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October 10, 2013     Valley News and Views
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October 10, 2013

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Page 2 October, 10, 2013 and Notices Valley News and Views "Heritage Heroes" were coming to life at Hostfest in Minot last week - in live presentations in the schools, in a weekend "Scandinavian Youth Camp," and in a transformation of Tromso Hall into a bustling "Cultural Village." It reminded me at a macro- level what Drayton does twice annually at a micro- level. Some advantages at Drayton - even though the magnitude of performances is much less -- is that the "Old Fashioned Christmas" event is Web streamed globally, is interactive, is grass-root and it is free to the consumer. At Hostfest this year, Statoil, an international energy company based in Stavanger, Norway, and with a strong presence of new technologies in the Bakken Oil Field, became a "Gold Sponsor" that promotes bridging the diverse historical cultures of Norway and North America. The events in the cultural village showcased "Heroes of Tomorrow"--performers and artisans who engage children, young families and the young-at-heart in connecting with the values of their heritage in song, dance, art and storytelling. Yes, Drayton does that at "Old Fashioned Christmas." The stories of heroes past, present and future were presented through out the week of Hostfest in hands-on experiences that Were interactive and often augmented by wide digital screens that brought faces "up close and personal" for learning through entertainment. Drayton broadcasts faces that fill the screen of the receiver unit and is up closer and more personal by Web streaming. The two cultures represented In the Hostfest village were the Sami from North Norway and Native performers from the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. In Drayton, the two cultures are Lauraine Snelling's "Blessing ND" (fiction) and Alexander Henry's Trading Post (fact), sponsored in events by Ox Cart Trails Historical Society and the city's Chamber of Commerce. Historical dramatizations at Hostfest reviewed the role of Norwegian American immigrants 100 years ago that were vanguards in the "suffrage" movement and women's right to vote in America. Okay, Drayton became settled by immigrants that functioned from the start as a matriarchal society, with women as leaders and could not only vote but had the right to veto. Authentic foods from Indigenous peoples were served to schoolchildren after they circled up in Indian tepees or the Sami "lavvu" to hear adventurous stories from history and folklore past down through generations. In Drayton, indigenous foods are abundant and stories are told as children cluster during events in the log home or the sod house. Miss Norsk Hostfest emoted enthusiasm for her culture, stating that the key for the next generation, referring to her own experience, is capturing young people early, like second grade when she attended a school-based weekend heritage camp, and the culture becomes ingrained." At Riverfest, young students are participating as part of the entertainment, dressed in pioneer attire, and engaging with the audience. I kept thinking during Hostfest that what Drayton does during "Old Fashioned Christmas" and Riverfest in the summer - stories, booths, music and good food - isn't that different, except in scale, and yet has potentially a greater reach in scope by being Web-streamed across continents. A team of students is organizing this week to begin a process of producing short digital films to capture some of these stories of heritage Continued On Page 6 Regular Meeting September 9 and Special Meeting September 23, 2013 Regular Meeting Drayton City Council September 9, 2013 Mayor Olson called the meeting to order at 7pro with Council members Prigge, Schuster, Van Camp and Woinarowicz present. Council members absent: Larson and Kraft. MINUTES: Prigge moved, Van Camp seconded and motion carried to approve minutes of the August 5, 2013 Council meeting as presented. COMMUNITY CENTER: The Council reviewed information on a case of vandalism at the Community Center over the past weekend. The Council agreed that it expected reimbursement from the individuals for any costs associated with the incident. (Larson arrived at 7:10pm) BID FOR VACANT LOT: Mayor Olson opened the only bid for Lot 30, Original Townsite, West side Main St.. Woinarowicz moved, Schuster seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to reject the bid. Motion carried. PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT REPORTS: Rutherford reported: that the water plant filter project has been completed; American Crystal is taking a lot of water as it begins its processing season; sinkholes are developing around the Raney Hardware cement slab...the Council asked that this problem be taken care of. PICKUP: Written bids for a 2014 pickup were sought from Hanson's Auto in Grafton and Dahlstrom Motor in Oslo. Schuster moved, Woinarowicz seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted in favor of authorizing purchase of a 2014 Chevy Silverado 3500 for $27,780.00 from Dahlstrom's. Motion carried. GENERATOR GRANT: The Council OK'd making an application for a HMGP grant for a 200 K3N generator for the water plant. (Kraft arrived at 7:30) HASTINGS LANDING REC AREA: Schuster reported that it will cost an estimated $13,500.00 to place 600' of rock around the boat dock at Hastings Landing Rec Area. This will ease riverbank erosion. The time to place rock is now, when the water level is low. The matter was tabled until funding is figured out. POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT: Deputy Kevorkian presented a written report on police department activities during August, including: 19 citations written into Municipal Court; 3 citations written District Court; 23 verbal warnings; 131 calls or complaints answered; 2 papers served; 7 assists. MUNICIPAL COURT REPORT: Gardner presented a written Municipal Court report, showing that $793.00 in collected fines has been submitted to the City. BUILDING PERMITS: Prigge moved, Van Camp seconded and motion carried to approve 2 building permits. PRE-PAY PROPANE FOR 2013/2014 HEATING SEASON: The Council reviewed 2 bids for 12,500 gallons of pre-pay propane for city buildings for the 2013/2014 heating season: ...Northdale Oil Inc ...... $1.39/ gallon; ...CHS dba Agri Valley...$1.28/ gallon. Prigge moved, Woinarowicz seconded and upon roll call vote, all voted to accept the bid of $1.28/ gallon from CHS dba Agri Valley. Motion carried. ELECTRONIC MESSAGE BOARD: The Council reviewed information on a full color, Daktronics digital sign with an illuminated top cabinet. The matter was tabled until funding can be figured out. HEALTH INSURANCE: The Council reviewed a notice which must be given to all employees prior to October 1, 2013 about the Health Insurance Marketplace. The notice will inform employees that the health insurance plan currently offered to them meets "Minimum Value Standards". The notice will also give employees information on the Health Insurance Marketplace, or exchange. FINANCIAL REPORTS: Prigge moved, Larson seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried unanimously to approve the August financial reports as reviewed. AUTHORIZATION TO PAY BILLS: Prigge moved, Kraft seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried unanimously to authorize payment of bills as reviewed by committee. 2014 PRELIMINARY BUDGET: The Council continued to review the 2014 Preliminary Budget. As all of the H.G. Johnson funds will be expended by the end of 2013, the Council suggested ways to save money or generate funds for the Center. It was suggested that a $2.00/month fee be added to the city utility bills for Community Center expenses. This proposal will be explained in the newspaper as well as on the back of the utility billing cards. Prigge moved, Kraft seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried to approve the 2014 Budget as to its first reading. Second reading and final approval of the 2014 Budget is scheduled for 7pm, September 23, 2013. ADJOURN: At 8:50pro, Woinarowicz moved, Schuster seconded and motion carried to adjourn the meeting. Carol Gardner City Auditor Special Meeting Drayton City Council September 23, 2013 Mayor Olson called the meeting to order at 7pro with Council members Schuster, Larson, Van Camp and Kraft present. Council members absent: Prigge and Woinarowicz. MINLTES: Lason moved, Van Camp secorded and motion carried to a[prove the minutes of the September 9, 2013 Council meeting as presented. PUBLIC HEARING ON 2014 BUDGET: No one appeared to comment on the 2014 Budget. Larson moved, Kraft seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to approve the 2014 Budget. Motion carried. ELECTRONIC MESSAGE BOARD: The Council reviewed information from Indigo Signworks on an electronic message board. KodaBank has agreed to contribute 50% of the cost of this project, in return for having their logo on the top cabinet of the sign. Because this would be considered advertising, it may require a permit from the ND DOT. Schuster moved, Larson seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to authorize the full color digital sign. Motion carried. 2013 SELF-HELP PROJECT: Pembina County offers a "Meeting again!" grumbled Holger Danske who interrupted his sauerkraut processingto attend this crisis meeting of the Homeland Security Committee. He had a fabulous cabbage crop and wanted to get it in the 20- gallon crocks while it was still fresh. Other town electors echoed Holger's angst as they trekked into the community hall in the middle of garden cleanup. Chairperson Ork Dorken rapped his Coke bottle for attention. The murmuring stopped. "This meeting was called for Old Sievert," Garvey started. "You know that over 300 people protested the takeover of that small town by those white supremes." "So!?" snorted Einar Stamstead. "So this whole ruckus has given the health people a reason to condemn the supreme leader's house because he doesn't have sewer and water," Garvey continued. 'md they're shutting down his outhouse because it's illegal." "This brings to mind a saying from Montana," offered Madeleine Morgan. "When they outlaw outhouses only outlaws will have outhouses." "Well, my outhouse is part of the heritage of this town - built in 1889 - the best outhouse since the 3-holer at the depot burned when the railroad crew forgot the fire while playing poker in the coal shed," Old Sievert explained. "That made my outhouse the last of real prairie heritage in this part of North Dakota." "That'll be the end of gardening for me," exclaimed Einar Torvald. "I just can't be running through my house every time nature calls. My bowels need that rest area next door at Old Sievert's." "We all know how government operates," observed Orville as he shifted his green eyeshade. "When something happens, everybody pays and you can bet that they will be investigating every small town to shut down outhouses all across the state. We will need to do something to protect Sievert's outhouse." "What can we do," asked Holger Danske. "The law is the law." "I got it! Let's get Sievert's outhouse put on the National Registry of Historical Sites, "proposed Madeleine. "Once it is on the National Registry, it can't be touched." "What does it take to be a national site?" asked Dorsey Crankski. "Some historic connection," Madeleine answered. "Claim it was built on the day the state constitution was adopted. And another thing. It could be put on on one of those tourists' itineraries for historic sites and start a new tourist business for us, with top billing for Sievert's Heritage House." "What if I could prove that George Washington sat in it?" asked Sievert. "It would be easier to prove that Jimmy Hoffa was buried in the second hole," scoffed Orville. "It looks like we have to stand our ground and protect our God-given right to outhouses," Sievert concluded belligerently. "What God -given right is involved in outhouses?" asked Madeleine. "Throw God in there and it changes the whole discussion," Little Jimmy observed. ' God-given right cannot be challenged by law or logic." "But what God-given right could we claim for Sievert's outhouse?" asked Josh. "The God-given right of privacy," Sievert responded firmly. "If the privacy argument works for same- sex marriage, cohabitation, homosexuality - it should work for outhouses where it is badly needed." "I say we adjourn to the llage green to defend our rights and flush out the opposition," Josh joked as he rose to underline his suggestion. Thinking the meeting was over, everyone except Ork got up to leave. 'knother meeting down the toilet," he muttered as the last elector slammed the door. Grafton True Value...$41.69; CumminsNPower...$1,825.30; CumminsNPower...$158.57; Hawkins Inc...$590.93; Home of Economy...$38.65; Kelly's Cntry Mrkt...$49.32; Kringstad Septic Tnk Srvc...$3,000.00; Lew's Fireworks...$2,012.23; Matthew Bender & Co...$151.88; ND One Call Inc...$17.60; Otter Tail...$2,526.78; PiP Repair...$216.97; Rock's Electric...$867.82; Ryan Electric...$391.45; Valley Bldg Center...$329.80; Valley Landfill...$5,889.99; Verizon Wireless...$198.75; Waste Management...$649.32; Agri Valley...$712.57; Grnd Frks Welding & Machine...$57.37; Halcrow's Inc...$1,111.30; Helm Enterprises...$2,887.95; InformatiOn Technology Dept...$10.60; Marco Inc...$31.36; ND Dept of Health...$16.00; ND League of Cities...$40.00; S. Pokrzywinski...$150.00; Valley News & Views...$346.71; Wex Bank...$160.82; CHS Inc. dba Agri- Valley...$16,000.00; A. Olson...$403.23; Best Western Plus Ramkota Hotel...$276.00; K. Van Camp...$35.00; Koda Insurance...$372.00; The Cavalier Chronicle...$37.00; Unum Life Insurance...$43.20; Pembina County...$10.31; Indigo Signworks...$14,021.76; Battery Junction...$30.92; EFTPS...$2,390.49; EFTPS...$2,692.00; EFTPS...$2,624.95; KodaBank...$1.00; KodaBank...$10.00; NDPERS...$2,245.26; OfficeMax...$34.95; Polar Communications...$426.29; Payroll...$15,604.55. funding program to communities within the County for projects that promote development within those communities. The projects help insure the viability of the community. Kraft moved, Van Camp seconded and motion carried to designate the electronic message board as the 2013 Pembina County Self- Help Project, with a request of up to $1,500.00 in funding. ROCK FOR RIVERBANK: Schuster moved, Larson seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted to approve $13,500.00 for rock rip-rap near the boat ramp at Hastings Landing Rec Area. Motion carried. MEAL ALLOWANCES: Schuster moved, Van Camp seconded and upon roll call vote, motion carried to approve meal allowance as provided in NDCC, as follows: breakfast...$7.00; lunch...$10.50; dinner...$17.50. AUTHORIZATION TO PAY BILLS: Kraft moved, Van Camp seconded and upon roll call vote, all present voted in favor of authorizing payment of bills as reviewed. Motion carried. ADJOURN: At 7:30pro, Larson moved, Van Camp seconded and motion carried to adjourn the meeting. Carol Gardner City Auditor Expenditures: 420-Praxair Distribution...$2,201.69; A. Short & Co....$188.50; AE2S...$4,550.00; AFLAC...$37.90; Ameripride Services...$512.50; Aqua-Pure Inc...$23,000.00; Big Jim's Tire Up North...$385.21; Blue Cross Blue Shield...$3,676.70; C. Gardner...$19.50; Dahlstrom Motors...$43.92; Ferguson Waterworks...$239.88; PRQSI[ED Call Now For Early Cash Discounts and Financing Options On all Your 2014 Soybean, Com and Sugar Beet Seed Purchases Bulk Seed Delivery Available Sales Representa/fves Scott Johnson Dan Riley 218-244-5146 (Ceg) 218-478-4105 (Cell) Brian Kraska Karson Dahl 218-843-5236 (Cell) 701-331-4433 (Cell) Office 70 i-454-3414 SEEDEX NntMS northernnatureseed@hotmail.c0m Locally Owned And Operated 703 North Main Street - Drayton, Norlh Dakota Community First- "Living together is an a,i ll[em Pickens