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August 26, 2010     Valley News and Views
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August 26, 2010

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Page 10 August 26th, 2010 Valley News & Views : certainly is easy but you may or cut the vegetables into lose some of the nutrients in small pieces and place in a the cooking water To avoid heavy pan coated with a small Yo-r Va,;,,, and nutrient loss, allow about 1 amotmt of cooking oil. """ " ......... cup of water (or less)per 4 Add a tight-fitting lid to cups of vegetables. Instead of hold in the steam and cookfor discarding the cooking water, five to eight minutes. m-Robinson, Food and Nutrition Specialist, nsil considerrefrigeratingit for use Some vegetables suited for ______ in a soup within a few days. panning include shredded "Can our mama do thiEf"" n m fl ' methods do ou u Steaming is a method that cabbage, carrots, sliced y . an e so e ame turn g y se ...... uses httle water All you need summer squash, thinly sliced the chef asked my children as with an outdoor grill. You might preferraw . " . " v', zs a steamer or colander and green beans and most lealy he tossed knives in the air and Open your mouths, he veggies as salads or as snacks .... a small amount ot water m a greens caught them behind his back. said as he pitched small pieces You might use a microwave or ..... ;" , . pan steam me vegetaoms to r_xpiore me vanous ways They shook their heads,of vegetables into the mouths a pan on the stove to prepare ; ....... tenuer crisp to preserve color oI preparmg vegetaoms try I would need paramedics of my family members, vegetables. Maybe you enjoy andvita s oven roastin rootve etables standingbywithanambulance They all caught vegetables grilled or roasted vegetables p " . - g g ffljuggledknives, Ithoughtto in their mouths as well as our Regardless of 7essure cooking (steaming from alocal garden or farmers unuer pressure) can shorten market with this easy recipe myself. Myhusband andthreedogs catching treats, preparataon methods you ................. kids watched in amazement I finally cau---gnt a ch--unK use, try ........ to reacn me aauv me coo ng ..... ume ior root auaptea from me Montana .... vegetables such as beets, State University Extension at the antics of a chef cooking of potato m my mouth on vegetable recommendation .... carrots, turnips, dry edible ervlce on a hibachi grill on a recent the third try. I like to think for most adults: 2 1/2 to 3 cups ....... oeans ana peas mce me [ooa vacafiontrip, my lack of skill in catching of vegetables ..... 7 .... Roasted RootVegetables He prepared the grill and food is the result of havingVegetables 2tilled outdoors coors qmcray, oe suretoiollow . , . cho--ed broccoli carrots ........ u . " . - .... the cooker manmacturers 4 medium-sizes root pp , , a smaller mourn man me are a wemome treat. lmplv .......... .- alrecuons so you flu not vegetames /potatoes, omons, potatoes and meat other members of my family, brush the vegetables with ...... overcooK sweet potatoes, mrmps into small pieces as we However, theymight disagree. Italian dressing or salad oil .... " ...... try star trying to preserve or rutaoagas) watched.. ,, We certainly" expenenced" add some seasonings and . , - . the color and texture ot Does your mama do this.a fun change of pace at our then grill. ...... 2 chopped carrots he asked as he lit the grill on family dinner that evening. Microwaving is an excellentsmauamount .ouor uuum. -vege a--l-e-s-'--moa-P 1 medium chopped fire, and the flames shot 5 feet The meal was a ,ood wav to retain vitamins and q . ' in theair . . o. " such as low-sodium broth, v ..... remmder to arm for varmtycolor m vegetables ....... 1/4 c canola oil or olive men qUlcldy stir until the They looked at me and in our vegetable choices and Since little water is used ....... oil " , vegetaoies are tenfler cnsp laughed. I havent lit an indoor preparation methods, microwave-cookedvegetables . , , . appliance on fire on purpose Think about the usual waysretain most of their nutrients ranmng also can oe uses 3 Tbsp. parmesan to prepare vegetables Shred cheese or byaccident. I have, however, you prepare vegetables. What Boiling vegetables in water " I I We reserve the right to limit quantities. Not all sale items ava~fable at all parlicipating stores. PHONE HOURS" I S'~rting and ending dates may vaff by store, Not responsible for graphic of typographical errors. ~N~ ~ ~.,M=~41~ 4 Mond -fl .... --" " i BEER or ORIGINAL Per Ib I I . . ._ .. 315 100 I aohn. I I LINKS & Parties .......... 6ozs. [ Bologna: ................ 2ozs, i ' run o.vrrr-. I I Black Label ~, ~SS I Heartland Farms Choice mi~ II Sliced Bacon .............. 0zs.-ilP I Sirloin Tip Roast .......... Perlb.~'4~ I .||ad~.elPk=M'r, at~a .ll, em,e,l~klanl~H, aee, I I John Mortal ~. ~lk. I Boneless ,~ 12~ I 111~4[1~ QIIM VU~-'~O; I I ilO l~;talJI; rmtt~lo I I Franks ......... .............. = y I Center Cut Pork Chops... ! .Fruit Baskets .Gift Certificates Availabl, SSO r F VO S ....... o, ..... . CASS CLAY .... ~ .... DOLE' ICE CREAM I I AlArt IJlV i 12oz. / REDorGREEN Perlb / . 078 I I~,~n=-nu Illl~l~k == Ban / ~'~a. hP~'~ II / I " " v e I I /Lai"l/41"r' ,,, .... ,,,., /I if__ Ha tG=ion I I / m /I qlllF -,-- ASquares I I~~ / ~o /I ~ HY-TOP ...... ........... ;! ........................... GARLIC Ig /I ,, :::: .... TOAST BAGE .... ...... 0 !2 ffl. .......... ,0 i[ crtsplI CauliflowerRadishes ................. ................. ~,~ EaChBag 09 ][Onions .................. ... Per ,, j [ .Tsp/I Bellatoriahlpped ToppingPIZza' .............. Seasonings of choice (dried basil or rosemary suggested) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Cut vegetables into large chunks. Place in a medium bowl and pour oil over the top. Add parmesan cheese and seasonings and mix well. Spread an even layer on a baking sheet. Bake for one hour or until tender. Check a few vegetables to see if they are tender. Makes four servings. Each serving has 250 calories, 15 grams (g) of fat (mainly monounsaturated "healthy" fat), 26 g of carbohydrate, 7 g of fiber and 150 milligrams of sodium. (]ulie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D., L.R.D., is a North Dakota State University Extension Service food and nutrition specialist and associate professor in the Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences.) ole on His Way to an Education Ole had been out late with Sven and da boys and was in no shape to drive, so he wisely left his car parked at Thorvald's Bar and Grill, and walked home As he was walking unsteadily along the streets of Fergus, he was stopped by a policeman. What are you doing out here at 2 in the morning?" asked the officer. "Vell, I'm going to a lecture" Ole exclaimed. who is going,to give a lecture at this hour? the cop asked sternly. 'Dat would be my wife," Ole replied without hesitation. How Ole Got "Un-Bugged" Ole was explaining to Sven how he finally managed to get his aunts to quit bugging him about getting married "My old aunts used to come up to me at weddings, poke me in da ribs and cackle, telling me, You're next.' But dey stopped after I started doing the same thing to dem at funerals." Theme Cross Answers iTIOIRI~t~ lulRIi IRIoIMIAIN E C E S sILo c EeI AILILIFIEIL"ITI I I IAITIIDIEILI IoIAI t I A EIuleloIEIEILIsINIA A C 01alAt I IEIBIAIBIs P NI IslEI I IslElelAI IEIL L slclHtOIOILIaI ISI IalYIE DIEIBITIsloIs IOIEtTIAI ILILI IT L EI s E R E T~AIPIg~TIoto T alAI IslEIDIEIwIEININIuIJ OINIEIs EINIDIFqEIGI ~I, Sudoku Answers 16191al 171al 15 317121s191a1416 al514161 l 19131 51316191 ~[4171812 214 1rl613151 19' 71911121815161413 6111 181 !21319i4 912151413161 171 41 131 lzl l lsl6 Jimmy Sex The Valley News and Views is My Favorite Newspaper. It's Excellent for Reading, and for Paper Training] Subscribe Todd! Subscribe Online 4 Get a Jum ) Start on Kelly's AD. Get it before the paper comes out by going to