf Speech / Drama Head Volleyball Elementary Girls Basketball Elementary Boys Basketball Band / Choir Baseball Assistant Football/ Girls' Track Student Council/ National Honor Society Prom Cheerleading Advisor