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November 7, 2013     Valley News and Views
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November 7, 2013

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Page 6 November 7th 2013 Stuff Valley News and Views Lloyd Omdahl Continued From Page 2 primary elections. These like-minded voters are products of polarization, a condition produced by left- wing liberals and right-wing conservatives. They feast on the rants of MSNBC and FOX "News" to affirm their biases and intensify their partisanship. But moderate Republicans are fed up with the present situation and want to take their party back. Fearing the economic crisis that would occur under default, moderate Republican businessmen are starting to mobilize money and candidates to challenge Tea Party incumbents. In Michigan, businessmen are challenging two Tea Party candidates in the primaries. The same is happening in several other states. This early effort will very likely expand before the 2014 election rolls around.. Bringing this home, North Dakota has a Congressman who is either a Tea Party member or a fellow traveler as evidenced by his public comments and his voting. North Dakota Republicans will not run a candidate in the primary election against an incumbent of their own party, even though Congressman Kevin Cramer got his seat by opposing the party's convention nominee in a primary. As a result, the party owes him nothing and could challenge him. Theme Crossword Childrens Books Answers On Page 8 SUDOKU CROSSWORD m mm 1 2 3 13 16 19 i [ 14 17 21 24 m m m 10 11 12 5 26 27 29  32 33 34 .... 38  '-'--- Ill -- l// il Ill 57 58 59 l l 62 63 64 57   66 67    i I::_ sh PREMIUM MOVIE CHANNELS" I Make the Switch /\\; For3,. I toDishToday (r.llJ ila [-and Save Up To SO%   sm'z I CallNowandAskHow! ". " / -- . - I Ipm [ST Prorflo Code: MBO113 Offer subject to change based p vailability ACROSS DOWN Ill 1. Ottoman title 6. Goes with flow? 9. Recipe amt. 13. Partner of pains 14. Calendar mo. 15. Singer Abdul 16. Rope spiral, e.g. 17. Cultural Revolution leader 18. ___ room 19. *"The most distinguished contribution to American literature for children" medal 21. *"The Wind in the 23. * Spot run!" 24. Move slowly and carefully 25. Onomatopoeia for collision 28. Rodeo Drive tree 30. Winter hat feature 35. Fusses 37. Toothed groomer 39. New Zealandian minority 40. Eight bits 41. *"The Giving" and "The Magic __ House" 43. Equal exchange, like swap 44. Leaning 46. Make a picture 47. Can be smoked or tied 48. Natural ribbon alternative 50. Glitch 52. Romano or Barone 53. Supreme Court count 55. More, in Madrid 57. Gandhi, to many 61. *Bigg's neighbors 65. Cover story 66. Marienbad, e.g. 68. Launch or throw 69. Colorado ski resort 70. One less than jack 71. "Sesame Street" regular 72. Lion's share 73. Talk, talk, talk 74. Film amount, pl. 1. TV's" Stars" 2. Advil target 3. It must go on? 4. Basil, chives and bay leaf, e.g. 5. In R.E.M. stage 6. Awarded to "Breaking Bad" 7. Sheep sound 8. *Like Eric Curie's bear 9. *Adjective for Sarah 10. Plague symptom 11. Like Food movement 12. *Clifford the Big Red Dog's feet 15. Horse mouthpiece 20. Don't just stand there 22. Rocks to some 24. Plunge 25. *King of the Elephants 26. Temple's innermost sanctuary 27. Recurring theme 29. *Ruler of rings or flies 31. Reckless 32. Reduce 33. Something in the air 34. *a.k.a. Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint 36. American women's magazine 38. *Ivy's best friend 42. Hindu religious teacher 45. *Comic book reporter and Snowy's master 49. Between "ready" and "fire" 51. Assemble for dinner, e.g. 54. Foul 56. About 1.3 cubic yards 57. "Yes, !" 58. "The Sun Rises" 59. Shakira's don't lie? 60. Aid in crime 61. Long and lean 62. Pryce, of fictional Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce 63. *Like Cruella de Vii 64. Gets the picture 67. *Princess' cause of insomnia However, beating our own incumbents is not the style in North Dakota. Except in rare cases, parties have not run candidates against their own since our two-party system came into existence in 1956. To deal with Kevin's Tea Party inclinations, moderate Republicans in North Dakota need to take him to the woodshed. Otherwise, he will continue to give aid and comfort to those who want to push the country over the cliff, as they promised they will do next time around. For the country and the party, moderate Republicans in North Dakota should see that 2015 finds a different thinking Cramer in Washington. Tales and Trails Continued From Page 2 weekend to visit with my family there, and was a big hit talking about space at a Sunday School program. He is said to have taken the famous photo of the earth from space, which is the screen shot on my computer. Today (Wednesday at 3:45-4:30), he speaks in the afternoon about President Kennedy's role in the space program. The two-day event is being live streamed to the public. A link will be available on Wednesday morning at http: / / www.bismarckstate. edu/. I was proud to see the use of Web streaming as a public service, as the upcoming Old Fashioned Christmas in Drayton has live streamed the local event to the wide, wide world for several years. This year promises to be better from the learning over the past. President Kennedy himself said: "Wisdom is the child of experience." Now Available World-Wide Valley News and Views Available Online In Electronic Format Go to Our Website At To View Demo and Sign Up You May Also E-mail Or Call Us For Setup valleynv Stop In and We'll Show You Distortions "Feed a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and he'll learn to feed himself for a lifetime." Keep giving a man a fish every day, and he'll come to expect a fish every day. If he doesn't get it, he'll begin to resent you and blame you for it. Eventually he'll demand, "where's my fish?" 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