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November 17, 2011     Valley News and Views
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November 17, 2011

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Page 2 November 17th, 2011 Valley News & Views 4 On Veterans Day - 11-11-11 - a time capsule was opened at a veterans' ceremony in California and the documents were shown that were placed there when the Memorial Building was first construction. The rusted tin container was opened for the town of Solvang's lO0-year anniversary. Frayed and stained newspapers, now sealed in a glass display case, were filled with interesting stories, photos, and advertisements. A person standing next to me at the showcase commented, "Veterans should have a time capsule of their service." The comment rang a bell for me. One of the speakers stated that unemployment for returning Veterans was 14%. College students upon graduation are close in statistics with 13% being unemployed. It was stated that about 40% of disabled veterans are unemployed. On Veterans Day across the country, ceremonies honored veterans in so many different ways. At UND, the student association of veterans (Military Association of College Veterans called MACV participated in a National Roll Call to read the names of 6000 service members who sacrificed their lives in recent wars. The solemn reading of names began at one o'clock and end at 7 p.m. One hundred and forty eight schools nationallyj oined together to honor individual names. UND has about 650 veterans registered as students, with 550 on the G.I. Bill. When I heard the statistics of unemployed veterans (14%), closely followed by graduating college students (13%), the bell rang louder for some initiative to address this problem. Of all the debates that I hear on it is seldom that I hear solutions - even small ones. Then, a small solution seemed viable to test as a model that could begin to address this need for creating jobs for veterans. The numbers would not dent the staggering need for jobs, but a model of a fresh, feasible method of growing new jobs is a potential option for a core group of entrepreneurs. I remembered last winter, while living several months in Las Vegas, visiting with ND "snowbirds (ND unemployment rate was about 4%) while neighbors were struggling at about 14% unemployed. I registered a domain name "WeblobShare" and suggested that a ND worker job share with a Nevada worker via existing technologies that could make it reality. But the snowbirds that I talked with didn't feel comfortable with the technologies. Then, onVeterans Daylastweek, it occurred to me that if job creation were focused on returning veterans who were also students, then a model could be demonstrated by participants who were trained to use technologies, who were accustomed to working in teams, and who were engaged in learning new skills for new career paths. From the group of 650 veterans as active students at UND, it is likely that six veterans that are learning new skills in a career path would be interested in a part-time job share with an unemployed veterans at a Web- connected computer station somewhere. If a model of job sharing were tested as a proof of concept, then the focus could be broadened by spinning off two "job circles" - one for students and one for veterans -- each with independent entrepreneurial interests. The number of potential jobs thereby increases significantly, if other family-related or service organizations joined the effort. Because students or veterans belong to a family or to a community somewhere, then the networking possibilities keep increasing for awareness that entrepreneurial start-ups create new primary-sector jobs. Modern collaborative tools are available to support this means of growth with jobs. I was amazed at the hours of volunteer time if must have taken to organize the National Roll Chll to honor veterans on Veterans Day, involving 148 schools. I was equally amazed to hear the announcement on TV of the Global EntrepreneurshipWeekstartingonNovember 14-20 with 123 countries participating. They showcase examples of how little start-ups become big business through the tools of technology. They all have at the core an idea for innovation and finding a way to grow a business. International companies like Citrix that offers "GoTo" communication systems for meeting; training, managing, assisting and support are within inexpensive reach of any entrepreneur with perseverance. The challenge, it seems to me, is connecting the dots in cyberspace that become a constellation of services to address the unemployment needs at grass-root levels. Reflecting on this, I reserved a domain name as a potential Web portal, labeled "" i' 1 Drayton Community Foundation Meets Community Fund Provides Over $2500 Assistance to Local Non-Profits The Drayton Area Community Foundation held a meeting last week at H G Johnson Memorial Hall. Board members include: Rob Boll, Chairman, Sally Kliniske, Charles Olson, Dean Young, Larry Ritzo, Student Council representative, Leroy Aufenkamp, local advisor Ronald Boll, secretary Marlys Boll. Drayton's fund is now valued at $59,420.72 as of 9- 30-2011. The rate of return from the investments has been sporadic because of the turmoil in the markets. The 5 banks that are in charge of these funds invest conservatively so the return is actually better than most investments. $2547.00 is available for this grant period, which is 4% of the balance as of December 31, 2010. Grants were awarded to Ox Cart Trails Historical Society to be used for the H G Johnson Memorial Hall remodeling project for $2000.00 and Pembina County Meals & Transportation toward the purchase of a new commercial refrigerator for $547.00. The Foundation plans to again take care of the Tree of Light and serve the meal at Old Fashioned Christmas on December 3, 2011. Kevin l Dvorak, President and CEO of North Dakota Community Foundation, will attend this event to discuss and answer any questions regarding the foundation program. For more information on Drayton Area Community Foundationprogram, contact Rob Boll at 701-454-3317 or email Regular Meeting Held September 13th, 2011 This is a record of the proceedings of the regular meeting of the Drayton School Board that was held September 13, 2011, at the school at 7:00 PM. Members present: Hatloy, Brosius, Littlejohn, Emanuelson Members absent: Larson Also Present: Jamie Rarick Presiding: Hatloy Littlejohn made a motion to approve the amended agenda (fitness center/weight room) as presented by Supt. Schlieve. Brosius seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. Brosius made a motion to approve the consent agenda, the August 18, 2011 minutes, financial reports and bills as presented. Littlejohn seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. Supt. Schlieve presented communications from the following: DPI NCLB Wavier DPI Certificate of Compliance Department of Transportation Blue Cross/Blue Shield American Crystal Sugar NDSBA Prom Committee Reports were givenfor the following items: North Valley Career & Tech Center Pembina County Special Education Walsh-Pembina Administrators RRVEC Hot Lunch Activities Littlejohn made a motion to accept the second reading on policy for Section H, Descriptor Codes; HBCB, HCAA, HCAE, HDD, HDE and HEBD. Brosius seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. Brosius made a motion approve the 2011 - 2012 budget as presented by Supt. Schlieve. REVENUE 2011-2012 General Fund 2,063,398.00 Building Fund 78,117.00 Food Service Fund 89,630.00 $2,231,146.00 EXPENDITURES 2011-2012 General Fund 2,395,249.00 Building Fund 101,300.00 Food Service Fund 92,199.00 $2,588,748.00 Emanuelson seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. Emanuelson made a motion to change the regular board meeting from October 11, 2011 to October 17, 2011. Littlejohn seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. Littlejohn made a motion to accept open enrollment for one student from the Cavalier School District and accept open enrollments for two students in the same family from the Pembina School District. Brosius seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. Emanuelson made a motion to approve the 2010 - 2011 final budget as presented by Stellon. REVENUE 2010-2011 General Fund 2,190,897.91 Building Fund 91,255.85 Food Service Fund 106,821.36 $2,388,975.12 EXPENDITU R ES 2010-2011 General Fund 2,212,528.40 Building Fund 97,946.02 Food Service Fund 107,372.22 $2,269,313.04 Littlejohn seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. Supt. Schlieve presented the board with section I and section F of policy for the 1st reading. Discussion was held concerning the equipment for the fitness center/ weight room. Arrangements were made for the transfer of equipment from Altm in Grand Forks to Drayton School. Supt. Schlieve updated the board on the following issues: Important Dates Knight's Herald/Blue Knights' Notes/Superintendent's Monthly Report are available on the Drayton Website at www.drayton. kl Monthly Reading: Ponderings from the NDSBA NDASA Legislative Platform School Policy Surplus Equipment Budget Projection Update State Network Science Update Vocational Route Playground Ruts Valuation Assessment Law Bus Washer/Dryer Ergonomics Grant There being no further business before this Board, Emanuelson made a motion to adjourn this meeting. Littlejohn seconded the motion, and upon vote, the motion carried unanimously. This record of the proceedings of this meeting is subject to review and change at the next regular board meeting to be held October 17,2011 at 7:00 PM. MARK HATLOY JUDY STELLON SEPTEMBER 2011 EXPENSES ADAMS-EDMORE VOLLEYBALL 90.00 AGRI-VALLEY GRAND FORKS 523.74 APPLE COMPUTER, INC. 1,993.75 ASSURANT EMPLOYEE BENEFITS 343.62 ASSURANT HEALTH 242.43 BARTON BUS SALES 208.69 B C / BS OF ND 10,150.98 BIG JIM'S TIRE UP NORTH 464.48 BIG JIM'S TIRE UP NORTH 36.40 BIG JIM'S TIRE UP NORTH 464.48 CAVALIER CHRONICLE, THE 20.00 CITY OF DRAYTON 302.94 COLE PAPER INC 554.87 DAKOTA SUPPLY GROUP 599.43 DISCOVERY BENEFITS, INC 1,933.65 DISCOVERY BENEFITS, INC 2,115.93 DISCOVERY BENEFITS, INC 2,025.96 DISCOVERY BENEFITS, INC 70.00 DISCOVERY BENEFITS, INC 55.00 DRAYTON INSURANCE AGENCY 781.70 ED'S LAWNcARE 1,105.00 EDUCATION WEEK74.94 EDUTECH 50.00 FITI-NESSDOC 4,500.00 G&k SERVICES 26.00 GERRELL'S SPORT CENTER, INC. 130.12 GF HERALD 78.98 GLOBAL SAFETY NETWORK1.50 GRAFTON AUTO ELECTRIC 96.12 GRAFTON PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT 125.00 #3 HALCROW'S INC 1,250.02 INSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES 374.00 JACKSON, AARON 100.00 JOHN R. GREEN 310.17 KELLY'S COUNTRY STORE 61.05 LITTLE JOHN, CHRISTOPHER 21.22 MARC 343.61 MORGAN PRINTING 35.25 NASCO 311.43 ND CENTER FOR DISTANCE 750.00 EDUCATION ND LEAD CENTER 300.00 ND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT 863.25 ND TEACHER FUND FOR RETIREMENT 12,497.71 NDATL 15.00 NDATL 15.00 NDCEL 687.00 NDCEL 185.00 NDSBA 135.00 NDSU DISTANCE & CONTINUING ED 750.00 NDSU DISTANCE & CONTINUING ED 750.00 NDSU GRANT & CONTRACT 1,133.70 ACCOUNTING NETWORK SERVICES COMPANY 428.22 NORTH DAKOTA COUNCIL OF SCHOOL 60.00 ATIORNEYS NORTH VALLEY VO-TECH ENTER 8,708.00NORTHDALE OIL, CO. 657.35 OFFICEMAX INCORPORATED 331.09 ORIENTAL TRADING COMPANY 116.85 ORIENTAL TRADING COMPANY 4.99 O]-IERTAIL POWER CO 2,410.13 PEMBINA CO SPECIAL ED COOP 15,996.42PLATO LEARNING 7,050.00 POLAR COMMUNICATIONS 229.87 POPP BINDING & LAMINATING INC. 178.33RARICK, JAMIE 27.50RRVEC 1,000.00 SAM'S CLUB 218.58SCHLIEVE,HY C.J 45.00SCHOLASTIC EQUIPMENT COMPANY, 551.35 LLCSCHOOL SPECIALTY INC. 166.37 SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC. 127.38 SCHOOL SPECIALTYINC. 937.90 STELLON, JUDY 378.90THOMPSON, JERYL 200.00UND STUDENT ACCOUNT SERVICES 75.00 US BANK 507.48 VALLEY BRAKE SERVICE 559.63 VALLEY BUILDING CENTER 43.06 VALLEY NEWS & VIEWS 332.91 VISTA HIGHER LEARNING 226.30 WORKFORCE SAFETY & INSURANCE 600.76 XEROX CORPORATION 906.89 XEROX CORPORATION 695.48 B&S CONSTRUCTION 1,591.32 JEFF'S REFRIGERATION 248.00 MCCURDY, INC 188.00 SCHOLASTIC EQUIPMENT COMPANY, 118.07 LLC SCHOLASTIC EQUIPMENT COMPANY, 2,405.84 LLC AVERA PACE 360.00 BC/BS OF ND 840.02 CASS CLAY CREAMERY, INC 982.22 JEFF'S REFRIGERATION 127.00 KARBOvlAK, CLARICE 94.92 KELLY'S COUNTRY STORE 63.77 KELLY'S COUNTRY STORE 3.35 ND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT 142.04 NDDPI 13.80 NETWORK SERVICES COMPANY 841.18 SAM'S CLUB 44.04 US FOODSERVlCE INC 2,523.11 OCTOBER 2011 EXPENSES ABDO SPOTLIGHT MAGIC WAGON 118.47 AFLAC 1,076.17 AFLAC 1,076.17 AGRI-VALLEY - GRAND FORKS 725.90 ASSURANT Pembina County Farlners Now USDA Disaster Emergency Farmers in Pembina Countywho suffered physical and production losses due to combined effects of spring snowstorms, frosts and freezes in late spring and early fall, excessive rain, flooding, ground saturation, landslides, high winds, hail, tornadoes, periods of unseasonably cool spring temperatttres, excessive summer heat, and weather related insects that occurred January 1, 2011 and continuing may now apply for Farm Service Agency Emergency loans, Farm Manager LindaWerven announced last week. The time allowed to file loan applications is eight months for Pembina County farmers, meaning the deadline for applications to be filed is June 25, 2012. Although the authority for Emergency Loan processing has been given, all potential Emergency Loan applicants must be aware that they will be unable to complete an application for loan processing until after all EMPLOYEE BENEFITS 315.98 ASSURANT HEALTH 2,665.29 AUSTIN FLOWERS 31.72 AUSTIN LI-I-rLEJOHN 50.00 BC/BS OF ND 11,450.70 BEAUDOIN, AMY JO 20.00 BEAUDOIN, KEVlN 40.00 BIG JIM'S TIRE UP NORTH 111.37 BOWEN PEST CONTROL 115.00 BRADLEY KEENA 90.00 CAMERON LI'I-rLEJOHN 70.00 CAVALIER HIGH SCHOOL 13.15 CITY OF DRAYTON 395.56 COURTNEY REHOVSKY 81.50 COURTNEY REHOVSKY 81.50 DAHL, KARSON 50.00 DAHLSTROM MOTORS, INC. 149.87 DAKOTA EAST GIFT SHOP 29.00 DALE ELFMAN 132.50 DAYS INN BISMARCK 463.22 DISCOVERY BENEFITS, INC 70.00 DRAYTON SCHOOL ACTIVITY FUND 183.00 DRAYTON SCHOOL ACTIVITY UND 451.00 DRAYTON SCHOOL ACTIVITY FUND 350.00 ED'S LAWNCARE 1,575.00 EDUTECH 50.00 G&k SERVICES 68.24 GEBUR, JIM 10.00 GEBUR, JIM 70.00 GERRELL'S SPORT CENTER, INC. 37.98 GL SPORTS 63.16 GLOBAL SAFETY NETWORK 35.00 GRAFTON AUTO ELECTRIC 148.57 GRAFTON FLORAL 250.16 GRAND INTERNATIONAL 69.30 GRAND INTERNATIONAL 69.30 GRANT SCHUMACHER 50.00 GREAT NORTHWEST REGIONAL 4,000.00 EDUCATION ASSC. GREEN, SUSAN 294.78 GRUNDSTROM, JORDAN 80.00 GRUNDSTROM, JORDAN 20.00 GRUNDSTROM, LORI 20.00 GRUNDSTROM, LORI 20.00 HALCROW'S INC 901.30 HEAD, JENNELL 138.51 HEART OF THE VALLEY CONSORTIUMM POLLESTAD, GREG 249.98 POLLESTAD, JEREMY 80.00 POLLESTAD, LINDSAY 40.00 POPP BINDING&LAMINATING INC. 152.70 PRIBULA, MARIE 84.00 RALSTON, DEAN 20.00 RYAN WOINAROWlCZ 50.00 SAM'S CLUB 315.00 SAVILLE ENTERPRISES 59.00 SCHUEVE, HY C.J. 1,111.52 SCHLIEVE, HY C.J. 20.00 SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC. 102.27 SCHOOL SPECIALTY INC. 60.45 STEGMAN, KERRI 292.65 STEGMAN, KERRI 180.54 STEGMAN, KERR120.00 STEGMAN, WAYNE 20.00 STEGMAN, WAYNE 20.00 STEPHANIE REHOVSKY 132.50 STEPHANIE REHOVSKY 132.50 THOMPSON, JERYL 250.00 THOMPSON, PAl-El 100.00 TYLER ANDERSON 30.00 TYSON HOLM 42.00 US BANK 291.76 VALLEY NEWS & VIEWS 201.04 VANCAMP, LYLE19.80WEEKLYREADER 112.80 WOINAROWlCZ 60.00 WSI 1,201.52 WW WEISPFENNING CPA 2,775.00 XEROX CORPORATION 778.28 XEROX CORPORATION 729.15 DAKOTA TV & APPLIANCE 1,075.00 SIMPLEX GRINNELL LP 234.80 B CLEAN SUPPLY, INC 119.62 BLUE RIBBON MAINTENANCE SUPP. 535.83 CASS CLAY CREAMERY, INC 1,052.28 DRAYTON DRUG 5.30 KARBOVIAK, CLARICE 153.95 KARBOVIAK, CLARICE 141.71 KELLY'S COUNTRY STORE 12.37 MINN DEPT OF REVENUE 77.69 ND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT 402.86 NETWORK ,, SERVICES COMPANY 104,46 OFC OF STATE TAX COMMISSIONER 20.94 US FOODSERVICE INC 4,653.30 information for their farm operation pertaining to actual physical losses and production losses, disaster payments to crop insurance benefits, and to any other crop production compensation is available and can be documented. Farm Loan Manager Werven said farmers who suffered a qualifying productionlossofatleast30% from normal and are unable to get credit elsewhere, may apply for reduced interest loans to cover up to 100% of their losses. The loans carry a 3.75 percent interest rate. To qualify for physical losses there does not have to be a qualifying loss amount. Farmers who think they are eligible may apply for assistance at the FSA County Office at 701-265-4333. PUBLIC NOTICE AND NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING A public meeting will be held on Monday, November 28, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. at the Drayton City Office, 122 N Main St., Drayton, ND. The purpose of the meeting is to inform the public that the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) that was awarded to the City of Drayton for the Housing Rehabilitation Project has been implemented. The results of the implementation will be made available to the public. In addition, the housing and community development needs of the City will be further identified and discussed. Any individual requiring special accommodations (i.e. alternative formatting of literature, an interpreter or help in accessing the facility) should advise us of their needs by contacting the Red River Regional Council at 701-352-3550. 3,000.00 JACKSON, AARON 100.00 JENNIFER DOBROWSKI 81.50 JOHNSON, BRITTANY 20.00 JOHNSON, BRITTANY 20.00 JOHNSTON, LINDA 137.50 JOHNSTON, LINDA 161.20 JOHNSTON, LINDA 20.00 JONGETJES, DAVID 40.00 KARBOVlAK, CLARICE 20.00 KARBOVlAK, CLARICE 20.00 KELLY'S COUNTRY STORE 169.19 KELLY'S COUNTRY STORE 110.78 KLEIN, ROBERT 20.00 KORNKVEN, MICHELLE 422.28 KRAFT, ANN 46.92 LEE, RACHEL 37.50 LEE, RACHEL 373.44 LOOKOUT BOOKS 230.56 MACHANIC 164.00 MERRILL, LINDA 20.00 MERRILL, LINDA 60.00 MINN DEPT OF REVENUE 136.42 MORGAN EMANUELSON 60.00 MOTEL 66 54.66 NARDINI FIRE EQUIPMENT CO. 133.50 ND CENTER FOR DISTANCE 250.00 EDUCATION ND LEAD CENTER 300.00 ND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT 1,059.63 ND TEACHER FUND FOR RETIREMENT 12,517.02 NDCEL 185.00 NDUC GROUP ACCOUNT 2,813.33 NETWORK SERVICES COMPANY 945.55 NORTHDALE OIL, CO. 2,325.17 OFC OF STATE TAX COMMISSIONER 2,623.06 OI-FERTAIL POWER CO 3,463.06 PARKER, CHERYL 20.00 PARTY CITY 39.59 PEARSON EDUCATION 109.86 PEMBINA CO SPECIAL ED COOP 15,996.42 PEMBINACOUNTY MEALS & 100.00TRANSPORTATION PEMBINA COUNTY MEALS & 420.00 TRANSPORTATION PILON OLSON, JILL 359.82 PILON OLSON, JILL 20.00 PILON OLSON, JILL 20.00 POLLEsTAD, GREG 69.30 POLLEsTAD, GREG 30.00 POLLEsTAD, GREG 45.00 POLLEsTAD, GREG 75.00 POLLEsTAD, GREG 20.00 JOB ANNOUNCEMENT Pembina County Social Services has an opening for a Permanent, full-time, regular, benefited Social Worker Ill position with a salary range of $3,134 - $5,223. Minimum qualifications: Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, a current ND Social Work License, and two (2) years of professional Social Work experience in a Human Service setting; OR a Master's Degree in Social Work and a current ND Social Work License. If no qualified applicants are found, will consider underfilling to a Social Worker II or I. Individual selected may be required to work non-traditional hours. This position requires the ability to visit clients in their own homes and some transportation of clients. A valid ND Driver's License is required and the individual selected must have own automobile and adequate insurance. Preference will be given to those individuals with Child Welfare Certification. Closing date: November 30, 2011. Position #: 323-34-00-5808; Requisition #: 2918111. Application procedure: Complete a State of ND Application for Employment (SFN 10950), which may be obtained at: or from any ND Job Service Office. Please include the Position # and Requisition # on your application. Also, provide specific details in the employment history sections of the application form on how your education, experience, and skills will qualify you for this position. Supplemental information such as a cover letter and resume may be included, but the initial review and score will be based on the information provided on the SFN 10950. Complete the application in its entirety, as incomplete sections on the application will not be given credit. The Department's Human Resource Division staff will score applicants against the minimum qualifications and preferences listed on the job announcement and qualifying military service. After the scoring is completed, a certified list of eligible candidates and the applications will be forwarded to the hiring manager for further consideration and possible interview, based on the final scores. Applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States. All application material must be received on or before the closing date at the following address: NDDHS, Human Resource Division, 600 E BIvd Ave - Dept 325, Bismarck ND 58585-0250. Fax: 701-328- 1030; or e-mail: For a complete summary of work, contact Jill Denault, Director, at 701-265-8441. EOE. t L~ 11 4 I1 :t i I!(