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October 7, 2010     Valley News and Views
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October 7, 2010

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Page 4 October 7th, 2010 Valley News & Views i GREAT BEGINNINGS 1223 "When I see birches bend to left and right Across the line of straighter darker trees, I like to think some boy's been swinging them." (the beginning of "Birches," a poem by Robert Frost) TRIVIA QUIZ TIME 653 1. The Afrika Korps was commanded by in World War II. (a. Jodl; b. Rommel; c. Von Rundstedt) 2. In "The Rime oftheAncient Mariner" the killing of a/an __ causes disaster. (a. albatross; b. frigate bird; c. sea mew) 3. What was the nickname of the baseball player named Marrit Patrick Cain? (a. Pepper; b. Salt; c. Sugar) 4. The author of "Le Morte DTkrthur" was (a. Thomas Kyd; b. Thomas Mallory; c. Thomas Newton) 5.__ wrote the poem "The Song of Hiawatha." (a. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; b. James Russell Lowell; c. John Greenleaf Whittier) (answers at the end of the Column) RADIO DAYS The following are important dates in old- time radio history: October 7, 1940--Portia Faces Life debuted. October 8, 1933--The Joe Penner Show premiered. October 8, 1944--The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet had its first program. October 9, 1935--Cavalcade of America was first heard. October 9, 1943--Land of the Lost premiered. October 10, 1932--Betty and Bob was first heard October 10, 1932--Chandu, the Magician went on the air. October 12, 1937--Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons, debuted. October 12, 1942--The Gracie Fields Show went on the air. A MESS OF POTTAGE 1280 This portion of my column describes the works of Libertarian philosopher and economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995). In 1995 he published "Economic Thought Before Adam Smith." Chapter 7 is entitled "Mercantilism: serving the absolute state." By the end of the 16th century, France's economy was under the control of the new absolute monarchy instituted by King Henry III. All French artisans were ordered to join guilds and follow their rules. All craftsmen but those in Paris or Lyons had to confine their work to their home town and could not move to another. Mobility in French industry ground to a halt. King Henry IV in 1597 began to have these restrictionseven more strictly enforced. POETIC FRAGMENTS Thomas Campbell (1777-1844) was a minor Romantic poet. Here is a portion of his poem "To The Evening Star": "Come to the luxuriant skies, Whilst the landscape's odors rise, Whilst far-off lowing herds are heard And songs when toil is done, From cottages whose smoke unstirred Curls yellow in the sun." DHS, 1926 11 On February 17 the DHS boys were defeated by Pembina 19-12, making their record 0-4. BILLBOARD'S TOP TEN 1970 October 3 1. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Diana Ross) 2. Lookin" Out My Back Door (Creedence Clearwater Revival) 3. Candida (Dawn) 4. Cracklin" Rosie (Neff Diamond) 5. Julie, Do Ya Love Me (Bobby Sherman) 6. I'll Be There (Jackson 5)* 7. (I Know) I'm LosingYou (Rare Earth) 8. Snowbird (Anne Murray) 9. War (Edwin Starr) 10. All Right Now (Free)* (* indicates a new song) Between 1969 and 1989 the Jackson 5 had 31 Hot 100 hits. "I'll Be There" was the 5th. It peaked at #1 and was on the charts for 16 weeks, becoming the group's second-biggest all-time hit, behind "I Want You Back." NUMBER 1 SONGS October 7 1890--Washington Post (U.S. Marine Band) 1895--The Band Played On (Dan Quinn) 1900--Ma Tiger Lily (Arthur Collins) 1905--Dearie (Corrine Morgan/Haydn Quartet) 1910--Call Me Up Some RainyAfternoon (Ada Jones, Billy Murray, American Quartet) 1915--Hello, Frisco! (Olive Kline / Reinald Werrenrath) 1920--The Love Nest (John Steel); St. Louis Blues (Marion Harris) 1925--Yes Sir! That's My Baby (Gene Austin) 1930--Little White Lies (Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians) 1935--Cheek To Cheek (Fred Astaire) 1940--I'll Never Smile Again (Tommy Dorsey); Sierra Sue (Bing Crosby) 1945--Till The End Of Time (Perry Como) 1950--Good Night, Irene (Weavers) 1955--The Yellow Rose Of Texas (Mitch Miller) 1960--My Mind Has A Heart Of Its Own (Connie Francis) 1965--Hang On Sloopy (McCoys) 1970--Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Diana Ross) 1975--Fame (David Bowie) 1980--Another One Bites The Dust (Queen) 1985--Money For Nothing (Dire Straits) 1990--Close To You (Maxi Priest) 1995--Fantasy (Mariah Carey) 2000--Music (Madonna) 2005--Gold Digger (Kanye West/Jamie Foxx) 15 YEARS AGO On October 7, 1995, Vivian Maurstad Emanuelson (DHS 1954), 59, died in Grand Forks. On October 10, 1995, the 9th grade took an art and drama trip to Winnipeg. NOTABLE QUOTES "Come away, come away, death, And in sad cypress let me be laid; Fly away, fly away, breath; I am slain by a fair cruel maid." (as sung by the Clown in Shakespeare's comedy, "Twelfth Night," Act II. Sc. 4) STUDENT OF THE WEEK KC's Student of the Week is Baylie Karboviak, sophomore daughter of Brian and Clarice Karboviak. At mid-term of the First Nine Weeks, Baylie was the only high school student with four proficiencies: Word Processing, Biology, World History, and Sr. High Choir. Baylie is also a representative of the sophomore class on the DHS Student Council. This is Baylie's fourth time as Student of theWeek, having been chosen for Oct. 22-26, 2008; Sept. 22-27, 2008; Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2009 Trivia Quiz Answers (1.b; 2. a; 3. c; 4.b; 5. a) Risks S The U. S. Food & Drug Administration has come under fire lately for not doing a thorough job of protecting the public health, allowing the sale of dangerous pills, bad eggs and all that. In response to this criticism, the agency has begun to exercise greater diligence in searching out overlooked hazards. When folks in the audiences of FOX News and MSNBC turned up puking sick in Peoria, rumors on the street verified that the FDA started conducting a series of secret investigations on the health of the regular listeners of these partisan stations. FDA investigators were tempted to include CNN because CNN exaggerates but they dismissed that idea because the project already looked too complex. Thus far, according to sources close to the investigation, preliminary research found that the rate of suicides is almost twice as high among watchers of FOX News and MSNBC than is found in adults addicted to Sesame Street. A source close to Dr. Butron Scallion, head of Innovative Research Designs, reported that the FDA had developed a hostility meter to probe deeper into partisan minds. Unfortunately, it failed because FOX and MSNBC viewers could not be measured. The meter was not calibrated to handle such high levels of hate and anger. Redesign of the meter was contracted out to British Petroleum. As one would expect, 93 per cent of those watching the two partisan "news" channels had blood pressure ranked as Stage 3 Hypertension (that's 180/110), with the remaining seven per cent at the Stage 4 Cemetery level. The most interesting discovery, according to confidential sources, had to do with the new device that measured gullibility. This detector measured human discernment with electronic nodes fastenedtothethinking part of the brain. Preliminary findings indicate that 83 per "Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver." -- Barbara De Angelis The beet harvest is in full swing and I have been a little out of sorts as we try to change our schedule to accommodate Tracy's night Shift assisting my brothers in the field. We also welcomed his parents from Alma, Michigan last week. It was important for his father, Papa Bill to help my brothers this year after undergoing a year of chemo and radiation treatments himself for throat cancer. He has been busy learning the ropes of beet harvest as well as spending time in the tractor cultivating. My mother-in-law Sharon has been helping out at home, washingclothes, doing dishes, making sandwiches, and running to Grand Forks to pick up much needed essentials. We don't get to see them very often and I feel blessed to have them here for a while especially since we were unable to visit Papa Bill when he was going through his intense treatments. He looks great and is up early every morning traveling to the field to do what he can to help. I have always said people who are diagnosed with cancer or any extreme illness seem to have an inner wisdom only understood by those who have been through the struggles. They realize the gift of each day and live it with that knowledge constantly present, knowing all too well life could change direction in a split second. I pray the beet harvest goes well and Mother Nature works with the farmers so it runs smoothly and quickly. I am amazed every year by the number of trucks on the road and the inherent energy one feels during the harvest. There are so many people from out of town who come to take part in the yearly activity and everyone has the same goal in mind - to get the harvest in. I always hear comments how our small town is very hospitable and friendly. It makes me proud to live where I do. I was driving into town a few weeks ago across the bridge and over the bumpy roads that are in the process ofbeingresurfacedas the new bridge is built. I slowed down to stop where a construction worker held the sign to wait and realized my vehicle was smoking on the outside and inside, rolling through the vents in the cab. I wasn't the only one who suddenly realized the dilemma; a nearby construction worker ran to myvehicle and quickly told me to turn it off. He proceeded to open the hood and look inside where he found my heater hose detached from where it was suppose to be. With fervent intensity in his voice he said, "I just need a screwdriver and I can fix it!" He ran from one tractor to another until he found the essential tool and jogged back to my vehicle. Before too long the tube was reattached and I could at least move my vehicle out of traffic. Then this kind worker jumped into his tractor and grabbed his water jug so he could pour the vital liquid lost back into the tank. "Thank you so much for helping me," I said with sincerity. "That is so nice of you." He replied with a smile, "Well every time you drive through our construction site you always smile and wave so consider this a pay back for your kindness. You have no idea how much that means." I later found out the man's name is LeRoy Truscinski from Greenbush, Minn. I can't thank him enough for helping me that day as my husband was busy in the field and couldn't get away. It is amazing how much the simple kindnesses we extend on a daily basis can mean to those on the receiving end. After allowing the extra water to run through the engine and cool it, my vehicle was back to normal. What LeRoy didn't know when he came running to my side is the panic I felt as it is our only reliable vehicle which I use every day to get to lia sophia parties, run Papa Lou's barbeque sauce to our stores, teach yoga, and take care of my other responsibilities. Before he came to my driver's window I sat thinking to myself, "Oh no, please don't let this happen right now! What in the world will we do?" His kindness meant so much more than he will ever know. A perfect stranger came to my rescue and I thought as I sat waiting for the engine to cool how life extends living angels when we need them most, divine encounters that never cease to amaze me. I don't know what I would have done that day as I was running late for my yoga class where students were waiting. Thanks to the help of an empathetic soul and life's compassionate construction, my day turned from panic to peace. Later in the week I stopped at the sign to wait and visit with one of the women who daily stands holding the slow/stop sign, I told her about my recent experience, she replied how it goes both ways and explained several of the construction workers were chatting ab out how nice the people in this town were. She said they were randomly given treats from passersby in addition to smiles and waves. I think about how impatient we can sometimes be moving through the work zone and how the people standing alongside the road are just doing their jobs like the rest of us, one quick smile and wave can turn someone's day around, I know it has mine on several occasions. Sometimes along the way we are confronted by the significance of such simple acts of love and kindness and what a difference they can make throughout our journeys. The other daywhen I was getting worked up about something one of my dear friend's turned to me, resting her peaceful hand on my shoulder, and softly said, "In the big picture, is this really something to get so worked up about?" She was right, it was a minor complication when I thought about my big brother and father-in-law's struggles with cancer. One of my favorite author's Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." As time elapses and we rush through our days trying to accomplish the list of things that need to be done, it is important to take a few moments and analyze the big picture, reminding ourselves what is truly important. Too often we get so wrapped up in the doing, we forget about being. I have learned from those loved ones in my life who have been confronted with their own mortality that life is simply too short to sweat the small stuff; living in the present is the greatest gift we can give ourselves as is extending those seemingly minuscule acts of kindness which can turn out to be so much greater than we realize. One random act turns into another and so on and so forth, we never really know how far it is extended. I know the day LeRoy helped me I journeyed forward with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. As Barbara De Angelis so eloquently put it, "Love and kindness are never wasted." Thanks to the living angels who despite the struggles life offers up continue to go about their days looking for the opportunity to fix what is broken simply by being ready for the moments to transpire and open to the possibilities. cent of the watchers of FOX and 79 per cent of those viewing MSNBC are highly susceptible to believing anything that starts with "they say" or "Congress is considering," whether the statements make sense or To provide this standard, not. the FDA diverted money Now every good intended to research the experiment requires a relationship between leafy control - some standard spurge and the color of milk against which to validate and started a television the experimental findings. Continued on Page 5 "A proven consensus-budder - The Fargo Forum "He is an important leader whom we respect and trust" - Mike Morris, CEO of American Electric Power Brad Crabtree is a 4th generation North Dakotan, a rancher, and landowner with years of experience in the energy fleld. Paid for by Crabtree for PSC Dick Weber, Treasurer 'i ii i: N i! li [i !q i;