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November 7, 2013     Valley News and Views
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November 7, 2013

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Page 4 November 7th 2013 !ii  i:!i!!!i!i Valley News and Views Dear Lady Di, I'm really upset with my husband, his mother and sister! Last spring my husband and I vacationed with his mother and sister inVail for 4 days. I've always been very close to my husband's sister and mother, until now. His sister is a very reputable therapist in Minneapolis, someone I've always turned to. In Vail, the plan was for my husband and his sister to ski while I shopped and lunched with his mother. My mother-in-law and I left to shop on our first day and she repeatedly asked to see her daughter ski. I let her know it was virtually impossible to see anyone ski considering the height of the mountains. She insisted I call her daughter or my husband on their cell phones so we could catch up with them at the lodge. I was getting more irritated by the minute. They didn't answer my calls, they were skiing after all. I became extremely irritated by the moment. At day's end we planned on seeing Lindsey Vonn make an appearance in Vail. Everyone else decided that keeping our dinner reservations were the priority. Seeing 9 GREAT BEGINNINGS 1384 Announcer: "Judy and Jane, sponsored by Folger's, the coffee that's been handed down from mother to daughter for almost a hundred years. And now, the dramatic story of Judy and Jane." (a typical opening for "Judy and Jane," a serial program on radio; NBC Blue, 1932- 1943) NATIONAL DEBT As of November 3 the national debt was $17,163,822,529,482.88 (over seventeen trillion dollars). This was an increase of almost seventy-nine billion dollars from the $17,084,876,620,223.11 of October 27. Each American now owes $54,149.06, up $241.29 from the $53,907.77 of November 3. The increase in the national debt since our members of Congress were first in office: Former Senator Kent Conrad: 1987- -$2,350,276,890,953.00; Jan. 2, 2013-- $16,441,433,358,986.17, an increase of over 14 trillion, 91 billion dollars. Former Representative Rick Berg: Jan. 2011--$13,997,932,781,828.89; Jan. 2, 2013-- $16,441,433,358,986.17, an increase of over two trillion 416 billion dollars. Senator John Hoeven: Jan. 2011- -$13,997,932,781,828.89; today-- $17,163,822,529,482.88, an increase of over three trillion 165 billion dollars. Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Representative Kevin Cramer: Jan. 3, 2013--$16,437,549,999,170.77; today-- S17,163,822,529,482.88, an increase of $726 billion. AN EYE ON OBAMACARE Estimated national enrollees in paid Gold, Silver, or Bronze plans (3 NOV 13), 39,635 North Dakota GSB plan enrollment (22 OCT 13), twenty (source: TRIVIA QUIZ TIME 812 1. Mt. Ararat is located in. (a. Armenia; b. Kurdistan; c. Turkey) 2. The deities of the religion live in Asgard. (a. Hindu; b. Norse; c. Shinto) 3. is the most sacred river in India. (a. Brahmaputra; b. Ganges; c. Indus) 4. Baldur, the fairest of the Norse gods, was killed with an arrow made of (a. holly; b. juniper; c. mistletoe) 5. During the Babylonian Captivity the Pope was forced to live in__, France. (a. Avignon; b. Nantes; c. Toulouse) (answers at the end of the Column) A MESS OF POITAGE 1441 This portion of my column describes the works of Libertarian philosopher and economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995). In 1995 he published "Economic Thought Before Adam Smith." Chapter 11 is entitled "Mercantilism and freedom in England from the Civil War to 1750." The English Civil War (1642-1651) dominated English thought during that period, including economic thought. Out of the welter of this conflict arose the libertarian theorist John Locke (1632-1704). Locke attended Oxford University and came under the influence of the scientists there, especially Robert Boyle. Locke began to see things as an empiricist, a la Francis Bacon. He also wrote two arguments against religious toleration. POETIC FRAGMENTS Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) was a major Romantic poet. Here is a portion of his poem "To The Night": "Thy brother Death came and cried Wouldst thou me? Thy sweet child Sleep, the filmy-eyed, Murmured like a noon-tide bee Shall I nestle near thy side? Wouldst thou me?--And I replied No, not thee!" DHS, 1927 44 On April 29 the students cleaned up the school grounds and Memorial Park across the river. BILLBOARD'S TOP TEN 1973 November 3 1. Midnight Train To Georgia (Gladys Knight/Pips) 2. Angie (Rolling Stones) 3. Keep On Truckin', Part 1 (Eddie Kendricks) 4. Half-Breed (Cher) 5. Paper Roses (Marie Osmond) 6. Heartbeat--It's A Lovebeat (DeFranco Family) 7. Ramblin' Man (Allman Brothers Band) 8. Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye) 9. Space Race (Billy Preston)* 10. All I Know (Garfunkle)* (* indicates a new song) Billy Preston was born in Houston, Texas, on September 2, 1946, but was raised in Los Angeles, CA. From 1969 to 1981 he had nineteen hit songs, sixteen of them making the Hot 100. "Space Race" was his ninth release. It peaked at #4, was on the charts for eighteen weeks, and became his fifth-biggest all-time hit behind "Will It Go Round In Circles," "Nothing From Nothing," "Outa-Space," and "With You I'm Born Again." Billy Preston died on June 6, 2006, of kidney failure. NUMBER 1 SONGS NOVEMBER 7 1893--Daisy Bell (Dan Quinn) 1898--She Was Happy Till She Met You (Dan Quinn) 1903--Good-Bye, Eliza Jane (Arthur Collins) 1908--Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Billy Murray/Haydn Quartet) Continued on Page 8 Be the Best Part of Someone's EMT Class 1st Week of November Call to learn more about becoming a Drayton EMT Rob Boll 701-454-6103 or Bill Tuttle 701-520-1486 Worst Day Drayton Ambulance Service Help is Here LindseyVonn was important to me and I had already wasted the entire day tending to my mother-in-law's whining. The next morning my mother-in-law said "Let's go shopping." I told her I was going to stay back at the hotel and read. She seemed put off and went shopping by herself. That night we all went out for dinner. My sister- in-law stared directly at me and said, "What's up with you and your horrible mood?" I said I was fine and kept fairly silent until our departure. After the trip, my sister-in-law called and said, "You really know how to control a trip to make it a miserable time for everyone!" I explained how I felt her mother's behavior seemed odd, repeatedly asking for her daughter throughout the trip. I mentioned her mother might be having early signs of dementia. Also, I said the plan was for me to shop with her mother, not to sit with her at the ski lodge. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law have not spoken to me since that phone call. My husband has not come to my defense. I'm in therapy and I don't give a damn about any of them. We're coming to Minneapolis for Thanksgiving to see both our families and I refuse to go to see them. Where do I go from. here? Feeling Sabotaged Dear Sabotaged, When you didn't communicate your feelings at dinner when asked, you sabotaged yourself. It's your responsibility to not hide behind feelings of frustration. It shouldn't have taken your sister-in-law to pry your thoughts out of you. Ideally, it would have been kind of your sister-in-law to take you aside but we can't all walk on egg shells. Express your position when things get off course, always. You're in this for the long haul. Your husband can't have it both ways', he needs to support you. You need to make amends with the in-laws and know that you'll be charting your own course for your next vacation. Lady Di Write Lady Di confidentially at "Life is full of surprises and serendipity. Being open to the unexpected turns in the road is an important part of success. If you try to plan every step, you may miss those wonderful twists and turns. ]ust find your next adventure - do it well, enjoy it- and then, not now, think about what comes next." - Condoleeza Rice It is getting colder out now, most of the trees have lost their leaves, field work is getting finished one day at a time, the geese are heading to warmer climates, and our pets seem to be eating more, bulking up for the coming season. Last winter was extraordinarily long, it felt like spring would never come. I am hoping for an easier season this time around, praying I can keep my mind focused, my heart aware, and my eyes open to the blessings. The other day as I passed the wetlands along our gravel road, there were several majestic looking white swans enjoying a cool swim. They watched me as I passed by and I couldn't help think of my father who would get up early every morning just to drive around for a while on the gravel roads and enjoy the intimacy of nature's exquisite beauty. On several occasions he would call me and with excitement in his voice tell me the seemingly simple images he was experiencing. I took over papa's short adventures when he had to leave us, it is one of my favorite things to do, especially on Sunday mornings before church. I head out early so I can take my time, stopping now and then to enjoy a special moment of peaceful country living. It is as ifI am spending time with him as I turn up Frank Sinatra on the stereo and scan my surroundings. I now know why papa always took time to enjoy a slow ride down the gravel road. There is a part of me that truly thinks somewhere deep inside him, he knew and understood we only have a brief time on this earth and his was nearing an end. He was soaking in all he could in the short time he had left. We miss so much when we are constantly hurrying to get from one place to another. Sometimes we just need to slow down and inhale all of what each present moment has to offer us. One day several weeks ago as I drove my big brother Mike around so he could be near the fields where they were harvesting he said to me, "Look at the colors on the trees, it is just so pretty. I use to miss moments like this. I would be so busy running from one place to another trying to finish the harvest and when we were done, I would look up and realize I missed the fall colors. I just didn't pay attention." We talk alot, mybigbrother and I, when we are driving down the gravel roads. I feel so blessed to have that time with him and yet sometimes I still catch myself not being present, filling my mind with things I need to get done or accomplish when what is truly important is sitting right there beside me. Life has a way of making us slow down and realize what is significant. There are always going to be unexpected turns but if we can accept them, move through the pandemonium Continued on Page 7 ........ /k Day's Work .[.very day we offer a variety of banking services such as Checking and Savings, Money Market Accounts and Certificates of Deposit, all FDIC Insured. We also offer Bank By Mail, Cashiers Checks, Debit Cards, Direct Deposit, and Safe Deposit Boxes. We make loans to help people buy cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and more. We also loan money to local businesses to help them grow and expand. If we can help you, come see us. KodaBank Call Us 701-454-3317 Try Online Banking - www.kodabank,com :    !i i!  ....................... = iiiiii::i!i::: i! ! i iiii :: ValleyNewsand Views - PO!!iBox 30!9:11; Dragon, N.D: Emai|: vo!teynv@!arcomicom : : : :