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November 21, 2013     Valley News and Views
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November 21, 2013

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Valley News & Views Page 5 November 21st 2013 November will be nearly gone before you read this so I really should be reviewing children's books, which is always a treat. Since this is a year of pattern breaking, I'll do that in December with the hopes you might buy your young readers books anyway. I'll have some wonderful Christmas selections to recommend too. This month I have a little story for you. Years ago, many now, I was one of a four girl dynamic group at our church. We did everything together and promised we would always stay in touch. College came and we headed off in different directions, yet we sort of kept track of each other. Then marriages occurred and the track narrowed to Christmas letters and a "we've got to get together" now and then but we were in different states or parts of Washington and the bonds of friendship shriveled and eventually faded away. Our group became two school teachers, a social worker and I, a stay-at- home mom, who eventually started writing books like I had always dreamed I would. Eventually I moved to Tehachapi and one day received a phone call from Paddy, who now carried the married name of Eger. She had gotten my number from a cousin of mine and we had a marvelous catch-up kind of talk. She and her husband even came to visit us. Not sure how it happened but Paddy and I talked about my writing classes and she said she'd always dreamed of writing too. She came down to my week long fiction writing class, held here in Tehachapi a few years ago. I am proud to say that this month I have the honor of reviewing Paddy Eger's first novel. Written for young adults, 84 Ribbons, stars a young woman, who dreams and strives to become a professional ballerina. I remember attending some of the productions Paddy performed in, for you see, she was a dancer from childhood. A very good dancer, as far as I and many others were concerned. All Marta Selbryth ever wanted was to dance and at seventeen, she is auditioning for a professional troupe that travels for performances. Making the cut was her first victory but as she adjusts to life in the troupe, she finds keeping her place, let alone, growing into more prominent roles is more difficult than she had ever imagined. Life as a dancer is not only hard work but struggles with dance masters, trying to make friends and overcoming health issues only add to her difficulties. Will dancing cost her more than she can or is willing to pay? As I read 84 Ribbons, I was totally involved in Marta's story and cheering for her all the way, almost chewing my nails when she hit struggle after struggle. Add to that the joy of being able to say, 'Tkh, I knew this author before she became published in nonfiction and now with her debut novel." The first of many, I am sure. Good news for Red River or the Blessing books as so many readers refer to my historical series set in Blessing, ND. I am writing To Everything a Season, the first book in a new series titled Songs of Blessing. I am now back in North Dakota with Ingeborg and my long time friends, along with some new ones. The year is 1906 and I am so enjoying finding out what happens next. Books always make good gifts and I have books for all ages. So blessings on your preparations for the upcoming holidays and maybe you might find yourself dreaming of creating some characters yourself. Tell someone a story. Happy Readin' and Writin' from Lauraine. law I00lmtl Valley News and Views Goes G, nod With a Cup of Coffee Subscdbe Todoy Call 701.360.3005 Writs PO Box 308 Ors#on 58225 Emlii Your Request v: i k..,CiV  p ol;J rl;.tllnm,  eli,l We ', Bill c,..i I Help Keep Ole and I Lena Alive! [ Send Us Your Ole and I Lena Jokes. [ Distortions: Custer Plays Cupid? (Stick with me here. I'm trying to set up the foundation for some future columns and have to lay a little ground work before you get to Custer). Over the past while, I've been immersed in observations on the subject of cognitive distortions. I've also been a little crazed about the different medias' portrayal of my pal George Custer and our historical perception of the man. Also the political shenanigans of his time which helped to shape perceptions and misperceptions. Anyone who knows me, knows I can get pretty passionate on the subject. Why I'm not exactly sure, but the subject of cognitive distortions seem at least to me very relevant in this age, as in every age and the study of my buddy, one of the infinite avenues for observing the nature of the beast and relating it in a useful manner, to our times. A cognitive distortion is simply inaccurate thinking based on wrong ideas. For example, believing a lie will result in a cognitive distortion on the part of the believer. They will plug that information into their mental map of things and conduct themselves as if it were true. Likewise if someone tells you a truth, for example, "you're pretty smart," and you have come to see yourself, for whatever reasons, as not so smart, even sub-par, you will reject the compliment even though it's true and go with your distorted view of yourself. I think that's enough information to allow you to see how this can lie at the roots of depression, low self- esteem, tyranny, wars, abuse and a whole lot of other evils and dysfunctions that befall us. I think it's a useful and interesting subject. Add to this to the fact, not theory, that your emotional state is not based on what is necessarily real, but your interpretation of reality. Some believe emotions are some form of universal truth, but they're really a product of the underlying thoughts, your interpretations of whatever it is you're feeling about. When your thinking is accurate, your emotions are appropriate to the reality, when inaccurate you can end up with all sorts of inappropriate emotional disharmony. Hard time believing emotions aren't universal truths? Imagine a rough looking poorly dressed, strange man, and unshaven (kind of what I look like most days) pounding loudly on your door. You look through the peephole. At best you're probably going to feel a little uneasy right. You might not even dare open the door, but say you do and he reaches out and hands you a wallet or a clutch purse, saying, "you dropped this outside." Probably feel a sense of relief, even grateful, unless of course you're thinking it might a ploy of sorts. As our interpretation of the situation changes, so does your emotional state'. When you find yourself fighting with feelings, take a look at your thoughts and examine their accuracy if you want to make some progress. I didn't invent stuff, it's just there, but there is some very good writing on the subject. Some of most digestible by Dr. David Burns. Googie him sometime if you're interested. So you've got to be saying now something on the order of, "I thought this was about Custer. What the heck does this have to do with Custer?" Be patient, I'm about to give you something more interesting about him, but first, my last rant. We live in a time where tons of information come at us from all directions. Marketers want your business, Politicians want your vote, television wants your ratings. So many want a piece of your mind, with little or no regard for your well being. Your information comes in sound bites often designed to illicit an emotional response. Wow, so many trying to sway you to their way of thinking and if they have to distort things a little, well, so be it. Oh ya, and hey, when we're not careful, we do it to ourselves and each other too. Anyone out there think it's a little polarized these days. Is the polarization more likely to be based on accurate or distorted thinking on the parts of the thinkers? How can any side be absolutely right about everything? Does that mean if we follow them, utopia is just around the corner? Ever think about the impossibility of utopia and how horrible it would be to live there if it could be achieved? We've made it a little ways over the past thousands of years, but we ain't that great. We just think we are. Could that be a distorted thought? Well, if you're a hard core Democrat, you're probably sayingyes, those Republicans have everything distorted. Glad our thinking is so clear and reflective of reality and what works ..... And, if you're a hard core Republican, you're probably saying the same thing, except of course about Democrats. Then there are those confused persons who can't figure out how anyone can be so right when they're so wrong and not know which way to turn. These type of distortions can lead to things like suicide or mass murders. Again, I think the subject is relevant and important and emphasizes the notion on how important it is to be responsible and as accurate as you can with your own thinking, first. Then work on the splinter in the other person's eye. Now back to Custer. I like the subject of Custer because, if you know who he was, lot's of kids don't anymore... I've done the tests, it would be interesting to hear your comments on the man and your basis of Simplex Leasing of Jamestown is Seeking OTR Dflvers In our  ..Van & s pecial!zed Oivislon vlVk'SIMPLEX LEASING = provides: -401K Assigned Trucks Good Home Time Dental and Medical Benefits Contact Dave at 1-800-252-6451 M-F 8:30 - 5:00 M-F 8-5:30 Sat 9-12 Do You Know Someone with Hearing & Vision Loss? Does it make calling friends and family difficult .... Contact us to discuss FREE telecommunications options " n ICa Connect 800.865.4728 those comments. No doubt movies and historians. Kind of this stupid egotistical guy who got himself and his troops killed at that Big Horn place. A heartless murderer. Hated Indians. Not sure what you think. There's lots of reasons for distorted information about the man. The press at the time and especially the politics. Custer was outspoken about the ongoing corruption in the government at the time headed up by his old Civil War boss, President U.S. Grant, who detested Custer, and did much to blacken his name. But enough of that for now. I'm going to let Custer finish this for me in his own words and maybe start to bring home some of my point. I call this, Cupid Custer. It's kind of cute. The following is an excerpt from his book, "My Life on the Plains." Tell me what you think if you will. "One evening after we had gone into camp many long weary miles from our point of starting, and when we supposed we had left all the Kiowas safely in camp awaiting the release of their two chiefs, Lone Wolf and Satanta, we were all surprised to see a young and handsome Kiowa warrior gallop into our midst accompanied by a young squaw, who certainly could not have reached the age which distinguishes the woman from the girl. In a few moments our little party gathered about these two wayfarers, eager to learn the cause of their sudden and unexpected visit. The girl was possessed of almost marvelous beauty, a beauty so remarkable that my companions of that march refer to her to this day as the most beautiful squaw they have ever seen. Her graceful and well-rounded form, her clearly-cut features, her dark expressive eyes, fringed with long silken lashes, cheeks rich with the color of youth, teeth of pearly whiteness occasionally peeping from between her full, rosy ips, added withal to a most bewtitching manner, required not the romance of her story to make her an object of deep interest in the eyes of the gallants of our party. But to their story: She was the daughter of Black Eagle, at that time the acting head chief of the Kiowas. The young warrior who rode at her side was somewhat of a young Lochinvar in disposition. It was the old, old story, only to be repeated again by these representatives of the red man - mutual and determined love on the part of the youngsters, opposition equally determined upon the part of Black Eagle; not that the young warrior was objectionable, but unfortunately, as is but too often the case, he was poor, and could not offer in exchange for the hand of a chief's daughter the proper number of ponies. Black Eagle was inexorable - the lovers, constancy itself. There was but one thing for them to do, and they did it. Aware of our proposed expedition in search of the Cheyennes and Arapahoes, they timed their affairs accordingly. Giving us time to get two days start, they slipped away from their village at dusk the vening of the second day of our departure, and hastening unperceived to a thicket near by, where the lover had taken precaution to conceal two of the fleetest ponies of the village already saddled, they were soon in their saddles and galloping for love and life away from the Kiowa village. I say galloping for life, for the Indian law if the father or relatives of the girl could overtake the lovers within twenty-four hours the life of the young woman would pay the forfeit. They followed our trail in order to avail themselves of our protection by traveling with us as far as our course might lead them in the direction of the Staked Plains, on the borders of which a straggling band of Kiowas under the chief Woman Heart was supposed to be, and which the lovers intended to join, at least until the rage of paterfamilias should subside and they be invited to return. This in brief was their story. I need not add that they found a hearty welcome in our midst and were assured that they need no longer fear pursuit. That evening after the camp fires were lighted the officers of our party, with Romeo as interpreter, gathered about the camp fire of the bridal Couple and passed a pleasant hour in conversation. Their happiness and exultation at their success in escaping from their village were too powerful to be restrained, and in many delicate little ways the bride - for by Indian law twenty-four hours' absence from the village with her lover made her a bride - plainly betrayed her exceeding fondness for him who had risked all to claim her as his own." A short while later Custer had to meet her father Black Eagle, face to face, where Custer told him that his daughter and now husband had joined them. Black Eagle was perturbed with Custer because Custer did not kill the young warrior.. The Chief eventually got over it and came to accept what hat happened, even though discouraged he had not received the ponies he deserved. He invited the couple back to his lodge and they gladly accepted the invitation. Now that you actually know him a little bit, what do you think? In line with your expectations? Your Professional Prescription Service WE OFFER: Mail-Out Prescriptions Delivery Service Photo Kiosk Blood Pressure Screening  10% Off Senior Citizen Discount Zoovio Video Dealer Hallmark Cards "ire Olde Medicine Center PARK RIVER (701) 284-7676 OUR BUILDINGS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES Drayton lye Olde Medicine Drug I Center DRAYTON CAVALIER ('/01) 454-3831 (701) 225-3332 ROSE GRUB PHARMACIST ", /TO CALL NOW AND START BUILDING YOUR LEGACY TODAY 1-800-237-9620 * Director of Finance . 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