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November 21, 2013     Valley News and Views
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November 21, 2013

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Page 8 November 21st 2013 opposite sides of town. The barbershop in the good Welcome to the Laiken and Taylor Column. On November 14th, Elementary boys' basketball lost a game in Drayton against Minto. Their last game was on Saturday, the 13th, which theywon, ending their season well. Junior high-high school basketball is starting again! Their first practice was on November 18th. Their first game is on December 3rd against Starkweather in Starkweather. Their first game in Drayton is December 6th against Hillsboro-Central Valley. Deer season ends on the 24th of November. We hope everyone had a warm, safe, and successful season deer hunting! Thanksgiving is coming up soon, so stuff the turkey, put the pie in the oven, and prepare to gorge yourself on Thanksgiving Day. The Draytonholidaymusic concert is on December 12th. Come and see the choir, band, and elementary kids perform! They have especially the leader of it all, Mrs. Uggerud. The 4-6 is starting to raising money for St. Jude's Children's hospital by doing a Math-a-thon. They will be asking around for donations and doing math problems to help this important cause. As we might have mentioned before, Mrs. Uggerud set up a fundraiser for the music program by selling cookie dough. The team that sold the most cookie dough was "Dough Dough Cookie Dough", which includes Gage Pollestad, Madison Hermanson, Noah Hanson, Aliyah Bartles, Kasey Stegman, and Victoria Stevens! We were informed the name was chosen because it sounds like "Go Go Cookie Dough". The total of their sales was 87 items. Good job to everyone involved! Here's a riddle for this week: There is a small town on the East Coast that has 2 barbershops each with a single barber, and on part of town is immaculate. The floors and windows are washed and the air is fresh. The barber is very friendly, always smiling; he has shined shoes, a nice head of hair, and a clean dress shirt. The barbershop in the bad part of town is a mess. The entire barbershop is covered with a layer of dirt, and the air smells of trash. The barber always has a frown on his face. His skin is oily, his hair is ragged, and there are always stains visible on his shirt. A man comes into town and hears of both barbershops and the man decides to go to the dirty barbershop in the bad part of town. Why does he do this? Answer: The clean-cut barber must have his hair cut by the dirty barber and the dirty barber by the clean- cut barber. So it's obvious that the dirty barber gives a better haircut. Thank you for reading the Laiken and Taylor column and email us at laikentaylor. St. Thomas Public School Lunch Menu Through Friday Friday November 29th Thursday November 21 st Tornados Mac and Cheese Friday November 22nd Cinnamon Glazed Pancakes Bean and Cheese Burrito Monday November 25th Cheese Omelets Super Nachos Wednesday November 27th French Toast Italian Hot Pockets Thursday November 28th No School .,e Rec00 eatlo Valley News and Views RetrospectiVepart 1 J By K. C. Gardner, Jr. I In 1670 King Charles II of Great Britain granted a charter to the Hudson's Bay Company formed by the king's cousin Prince Rupert, who was named the company's first governor, and several other men. The charter included a land grant for the entire area around Hudson's Bay and all of its tributary streams and rivers. This included all of what is now Manitoba, the greater part of Saskatchewan, southern Alberta, southern Nunavut, northern Ontario, northern Quebec, as well as portions of Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Between 1668 and 1717 the company established six posts on the shores of Hudson and James bays. In the meantime the French had moved up the St. Lawrence River Valley and onto the Great Lakes. In 1658-1660 Medard des Groselliers (1618-1696) and Pierre Esprit Radisson (1636- 1710) were west of Lake Superior where they were in contact with the Sioux. In 1661-1663 they explored to the north and west, reaching either James Bay or Lake Winnipeg ]sources disagree]. Disgusted by their treatment at the hands of the French authorities, Groselliers and Radisson helped the British Hudson's Bay Company to establish control of the fur trade in the area around Hudson's Bay. France then centered its fur trade interests further south. French voyageurs were in the area around Lake of the Woods at least by 1679. The fur trade brought them further and further west. In 1728 Pierre Gaultier de Verennes, Sieur de la Verendrye (November 17, 1685-December 5, 1749) was appointed as the commandant of the French posts on the north shore of Lake Superior. While there La V6rendrye met a Cree named Auchagah, who drew a map of canoe routes between Lake Superior and Lake Winnipeg. In 1731, after King Louis XV gave him a monopoly of the fur trade in any region he explored and claimed for France, Verendrye began serious explorations. In addition to dominating the fur trade, another main objective was to find a route to the Western Sea. Between 1731 and 1737 he moved into the Red River Valley, building several trading posts along the way between Lake Superior and Lake Winnipeg. He was accompanied by his four sons and a nephew. In 1732 they constructed Fort St. Charles near Angle Inlet on Lake of the Woods, where it remained an important base until the 1760's. There is an unsubstantiated report that in 1719 a Frenchman named Phillipe Francois Renault traveled up the Minnesota River, made his way to the Red River, and then went down that stream to Canada. If the report is true, then Renault would have been the first European to see North Dakota and if he camped on the Dakota side, the first European to set foot on Dakota soil and the first in Pembina County. However, since he left no route records, he is not given credit for being the first European to explore North Dakota. That credit goes to Verendrye. In 1738 Sieur Louis Damours de Louvieres built Fort Rouge at the confluence of the Assiniboine and Red rivers in what is now Winnipeg for LaVerendrye, who, along with his sons Louis-Joseph and Francois, used it as the jumping-off place for an expedition to the Mandan villages. The fort was abandoned by 1749. "Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you're doing, but nobody else does." 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