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December 19, 2013     Valley News and Views
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December 19, 2013

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...... , ..... , ...... ,ALL FOR STATE WA 587 0/0/0 *- 31 Smal ITownPapers 217 W COTA ST SHE[YON, WA 98584 Thursday December 19th, 2013 75 Cents The Official Newspaper of the City of Drayton and Drayton Public School Volume 31 - Number 51 ii  'I Last week the school held a couple of events, a few last major activities before Christmas break Frist, the Extended School Program folks held a parents night, which featured a short program by the kids and my favorite, a spaghetti dinner served by reindeer, pictured at right. Second, the annual Christmas program was held Thursday at the Drayton School with entertainment by music students from Pre-school to Grade 12. Pictured above. The Pre-school - Grade 6 perform one of the night's favorites, the Penguin Polka ESP Parents Night and Annual Christmas Concert Are Prelude to Christmas Break Hard to believe we're already this far into the school year. Christmas break begins at the end of the school day on Friday and of course, I must lamely say that the kids are offuntil next year. Can you believe that? We're only a couple weeks from next year. Uffda. As we've been racing for the break, the school has held a couple of events. First was the Extended School Program (ESP) parents night held last Tuesday. Second, the annual Christmas Concert held last Thursday. Patents_came.for a visit on Tuesday to check out the ESR They were treated to a short program by the kids and a spaghetti supper served by reindeer. A huge crowd showed up for the Christmas concert. I haven't seen the school almost completely surrounded byvehicles, since the good old days when baby boomers were students and their numbers alone packed the school. Inside the house was packed as Mrs. VanCamp's piano students provided the prelude. The Fifth Grade band lead off the entertainment, .with a number of musical pieces, followed by the 6th Grade band and then the varsity choir. Pre-school through 1st grade then got on stage and wowed the crowd with a number of songs, my favorite, the Penguin Polka. They were very good. The youngsters rested on the stage as grades 2-6 took over the entertainment with another set of music which included the FrostyHandJive, joined by the Preshchool- Grade 1 students. The varsity band provided the final entertainment for the evening. Daniel De Souza is Valley News and tO Views Kid of the Week Daniel De Souza, (that's a long "o" sound in Souza, not like John Phillip Sousa) is a well traveled young man. Born in a small town on the desert, we never got that one figured out, he's also lived in Panama and has made a couple of visits to Brazil. His mom and dad were born and raised in Brazil and he has family there. He speaks English and Portuguese fluently and he says his dad has got him working on Spanish. Pretty dam good for a Ist grader. He also plays the guitar, likes vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and according to Daniel has fought with his tittle sister about 200,000 times. Oh, I forgot to mention, he's also before they locked the doors to the school. Daniel's dad, Tanio, is with the Border Patrol and his room Angelica, is a stay at home mom. Daniel has two siblings, a new baby namd Noah and a younger sister, Melissa. I asked Daniel how it went for him with a little sister. He told me okay, but sometimes this week's Kid of the Week Daniel De Souza, a member of Miss Johnson's 1st grade class, is an amiable young fellow, that has no problem keeping a conversaton going. As a matter of fact we got to chatting so much that we almost forgot the interview. As it was the elementary was dashing past us grabbing for their coats and boots, as we rushed to finish the interview she takes his things and calls him funny names which makes him a little "fussy" every now and then. When I asked him to clarify fussy for me, he showed me some of his angry faces and did a little simulated fire breathing. I got the picture. Those darn girls are a lot of trouble. The family also has a small dog named Scooby. Scooby has black fur, a white chin and white on one of his paws. We couldn't establish what kind of dog Scooby was, beyond being a small dog. I knew Daniel's family was from Brazil and I was kind of excited to get his take on Brazil, when he informed me that he wasn't born in Brazil. He told me he was born in a little town on the desert. We tried to figure out what desert that might be, but no luck. He left me with visions of a young Luke Skywalker on Tatooine. Althohgh initially dealing with a geographical unknown, he went on to tell me that after the desert, they moved to Panama, where he remembers having two friends, McKayla and Kara, if I got it right. From there, I believe they came to Drayton. I was curious what he thought of snow, having lived in much warmer climes and he told me he really liked it: I noticed we were meandering a lot with our conversation so I went back to my interview sheet and although it seemed a little lame, I asked him what his Continued On Page 6 Your Help Is Needed Record Number of Children and Adults Need Help There is a record number of children and adults that could use some help this Christmas. Can you help by making a donation of any size? It would be greatly appreciated. Send your donations to Christmas Helpers, Cheryl Gjevre, 109 S 4th St, Drayton, ND 58225. Donations made to Drayton Christmas Helpers is used to help less fortunate families in the Drayton community. Money is used to buy gifts of food and clothing for elderly, children and adults. VNV Now On the Newstands in Paris?. Believe it or not, pictured below is the newstand in the Air France passenger lounge at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport, just outside of Paris. The newstand features a variety of international newspapers, including the Valley News and Views. I'd like to tell you all that we sell thousands of papers in France and even have a French edition, but, we don't. This one was actually place there by Lynn Augustine of St. Thomas, ND, while traveling in France. He spotted a few more of the papers in a variety of locations, which we'll share if not this week, then next. KodaBank Accepting Donations for Dan and Dawn Bloomquist An account has been opened at KodaBank to accept donations to assist Dan and Dawn Bloomquist who are currently displaced due to a fire in their home several weeks ago. If you wish to assist please make your donations at the bank. Kip's Soup du Jour I double dipped at Hastings Landing today first having the last drops of Kip's Creamy Bacon and Potato Soup. Like Peas, I hate potato soup. Unlike peas, I have never tried potato soup. I just knew it was something I would hate. But, I tried some anyway. Funny how you can get something in your head, isn't it. It was quite good. The fact that I was eating potato soup was a little traumatic. Soups are going like crazy these days because of the Continued On Page 3 Distortions: Insulting Letter to the Editor? We have a lot of automatic thoughts that jump into action when we here or see different things. The can bring about a reactive, emotional response and you don't really know you're even thinking them. The best way to deal with them is to capture them by becoming aware of them and writing them done. Take a look at them and give them a reality check. For example, I received a letter from one our readers Continued On Page 7 The Goat Vs Captain Percival Drayton Trying to Figure Out What's In a Name The Goat stumbled on to an interesting one this time, Captain Percival Drayton. Obviously interesting because of his last name. Captain Drayton was a naval captain, the equivalent of a Colonel in other services, during the Civil War. He commanded a number of fighting ships throughout the war, on numerous occasions, blasting forts, occupied by his brother, Thomas Drayton, who was a Brigadier General for the Confederacy. In spite of their differences, they continued to communicate respectfullywith each other, into the war, through letters. Both had been born in South Carolina. Their father moved north in 1832. Percival went with their father, Thomas remained in South Carolina. Percival believed he was fighting for the abolition of slavery, while Thomas believed he was fighting for state's rights. Each tried to convince the other to come over to their side. All sorts of good information on the boys on the internet. DD-336, the USS Drayton One thing lead to another and eventually I came across DD-336, the USS Drayton. Launched in March of 1936, the USS Drayton was a destroyer named after Percival Drayton. It saw continuous action in the Pacific, from just a few weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor until the end of the war. So, what's in a name. Not sure exactly, but it's a fun one to Google around on. We have one subscriber withthe last name of Drayton. Donald Drayton, who has never been to our Drayton before. He and his family summer in Michigan and winter in Texas. He could be a relative of Percival and Thomas. Maybe he'll write us. I say this because, according to ancestory. corn, over time, twenty families with he name of Drayton have come here from England, seventeen from Great Britain, eight from Ireland, three from Barbados, three from the BritishWest Indies and one from Grenada. I'm thinking the Caribbean Drayton's probably date back to the time of the pirates and the Colonies and originated in the British Isles. So it's all very curious. We connect to Drayton, Ontario and Drayton, Ontario, back to Drayton, England .... maybe. There are a number of towns in England, named Drayton. What we do know, according to the "Dictionairy of Family Names," Oxford University Press, is that the meaning attached to the name Drayton, is as follows: "habitational name from any of the very numerous places in England named Drayton, from Old English drag 'drag', 'portage', 'slipway', or 'sledge' (a place where boats were dragged across land or where loads had to be dragged uphill or on sledges across wet ground, from dragan 'to draw or drag') + tun 'enclosure', 'settlement'." Kind of makes a person curious to dig a little more. We have the name, but none of the families. Still, somewhere along the line, there must be a family that is the direct connect to our name.