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August 15, 2013     Valley News and Views
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August 15, 2013

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Page 4 August 15th, 2013 Valley News and Views Dear Lady Di, I'm feeling very insecure right now and its the first time in years. At 46, I've been dating a guy my age for 3 years. We're very compatible in every sense of the word, yet complete opposites. He has a lot of lady friends and I have a few male friends. The beautywith our relationship is maturity comes with age and there aren't any questions that go unanswered. The exception to that is my sneaking suspicion that he may be withholding something from me. I'm wondering if I should be a 'super sleuth' with my nagging feelings or leave the situation alone. Last Friday I stopped by his house for pizza after I had a bad day at work. It's unusual for me to have a bad day but I needed to vent and he's a great listener. After dinner, I got up to leave and he said he was going back to work. He works at home, often late into the evenings. This week, his mother called to invite me to a family birthday party. She told me she had seen her son (my boyfriend) the previous weekend. She proceeded to tell me that he invited his friend "Katherine" over to her home to see her Calligraphy work. The 3 of them had a lovely time and stayed up well into the evening chatting. In fact, my boyfriend and Katherine stayed late, after his mother went to bed. When I spoke to my boyfriend, I said, "Who the H*** is Katherine?!!" I told him I just talked to his mother and found out they had a 'lovely evening' at her place Friday night! He said he didn't think I was the jealous type so he felt no need to tell me. I said he missed GRFAT BEGINNINGS 1372 Announcer: "It's time to meet Joe and Mabel again, those very human beings. Irving Gaynor Neiman brings you another story of the far-from-placid lives of Joe, loquacious cabbie, and his spirited girlfriend Mabel. And throw in for good measure another glimpse of Sherman, Mabel's kid brother, and, of course, Joe's cabbie friend, Mike. Well, today we have a look at what happened on Valentine's Day. Wait a minute, here's Joe to tell you about it..." (a typical opening for "Joe and Mabel," a comedy program on radio; NBC, Feb. 13, 1941, to Sept. 27, 1942) NATIONAL DEBT As of August 11 the national debt was $16,745,194,855,814.89 (over sixteen trillion dollars), up $306 million from the $16,744,887,959,472.48 of August 4. (over sixteen trillion dollars). Each American now owes $52,918.91, down $6.87 from the $52,925.78 of August 4. The increase in the national debt since our members of Congress were first in office: Former Senator Kent Conrad: 1987- -$2,350,276,890,953.00; Jan. 2, 2013-- $16,441,433,358,986.17, an increase of over 14 trillion, 91 billion dollars. Former Representative Rick Berg: Jan. 2011--$13,997,932,781,828.89; Jan. 2, 2013-- $16,441,433,358,986.17, an increase of over two trillion 416 billion dollars. Senator John Hoeven: Jan. 2011- "-$13,997,932,781,828.89; today-- $16,745,194,855,814.89, an increase of over two trillion 748 billion dollars. Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Representative Kevin Cramer: Jan. 3, 2013--$16,437,549,999,170.77; today-- $16,744,887,959,472.48, an increase of $307 billion. TRIVIA QUIZ TIME 8OO 1. The Smithsonian Institution is located in. (a. Chicago; b. New York City; c. Washington, D.C.) 2. Where is the famous Hall of Mirrors? (a. Buckingham; b. Louvre; c. Versailles) 3. Cartography is the making of (a. cigars; b. maps; c. wagons) 4. __ was the Roman god of war. (a. Jupiter; b. Mars; c. Pluto) 5. __ is an Ivy League school. (a. Brown; b. Bucknell c. Colgate) (answers at the end of the Column) A MESS OF POTTAGE 1429 This portion of my column describes the works of Libertarian philosopher and economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995). In 1995 he published "Economic Thought Before Adam Smith." Chapter 10 is entitled "Mercantilism and freedom in England from the Tudors to the Civil War." Rothbard took on the so-called genius, Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626), who was considered by his contemporaries as the greatest man of his age. Sir William Petty (1623-1687) was a follower of Bacon and urged the use of mathematics and science to create systems by which humanity could be controlled and governed This approach was devastatingly attacked by the satirist Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) in such works as 'k Modest Proposal" and "Gulliver's Travels." Swift's works helped impel the decline the Baconians suffered in the eighteenth century. POETIC FRAGMENTS Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) was a major Romantic poet. Here is a portion of his poem "To A Skylark": "What objects are the fountains Of thy happy strain? What fields, or waves, or mountains? What shapes of sky or plain? What love of thine own kind? What ignorance of pain?" DHS, 1927 32 On the afternoon of March 25 at a high school assembly, Raymond Dryden, gave a speech on "The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Deep Water system," and Harry Moore spoke on "Colonel Lawrence of Arabia." BILLBOARD'S TOP TEN 1973 August 11 1. The Morning After (Maureen McGovern) 2. Live And Let Die (Wings) 3. Brother Louie (Stories) 4. Touch Me In The Morning (Diana Ross) 5. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Jim Croce) 6. Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple) 7. Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye)* 8. Yesterday Once More (Carpenters) 9. Uneasy Rider (Charlie Daniels)* 10. Monster Mash (Bobby "Boris" Pickett / Crypt-Kickers)* (* indicates a new song) the point; why conceal what you do with your friends, when you meet them and how you know them? He went on to say he was protecting my feelings since he knew I had a bad day that Friday. He didn't want to add any undue stress to my plate. Is he playing me for a fool not being forthcoming? I've never given him a reason to be jealous previously when he sees his lady friends. Should I let this die on the vine or ask more questions about Katherine? I can't wrap my head around why he would lie about this? Feeling Suspicious Dear Suspicious, We don't need to call in Scothnd Yard. I have two thoughts on this matter. The first is to be very direct. Tell your boyfriend under no circumstances do you want to be played for a fool. Trying to protect your feelings is not a valid excuse or alibi when he indeed lied to you. You don't need to be protected and guarded with lies. If you're direct questions don't illicit honest and forthcoming answers then heed my next suggestion. If it smells like a fish and looks like a fish... it's probably a fish. Let him swim in his own pond. Lady Di Write Lady Di confidentially at Letters can be mailed to; Dear Lady Di, 8351 West Bush Lake Road, Bloomington, MN 55438 Family Tree "The family is one nature's masterpieces." George Santayana of to the cemetery to see the beautiful work of art. On the front of the black granite is a picture of an oak tree, a symbol of our strong family bonds. In the center a colored picture of mom and dad was placed above an engraved cross with two rings hanging from it. Beneath the cross is the date they were married and across the bottom it reads, "Parents of Michael, Christine, Gary. I was amazed at the incredible art work across the back. In big bold letters the words, "Oakdale Farm," are written and beneath it the artist engraved a picture of our family farm complete with the farm's name written on the old barn. It is one of the most beautiful stones I have seen and I thought as we stood there how proud papa would be to have a picture of the farm he so loved and cherished on it. As a friend of ours said when she saw it, "It's big like his heart and his smile." Scattered around the tombstone remains all the items each of us have placed there throughout the past year and three months. The bird feeder, a Norwegian flag, two colorful bird statues with moving wings our two young nephews put by grandpa, a solar powered butterfly that lights up at night, and a small statue of two white angels the Norwegian couple that stayed with mom and dad several years ago put there when they were here on a recent visit. I thought about our family as well as our extended family and how, like all the different symbolic, diverse items we placed near papa's final resting spot, each of us contributes something different to our family fusion. Our diversity backed by the characteristics and similarities we received from those who came before us helps create the strong bonds we share and the grace we are Between our chairs in the living room sits a digital picture frame Tracy received from our sister-in-law Kari ]o a few years ago for his birthday. It fades in and out with numerous pictures I took on my cell phone. I watch as the memories flash across the screen, photos of our nephews when theywere babies and on their birthdays, pictures sent to me during simple moments captured in a split second of time's fleeting chorus, smiling faces of family members, and trips we have been blessed to take. One such trip was when I had the opportunity to go elk hunting with my big brother Mike and his children, our niece and nephew Katie and Mitchell. We camped way up in the Colorado mountains. It was shortly after one of Mike's many surgeries when he was still able to walk. I remember the beauty of our surroundings, walking had been through. Little did we know then what was yet to come. In one photo we are all donning our cowboy hats, standing in front of the huge tent set up at elk camp complete with a cooking area and heated sleeping quarters thanks to wood stoves. I remember the sights vividly and will never in my life forget that experience or any of the others flashing across that digital screen - cherished moments of life I was blessed to experience. Memories often become the greatest source of strength as they remind us during the difficult times of the joy we have accumulated while giving us hope of what is yet to come. A dear friend said to me on my birthday which happens to fall on the same day her beloved father passed away many years ago from a debilitating illness, "Life is crazy and wonderful all at the same time." I couldn't have agreed more. She wrote those words just as my husband and I were driving to the Skjeberg cemetery to see my father's headstone that was ironically finished and installed on my birthday. Earlier my younger brother called to tell me our father's long awaited stone finally arrived and said, "There is a great birthday present for you here at the church." So that evening after supper Tracy and I drove Marvin Gaye (born Marvin Pentz Gay, through the valleys and up Jr., on April 2,1939, in Washington, D.C.): the trails behind my big had fifty-nine hits songs from 1962 to 1982, : brother thinking how strong including twelve as duets with Tammi Terrell. he was to be there after all he blessed to receive through each other. It is the same with all families and one of the most important things we can do in life is hold close a strong sense of gratitude for the people in our lives, always comprehending each of them is divinely sent for a specific purpose - to teach us something we are meant to learn, to understand when struggles arise, and to love unconditionally through it all. Last week brother Michael was experiencing intense pain from swelling caused by his recent radiation treatment. One evening his wife Jackie and I drove him to the Emergency Room followed by our mother and younger brother. It has been that way from the beginning of his battle with cancer, we always travel as a team. On the way down, Mike was silent. At one point I looked back at him and my heart literally felt like it was breaking as tears were streaming down his cheeks from the pain. After waiting for a time to be seen, a nurse came in and accessed his port as the doctor decided to try an injection of pain medicine. As soon as the liquid started to flow into him he looked up at the nurse with wide eyes, "Does this medicine work that fast?" Immediately the tears came but this time from relief; my tears came as well. He looked up at the caring nurse and said, "If I could stand up I would hug you right now." It hurts all of us to see him in such fierce pain especially when we feel so helpless. On the way home Michael was talking the entire time and at one point he asked me because my voice must have sounded shaky and tired, "Are you OK?." I replied as I tried to hold back tears, "Mike we are all so profoundly connected, although we can't feel or begin to imagine Continued on Page 7 Fifty-six of the songs hit the Hot 100. "Let's Get It On" was his thirty-fourth release. It peaked at #1, was on the charts for nineteen weeks, and became his second-biggest hit, behind "Heard It Through The Grapevine." Marvin Gaye was shot to death on April 1, 1984, by his father after a quarrel. He was 44. NUMBER 1 SONGS AUGUST 15 1893--Mamie, Come And Kiss Your Honey Boy (Len Spencer) 1898--She Was Bred In Old Kentucky (George J. Gaskin) 1903--Come Down, Ma Ev'ning Star (Henry Burr) 1908--Are You Sincere? (Elise Stevenson) 1913--When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Chauncey Olcott) 1918--Hello, Central, Give Me No Man's Land (A1 Jolson) 1923--Swingin" Down The Lane (Isham Jones) 1928--My Angel (Paul Whiteman) 1933--Lazybones (Ted Lewis) 1938--Music, Maestro, Please (Tommy Dorsey); A-Tisket, A-Tasket (Ella Fitzgerald) 1943--You'll Never Know (Dick Haymes) 1948--You Call Everybody Darlin' (Al Trace); Love Somebody (Doris Day/ Buddy Clark) 1953--Vaya Con Dios (Les Paul/Mary Ford); I'm Walking Behind You (Eddie Fisher); No Other Love (Perry Como) 1958--Poor Little Fool (Ricky Nelson) 1963--Fingertips, Part 2 (Little Stevie Wonder) 1968--Hello, I Love You (Doors) 1973--The Morning After (Maureen McGovern) 1978--Three Times A Lady (Commodores) 1983--Every Breath You Take (Police) 1988--Roll With It (Steve Winwood) 1993--Can't Help Falling In Love (UB40) 1998--Iris (Goo Goo Dolls); The Boy Is Mine (Brandy/Monica) 2003--Crazy In Love (Beyonce/Sean Paul) 2008--I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry) 15YEARS AGO August 15, 1998--The Omagh bombing occurred in Northern Ireland, the worst terrorist incident of "The Troubles." NOTABLE QUOTES "Criswell: "We're in showbiz. It's all about razzle dazzle--appearances. If you look good and you talk well, people will swallow anything." (from the movie "Ed Wood," with Jeffrey Jones as Criswell) Trivia Quiz Answers (1.c; 2. c; 3. b; 4. b; 5. a) MARYIN-00:,00 W do s  Doo s Career OworlmniUe Harvin Windows and Doors is a world leader in mantacturing made-to-order wood windows, Our company is recognized for quality products, a unigue customer-respansive approach, manufacturing innovation and an exceptional safety culture. A comprehensive employment package include competitive wages and great benefits like health, dental and vision insurance, life insurance, disability, 401(k) plan, paid time Off, paid holidays and much more. Our Grafln location is currently adding fell-time production, technical and professional positions to meet our upcoming business needs. Production Associates- Regular fulI-Ume positions available day and night shift Starting wage $12 + $1.25 Shift: differential for nights o $.50 increase at 3 mont $.25 increase at 6 months and 1 year Fall Seasonal Production Workers - Temporary full-Ume and pert-time positions o Day shift hours or night sh hours o $12 starting wage for full-time [ $1 ! for part-time / NO benefits o Stay the entire fall campaign and receive a bonus CoaUngs Operator 1 - 9:30 pm to 6:00 am shift includes $1.50 shift differential Coatings Operator 3 - 9:30 pm to 6:00 am shift includes $1.50 shift differential Coatings Engineer Coatings Engineer Technician Engineering Interns (Fall 2013 and Spring 2014) Nora information about these positions is available online at w_wwPapin.con'l/c.reels, Interested candidates may contact us at 701-352-4077 or email _. Stop in at 14835 Hwy 17 West in Grafon to complete an application. Equal Opportunity Employer Your Professional Prescription Service Wg 01lg-R: Mail-Out Prescriptions Delivery Service -Photo Kiosk Blood Pressure Screening -10% Off Senior Citizen Discount Zoovio Video Dealer -Hallmark Cards Drayton lYe Olde Medicine Drug Center DRAYTON CAVALIER ('/01) 454-3831 ('/01) 225-3332 Ye Olde Medicine Center PARK RIVER (701) 284-7676 . _ _ -- P" _ . _ ROSE GRUB PHARMACIST /