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August 15, 2013     Valley News and Views
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August 15, 2013

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Valley News & Views Page 5 August 15th, 2013 August 14th, 1891 Drayton Echo A sensation ws created at Beatrice, Neb., by an announcement made by William Wymore, an old citizen of that county, that he saw in southwestern Kansas, John Cameron, for whose murder Jackson Marion was hanged over four years ago. Three more "blind pigs" were hauled up in Fargo Tuesday night, all "to onst," by the sheriff and his deputies. Liquors were found in the possession of and captured from all. Two of the "blind piggers" were aldermen of the city. Martin Gillis, of St. Andrews, lost avaluable mare (worth $250) the latter part of this week. He tethered the mare out on a meadow and took away her colt to wean it. In her efforts to get away the mare stumbled in such a manner as to fall upon her head and break her neck. EL. Waldo states, "I had a stool of wheat pulled from my farm that I was going to bring in to you today, but came away and forgot about it. It measures five feet six inches from roots to tip of heads. There are 26 large heads of well filled wheat upon the same - and all was produced from one kernel of wheat. Think of thatV August 15th, 1913 Drayton Echo The value of the automobile to the farmer was demonstratedtotheresidents of the city Wednesday of last week when Robert Halcrow of Nowesta brought a cow to town in a box wagon behind his auto. He made the trip to town, a distance of eleven miles, in one hour and went home considerably faster. Mr. Halcrow's car is a 40 horse-power friction drive machine for which he is an agent. He will be pleased to demonstrate the machine to anyone. The farms owned by Jos. Mordy and los. Morrison, south of Pittsburg, were sold this week to T. Hollihan of Dixon, Ill. The price paid was $65 per acre. The crops in this vicinity are looking fine at the present time. All the farmers are busy harvesting and a good yield is expected. The potato and corn crop is a little light in some places but will average up in good shape. A few pieces of rye have been threshed and the yield was good. There has been more hay put up this year than there has been for a number of seasons, the farmer having found that the hay crop is one that pays good money. The only trouble seems to be that laborers are very carce. August 18th, 1933 Red River Valley Leader There are 82 miles of free exhibits to be seen by visitors to A Century of Progress - Chicago World's Fair, for a 50 cent admission at the gates to the Exposition. Chinas last faint chance to recover Manchuria and Jehol from Japan probably has disappeared, for Gen. Feng Yu-hsiang, the independent commander who had been leading the fight against Japanese aggression, has given up and signed a peace pact with the national government. Feng has been one of modern Chinas most romantic figures and his persistent opposition worried Japan not a little. His capitulation is attributed to a lack of funds and munitions as well as mutiny and dissatisfaction among his own men. French fears of another war with Germany were sharply stimulated by the abrupt refusal of the Hitler government to consider the parallel requests made by Great Britain and France that Nazi propaganda in Austria be discontinued. The two protesting nations declared the course Germany was pursuing was in violation ot the spirit of the four power peace pact recently signed; but their ambassadors were told by the German foreign office that the Berlin government failed to see any reason for application of the four power treaty in this instance, and that Germany regarded as inadmissible this interference in the German- Austrian trouble. C.E Reibling of this city was elected president of the Pembina County Organization Opposed to the Sales Tax at a meeting held in Cavalier last week. The organization is one of a number of county groups being formed to combat the sales tax in North Dakota. Virginia Ferguson drove to Mayville Wednesday, rm where she went with a group of Mayville students to Chicago to attend theWorld's Fair and visit relatives. Playing before the largest crowd present at a baseball event in this city for many years, the local nine won a three-game tournament on the home diamond Sunday afternoon. Entrants in the contest were Drayton, Oslo, Neche and Kennedy. August 16th, 1956 Drayton Leader Members of the Commercial Club have been commended by the public for their decision to start a drive for a municipal swimming pool. It seems to have struck a responsive chord in the hearts of most Drayton residents, many of whom have felt the need for a swimming pool for many years. A car-tractor mishap on the highway 4 miles west of Langdon about noon on Monday sent Ervan ]uhl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin ]uhl of Bowesmont to the hospital with a broken leg. Dr. and Mrs. Wellde Frey and their two children, Kathy and Douglas, will return to Dratyon the first of December to make their home. Dr. Frey will resume the medical practice which was interrupted by a tour of duty with the Air Force. Dr. Frey who left Drayton in November 1954, has been stationed in Lincoln, Nebr. Since completing his basic with the exception of three months spent in England. Sunday will be a day of celebration in Oakwood when members of that community gather together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Sacred Heart Parish and the 50th anniversary of the establishment of St. Aloysius Academy. (From "On the Party Line, with Chris Borgen) Guess every housewife is born a natural "bargain hunter", Chris Borgen included. That's why I never pass up a chance to shop in the stores that give S&H Green Stamps. I've noticed too, that stores that display the S&H Green Stamp sign can be depended on ofor quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Fact is, An Open Heart by Harry Kraus One of the privileges of being in the writing business for a long time is watching other authors, sometimes prot6g6s, get one book and then a couple more published and all the time keep growing in their writing and story telling ability. I met Harry Kraus, a surgeon by trade, at a conference or convention years ago. We belong to a Christian Fiction Writers organization so that made keeping track of each other easier. Harry did something rather unusual. He left his medical practice in the states and headed for Africa, Kenya area. He has served several tours there and now he and his family are back in the US. He has written several novels during this time, and I've no idea how he accomplished that considering the surgical and teaching schedule he maintained, but he did it. But with An Open Heart, Harry Kraus has stepped back into the writing world with a medical suspense novel that grabs the reader and doesn't let go until the final scene. Dr. Jace Rawlings, a specialist in open-heart surgeries, has come to Africa to set up a hospital unit to repair the hearts of the poor who can't afford the fancy hospitals. Feeling sure that this act of dedication will erase some things from his according to my grocer, town America, then moved S&H Green Stamps build his  halfway across the country volume and actually help to attend college and law lower prices - so I have Two  school. ways. No wonder so many  After graduating, he of us shop where we get,returned to his small town our discout for cash trading Z roots, dreaming that one stamps. day he could be the big shot August 16th, 1973  in town. He really wanted to Drayton Express Dr. Andrew D. Duncklee announces the opening of his office for the practice of General Dentistry at Drayton. Office hours are by appointment beginning Monday, Aug. 20, 1973. One of the older buildings on Drayton's Main Street is no more after ]arshaw Construction demolished the structure in the south block last Friday evening. The building has housed Roy's Barber Shop; Raney Insurance; The Long Tavern; Larson's Shoe and Shoe Repair Shop, among other. Definite plans for the vacated space were undisclosed. Play in the Drayton Ladies Golf League was completed recently and awards were held last Wednesday evening in conjunction with a social "wind-up". The team of Doris Holler, Betty Dunford, Vera Howe and Beattie Myster were awarded the league championship trophies. Ah-ha Moment Can Lead to Business Success by Helen Volk-Schill, Pembina County Extension Office But he saw the opportunity." The third piece to this process is envisioning the future. "This is what Ray Kroc saw in McDonald's," said Muske. "Here is an example of imagining where an idea, if successfully developed, might go. We also see that these moments come at any age, from the l 1-year- old boy to Kroc, who was over 50 years of age when he started." All three pieces the idea, the opportunity and the vision - need to be part of a business owner's effort as he or she explores business ownership. Realizing that these three elements can happen almost instantaneously or be part of a long, drawn-out process is important. Continued on Page 7 past, he proceeds only to discover that not everyone agrees with his plan. Not even hospital staff and politicos around them. When the patients he operates on come to tell him messages they received from beyond the grave, when their hearts were stopped for the surgery, even his life is threatened. Keeping secrets is a killing idea. The plot is convoluted, the characters well drawn and life in Africa, so different from our own, plays out its own cadence. I have always enjoyed medical thrillers and this is one I've told lots of people that they might want to get it. They'll keep coming back for more. I've heard that his next one, A Heartbeat Away, is even more gripping. Keep up the great work, Harry, I'll brag about knowing you any time. Can you believe August is here already and school is about to start? School never used to start before September and usually after Labor Day. Do those count as the good old days? The big thing in August for me is the release of Wake the Dawn on August 20th. When a hurricane like storm throws all its fury at a small town in North Western Minnesota, cutting off all contact with the outside world, the community must ptfll together or perish. Ben lames of the Border Patrol is fighting his own demons when his canine partner Bo discovers a baby under some bushes in the swampy area known to be a through way for human trafficking. Physicians Assistant Esther Hanson runs the clinic, has pleaded for the city fathers to bring their only medical facility up to current standards, and now must fight to save lives as what supplies they have disappear at a startling rate. Wake the Dawn is a story of heroism, faith that needs building and rebuilding, a budding romance and people pitching in to save each other and their town. This story came about in an unusual way. Actually the story behind the story for many of my books might make good stories too. But this time, I did indeed hear voices. Strange. My Fall is mighty busy, with a children's novel, the last for The S.A_V.E Squad, No Ordinary Owl, coming out in September. Besides that my novella The Cowboy's Angel, is part of an anthology of nine writers, and titled A Pioneer Christmas. I love writing Christmas novellas and this one even has an angel. I've always wanted to write a story with an angel in it. Next month I'll give you the rest of my good news. Happy reading and writing and I hope you've helped support the animal rescues of Tehachapi, the Rescue Capitol of the World. Joe grew up in small a big impression on this new "Okay. Tell the D.A. that I'll client when he arrived, meet with him next week to Awareness of the world around you has been the start of many businesses. "The business world is filled with examples of people who started a business based on watching, reading and listening to things around them," says Helen Volk-Schill, NDSU extension agent of Pembina County. "Being aware may lead in many directions. Sometimes the product is already around, but it just takes the right person to see the opportunities such as 3M's Post-it note." Such awareness can arise from focused research to random chance. The key is to always be attuned to your surroundings. Small business owners often acknowledge their success came as they drove through other communities and made mental notes of what they saw and what was working. However, developing an opportunity from an observation is more than just luck. Awareness of the present is just one part. A second element, imagining the opportunity, also is part of finding a good idea. This second part often is much harder than the first part, though. "How often have you said when a new product or idea comes out, 'I could have done that!'?" says Glenn Muske, the North Dakota State University Extension Service's rural and agribusiness enterprise development specialist. "Just think of the invention of the Popsicle. How many of us have let a drink freeze accidently? An 11-year-old boy, Frank Epperson, did. impress everyone badly. After opening his new law practice, business was very slow at first. One day, he saw a man coming up the sidewalk. He decided to make As the man came to the door, Joe picked up the phone. He motioned the man in, all the while talking... "No. Absolutely not. You tell those clowns in NewYork that I won't settle this case for less than one million..." "Yes. The Appeals Court has agreed to hear that case next week. I'll be handling the primary argument and the other members of my team will provide support..." discuss the details..." This behavior went on for almost 5 minutes. All the while, the visitor sat patiently as Joe rattled instructions. Finally, Joe put down the phone and turned to the man. "I'm sorry for the delay, but as you can see, I'm very busy today. What can I do for you?" The man replied, "I'm from the phone company. I came to hook up your phone KodaBank I KodaBan00's Annual Customer Appreciation Picnic Wednesday August 21 st 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Schumacher Park Menu Includes: Burgers, Dogs, Salads, Baked Beans, Cookies and Ice Cream C'mon Out And Bring Your Appetitie! 1 Sign Up Today For Online Banking at ..... Member FDIC VJ