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October 17, 2013     Valley News and Views
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October 17, 2013

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Page 4 October, 17, 2013 Dear Lady Di, I've worked for the same small business for ten years as an hourly employee averaging 35 hours a week. I receive no vacation pay or health benefits. Many weeks I have worked over 40 hours during busy business months receiving no additional compensation. Annually, I receive a bonus in cash, that's gifted from the two owners, husband and wife. This is not taxed since its 'gifted' from the company owners. I've approached both owners several times about receiving paid time off. After 10 years I feel it's the least they can do since I've been a valued and loyal employee. Currently, I receive health benefits through my husband's company plan, The owners, both 85 have always said no to my request(s). All employees working for this company are salaried except me. I tookon a second part- GREAT BEGINNINGS 1381 "The surest thing there is is we are riders, And though none too successful at it, guiders, Through everything presented, land and tide And now the very air, of what we ride." (the beginning of "Riders," a poem by Robert Frost) NATIONAL DEBT As of October 13 the national debt was $16,752,430,153,673.73, which was down $213 million from the $16,752,643,382,035.32 of October 6. Each American now owes $52,873.93, down $8.20 from the $52,882.13 of October 6. The increase in the national debt since our members of Congress were first in office: Former Senator Kent Conrad: 1987- -$2,350,276,890,953.00; Jan. 2, 2013-- $16,441,433,358,986.17, an increase of over 14 trillion, 91 billion dollars. Former Representative Rick Berg: Jan. 2011--$13,997,932,781,828.89; Jan. 2, 2013-- $16,441,433,358,986.17, an increase of over two trillion 416 billion dollars. Senator John Hoeven: Jan. 2011- -$13,997,932,781,828.89; today- - $16,752,430,153,673.73, an increase of over two trillion 755 billion dollars. Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Representative Kevin Cramer: Jan. 3, 2013--$16,437,549,999,170.77; today-- $16,752,430,153,673.73, an increase of $315 billion. For my figures I consult a website that differs slightly from that of the U.S. Treasury Department, which claims the national debt as of October 10 was $16,747,421,858,503.24, down slightly from the $16,747,468,275,799.27 of October 3. The same government website says the debt on May 31 was $16,738,821,943,986.12, and the amount in the intervening period did not differ more than $737 million. If the legal U.S. debt limit is $16.7 trillion as has been reported, the government has been operating above that limit since at least May. TRIVIA QUIZ TIME 809 1. Ariel and Miranda appear in which play by Shakespeare? (a. Ali's Well That Ends Well; b. The Taming of the Shrew; c. The Tempest) 2. __ is the "Moor of Venice." (a. Hamlet; b. Othello; c. Shylock) 3. __ is Shakespeare's character who says "My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself." (a. Macbeth; b. Romeo; c. Tybalt) 4. Benedick and Beatrice are characters in Shakespeare's play. (a. The Comedy of Errors; b. Much Ado About Nothing; c. Timon of Athens) 5. Juliet is a member of the family. (a. Capulet; b. De Bonet; c. Windsor) (answers at the end of the Column) A MESS OF POTTAGE 1438 This portion of my column describes the works of Libertarian philosopher and economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995). In 1995 he published "Economic Thought Before Adam Smith." Chapter 11 is entitled "Mercantilism and freedom in England from the Civil War to 1750." The English Civil War (1642- 1651) dominated English thought during that period, including economic thought. A debate within the Republican Army took place between the followers of Oliver Cromwell and the Levellers led by John Lilburne, Richard Overton, and William Walwyn. The Levellers supported a natural rights-based philosophy of private property, religious freedom, and a free market. POETIC FRAGMENTS Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) was a major Romantic poet. Here is a portion of his poem "To The Night": "Swiftly walk over the western wave, Spirit of Night! Out of the misty eastern cave Where, all the long and lone daylight, Thou wovest dreams of joy and fear Which make thee terrible and dear,-- Swift be thy flight!" DHS, 1927 41 On April 22 it was announced that Drayton students took six of the top ten places in the Pembina County Essay Contest dealing with 'Tklfalfa Hay and Pasture." The students were first place, Harry Moore; third, Esther Cochran; fourth, Helen Chapman; fifth, Mabel Danielson; ninth, Flora Elliott; and tenth, Helen Hedman. There were seventy- three entries. BILLBOARD'S TOP TEN 1973 October 13 1. Half-Breed (Cher) 2. Ramblin' Man (Allman Brothers Band) 3. Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye) 4. Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder) 5. Angie (Rolling Stones) 6. That Lady, Part 1 (Isley Brothers) 7. Loves Me Like A Rock (Paul Simon) 8. Midnight Train To Georgia (Gladys Knight/Pips)* 9. Keep On Truckin', Part 1 (Eddie Kendricks) 10. We're An American Band (Grand Funk) (* indicates a new song) Gladys Knight and the Pips (a backup group consisting of Gladys' brother, sister and two cousins) came from Atlanta, GA. They were elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996. From 1961 to 1996 they had forty-eight hit songs, forty of which hit the Hot 100. "Midnight Train To Georgia" was their thirtieth release. It peaked at #1, was on the charts for nineteen weeks, and became their all-time biggest hit. NUMBER 1 SONGS OCTOBER 17 1893--Daisy Bell (Dan Quinn) 1898--She Was Happy Till She Met You (Dan Quinn) 1903--Hurrah For Baffin's Bay (Arthur Collins / Byron Harlan) 1908--Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine (Ada Jones/Billy Murray) 1913--Last Night Was The End Of The World (Henry Burr); You Made Me Love You, I Didn't Want To Do It (A1Jolson) 1918--Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody (AI Jolson) 1923--Yes, We Have No Bananas (Billy Jones) 1928--I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Cliff Edwards) 1933--The Last Round-Up (George Olsen) 1938=-My Reverie (Larry Clinton); I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams (Bing Crosby); Change Partners (Jimmy Dorsey) 1943--Sunday, Monday, Or Always (Bing Crosby) 1948--Twelfth Street Rag (Pee Wee Hunt); A Tree In The Meadow (Margaret Whiting) 1953--Vaya Con Dios (Les Paul/Mary Ford); You You You (Ames Brothers); St. George And The Dragonet (Stan Freberg) 1958--It's All In The Game (Tommy Edwards) 1963--Sugar Shack (Jimmy Gilmer/ Fireballs) 1968--Hey Jude (Beatles) 1973--Half-Breed (Cher) 1978--Kiss You All Over (Exile) 1983--Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Bonnie Tyler) 1988--Red Red Wine (OB40) 1993--Dreamlover (Mariah Carey) 1998--Iris (Goo Goo Dolls); The First Night (Monica); One Week (Barenaked Ladies) 2003--Baby Boy (Beyonce/Sean Paul) 2008--whatever You Like (TI.) 15 YEARS AGO Oct. 20, 1998--The Drayton Bombers defeated St. Thomas 22-17 in the Pembina County Girls' C Squad Basketball Tournament inWalhalla. Melissa Braflie scored nine points. Kerri Stegrnan was the coach. NOTABLE QUOTES "Unlikely melodrama is the likeliest to happen of anything in the world." (as spoken by Pam North in Frances and Richard Lockridge's 1953 mystery novel "Death Has A SmallVoice.") Trivia Quiz Answers (1.c; 2. b; 3. b; 4. b; 5. a) Valley News and Views time job so my husband and I could make ends meet and have the opportunity to afford small vacations. A succession plan is underway for the owner's to retire and have their 60 year old son take the reins. Currently he's the Marketing and Advertising Director and frequently comes to me complaining about money issues. He spends most of his time skiing during winter months and the entire family is stinking rich so it's hard to believe he has money troubles. I'm extremely frustrated for several reasons. First, the owners have never complied with my request for vacation pay when I've never asked for health benefits. Their son, soon to be President, has the audacity to come to me with his personal financial problems. This makes me wary of asking for paid time off knowing I feel he's set me up regarding his personal hardships. Should I go to the owners one last time asking for paid vacation prior to the office transition? There are some weeks I have worked over 40 hours and I've never been compensated with overtime pay. I feel like I've been taken advantage of since I'm not a salaried employee. How do I address this situation? My husband and I aren't on the greatest terms and I want to ensure I have a job with proper benefits should we go our separate ways. Love Job & Lost Hope Dear Love Yourself, According to the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) any non-exempt employee working over 40 hours per week must receive compensation no less than 1.5 times their hourly wage. Your Company has violated the (FLSA) compliance regulations for non- exempt employees. If you insist on staying with this employer speak to them and be firm with your requests. Ask for 4 weeks paid vacation. After ten years you've earned this. By your employer not requiring you to take time off, paid or un paid, they are managing you like a contingent worker. Don't expect to receive paid vacation, understand they are violating other FLSA laws. Insist every hour you work over 40 hours must be paid at 1.5 times your hourly wage. Provide documentation to the owners about your work history the last three years. Dust offyour resume now and be prepared to walk if they don't comply. Plan on retaining an attorney protecting your rights and others walking in your shadow. Lady Di Write Lady Di confidentially at "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France It certainly has been an emotional week. Last Thursday morning brother Mike went by ambulance to the hospital. He was suffering from low blood pressure, a slight fever, severe pain, and dizziness. As of this writing he is still there. They are filling him with antibiotics and fluids. All we can do is pray for good days and healing. It was a difficult day for Mike as he had to miss his son's parents night football game that evening. He was looking so forward to being there for Mitchell. We want to sincerely thank the Drayton Ambulance crew for all they did and also thank those employees who allow our volunteer ambulance members to get off work in order to help. They are currently in desperate need of volunteers and I plan to write an upcoming column on this subject. If anyone is interested in volunteering please contact Rob Boll and Drayton State Bank. I know Rob mentioned they have upcoming classes; please consider joining our small town volunteer ambulance crew. Our family was at the hospital most of the day Thursday while many of the guys, including my husband, kept working in the beet field when our younger brother couldn't be there. The long hours and effort they put in was so appreciated. Although my brothers' beet harvest is still unfinished and will have to wait now until the ground dries up, they were grateful that day to have dedicated people in the field who would stay and help. While I was still at the hospital, myhusband arrived home late afternoon. For the past year we have been using a homemade strap to help our Golden Retriever Sisco get outside and move from one place to another. As often happens with large older dogs, he started struggling with arthritis in his back legs and so we helped him. We figured it was the least we could do after the many faithful years he has given us but we knew there was a chance one day his front legs would get weak and fragile as well. Last Thursday when my husband came home, he tried several times to get Sisco up but he just wouldn't move. We have no idea what happened in the time we were gone if he tried to get up at some point on his own and hurt the front leg. We carried him outside that night and he was able to take a few steps but those were his last. Tracy and I carried him back into the house, gave him his medicine, and prayed he would be better when we woke up the next morning. I fanned out my blanket and laid beside him most of the night. Unfortunately when the sun came up and we nudged him to try, he just couldn't do it. We always said when the day came where he couldn't lift himself up with his front legs we would have to make a difficult decision. Both Tracy and I tried several times that day hoping just one time he would prop up his front legs like he always did and walt for us to lift up his backside, but he never did. I cried most of the day thinking about my big brother laying in a hospital bed and our Sisco pup - our loving, loyal best friend for 16 years. My husband made the dreaded phone call to the vet and early evening we lifted him in the back of our car and headed to Park River. I sat beside him the entire ride, talking to him and telling him what an incredible friend he was and how much we loved him. They brought out a stretcher and we carried him inside and onto a table. On the way over my husband debated whether we should stay in the room but I said, "Tracy I just want to be with him so he isn't scared." Sisco started trembling when we carried him into the room. He stopped when I knelt down in front of him and looked into his eyes while Tracy stood behind me. We just wanted him to see nothing but love when he left this earth. We spoke softly words of comfort to our beloved friend who loved us so unconditionally for so many years. It was one of the toughest decisions we have ever had to make. We cried most of the way home. As we placed him in the beautiful pine box Tracy made, we gently put beside him some of his favorite toys including several tennis balls. When he could walk and run on his own, he loved fetching the ball and even in his later years I would roll them to him and he would push each one with his nose to roll it back. There were many times when I was feeling blue and Sisco would get one of his toys, gently set it beside me, and nudge it toward me as if he was saying, "Here mommy have one of my toys it will make you feel better." Even when he was a puppy, Sisco never tore anything up. But at Christmas time we would wrap up several toys for him. He had so much fun tearing open his presents, his tail would wag constantly. When we went for long walks down our gravel road, Sisco walked directly beside me. If I stopped for a moment, he stopped - a faithful friend to the core. We are lost without him. We laid our Sisco Bub to rest in our yard next to the big pine tree. It started raining as we shoveled dirt over the box. Several family members were here with us to help and say farewell. I can't tell you how much we appreciated their presence. For the past year and a half since Sisco was unable to walk up the stairs, Tracy and I slept in the living room with him andWillow. The morning after we laid him to rest, Tracy jumped up thinking he needed to get Sisco outside and when I opened my eyes, I looked to the spot where he used to lay at night, right where he could see me and felt the pain of loss sweep over me. When we let our black lab Willow outside, he ran directly to Sisco's resting spot. The two of them have never been apart in the seven years since we rescued Willow, he misses him as much as we do. One of my dear friends said it perfectly when she wrote, "I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how much Continued on Page 7 Your Professional Prescription Service WE OFFER: Mail-Out Prescriptions Delivery Service Photo Kiosk Blood Pressure Screening 10% Off Senior Citizen Discount Zoovio Video Dealer Hallmark Cards Ye Olde Medicine Center PARK RIVER (701) 284-7676 M-F 9-6 Sat 9-12 "-M-F 8-5:30 Sat 9-1~ M-F 8:30 - 5:00 Drayton lYe Olde Medicine Drug I Center DRAYTON I CAVALIER (701) 454-3831 I (701) 225-3332 I KARA RUHLAND PHARMACIST