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November 28, 2013     Valley News and Views
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November 28, 2013

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Valley News & Views Page 5 November 28th 2013 Distortions: Annie Oakley to I have no smooth transition here. I lured you to this page to get back on the subject of Custer• Annie Oakley is pretty cool too though• Still has a foundation going• Definitely worthy of learning more about• So, why do I keep coming back to this Custer thing? Well, it's part of our signed in full by six troopers who could not write their names with other than an X and a good number of others with signatures, the hand writing quite similar to that of Reno's first sergeant. So, a little area 51 here too. It kind of bugs me that so much we see and hear and Custer or good medicine• When he lead the Michigan Brigade, known as the Wolverines, they had their own battle cry, a call to courage and face things head on. Relatively young men, Crazy Horse died at 37, Custer at 36. By the way, the literal translation for crazy horse is, "his horse is crazy," those apparent accidents of war which make or unmake men, according as they are favorable or unfavorable• Custer respectfully but On September 24, 1738, firmly demurred to moving until his men could have their breakfast - rather their dinner, for the forenoon was already spent. Neither men Part 2 By K. C. Gardner, Jr. Baptiste Chaboillez built a nor horses had had anything to eat since thenight before, and he urged that the horses should have a feed and the Continued on Page 6 Ojibwa, but he abandoned the post on May 4, 1801, because of the incursions of Yanktonai Sioux and moved to Pembina on May 17, 1801• His Pembina post had a 20x100 foot log storeroom and a stable for fifty horses• Warehouses, shops, and state heritage. Custer was even think we know is often not him. Thus, crazy, horse• Verendrye reached the area North West Fur Company storerooms were added later. technically a NorthDakotadistorted. Sometimes by .Both were very good at of present-day Winnipeg post .......... caned tort ranolan The backs of some of these boy, living in Bismarck others, to mislead us, and wlaat they did. Courageous, and went up the Assiniboine on nk o buildings formed a stockade ___ the south ba___ _f the and all, which at the timesometimes just in our ownbutIdonttlainKrecraess " Pe " " • The Pembina post on the ...... • River to the present site of __mblna River where it . was located in the Dakotathinking. A lot ot people nave oeen ...... north side of the Pembina ......... , Portage la Prazrle, where he empties into the Red Rwer territory. When this paper So, it's kind of an exercise taught to tlamK, mat. t uster s bu," "It a v"ost whi h __to enhance trad_e .._thwi the River where, it joined the Red started as the Echo, Drayton in clearer thinking. Clear act ...... at the Little Big Horn was Fort La Relne;" it" later became O'ibwa.He erec*"dtc fivebecame tide center of the area J • . • was not North Dakota, but thinking is important, recraess and none in selI^ ..... ....... .,_ - .... . fur trade, wath subsldmry . a iul uauixq5 pu~t aa,u ul~ OUlRnngs, u,t~,uuuJ~ a Dakota territory. Our mental maps, world in,rest. .... base of operations for much seventy-footer. Trade goods posts established on the It seems a good part of views (paradigms) are .nerollowmg,sanaccount ---'"ration+"+h ..... included tobacco, liquor,Turtle Rwer, !802-1803; ..... exp t, to t c .tnt, anu tea and a few other items me YarK Klver, IISU,5-1UO4; Custer s reputation was based on our thinking and Dy Captain J.H. Klaa, who .... created by his enemies that in turn is cause for how rode with ....... Custer through w O .verenflrye, wltn ....... me help fo"-r' furs. He sent of and the Forest River, 1804- most ottlae t lWl war m Walhalla and a subsldmry and the media, after he we often feel. Thought and . " " " "1 of some Assiniboine guides, his fifteen men to the "Hair 1805. Henry traded goods During one particular ClVl Hills,,fPembinaEscar..ment similar to those that had died. Especially the idea interpretation precedes _ . led the French expedition . j . that he was self absorbedemotion. War engagement Custer and from.......... Pt. La rtelne to menear what is now Walhalla been offered by Chabofllez, and reckless glory hound, That's the deep side of it..his .Brigade had_ crossed a Mandan villages," which" were n...,w w" but rum became• the most as portrayed in the movie, It's also really cool to dig bridge, to contront Jeb Stuart. locat --A trade. However, in April 1798 sought-a_,_fter 1tern. Wind was keeping them trom - - "Little Big Man. into books and documents Bismarck Thevleftthe fort on his post was flooded and. Hen s , lieutenant It's a bit of a conspiracy andinterviewsinthewordsof crossing the bridge " :" -" SSW. then he w-o forced to close Michael Longlois/Langmise .... "~ uctooer ltl, ll.,5~l, went , a~ story, the like of Custer, Sitting Bull . Tlae,nglat_ went on mr somek and crossed what is" now the his post due to attacks on set up posts in the "Hair Custer had been vocal and Crazy Horse. You start to ..... time wnen Stuart pulled bac u. .-t anaalan ........... ooraer soum the Ojibwa by the Yanktonai. Hills, (the Pembina about corruption in the get to know them for real as nls mrces and retreated, of -resent da'" Snowflake, It wasnt until 1800 that the Escarpment, marking the government. That would be opposed to mental pictures Custer was ordered to hold .. P... - r,y ..... western boundary of the nls posmon while two omer ........... off enough to allow the Red River basin),1800-1801. U.S. Grants government, that the movies and history , ......... ....... mues Vmnlt°°anorm oItl°cateanannan, w,nve Sioux depredations slacked Grant didnt like him. Wasbooks have created for you. orlga(]es passed oy nlm in Snowflake had a oooulation Oj,o**a"l- ............. The second one was a mile quick to put a black mark on All pretty cool dudes. Some pursuit of Stuart Custer was ........ "- A little later in 1797 northeastof present-day .. , : . ot twO In /u~zl ~nen mey him after the Little Big Horn. remarkable similarities in told to oring up the rear, atter ......... 7 .... .... turneow wanareacneame the North West Co party . " Captain Benteen, who character. Especially Custer tney naapassea. Turtle Mountains, passing established another fur post was established on It was actually a trap Custer summoned in a note and CrazyHorse. _ . . • between what are now St. post at the confluence ofDevils Lake in 1803. These to come quickly, didn't. Crazy Horse was a bit of a Stuart was luring the group ............ .......... jonn and t ona, lnls the Forest and Red rivers, two posts became .centers When he did come he went mystic. He believed he had oeyona me ormge, wnne was the first recorded visit of but I don't know how low" it for the buffalo hide trade, as to the aid of Captain Rendgood medicine. His battleanother of his generals was ..... " " .... uropeans to wnat oecame lasted, but it was probably well as collecUon points for who had fallen back, instead cry was Hokahey, it's a good approaching from severm ....... , . ortn uaKota, closed before the turn of the furs. of going with the original day to die. ,miles, away_ . Once ..past the, Regardmg" settlement in" centurv. The first, post. was located plan. Benteen had a burr in Makes him sound a little oriage, Stuart would attack ............ On e"tember 8 1800 about nine miles east of the trom the front, the second • nderHen oftheNorth Hair Hills One source [ The his shorts for Custer, from a crazy and reckless, but he .... . Grantme t/eaestabhshedmVer vaueY,a furreterpost Alexa S r, ry ...... ,; previous incident, wasnt. It was more of theunit tram the rear and tide in1794 on the eastern bank of West Company established LongAgo ] claims it was near In 1951, the FBI analyzed meaning, come on, let's go, Union boys would be toastth R ...... _ , . . _ • e eamver acrossrromme a fur post about a quarter where the bridge at Leroy is documents that were signed we're ready..., it's a good day . tieres, the rest m Capt. mouth of the Pemblna" River ,u,. .... ...... now, but later it was moved Kidd s words testimonials made during to die. It was a callto courage, : .. _ near what is now St. Vincent, of the Red and Park rivers to the foot of the escarpment Itwas a pretty bit otstrategy the inquiries that followed not to get one's self killed. MN. It was abandoned about "" w"o* bank of the wherethePembinaRiverleft Oil Lilt ~;~,L ,, • ,, the steep hills the Little Big Horn. The Custer didn't place and came very near beingmoo former.His purpose was • documents which placed everything on himself. He successful The plan was , ....... ., • .... m t narles lean to increase trade with the Custer in bad light were|ibelievedhehadal°t°fluck' neauy trustrateu oy one oi __ ___ ,i ........... .................................................... November24th, 1933 shown. This time they show, November since no arrests .........: Red RlverValle Leader "The Lighthouse by the Sea", were made for traffic ,;,, .......... : .,,. Y Germany responded a Rin Tin Tin picture and two violations. nobly to the demands. Of reels ofChaplin comedy,,E,ric, Apollo clinic willbe held in Chancellor Hitler for support Berg the Accordion King, is Drayton School Wednesday, ofhis foreign policies. Nearly with us this trip. December 5, from 3 to 5 forty-three and one half A two day holiday to p.m. with Dr. H.M. Waldren million persons, or 96 per allow teachers to spend conducting the clinic. November 27th, 1891 Christmas comes next benefit of the church and all cent of the electorate, went Thanksgiving at their Polioshotswillbeavailable Drayton Echo and our merchants are all are invited to attend, to the polls, and of this vast homes has been declared at a fee of 75 cents a shot to Forty-five families of laying in a big stock of goods Knut Kolland, of Name number only a few more for the Drayton City all persons between the age farmers from the German suitable to the time honored Alaska, is the guest at the than two million voted noSchools, according to Supt. of six months and nineteen border of Russia, arrivedcustom." John Harstad home across to the question submitted to E.L. Jorden. School will years• at New york the 21st. Each I.E. Mussell visited the river. Mr. Kolland has the plebiscite: be dismissed Wednesday November 30th, 1972 ?iolY tt e g et nge S nrPetbin thefirstofthesteekinteresting stories to tell "Do you approve the policy afternoon of next week, wnd DravtonEx-oress about Alaska. According to of your government and are will open again on Monday, .." , _ . .... • ne raae P:xtenslon North Dakota to form a the Drayton roller mills. By his stories the cost of living you ready to recognize it as uec. tn. . Committee of the Drayton settlement the way, the Drayton mills in Alaska is very high. Apples an expression of your ownNovember29th, 1956 Chamber of Commerce ThahnffeSegli~lnwgot~dk~oY qeantt trnmgf OUtelllemt lnse are worth 25 cents each or view and your own will and Drayton Leader has announce Santa Claus w u $10 per box. Horses are worth solemnly pledge yourself to Temperatures dropped Day will be held Saturday the most good these days• North Dakota from $1,700.00 to $2,000.00 a it?" to a new low Wednesday December 16, with the usual Cold weather has come to flour can't be beat in the team and feed ranges from The voters elected 661 renaming whn the afternoon activities. tak world stay, and no m's e. A1 the • . $175 to $200 per ton. Thememberofthenewreichstag, thermometer hovered Plan to greet the old oldmhab nc Drayton has no pubhc • itants co ede that . price paid for common labor and all of them had been around the 10 degree markgentleman from the north fact now. In the language of hall now, and consequently is also very high. A man that picked by Hitler. But this and stayed there• The cold in his annual pre-Christmas nn iti,r, Nl to llnh m "row no place in which to hold will work is paid $10 per day. was not remarkable sincecame in on the helels of a visit to the community. rff 'o'invt"o'l ave ' int-erthi"s public entertainment's that Parties wishing to enterno name not so selected was high North wind reportedly On November 10 all 4- winter that is winter, and no the churches of the place this office at this season permitted on the ballots, blowing in at around 30 H'ers of this region met at fooline about it do not feel disposed to should be governed by the Buyers and sellers will have miles and hour and gusting Cavalier for their annual ...... vvao " .... admit. This is a matter that following rules: Advancean opportunity never offered to 40 miles, fuFun Night. All Blue Bird r ought to be attended to at but, nevertheless, the e to the inner door and give in drayton before when the were lots of the people out the . earliest opportunity; three distinct raps,or kick the Community Auction andmagistrateL'O" Jorde,says tht DraytonP°lice formemberstheir CloverreCeiVedof theaWardSyear. en'oying sleighrides lne rock ot a puonc nan ot door down. The devil will market Day is held here on had a clean record in the All members reported a fun I h farmers who sufficient capacity for the attend to the alarm. You will Saturday December 2nd. matter of traffic offenses filled time. Some of t e . . community will be looked during ...... the month of -, havetheirwheatwellstacked, then give him your name, Besides giving farmers a hr h upon by outsiders as a lack have decided at tot es " post office address and the chance todisposeofsurplus until satin,, owino to theof enterprise on the part of number of years you are stock, equipment, feed, Shrinks He r ten m the townspeople It is an difficulty usually a d'g .. . owing for the paper. Hewill household goods and other . from Washing 1 error that needs immediate threshing operations at this ... admit you. You will advance articles, everyone will find correction cold season of the year. They • to the center of the roomgreat savings to be made in So do woolens and flannels, if they re ] think they will lose nothing November28th, 1913 addressing the editor with reduced prices on all kinds of not washed properly' Trythe right [ and may gain much by the Drayton Echo the following countersign: merchandise at the Drayton ...,Tflef*~'~xway._ Get a .oackage of Pearline,. [ t and do as directed. Your things delay • G.A. Murry is a very busy Extend the right hand about stores. "~,~O~ ,,~ won't shrink, ~ncl they'll be ] man thee days buying two feet from the body, with As a feature of Market Day, / t / /"/)F\ II \ softer brighter, and better turkeys.LastyearGeorgesold the thumb and index finger the Star Theatre will run a [ kkV / ff / k than" ever before. "'Ihats" 15,000 pounds inWinnipegpointing to a ten dollarmatinee on the afternoon I A \\[./ \ the beauty of Pearline--- bill which drops into the of Saturday, December2nd. washing is not only eas!er, ............ I and this year he expects to extended hand of the editor, The picture to be shown is /f "" but better and saler. I shp 20,000 pounds to our .... . :[ Canadian brothers, the same time saying,' were "The Girl in 419". / ( ] Things that you wouldn't you looking for me?' The Berg & Berg who played in \ ff dare to trust to the wear .... ...... A box social will be held editor will grasp your hand Drayton on Thursday of this and tear of the washboard • at the Nowesta school house and the bill,pressing it will week have always had good are washed perfectly with By some misconnectlon, - ..... , . . . vrluay evemng, uecemoer ,, .. Bishop Walkers Cathedral ........ say, Youbet. Afterglvlngthe clean shows and always !Pearline, You save work, wear, time and moneywith it Car failed" to put m" ts" otn. nn excenent programnews of your locality you will draw packed houses. Manybut you can't do any harm. . , has been arraned including be permitted to retire with will remember the shows i '" this is as good as" or "tl ....... as l'earline/' ]'["S appearance at this place raadiner~ hv k, Ii~ Eth~l i ~ Peddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you. Thanks win nl ht, as .......... o~ ": ............ JI.Bk~- VV ¢,lbJk . .... , • "o~ g g g Halcrow,of the Universitya receipt for an obligation "Thelma" and When a Mans FAI SE..-Pearline is never peddled if yo ........ r sends advertised "'" • The social is given for the properly discharged, a Man", which were the last i youauimitation, behonest--send*tbarek. ~la j/ddESp tL ,New / k. I~ .... ~ i~ m ~ A ~ ~" wAP call. O0 ;of answers. * • I IJ b) i * O,reo,or o,F.,.noe • -~ --.' 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