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December 25, 2014     Valley News and Views
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December 25, 2014

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Page B-7 December 25, 2014 i:!iiiil .... !i!!!iiiii! ~!ii:i:iiiiiiiiii~ii!!!!ii i Valley News & Views @ @ The joyous festival of Hanukkah begins on 25ings. Kislev of the Jewish calendar. It celebrates two The first is religious liberty--the right of people miracles -a great Jewish military victory and a to celebrate their holy days and worship freely, to miraculous supply of oil for the Temple. practice their faith• That right is being challenged We celebrate Hanukkah - also called the even today --and, in some countries, Christians Festival of Lights - for eight days. TheHanuk- are more threatened than Jews. This is something kah menorah holds nine candles, one for each of Christians and Jews ought to be able to, and can, the eight nights and an additional candle that's work on together. used to light the others. One candle is lit on the Second, the Jews' rededication of the Temple first night, two on the second night, until all eight after it was defiled should remind us that each of candles are lit on the eighth night• Hanukkahis a us is a small temple, with God's presence in our time to celebrate with family and friends, to eat hearts. And we need to rededicate ourselves to holiday treats, to give gifts (especially to children) God --to purify our hearts, to change. and to play the dreidel game. Now let's take a look Third, Hanukkah teaches us we must separate at the history and roots of Hanukkah to find out and pull out the good parts of the culture in which why it became a holiday at all. we live. We have to discern - to pick and choose - Hanukkah will be celebrated on the following the values of America we really want for ourselves dates: and our children. Because the forces of secularism December 16 - 24, 2014 (Jewish year 5775) are so strong, this takes a strong personality and December 6 - 14, 2015 (Jewish year 5776) family background. It was the same in ancient December 24, 2016 - January 1, 2017 (Jewish times -- "Hellenism" was a very attractive option year 5777) for a lot of Jews, just as accommodating to secular December 12 - 20, 2017 (Jewish year 5778) culture is today• Hanukkah is one of the happier Jewish festivals. The final dimension is trust in God. As you'll It does not appear in the Hebrew Bible (what see, it took great faith for the Maccabees to rise Christians call the Old Testament) because the up against this great Hellenist society. And it also events surrounding it occurred in the year 165 took great courage and great trust to light that first B.C.E., after the closing of the Hebrew Bible• But candle, knowing that it would go out in 24 hours. in the New Testament, it is mentioned once. John We need to light the candle in the darkness when 10:22 says that people were gathered around at we have the opportunity to do so. the festival of dedication. But what is the meaning of Hanukkah? As we'll see, it has several mean- ps (StatePoint) It's no secret that the vitamins and Available in Strawberry Blueberry, Pineapple minerals found in fruits and vegetables are a key Mango and Carrot Orange, they're a good source to good health -- from building immunity, to de- of protein, probiotics and calcium and contain less creasing inflammation, to helping you maintain a than 350 calories. They can also be a great option healthy weight, for kids too, as they are nutritious and tasty. Luckily, there are many ways to ensure you in- Additionally, you can often customize smooth- corporate a sufficient amount of produce in your ies to meet your specific needs or goals -- wheth- diet to fuel your day and help you feel great: er you're a body builder needing to recover • Snack Smart post-workout, a dieter attempting to lose weight, Have the urge to snack? Satiate hunger while or you're just looking to improve overall health. upping your fruit and vegetable intake. Mimic the For example, with Smoothie King, you can add shape and crunch of chips with carrot or cucum- an "Enhancer," to improve focus, energy, immu- ber slices. Then pair them with a vegetable or le- nity and more. More information and nutrition tips gume-based dip such as salsa or hummus, can be found at Have a Smoothie smoothies/. "Over the course of the day, it can be challeng- Go for a Salad ing to eat the appropriate amount of quality fruits If your favorite midday meal is heavy on bread, and vegetables, particularly for busy adults and consider swapping out some of those carb-heavy • " " " S y.ottlagJci~,.,~_s~tys T~yk%~J~ttoly, MS, RD, ~gport calories for greens. With the right ingredients, a dietitian.and nutrition consultant for Tulane Uni- salad can be fully satisfying. versity Athletics. "If you're on the go or a picky For example, use dark leafy greens in place eater, a smoothie is the ultimate solution -- just be of iceberg lettuce and don't forget to incorporate careful though, not all of them are as nutritious as some protein -- lean meats, fish nuts, seeds, beans they seem•" and certain vegetables like broccoli and artichokes You can build a better smoothie if you're care- can up your intake. ful. A good start is to incorporate fresh vegetables Also, consider starting your dinner with a salad. like carrots and kale. It will help you feel full faster• For a meal replacement or a boost of energy, With a few tweaks'throughout the day and make sure your smoothie contains all the elements mindful eating, you can increase your fruit and of a proper meal. One tasty option is Smoothie vegetable intake with ease. King's new line of Greek Yogurt Smoothies made with Greek yogurt and real fruits and vegetables. Kwanzaa is an African-American cultural holi- day conceived and developed by Dr. Maulana Ron Karenga, was first celebrated on December 26, 1966. Kwanzaa is traditionally celebrated from December 26 through January 1, with each day focused on Nguzo Saba, or the seven principles• Derived from the Swahili phrase "matunda ya kwanza" which means "first fruits", Kwanzaa is rooted in the first harvest celebrations practiced in various cultures in Africa. Kwanzaa seeks to en- force a connectedness to African cultural identity, provide a focal point for the gathering of African peoples, and to reflect upon the Nguzo Saba, or the seven principles, that have sustained Afri- cans. Africans and African-Americans of all reli- gious faiths and backgrounds practice Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa was born out of the whirlwind of social and political changes of the sixties decade. The six- ties represent one of many eras during which the African and African-American struggle for free- dom and self-identity reached its historical peak, spawning multiple revolutionary movements. By creating Kwanzaa, African-Americans sought to rectify the cultural and economic exploitation perpetrated against us during the months of Oc- tober, November, and December (the Christmas season). During this season, corporate America typically ignored the quality of life concerns of African-Americans, yet encouraged participation in the commercialism of Christmas• Additionally, African-Americans did not observe a holiday that was specific to our needs. A review of the major holidays celebrated in the United States would re- veal that not one related specifically to the growth and development of African-Americans. The de- velopment of Kwanzaa assumed a reassessment, reclaiming, recommitment, remembrance, retriev- al, resumption, resurrection, and rejuvenation of the "Way of Life" principles recognized by Afri- can-Americans. These principles have strengthened African-Americans during our worldwide sojourn. Today, Kwanzaa is recognized by millions throughout America and the world• It is celebrated often in community settings provided by homes, churches, mosques, temples, community centers, schools, and places of work. Kwanzaa allows us to celebrate the season without shame or fear of embracing our history, our culture, and ourselves. Diet t (StatePoint) At a time when over a third of American adults are obese and childhood obesity rates are rising exponentially, more Americans are looking for meat altematives in their dining choic- es. In fact, close to 16 million Americans are vege- tarian and about a third say they're choosing veg- an or vegetarian meals more often, according to a Harris Interactive study commissioned by the Veg- etarian Resource Group. "Part of the reason this is going mainstream is that vegetarian diets are proven to be beneficial to one's health," says Brooke Alpert, a registered di- etitian-nutritionist and founder of B Nutritious. Vegetarians are at lower risk for developing heart disease, colorectal, ovarian and breast cancers, di- abetes, obesity and hypertension, according to the American Dietetic Association. "Even if you aren't interested or ready to go vegan or vegetarian, seeking an alternative protein source for at least one meal a week can be benefi- cial," says Alpert. With that in mind, Alpert is offering tips for doing so without compromising protein intake or flavor. Be a Keen Consumer Take advantage of the fact that many restaurants and food businesses are responding to the trend by offering new menu items specifically balanced to meet the nutritional needs of those who are seeking better protein options. One such company that's helping vegetarians get the nutrients and protein they need is Smoothie King, which has recently rolled out a new line ofvegan smoothies comprised of ingredients that pack a nutritional powerhouse, such as mango, kale, 100 percent cocoa and acai. "When more and more customers began asking for vegan meal replacement options, we heeded the call," says Wan Kim, Smoothie King CEO. Additionally, Smoothie King has teamed with Sunwarrior, to incorporate their protein powder into this line of smoothies, a proprietary blend con- taining protein and a balanced amino acid profile• Protein is not only necessary for cells and tissues to function, it provides a thermogenic fat burning boost while also keeping you full longer and re- ducing cravings. More information can be found at Make Smart Substitutions It will be hard to commit to reducing meat from your diet if you don't make substantive substitu- tions. Eating a salad? Opt for dark leafy greens, like kale and spinach. Top your salad with sources of plant-based protein like beans or tofu. Whether you're making a stir fry or a sandwich, mock meat substitutes can be a tasty and filling al- ternative. Portobello mushrooms are "meaty" and filling. Don't Skimp on Flavor Rather than relying on meat and cheese for taste, up the garlic, spices and herbs for a boost of zest. The added benefit is that these ingredients are low-calorie, provide numerous health benefits and are entirely vegan. Thanks to new trends in the marketplace, and age-old high-quality ingredients, going vegetarian and vegan all of the time or part of the time can be easier -- and tastier -- than you think. (StatePoint) On average, Americans gain weight during the holiday season. While the weight gain may not be dramatic, research shows it tends to stick and accumulate over the years. But you don't have to succumb to this progression, say experts. "There are strategic steps to avoid holiday weight gain while still enjoying friends, family and holiday feasts," says Sonya Angelone, regis- tered dietitian nutritionist and Academy of Nutri- tion and Dietetics spokesperson. In preparation for a big holiday party or feast, do not skip meals throughout the day. This may result in overeating later. "It is especially important to eat breakfast," says Angelone. "High-fiber and high-protein foods like oatmeal and milk with fruit, an egg and spinach on whole wheat toast, Greek yogurt with nuts, or nut butter on a whole-wheat English muffin will satisfy hunger with- out a lot of calories." Holiday meals tend to be large or buffet-style and include sec- ond and third helpings. While most people wouldn't consider eating an entire cake, a common mistake is eating large portions of foods that are perceived as healthful. To avoid overeating, use a smaller plate. It will encourage proper portion sizes. Also, start by filling your plate with veg- etables and salad before going to the entrees and desserts. Re- search shows eating a salad be- fore your meal can help you eat fewer calories overall• Eat slow- ly and savor every bite. Before you go back for seconds, wait 10 minutes to see if you really are still hungry. Including nutrient-rich foods in your diet is great, just remem- ber that these foods have calo- ries too, which should be taken into consideration with your whole eating plan. "And be mindful of alcohol consumption. Drink more water through- out a party to quench your thirst and help keep the cocktails to one or two," says Angelone. Remember to include at least 30 minutes of physical activity into your day to promote health during the holidays -- and be" sure to involve the whole family For more healthy holiday tips and information, consult a registered dietitian nutritionist. To learn more and find an RDN in your area, visit www. Having healthful eating and exercise plans for holiday meals will help ensure success throughout the season and all year long. Thanks for warming our hearts with your friendship and kind support this year. Neighbors like you make us especially proud to call this fine community home. Merry Christmas! 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